Cowgirl Up! Ch. 5

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Cowgirl Up! Ch. 5When my publisher called to ask me about going on a book signing tour, I was hesitant to accept the offer. Since it also included several live radio appearances, I was even more skeptical. The book signing appearances paid very little, although travel and accommodation expenses were covered. I wasn’t sure if I could handle being interviewed on live radio. I was certain I’d be at a loss for words or say something wrong or off-color. Sounding like a dumb-ass or getting embarrassed on the air were my worst nightmares. With the publisher tacking on more money for the radio appearances, I found it impossible to turn down his offer.After discussing the situation with my grandfather and Cody, we came to agreement on my accepting the publisher’s offer. I could still manage the ranch by daily telephone conferences. I would schedule a nightly call for 8pm with J.D. and Cody. They would update me on everything that was happening at the Double D. Since I would only be gone for two weeks at a time, I could still keep up on the accounting and bills.The tours went very smooth, at least enough to suit me. The daily book signings gave me a lot of chair time and allowed me to meet many of my fans. I made it through the radio talk shows without slipping up or making an ass out of myself. Often the interviews reached their limits of what the FCC would permit transmitted over the airwaves. Openly discussing sex over the air didn’t seem to bother me the least bit. All interviewers were cautioned against asking me about my personal sex life though. I was having a good time despite trouble sleeping and not eating properly.A week back at the ranch in New Mexico helped my physical well-being tremendously. Juanita was preparing foods especially for me. I couldn’t thank her enough for all her efforts. The Double D was running smoothly without my physical presence all the time.During October, I’d spent time in Los Angles, San Francisco, New York and Miami. November had me in Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Tampa and New Orleans. I turned down Chicago and Dallas for obvious reasons.With just two more cities to cover in December, I was glad the book signings and talk radio gigs were ending. With Seattle being the first of the two cities, I’d end the tour in Las Vegas. I’d be safely back at the ranch no later than December tenth.With Seattle and its almost daily rains behind me, I caught a flight to Las Vegas. I was extremely tired from the rigorous schedule so I slept during most of the trip. It was December eighth, the first of two days in the gambling capital. I had three book signings scheduled, one right after the other. It took me most of the day to make it through the schedule. Returning to my room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, I grabbed a quick nap before calling home.Although I was tired, I was very upbeat about my last day on tour. It was a radio talk show stint broadcast live from the Mirage. All I had to do was make it through the early morning broadcast then catch a flight to Denver. The talk show would last for three hours with lots of banter and humor along with a call-in portion. Thank God for bottled water and aspirin! It kept my voice lubricated and my headaches under control.The talk show started at 7am with me being introduced as the guest. One of the host, Karl Edwards, was an avid fan of mine. He asked numerous questions about my books and what was in store for the future. It was pretty much what I’d grown accustomed to being asked. Charles Reynolds, the other host delved into more personal matters, asking about my private life. He was pushing for intimate details about my sex life but I wasn’t going to accommodate him. His mention of my engagement ring infuriated me. My stern look and abrupt answer got him off the subject immediately.Ron Daniels, the show’s only female host, opened up the telephone lines for call-in questions and comments. I didn’t realize I had so many fans wishing to pay me compliments on my writing. Glancing at my watch, I realized I had less than an hour to go. “Thank God this is about over.” I thought, breathing a sigh of relief. “I can’t wait to get home.”“We have a caller on line three!” Charles Reynolds announced. “Please give us your first name and where you’re from.”“Yeah. Hi! My name’s Wade.” The caller stated. “And, I’m from Fort Worth, Texas.”“Ah! The Lone Star State!” Charles chimed in. “What would you like to say or ask our guest, Michelle Gray?”I panicked immediately, gesturing wildly with my hands for the call to be cut off. Charles obviously noticed my gestures but he was intentionally ignoring them. He saw a chance to embarrass me and he was going to let it happen. Ron Daniels reached for the switch to cut off the phone call but Reynolds slapped her hand away. “I’d just like to say that I still love her very much.” Wade stated.“Sounds like you’re a real fan of Michelle’s books.” Charles jested. “Or just a real fan of Michelle herself.”“I’m her fiancée.” Wade declared. “I heard you ask about the engagement ring.”“It’s a beautiful ring, Wade.” Charles stated. “My compliments on your taste in diamonds.”By this time, my panic had changed to feelings of distress. It was all I could do to keep the tears from flowing.“Anything else you’d like to say to Michelle?” Reynolds asked, deliberately prolonging my agony.“I’d like to ask Michelle to marry me right now.” Wade asserted. “I flew up here just to ask her.”“Well folks, you heard it right here on live radio!” Reynolds shouted into his microphone. “All we need now is an answer from our gorgeous Ms. Green!”Of course, I had to say yes. Not because I wanted to avoid embarrassing Wade or myself by saying no but because I really wanted to marry him.Charles tried talking us into getting married the next morning during a live broadcast of the show but I wasn’t buying into it. My wedding ceremony with Wade would be private and small.The radio show ended with a flurry of commercials and last minute quips from the two male hosts. Removing the headphones and setting them on the table in front of me, I saw Wade standing in the doorway to the broadcast area. He was wearing an expensive, tailored black suit. His familiar black western hat shaded his eyes but not the smile on his handsome face.After a long and loving kiss, we left the Mirage. Wade had a white limousine waiting at the curb of the Mirage to whisk us away to a wedding chapel. We didn’t talk much during the brief ride except to say how much we loved each other. Our lips were busy, pressed to each other’s.By 1pm that afternoon, Wade and I were married. Being referred to as Mrs. Garrett would take a little getting used to. Adjusting to married life would be more difficult. I wouldn’t make the same mistakes I had with my first marriage.Wade had booked a suite at the Mandalay Bay. It wasn’t the honeymoon suite but that didn’t matter. All we wanted was a quiet place to ourselves, some place where we could make love and plan out our future. The large hot tub was a plus. After having my luggage moved in with Wade’s, we were finally alone. Although I was tired, I couldn’t wait to make love to my new husband.Slipping into the hot tub, we sipped a glass of champagne to celebrate our nuptials. Our initial kisses were tender and loving slowly building to heated, passionate kisses. Our hands caressed each other beneath the warm, bubbling water. My nipples responded to Wade’s intimate touch, bringing moans from my lips and heightening my sexual desire. Wade loved fondling my firm breasts, gently massaging and squeezing them with his strong hands. My juices were flowing but I knew Wade would take his time, eventually giving me multiple orgasms. I lightly stroked his hard cock, teasing the head of his shaft with my fingernails. My stimulations made him tense up then relax. It definitely brought a smile to his handsome face. Straddling his cock, I eased myself down on it. The feel of being impaled on his manhood brought me to an immediate orgasm. Wade suckled on my erect nipples, pulling on them lightly with his clenched lips. My body was trembling as the pleasures coursed through my body. The light orgasms were coming one after another. Wade grasped my butt, lifting me off of his hard cock. My arms around his neck, held onto him as he laid me across the back of the hot tub. I spread my legs wide, knowing he was going to work his tongue over my pussy till I begged him to fuck me. Feeling his tongue slowly licking up and down my slit had me arching my back and grasping for the back of his head. Snaking his long tongue inside my pussy, Wade worked it frantically against the walls, bringing me to an astonishing orgasm. My legs were flailing wildly, kicking him unintentionally.I could feel my strength slowly being diminished after each orgasm. Flicking his tongue over my sensitive clit sent me into a frenzy of gyrations. I was gasping for breath as Wade worked me over with his lips and tongue.Spreading my legs and lifting them upwards, he slipped his hard cock into my pussy. I felt his warm balls crushed against my ass. Wade fucked me slow and easy, prolonging our lovemaking. I looked down, watching his thick, rigid cock take long, deliberate strokes into me. With my ankles resting on his shoulders, we began fucking harder, almost with a vengeance. I used all my strength, pulling him into me, sucking on his cock with my wanton pussy.The closer Wade came to climaxing, the harder he fucked me. We were both moaning aloud as we peaked together. I screamed out his name as tears of joy streamed down my face. Feeling his hot cum gushing into my pussy was my ultimate pleasure. The incredible orgasm had me close to passing out. We held each other’s wet bodies for the longest time afterwards, letting ourselves gradually recuperate from our sexual bliss.“I love you, Wade.” I murmured. “I love you more than anything.”“I love you, Mrs. Garrett.” He whispered. “I’ll never stop loving you.” We eased back into the hot tub, snuggling into each other’s arms. With the warm, bubbling water easing our spent bodies, I couldn’t resist dozing off.Waking up sometime later, I could see the sun was slowly setting. The lights of the city were beginning to come on, illuminating the casinos and hotels. I was lying naked on my stomach, enjoying the gentle massage Wade was giving me. His hands brushed lightly over my back and legs, working the tired muscles. His touch was all I needed to make me happy. Slipping his hand between my legs, his fingertips touched lightly at my pussy. Wade pushed his middle finger inside me, swirling it slowly. I lifted my butt upwards, spreading my legs farther apart. Within moments, I was cumming. My juices were lubricating his finger. I pressed my face into the pillow to muffle my moans of pleasure. Wade fingered me hard until I had another orgasm. This one more intense than the first. “I love the way you climax so quickly.” Wade murmured into my ear.“I can have an orgasm just thinking about you.” I whispered. “That’s how I’ve lasted through our separation.”“You masturbated thinking about me!” Wade exclaimed. “Really!”“Yes. Sometimes I even used a vibrator, pretending it was your cock inside me.” I confessed.“You’ve got a vibrator!” He spoke out. “No k**din’!”“Several.” I conceded. “In fact, I’ve got one in my luggage somewhere.”“What about you?” I asked. “What did you do while we were apart?”“What do you think I did?” He answered, sounding a little sheepish.“Besides jacking off at least once a day, I know you had a fling with at least one girl.” I replied.“Michelle, she didn’t mean anything!” Wade immediately confessed. “Honest. She was just some girl I met in a bar. We just had sex a few times is all.”I wasn’t hurt ümraniye escort finding out Wade had made love to another woman while we were apart. If anything, I deserved to be hurt because of the abrupt way I’d treated him.“How did you find out about her anyway?” Wade questioned. “I can’t even remember her name.”“I didn’t know anything.” I replied. “I was just fishing.”Wade’s face blushed beet red realizing he’d been tricked. He kept apologizing but I wasn’t hearing any of it. Putting my fingertips to his mouth, I got him to stop.“You don’t have to apologize for anything.” I asserted, kissing him lightly on the lips. “You didn’t to anything wrong. We weren’t married and our engagement was a shambles.”After showering together, we went downstairs to one of the hotels many restaurants. Wade ordered a carafe of wine with dinner but I didn’t drink much of it. Being married, it was time to change some of my bad habits.After dinner, the two of us strolled into the casino to watch the action. Craps I could never understand but we watched for awhile anyway. Sitting down at the Roulette table, we played the colors and number combinations. Luck was on our side of the table as we won a hundred dollars with a few spins of the wheel.Playing Blackjack at the ten dollar tables, we doubled our money. The menial amount of money wasn’t as much fun as the fact that we were beating the casino. Playing our winnings on the slot machines, we broke even. Nothing won but nothing lost! It was almost 8pm when we got back to our room, time for my nightly conference call with my grandfather and Cody. I found out it was snowing in Three Rivers but the roads were still open for travel. Nothing new or exciting was happening at the ranch.“How’s Las Vegas?” J.D. inquired. “You gonna stay there a few days and enjoy yourself?”“Vegas is all right.” I replied. “But, I’ll be happy to get back home.”“Doing any gambling?” Cody chimed in.“A little. We broke even so I consider that winning.” I answered.“We?” My grandfather questioned. “Are you with someone?”“Yes, I’m with my husband.” I stated, trying to control my excitement.“You got married!” J.D. and Cody both shouted into the speaker phone. “Wade and I got married this afternoon.” I declared. “Oh Hon, that’s terrific!” J.D. exclaimed. “I’m so happy for you both.”“Let me talk with my new grandson-in-law.” J.D. asserted. “Wade’s a little preoccupied right now.” I retorted. “I wouldn’t want to interrupt him.”“Oh… OH! Ok.” J.D. laughed. “I better let you go so you can… you know… be together.”“I’ll see you when I get back.” I affirmed. “I’m not sure exactly when that’ll be. Tomorrow or the next day, I guess.”During the time I was talking on the phone, Wade had been undressing me, placing light kisses over my bared skin. He had me shaking in anticipation of the sexual pleasures we were soon going to be sharing. My body heat had risen along with my excitement. Helping my husband out of his clothing was just an obstacle quickly overcome. I loved looking at his naked masculine form. His beautiful cock was always rock hard.We made love in every position imaginable during the night. Wade had the stamina to keep me going almost constantly. His cock spewed cum into my pussy and eager mouth till his balls were sore and shriveled. My pussy felt like it had been fucked by many lovers but I wasn’t complaining. I just hoped our sexual desires for each other would last as long as our love.The next morning, I slept till almost 10am. Wade had been up for a short time, calling his office back in Fort Worth. He phoned his parents to let them know we’d gotten married. They were as excited as we were. Amanda, Wade’s mother and I chatted for a while. She was adamant about giving us a reception at their home sometime in the near future. Although, neither Wade nor I really wanted it, we felt it best to comply with her wishes. After talking with Wade’s father and being congratulated several times, we concluded the call.We ordered breakfast served in our room since neither of us was all that anxious to get dressed. We discussed our immediate plans. It was decided Wade would fly back to Fort Worth and pack up his clothes and personal belongings. Since very little of it would fit into his Cadillac XLR, he would ship most of it to the ranch in Colorado. His furniture, he’d have put into storage until we got our house built on the twenty acres my grandfather had given me.As for me, I’d fly back to Denver, then catch a commuter flight down to Lincoln. My Suburban was waiting for me in the airport’s parking garage. Unless, the roads were impassible, I’d be back at the ranch later that evening. Neither of us wanted to be apart but we knew it would only be for a short period of time.At the Las Vegas airport, we kissed up until the time Wade had to board his flight. Seeing him walk away wasn’t easy. I caught my flight to Denver without any trouble. My commuter flight to Lincoln was delayed because of weather conditions at the capital city. I just hoped the roads were still passable once I got there. The snow was piled up along the sides of the runway when I landed in Lincoln. It was still snowing heavily so I didn’t waste any time getting my luggage loaded into the Suburban. Driving through the city, I phoned Wade on my cell phone to let him know where I was. He was worried about me making the last sixty miles of my journey but I was confident I could make it with the four-wheel drive SUV.Highway Fifty-Four west of Lincoln was snow-covered but passable. Turning onto the county road toward Three Rivers was another story. The north-south road was drifted in several places. By the time I made it to Three Rivers, the snow was almost up to the front bumper. A deputy sheriff’s car was right behind me, traveling in my tracks. I figured it was Juanita’s husband, trying to make it home.I made it to the ranch without any real problems. The snow-covered mountains in the distance made the ranch look all that more beautiful. My grandfather came out to help with my luggage. The snow was halfway up to our knees, soaking our pant legs but it felt great to finally be home.“I better call Wade and let him know I made it all right.” I commented. “He was worried about me traveling in all this snow.”“You get out of those wet slacks first.” J.D. commanded. “I don’t want the new bride coming down with a cold.”After slipping out of my clothes and taking a hot shower, I slipped on a robe before going to the office. My grandfather was already on the phone with Wade. Their conversation was light-hearted, filled with anecdotes and quips about married life. J.D. intentionally made me wait to talk with my new husband. I finally managed to wrestle the phone from his hands. We talked for almost an hour, prattling on about our future plans.The howling winds soothed me into a deep sleep that night. I cuddled a large pillow to my breasts, pretending it was Wade. Soon it would be!The next morning, all but two of the ranch-hands made it to the Double D for breakfast. The roads had gotten worse overnight with the increased winds. Juanita and I sat talking after everyone had started their daily but abbreviated chores. She seemed as happy as me that I had finally gotten married.Since there was an extra guestroom at the opposite end of the house from the other bedrooms, Juanita and I cleaned it out and moved my bedroom furniture into it. It would afford Wade and me more privacy especially when we were having sex. I didn’t want my grandfather hearing our moans and verbal remarks late at night. It would be too embarrassing for both of us.The weather eased up some over the next couple of days. The temperatures were still in the teens but the wind had calmed down. Hearing a UPS truck pulling up to the house, I knew it had to be the first of Wade’s belongings from Fort Worth. We stacked most of it in the empty bedroom till I could go through it. One tall box contained Wade’s expensive golf clubs.“I see Wade and I are going to get along great!” My grandfather exclaimed, spotting the golf clubs. “Those are Callaways! Best clubs on the market!”“Just remember. Wade’s got a lot of work to do.” I jested, grinning. “Don’t you keep dragging him off to the golf course every day.”J.D. had to pull each of the clubs out of the bag and take a practice swing with it. At least, it gave me an idea of what to get him for Christmas. I knew his old golf clubs had seen better days but he never went shopping for a new set.Over the next two days, I received more of Wade’s belongings. All I needed was the guy who owned all the stuff to show up and make me happy. I was getting lonely. Being cooped up in the house wasn’t making matters any better. Hearing his voice over the phone every evening was my only solace.A week later, Wade finally made it to the Double D. I had him park his Cadillac XLR in the garage to keep it out of the weather. We were so happy to see each other, I almost jumped him on the hood of his car. Knowing my grandfather was just inside the house prevented us from getting too intimate.My grandfather came out to see what all the commotion was about. Instead of shaking hands with Wade, he gave him a big hug.“Boy! Am I glad you’re here!” He exclaimed.“Watch him, Wade.” I quipped with a grin. “He’s really just glad your golf clubs are here.”“Come on in the house. Juanita’s got some coffee on.” J.D. remarked. “We can talk about playing golf while we have a cup.”“Wade’s got better things to do!” I chimed in, pulling on his arm. “I’m gonna give his club a workout!”“Geez! The way you talk sometimes!” J.D. scolded. “It’s downright embarrassing.”By the time we made it through the house to the far bedroom, I already had my blouse unbuttoned and halfway off. Passing by the kitchen, Juanita gave us a grin which turned into a laugh.I barely got the guestroom door closed before Wade had his tongue jammed inside my mouth. His heart was pounding in his chest and his breathing was labored. We practically tore our clothes off to get at each other. We never made it to the bed, instead, making love on the floor. I was cumming the minute Wade’s lips started working on my pussy. My fingernails dug into his muscular arms till they drew blood.“Fuck me!” I screamed out. “Give it to me hard!” Wade eagerly complied with my burning desires. Impaling me hard, we fucked each other like sadistic a****ls. Our moans filled the room, resonating off the walls. My orgasms were prolonged and intense, making my moans louder and louder. Wade’s hot cream gushed into my pussy just as my last orgasm was erupting. Our bodies convulsed as we were both consumed with absolute sexual pleasure.“Welcome to the Double D.” I k**ded. “You must be the new cowboy in town.”“Do all the cowboys get this kind of welcome?” He countered.“Nope. Just the ones I love.” I murmured. Wade’s cock was still hard and still inside me. Picking me up, he placed me on the bed, where we slowly fucked each other till we couldn’t continue. We held each other tightly, murmuring our love for each other.It was the middle of the afternoon, when I awoke from a sound sleep. I was alone in bed with the comforter over me. My clothes had been picked up and placed on a chair in the corner. My upper legs were covered with dried cum. Grabbing a robe from the closet and panties from the dresser, I headed for the bathroom. Juanita was cleaning up the kitchen when I rushed past her. I could hear J.D. and Wade sitting in the office, talking.After cleaning myself up and primping my hair, I walked back to the kitchen to get something to drink. “Mr. Garrett is very handsome and very polite.” Juanita commented. “He will make you a fine husband and a good father for kadıköy escort your c***dren.”“I just hope I’ll make him a good wife.” I muttered. “I’m worried I won’t be.”“You’ll do fine.” Juanita stated, giving me a hug. “Worrying about it won’t help. You have to work at it.”I strolled into the office, making sure my short robe was pulled around me. J.D. and Wade were sitting in front of the desk sipping coffee and smoking cigars.“You shouldn’t be smoking, Grandpa.” I asserted. “It’s not good for your heart.”“I hope you’re gonna put some clothes on, young lady.” J.D. responded, ignoring my warning.“I’m covered.” I replied, sitting down behind the desk and propping my feet up. “I’ve got panties on.”While it embarrassed the hell out of my grandfather, it brought a big laugh from Wade.“We’ve been talking about the boarding stable and campground idea.” My grandfather stated, changing the subject. “I’m gonna help Wade out while you run the ranch.”“Don’t forget. We need to make plans for having a house built too.” I commented. “We should be ready to start construction as soon as the weather breaks.”“We should look at the ground first.” Wade chimed in. “It’ll give us a better idea of what kind of house we want.”“I never thought about that.” I responded. “I know I’d like a two-story home with at least four bedrooms.”“Better make sure one of those bedrooms is soundproof!” J.D. suggested. “I could hear you two clear down here in the office.”I put some clothes on for dinner. Juanita had prepared a delicious meal for us before she left. All I had to do was heat it up in the microwave. After dinner, I returned to the office where I spent the evening working on my book. Wade and J.D. watched the Golf Channel on television between conversations about golf courses. The next morning at breakfast, I introduced Wade to everyone. It was a chore just getting him up that early in the morning since he was used to sleeping till 7:30. I was apprehensive about Cody meeting my husband. I hoped Wade would never find out about Cody and me having a sexual encounter shortly after I arrived from Chicago. While I worked on ranch business, Wade and my grandfather drove over to the area where we were going to have the boarding stables built. They were gone for most of the morning.Returning in time for lunch, I listened in on their conversation. Wade was eagerly tossing out ideas and suggestions after looking over the land and the area of the ranch where the project would be built. I sat there with a smile on my face admiring his knowledge and avidness. J.D. was listening intently, nodding his head in agreement with everything Wade said.“How soon do you think we can get started on the barns?” My grandfather inquired. “We should probably stake out the ground first.” Wade suggested. “We need to contact the surveyors and get an updated plat drawing.”“While you’re there, get a plat drawing on the twenty acres where we’re gonna build the house.” I chimed in. “On second thought, get a drawing on the entire ranch. I wanna see what this all looks like on paper.”“Right.” Wade agreed, rising from his chair. “We should have everything readily available to us.”The two loves of my life would be gone for the rest of the afternoon, leaving me alone in the house. I decided to put on some insulated coveralls and walk down to the barns. It had been awhile since I’d spent any time around the horses. Cody was grooming one of the horses, getting the dried mud off its legs. I sat down on a couple of bales of straw, watching him tend to the young gelding.“Wade seems like a nice fella.” Cody commented while brushing the horse. “Does he make you happy?”“Yes, very happy.” I replied. “I hope you won’t mention anything to him about anything that’s happened between the two of us.” I remarked.“I’d never do that.” Cody retorted, smiling. “Although, I’ll never forget it.”“I won’t forget it either.” I mumbled, forcing myself to keep a straight face.“Just wish I’d married you instead of Melissa.” He muttered. “It was you I really loved.”“What’s the matter?” I asked. “You and Melissa having problems?”In anger, Cody threw the grooming brush against the stall door. His actions scared me at first, then I realized he was more upset with himself than anyone.“You wanna talk about it?” I asked, stepping up behind him.Unexpectedly, Cody spun around and pulled me into his arms. It caught me completely off-guard. His breathing was labored, wafting against the side of my face.“Talk to me, Cody.” I murmured. “Tell me what’s going on.”“I think Melissa’s seeing one of the doctors at the hospital.” Cody muttered. “She’s been acting strange the past few weeks and taking off work a lot.”“You two have only been married a short while.” I stated. “Maybe you’re just imagining all this.”“I’m not imagining anything! We hardly have sex anymore!” Cody exclaimed, squeezing me harder. “I know she’s getting it somewhere else!”“I don’t know what to tell you, Cody.” I commented. “You need to make damn sure before you go accusing her. Distrust could ruin a marriage.”I don’t think my words helped as much as letting him embrace me. He gradually calmed down, getting a modest smile on his face. Cody kissed me lightly on the cheek, before releasing me.“I hope we can still be close friends.” He muttered. “It’s important to me that we remain friends.”“We’ll always be friends… close friends.” I reassured him. “You come and talk with me anytime you want. Ok?”Cody nodded his head, too choked up to speak. “How about we go for a ride?” I suggested, trying to further cheer him up. “It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a horse.”After saddling up two of the horses, Cody and I headed out across the snow-covered pastures. We rode side-by-side, neither of us saying a word. We rode out to the canyon to look at the waterfall and the pond.“Remember our first time here?” Cody asked.“I’ll never forget it.” I answered. “It was the perfect place to make love.”“As I recall, you wouldn’t let me.” He remarked. “All we did was kiss and touch each other a little. You pushed me away.”“That was my mistake.” I responded. “I was going through a very rough time adjusting to this scar on my face and the beating I’d taken.”Cody pulled on my arm to get me closer to him. My horse sidestepped, brushing against his. We kissed tenderly for several moments. I didn’t feel at all guilty about kissing him.“I meant what I said about loving you.” He murmured. “I know.” I retorted. “I love you too, just not in the same way.”We rode side-by-side back to the barns, chatting about the winter weather and plans for the ranch. Our time together had seemly helped him feel better. I spent the rest of the day with Cody, taking care of the horses. He seemed almost desperate for me to be with him.The holidays and long winter months finally passed. Everyone was glad to see Spring weather arriving. Spring calves were being born almost daily. It kept the ranch-hands as well as a veterinarian busy for almost two weeks. In another month or so, we’d be hearing the patter of tiny hoofs from six of our pregnant mares.Wade and my grandfather were busy out at the project site every day. They were using the motorhome for their office. At least, it was finally getting put to good use. An excavating contractor was digging the foundations for the campsites and the barns. When that was completed and the concrete cured out, they’d begin construction on the two large barns and grading off the roads to be covered with gravel.Wade and I had purchased a set of house plans and contacted a contractor from nearby Nogal to build our home. The forty-one hundred square foot home would cost us almost four-hundred thousand dollars to construct. With our combined salaries, we could easily afford the mortgage payments.Cody and Melissa had separated for a brief time. After seeking help from a marriage counselor, they’d gotten back together. Cody’s suspicions hadn’t gone unwarranted. Melissa had been seeing one of the young interns at the hospital. We often talked about how things were going but I felt he wasn’t telling me everything.As for me, I’d completed the second book in my series, Fire Ten. Already submitted for publishing, I was just waiting for it to hit the bookstores. I hoped it would hit the bestseller list and do as well as the first book. I was confident it would.“Mrs. Garrett. The sheriff is here.” Juanita announced, standing in the doorway to my office. “She’d like to see you.”“Katy!” I exclaimed. “Sure. Show her in.”It had been several months since the two of us had actually chatted, even then, it was only briefly. We often passed each other somewhere on the roadways, exchanging friendly waves. Katy hadn’t changed since the first time I met her. It was the night we caught the cattle rustlers at the crossroads where we were now building the boarding stable project. In her tailored uniform and nearly six foot height, she presented a pronounced look of authority. Katy’s long blonde hair and bright blue eyes highlighted her pretty face. She still had her fantastic figure, although I suspected she’d had her breasts augmented at some time.“How’s my favorite gunslinger?” Katy jested, stepping into the office.“Pretty good. And you?” I replied.“Doin’ good.” She responded, sitting down across from my desk.“How about some coffee?” I offered. “Juanita will be glad to bring us some before she leaves.”“I could go for something stronger but not while I’m in uniform.” Katy retorted.“Well, you could slip out of it.” I k**ded with a grin. “I promise I won’t look.”“Now, that could lead to something.” Katy joked with a laugh. “Coffee’s fine.”After Juanita brought us some coffee, she reminded me of her pending doctor’s appointment. She left immediately afterwards, wanting to stop by her home before seeing the doctor. “Are you here on a social visit or business?” I asked, lighting up a cigarette.“A little of both.” She answered. “I stopped down at the crossroads and talked awhile with J.D. Got to finally meet that new husband of yours. He’s quite a hunk!”“Thank you.” I responded, sipping the hot coffee. “And yes, Wade’s quite a hunk.”“I’m looking for a Palomino mare.” Katy affirmed. “J.D. said you had a couple.”“Yes but only one’s for sale.” I replied. “One’s due to have a foal in a few weeks. I won’t sell her till late summer.”“I need one for a parade horse.” Katy asserted. “She’ll need to be a fairly big horse.”“Princess is about sixteen hands high and probably weighs close to twelve-hundred pounds.” I stated. “She’s a beautiful horse.”“Sounds perfect.” Katy remarked. “What’re you asking for her?”“I’ll take five thousand for her, not a penny less.” I replied. “Would you like to walk down to the barn and take a look at her?”“Maybe later.” She retorted. “Let’s chat about us for a while.”“Us?” I repeated, not quite sure of her meaning.“I read your latest book, Force Ten.” Katy remarked. “I found it very interesting that the two main characters, Jennifer and Sarah hit it off so quickly… sexually, I mean.”“Sometimes it happens that way.” I responded. “In real life, not just in my books.”“If you don’t mind my asking. Has it ever happened to you personally?” She questioned.“I’ve had a few bisexual experiences in my lifetime.” I confessed. “Mind telling why you asked?”“Just curious.” Katy mumbled as her eyes dropped to the floor.She sat quietly, keeping her head down, purposely avoiding my stare. At that moment, Katy looked so weak and frail. She no longer looked dominant and authoritive. I rose from my chair and walked up behind her. Katy was slightly trembling. I took off her western style hat, then rested my hands on her shoulders to calm her.“Are you curious to see what it’s like to be with another bostancı escort woman?” I murmured. “I haven’t been with anyone since my divorce. Katy mumbled, choking out the words. “Never with another female.” “You wanna talk in the bedroom?” I suggested in a soft voice. “I’ll make you feel better.”Katy didn’t shake her head or say no. I took that as a consenting sign. Sliding my hands downward, I let them glide over her large breasts. Cupping them in my hands, I gently squeezed them till I brought a gasp, then a soft moan from her lips.“I… I should be going.” Katy stammered, covering my hands with hers. “I’m… still on duty.”Leaning down, I slowly pulled her face close to mine. Pressing my moist lips to Katy’s, I kissed her tenderly, working my lips gently over hers. Katy’s hands gripped mine tightly. I could sense she was succumbing to temptation.When our lips finally parted, I blew a light breath in her face to further entice her. Katy’s eyes were barely open, obviously savoring our initial intimacy.“Oh Michelle.” She whispered. “I’ve never felt so… strange.”Strange wasn’t the word I was hoping for but at least she was feeling something. Grasping Katy’s hand, I gestured for her to rise from the chair. Leading her from the office, we passed through the house toward the guestroom. Katy offered no resistance.Stepping into the bedroom, I closed the door behind us. Katy stood motionless, staring at the bed and then at me. I reached up and pulled her lips to mine. This time, I kissed Katy hard and passionate, grinding my lips against hers. She responded willingly to my obvious seduction. I held her mouth to mine, preventing her from breaking the kiss. We were both breathing hard when our lips finally parted.“Take off your clothes.” I commanded in a stern voice. “Strip down to your underwear.”Katy’s hands trembled as she removed her gun belt. Her eyes followed me as I pulled the comforter to the foot of the bed. As her fingers slowly unbuttoned her shirt, I sensed she might be having second thoughts. I wasn’t about to let that happen.“You need some help getting undressed.” I snapped, hurriedly unbuttoning my blouse, then tossing it on a chair.Katy’s fingers worked faster to get her shirt off. My abruptness had helped. Stepping out of my bluejeans, I tossed them on top of my blouse. Katy sat on the bed, pulling her boots off but keeping her eyes focused on me. I unhooked my bra, tossing it with the rest of my clothes. I cupped my breasts, tweaking the nipples to make them erect.“You’re breasts, they’re very beautiful.” Katy muttered. “I’m sure yours are just as beautiful.” I remarked, slipping off my bikini-cut panties and tossing them aside.Standing naked before her, seemed to make it easier for Katy to take off her uniform slacks. She stood at the side of the bed, nervously awaiting my next command.“Take off your bra.” I ordered. “I wanna see those magnificent tits of yours.”“I… I though you said I could keep my underwear on.” Katy stammered, nearly choking.“I changed my mind.” I bluntly stated. “I want it off.”Katy reached behind her, fidgeting with the hooks. Her fingers were shaking so much she was having difficulty. Twisting her around, I accomplished the task for her. Sliding the shoulder straps down her arms, I bared her magnificent breasts. Katy was biting her lip, looking at herself in the mirror. Reaching around, I slid my fingers beneath the firm flesh. I didn’t feel any scars, not even a slight indentation indicating they’d been enhanced. Katy’s nipples were twice the size of mine. They looked as large around as my index finger. The areolas surrounding her nipples were large with a dark tan hue. “Your breasts are beautiful.” I murmured in her ear. “You have a very beautiful body.”Katy barely nodded her head. Her arms hung limply at her sides, allowing my hands to slip between them and her body to knead and fondle her breasts. I tugged on her nipples with my thumbs and forefingers. Katy leaned back against me, crushing my breasts into her back. Her cornsilk blonde hair smelled like fresh strawberries. She was breathing heavily, taking long deep breaths. Brushing her long hair aside, I kissed the back of her neck. Katy was muttering something but I couldn’t make out what it was.My right hand slid down Katy’s side to her white cotton panties. They fit her snugly enhancing her well-shaped ass. I slid a finger inside the elastic waistband, running it back and forth.“You’re not…” Katy stammered.“Going to take off your panties.” I murmured, finishing her question. “Not right not. But later I am.”“Why don’t we stretch out on the bed and get comfortable?” I suggested, pushing Katy toward the queen-size bed.Katy climbed onto the bed, then stretched out on her back. Her firm breasts didn’t sag as she lay there looking up at me. “This is too fucking good to be true!” I thought, joining her on the bed.I kissed Katy lovingly to soothe her tensions and ease her fears. Her lips responded to mine, kissing me softly.“Let yourself relax and allow me to tend to your needs.” I muttered.Although my remark was a cliché that I sometimes used in my writing, it seemed to work with Katy. Our kisses became more intense with me snaking my tongue between her lips. My left hand brushed lightly over Katy’s breasts and tummy to keep her body from tensing up. She was under my control. All I had to do was work her up slowly and not let her come to her senses.My tongue flicked against Katy’s, teasing and taunting her hidden desires. Swirling it inside her mouth, then fucking her lips with my tongue aroused her passions even more. Cupping each breast, I pulled on her large nipples with my teeth, making them hard and erect. Katy was mumbling my name over and over. Her eyes were barely open, giving the appearance of being in a dream state.My tongue licked downwards over her tummy, following my hand as it made its way towards her bikini panties. Katy was restless. My hand slid over her panties, then over her pubic mound. My fingers were wet from her saturated panties. I rubbed her pussy gently in circular motions. “Oh Michelle… that feels wonderful.” Katy mumbled.I slid my hand inside her panties, feeling her soft pubic hair. My fingers eased downward between her legs, gliding over the lips of Katy’s pussy. I could feel her folds parting, begging for my attention. I shoved her panties down, exposing her hidden treasure. I couldn’t wait to put my lips to her pussy. Removing her panties, I tossed them to the floor.At first, Katy resisted my attempts to spread her legs apart. I felt taking a firm stance or barking a command would just make her resist even more.“Relax. Let me give you the ultimate in sexual pleasure.” I whispered, gently massaging her thighs.Katy relaxed enough to let me slide between her legs. I kissed all around her pussy, taking in the sweet fragrance of her pussy. Licking up and down her hot slit, had her bucking against my face. She was close to reaching her an orgasm and I couldn’t stop it. I let her cum, holding her hands tightly while the pleasure coursed through her body. When she finally calmed, I slid my tongue inside her pussy, making stabbing motions against the juicy walls. Katy’s ass was literally bouncing off the sheets as I worked her toward another orgasm. She was coming up quick, screaming and trashing wildly on the bed. I sucked on her hard clit, flicking my tongue wildly over it.Her fingernails dug into the palms of my hands as the astonishing orgasm ripped through her entire body. My tongue was working on her pussy to prolong the ultimate sexual bliss. She screamed out my name, nearly choking. Katy’s orgasm seemed to repeat over and over as her cum flowed onto my face. Her body tensed suddenly, arching upwards. We held onto each other till the orgasm gradually subsided. Katy rolled onto her side, choking and gasping for breath. I licked at the thick juices flowing from her pussy till they too, ceased flowing.Rubbing Katy’s arms and legs briskly soothed her tired body. Katy looked up at me, smiling. I leaned down to share a soft and tender kiss with her. Her body was hot to the touch. I decided it best to let her rest before continuing.With Katy’s breathing returning to normal, I pushed her over onto her tummy. After forcing her legs apart, I reached over toward the nightstand, pulling out a long, slender vibrator. Lubricating its tapered tip my own saliva, I twisted it on till it was lightly humming. I touched it lightly to Katy’s pussy, making her jump.“Michelle! What’re you doin?” She exclaimed.“Just relax.” I murmured. “I’m not going to hurt you.”I slid the chrome vibrator into her pussy. It immediately brought a loud gasp, then a moan from Katy’s throat. I worked the buzzing sex toy in and out of her pussy, gradually turning up the intensity of the instrument. Rotating the vibrator as I fucked it into Katy, I could see her juices flowing onto the probe. Her face was buried into the pillow, muffling her loud moans.Her butt was bucking wildly as I slammed the vibrator into her. I had the vibrator set all the way up. Thrusting the probe into her pussy, I could hear the buzzing working its magic. Katy was experiencing a series of orgasms that had her screaming like a wildcat. Thick juices covered the instrument, seeping onto my fingers. I slowed the tempo down, turning the vibrator off. I feared I may have gone too far. Katy collapsed from exhaustion. Her breathing was shallow, almost nonexistent. Panicked, I rolled Katy onto her side. Her eyes opened slightly then closed. She was perspiring profusely and her heart was beating rapidly. I was alarmed at her condition until I saw a slight smile form on her face. I sat next to her on the bed, rubbing my left hand over her back till I felt her body temperature starting to return to normal.“I’m ok.” Katy muttered. “Just let me lie here for awhile.”I wasn’t about to leave her side in case she started having problems. Almost a half hour passed before she was able to sit on the side of the bed. Getting her to drink some water and take a few aspirin, seemed to help.With a little assistance, Katy managed to get cleaned up and dressed. After running a comb through her hair and strapping on her gun belt, we walked outside into the clean, crisp air. She squeezed my hand as we walked out to her patrol car.“I never realized sex could be so intense.” Katy commented. “I’ve never had many orgasms, let alone, any so incredible.”“I was afraid I’d taken you too far.” I apologized. “I lost control and let myself get carried away.”“Michelle, don’t be upset.” Katy retorted. “I had a sexual experience, I’ll never, ever forget.”Katy got into her patrol car and fastened the elaborate safety restraint around her. She took a deep breath before starting the vehicle and switching on the air conditioner.“About that Palomino. I assume you’ll take a check for her?” She inquired. “Of course. But don’t you want to take a look at her before you buy her?” I questioned.“Is she really as beautiful as you say she is?” Katy asked, grinning.“That she is.” I answered. “I wouldn’t k** you about a horse.”“I’ll stop by tomorrow with my checkbook.” Katy asserted. “Great!” I retorted. “I’ll have all her papers ready.”After Katy pulled away and proceeded down the driveway, I hurried back into the house. Tossing the comforter onto the floor, I stripped the stained sheets from the bed. I bundled them up and carried them down the hallway to the laundry room. After putting them in the washing machine, I quickly returned to the bedroom to put on fresh sheets and make the bed.Although I was trying to clean up the evidence that Katy and I had enjoyed a fantastic sexual experience, it wasn’t from Wade. I knew he’d understand. My grandfather and Juanita not only wouldn’t understand; they’d be horrified. Wade found it quite exciting that I was bisexual. He was well aware that if the occasion arose for me to have a sexual encounter with another woman, I wouldn’t hesitate.***The End!

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