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It was almost Memorial Day and I was looking forward to a long weekend with the family at the lake. I had the camper out and loaded and was sitting in the boat working on fishing lines. It had been a typically stressful day in the home office, everything from work at home was harder than if I had access to all my resources at work. Thankfully, it was a pleasantly cool evening as I sat in my pontoon boat in the super huge carport I had to build to keep it out of the rain. With no breeze in the carport to keep me cool, I sat in front of a box fan as I sat and replaced fishing line on a reel. From my perch, I could see the road in front of our house, my attention drawn to one of the neighbor’s cars heading out down the gravel road. I doubted that Vasile even noticed me, tucked back in the long narrow shed, as he took off down the road.

I looked back down at my work, thinking about the upcoming weekend in only two short days. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and saw Vanessa, Vasile’s wife, walking along the gravel road. There aren’t a lot of neighbors on our dead-end road, in fact, there are only half a dozen total for the whole quarter mile long road. Vasile and Vanessa lived on the very end, their drive only about a hundred yards from ours. They seemed like a nice couple, recently coming over from Romania. Vasile was a hard worker, doing construction for some company and side jobs in the evenings. Vanessa didn’t work and took frequent walks along the road, always stopping to talk with me when I was out in the front yard. They were quite a bit younger than my wife and I, Vanessa easily young enough to be my daughter. That didn’t stop her from being extremely friendly and kind.

Vanessa must have seen me sitting in the boat and turned to walk down the driveway towards me. She had on her typical warm weather attire, a bare midriff tank top and micro shorts. She was a slender, petite young woman, weighing maybe a hundred pounds soaking wet. She was nice looking, though I wouldn’t label her as Playboy quality. She walked into the boat shed, climbed the front ladder on the pontoon boat trailer and stepped into the boat to greet me.

“Hi Scott! How are you doing tonight?” she asked in her heavily accented English.

“Hi Vanessa. Just trying to get everything ready for this weekend.”

“I saw you got your camper out of storage.”

“Yeah. Gonna have the whole family together at the lake,” I answered.

“Sounds like fun. I haven’t been to a lake in a long time.”

“Maybe some time you and Vasile could come along.”

“I’d probably have to get a new swimsuit,” she said as she stood a few feet away from me on the wide deck of the boat. She paused for long seconds, almost as if she were going to say more, drawing my attention from my fishing reel up to her. Without another word, she reached up to the bottom edge of the very short tank top she wore and pulled it up and over her head. She tossed the tank top on the bench seat she was standing next to and then reached behind her back, unsnapping the tiny lace bra she had on under it.

“Holy shit. Vanessa!” I said in surprise as she let her hands fall to her waist, giving me an unobstructed view of her now bare chest. Her tits weren’t big, maybe a small B cup, with round puffy areola about the size of half a dollar. Centered in each pink puffed out circle was a small rock hard nipple. I didn’t have an over abundance of time to enjoy the view before she bent over, pushing her tiny shorts down and working them over the canvas shoes she wore. I stared in shock as she straightened up, tossing her shorts onto the pile of clothing she no longer was wearing. She stood in front of me, looking nervous in nothing but her little canvas sneakers and a tiny white lace panty. Her nervousness turned to a crooked grin as she pushed the panty down, bending over to pull each of her feet out of it before adding it to the pile of clothes sitting on the seat. She stood, completely nude except for her shoes, grinning up at me.

I stared at her, bare body, her nipples invitingly hard and her completely shaved pussy and mound looking like that of a teenager. Her lips were full and round, slightly darker than the rest of her creamy white skin, with a hint of inner labia protruding slightly. She looked… well… incredibly sexy as she stood there. Only after long seconds of staring at her body did it really sink in that she was standing naked in front of me in full view of anyone going down the road. “Holy shit. Vanessa!” I hissed when I could talk again, looking past her to see if anyone was actually on the road.

She just stood there, letting me look at her for long seconds before she reached a hand out toward me and flexed her fingers in the international sign for “get your ass over here”.

“What?” I asked as she stood, looking expectantly at me.

She rolled her eyes and then reached for the rod on my lap. She moved the rod aside and then sat down on the bench seat next to me, laying herself back and swinging one leg up and over my head to rest on the seat Malatya Escort back. With her laying on the bench, one foot on the seat behind me and the other on the floor, her spread legs pulled her pussy apart slightly, allowing a glimpse of her pink inner depths.

“Damn Vanessa!” I said as I stared down at her, getting nothing but a grin in return. She reached between her legs and gently stroked her fingers along her pussy, letting her middle finger slip between her lips. Her finger glistened with her own juices as she used both hands to pull her pussy lips apart even more, to show me the entrance to her sweet looking vagina, almost as if it were an open invitation. She lay there for several long seconds before she decided I wasn’t going to move and lifted her leg up and over me once again. She stood up from the bench and then knelt on the bench next to me, reaching for the buckle on the belt of my shorts. I grabbed at her hands to stop her from unbuckling it.

“Ohhhhhhh? I just want to look!” she cooed softly before giving me an exaggerated pout. She waited, pushing her chest up toward me, her tits inches from my face. She held my buckle until my hands relaxed the slightest bit and then grinned and started to pull it apart again. She quickly had my buckle and button of the waistband undone. Her fingers were pulling my zipper down as she slipped off the bench seat to stand in front of me. With my zipper down, she reached for the sides of my shorts and pushed the waistband down. She couldn’t get my shorts down too far with me sitting on them.

As she stood in front of me, bent over, her tits pushing toward my face I made the decision to let her push my pants down. I mean, what could it hurt to just let her look? I lifted my butt off the seat and she quickly slid both my shorts and my briefs down my legs, leaving my rock hard dick sticking straight up at her.

She licked her lips, her eyes like saucers as she stared at my long fat shaft. “Damn!” she finally whispered.

At sixty I’m not quite as large as I used to be. In high school I was always teased in the showers for the size of my boner, which seemed to ALWAYS be hard after a coed session of gym. Later in high school and college I learned that those proportions were more of an attractant than a liability, and more than one girl “helped” me learn just exactly how to use it to my full advantage. After I met my wife, I pretty much kept it for her use, though there were times when I was briefly tempted for one reason or another to let someone “try me for size”. One woman wanted to measure me, “just for fun” and after measuring my eight and a half inch length and nearly five inch girth, she just had to see if it would fit. I’ve shrunk in length a bit, now only a little more than seven inches, but my girth hasn’t appreciably changed, especially when I’m really turned on, which at that moment I was.

“Damn,” she whispered again, reaching out with both hands. She wrapped her petite fingers around my shaft, her fingertips not able to reach her palms, my engorged mushroom head sticking out at her face from her encircling hands. I sat there, staring at her nude body as she slowly stroked her hands up and down my shaft, her wide eyes watching my head appear and disappear from her sliding hands. She lowered herself to her knees as she stroked me and leaned her face towards me, slowly engulfing my mushroom head with her hot mouth.

After several minutes of her stroking and sucking me, she let go of my cock and stood up. With a grin, she moved to sit down on the bench next to me. She once again lifted her leg up and swung it over my head, resting her foot behind my back. I looked at her laying there, completely naked, wanting to roll over and stuff my dick deep into her, but I wasn’t sure that was a very good idea. She let her hands roam around her body for several long seconds before reaching for one of my hands and pulling it to her. She guided my hand to one of her firm little breasts, pressing it to her so her rock hard nipple pressed into my palm. I twisted my body around to lean over her, leaning my head down towards her chest. I closed my lips around her left nipple, gently swirling my tongue around it as I sucked it gently into my mouth.

She moaned in appreciation as I teased her nipple and then released it. I had to twist a bit more to reach her right nipple, and could feel my bare cock pressing against her wet pussy lips as I sucked her nipple into my mouth. She too felt my hard dick press against her lips, and her hips started to rock gently, only a little at first, sliding her lips along my rock hard shaft. I could feel her arch her back and grind her clit into my shaft as her rocking became more vigorous. “Oh fuck,” she moaned loudly as she grabbed at my bare ass to pull me tighter to her. I rolled farther and managed to get my knees up on the long bench so I was laying essentially on top of her, letting her nipple go from my mouth and sliding further up her body. “Oh god yes,” she moaned as I settled my body between her legs more comfortably, Malatya Escort Bayan her pussy now stroking nearly the full length of my cock.

Each stroke took my engorged head between her lips, the sensitive spot under my head bouncing over her clit each time. I knew that I couldn’t hold back much longer, but based on how her body was moving, I doubted that she was going to last much longer either.

“Ohhhh fuck,” I grunted as the tingling warmth and urgency made me start to hump my hips in time with hers. The two of us were grinding our bodies together almost frantically when her body started to tremble. Her legs wrapped around me and her heels dug into my ass as she tilted her pelvis even more, clearly trying to get as much of her pussy in contact with my shaft as she could. I continued to try and stroke myself along her pussy, grinding my cock into her pussy as my own orgasm approached. “Ohhhhhhh fuuuck,” I groaned as my body went rigid for a moment, a gush of cum lancing out between us. My body bucked half a dozen times, pumping what felt like a gallon of cum out between us, the hot sticky liquid smeared around on our stomachs. I held myself on top of her for long seconds and then slowly pushed myself up off of her, kneeling on the bench, still between her legs, looking down at her nude form.

“God that felt good,” she finally said, looking up at me. “I always suspected you had a big dick, but I had no idea how big.”

“It’s not all that big,” I answered, blushing a little.

“The hell it isn’t,” she said with a laugh as she pushed herself up on her elbows. “Maybe next time I’ll have to see if I can fit it inside.” She pushed herself back away from me. She stood up and looked down at the pile of clothes she had been laying on. She picked up the pair of panties and used them to wipe my cum off her stomach and then sat down in front of where I was still kneeling. She lifted my t-shirt up and used the panties to wipe the cum off my stomach before working down to my dick.

“Maybe next time you’ll have more time to play with my body. I like your touch,” she said with a smile a she gently caressed my cock, wiping the last of the cum off it with the panties.

“Can I ask why?”

“Why what?” she asked as she tossed the panties aside.

“Why this? Why the sudden…well…sex.”

She grinned, reaching for her shorts. She slipped each leg into them and pulled them up and snapped and zipped them before answering. “Internet challenge,” she answered as she reached for her shirt. “Find a friend or family member you wanna see naked. Get naked in front of them and get them to take off their clothes too,” she said before pulling her little shirt on over her head. “I’ve wondered what you’d look like naked for a long time. Now I know,” she said with a giggle as she picked up her bra.

I opened my mouth and closed it without saying anything as she turned and walked to the bow of the boat and the ladder. She turned to face me and grinned. “You can keep the panties,” she said as she stepped backwards down the ladder. In moments I could see her walking quickly away from the boat towards her house. About half way to the end of the driveway, she turned around, looked around to see who could see and quickly flashed me her tits again before turning and almost running the rest of the way towards her house.

I sat down hard in the seat she had vacated and wondered what the hell had just happened, and what I was going to do about it. First thing was to pull my pants back up, I decided, standing up and pulling my shorts and briefs up.

** ** ** **

Three days later it was camping time. The whole family gathered along with most of our extended family. When we were raising our kids, we had an open door policy for our kid’s friends. As a result, several of them regarded us almost as second parents, and enjoyed the opportunity to spend some time with us at the lake. We ended up taking three camp sites filled with two big trailers and several tents. It was late Saturday morning, breakfast was done and all I had left to do was finish cleaning the dishes. We all took turns cooking and cleaning up after, and this morning was my turn. Everyone else was down the hill at the water’s edge, except for my daughter-in-law, Stacy, who was inside the trailer nursing her four month old son. It was going to be a hot day and I was already sweating as I cleaned the last of the pans from cooking breakfast. I put the last pan on the table to dry and dumped the dish water.

I stepped into the trailer and looked over at Stacy, laying on the small sofa, her son curled up and holding her exposed breast, clearly almost asleep. Hell, she was practically naked, wearing that tiny red, white and blue striped string bikini. Even more so with the neck portion of the top untied to let her son get to her right breast. The red, white and blue material was laying across her left breast, only partially covering the large sexy mound. She used to be quite a bit smaller upstairs than she is now. Amazing how much a little breastfeeding Escort Malatya could change things. I couldn’t help but notice how good she looked, considering she’d given birth only four months before. I don’t make it a habit of staring at the girls when they are breastfeeding, though I very much would like to. Today was no exception. I averted my eyes reasonably quickly, trying to make it look like I hadn’t been being a letch and staring at her mostly naked body.

I stepped into the master bedroom of the trailer, such as it was, and pushed the sliding door closed behind me, separating the small foot and a half by five foot space beside the queen sized mattress from the main room. I was hot and ready to get wet. I dug in the little closet for my swimsuit and tugged it out, tossing it onto the bed. I heard Stacy getting up off the sofa and briefly thought about pushing the other sliding door closed, the one that closed off the space on the other side of the queen sized mattress from the main room. With both doors pushed closed the master was one of the few places that was private, besides the bathroom of course. I shrugged and decided that she couldn’t see me where I was anyway and pulled off my shirt and tossed it aside. My shorts went next, working them off over my sandals. I was just pushing my briefs down, standing with one leg in and the other out as I tried to get my sandals through the leg holes, when Stacy stepped into the space on the other side of the bed. She stood looking at me, essentially naked, except for her bikini bottoms, her string bikini top held in her hand. Her tits were not quite as large as my wife’s, but they were still quite large, looking like two huge drops of water on her chest. Her areola and nipples were light brown and I could still see little drips of milk clinging to both hard nipples.

“Stacy! Um. I don’t think…” I started to protest, trying to cover my half hard dick with my briefs still around one leg.

“Oh. It’s okay,” she said quickly, crawling onto the bed toward me. “I was just wondering if you could help me tie my top,” she added as she turned herself around on the bed to face away from me. She slowly backed herself toward me, her big tits hanging down and swinging side to side under her chest as she backed her bikini covered ass and pussy toward me. She backed toward me until she could let her legs down into the narrow space I was standing in, one on each side of me. As she pushed herself to a standing position in front of me, her ass pressed against my growing hardon, trapping it between the two of us. She turned part way to hold out the top with one hand, the other lifting her long hair so that it was above her neck.

“Uh. I don’t think this is a good idea,” I said quietly and more than a little nervously.

“It’s okay,” she said again. “I mean we’re family, right?”

“Uh. Yeah,” I agreed, taking the top from her hand, though not at all sure that there was ANYTHING right about this. My best move seemed to be to get her top put on and this over with before someone came up from the water. I reached around her and tied the strap around her back and then reached both hands around her again to find the strings for her neck and pulled them up and tied it around the back of her neck. “There,” I said, thinking I was done.

“You’ve never done this before, have you? Put a bikini top on someone?”

“Yeah. But it’s been a few years,” I admitted, feeling my heart pounding in my cock as her ass kept it pressed tightly between us.

“You have to settle them in place,” she said, letting go of her hair. She reached for one of my hands and pulled it up to her chest, sliding it onto the triangle of material until my entire hand cupped her breast. She eased my hand out again, sliding it across her soft skin and her surprisingly hard nipple, letting the material cup under her soft breast. “Now you do the other one.”

“Um. Uh. Sure,” I answered, reaching around with both hands to slide my left hand into her right bikini cup. I lifted her breast and let it settle into the triangle of material as I pulled my hand out. “Uh. There you go.”

“Thank you,” she said sweetly. She wiggled her butt side to side a few times, the sensations of her bikini bottom on my bare dick changing as she did so until I realized that her bare cheeks were now rubbing against my dick. “Mmmmmm,” she sighed softly before she leaned away from me. She crawled up onto the bed and crawled away from me, her bikini bottom around her thighs so that as she crawled away her ass and pussy were completely bare and exposed to me. Her full round lips surrounded a significant amount of dark protruding inner labia, her inner lips glistening with her juices as she crawled to the other side of the bed. She slipped off the bed, turning to face me as she did. I could see the small tuft of dark brown hair on her mound as she slowly pulled her bikini bottoms up, clearly giving me the opportunity to look as long as I wanted to. “Guess these slipped a little,” she said with a crooked grin as she finally covered her mound and settled the red, white and blue material over her butt and between her legs. “I’ll be outside. Try not to wake him,” she whispered as she stepped out through the still open door. I heard the camper door open and close quietly, breaking me from my trance.

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