Cover Letter for Assistant Pt. 01

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I am an expert at many things, filing, typing, organizing, coordinating dates and meetings. I am very detail oriented and make sure that all tasks are finished and put away before leaving. Even if it means late nights at the office and sometimes not being able to make it back to my home at night because there’s so much to do…

I can imagine that your office is very busy, lots of emails and business transactions, people running around kinda crazy. You’re on the phone and in meetings all day and just want someone to help you relax, know that they have everything in hand. When you’re getting tired and stressed, I can bring you some iced coffee to help you cool down and refresh. The ice makes the glass sweat a little and when I set it down on your desk I wipe the condensation discreetly on my neck, I know that NYC offices can be hot in the summer. The water dribbles down my back a little, making me shiver slightly from the coolness and my nipples harden a little as the chill presses them against the lace of my bra.

You are thankful for the coffee, taking a long swig and sighing from the icy relief from the stressful morning. But, dammit, I didn’t fasten the lid onto the cup and you spill some on you shirt! I am so sorry, my complete bumble. Here, take off your shirt, I’ll send it to the cleaners right away and pick up the fresh ones that are there waiting for you anyway. I was going to pick them up on my lunch break, but oh, wow. You hand me your shirt and my mouth starts to salivate. I had wondered what was under your shirt, and am impressed – my imagination did you no justice.

As I stand there taking you in, you catch my eye and I match your gaze, unabashed. It’s been two weeks of small chat and flirtations, late nights and long meetings. I know you better than a wife could, I see everything in your life and help you get through it all. You step closer to bakırköy üniversiteli escort hand me your shirt and as I take it, you hold onto it so I step closer. The heat emanating from your bare chest is so strong I can feel it through my thin white silk blouse. My nipples harden further as you brush your left hand against my breast, our eyes still locked, affirming the consent and desire.

Your shirt falls to the chair beside me and my hands graze your chest, your arms, your back as you pull me in close for a mind melting kiss. Our lips lock and tongues encircle one another as your hands move to my ass, which is pressed into a form fitting Hervé Ledger zipper skirt. The roundness fills your palms and you hungrily pull my body closer, crushing me to your hard body and making sure I feel your desire for me. Your cock is straining against the front of your pants already and pressing into my stomach and I feel a rush of lust in my pussy thinking about what other sights lie beneath your clothes.

Our mouths are separated now as we moan softly, my head near your shoulder, in my heels I am barely shorter than you and I look straight into your eyes with a burning lust. Your hands are quick to pull the soft silk out of my skirt and over my head. The thin white lace bra that has been tantalizing you all morning with peaks through my shirt is now laid bare for you, my large breasts are heaving with desire and a thin sheen of sweat has my chest glistening. Your hands can barely contain my breasts as you unhook the bra and it falls to the floor, pink nipples pert and begging for your attention. You oblige, taking each on in your mouth as you slide the zipper down on my skirt, pooling it on the floor around me.

My mind is spinning as you suckle my tits and squeeze my ass roughly, but I want more of you too. I quickly bakırköy bdsm escort undo the buckle on your trousers and slide them over your lean ass to the floor, following them with your underwear. Your rock hard cock springs free and slaps my stomach, strong and hot. I break your suckling and slide my hands down your back, over your ass and down your muscled legs to get your cock at eye level for a thorough inspection. Instead of squatting to do this, I simply bend at the waist, pushing my ass out behind me for your entertainment while I start to lick the tip of your cock.

You’re as hot and hard as I’d dreamed you would be, your cock feels like velvet as I slide it into my wet mouth, a small drop of saliva runs down the shaft to your balls and I rub it in with my left hand as my right starts to slide up and down your length in time to my mouth, twisting slightly and stroking you off. As I start to bob, my ass rises and falls and you lean over my length to squeeze it, pulling me slightly to the side so you can gain better access. My tiny soft white lace thong is wet with my anticipation and you pull it aside to feel the lips of my pussy with your fingers. I moan around your cock, vibrating it a little and making you close your eyes with concentration.

As you slide your fingers in and out of my pussy, faster and faster, I speed up my rhythm as well and you warn me you are about to come. I don’t want this to be over yet, so I slow and stand up. While you catch your breath I move some papers out of the way on your desk, preparing to sit on it, but you have other ideas. Watching me bend over your desk in my blue stilettos is such a turn on and you press me up against it and press my back down so I keep bending over, ass pressing into your hips.

Your left hand is on my sweat slicked back, feeling the groove along my bakırköy elit escort spine full of muscle and strength, your right is spreading my ass cheeks for a better view. My heels make me a little taller so my ass is aimed straight up at you and your cock twitches just looking at it. Go ahead, fuck me. I can’t wait to have your hard cock in my wet pussy, to feel your hips pressing me against the desk. You oblige and press your hot cock head into my depths, reveling in the way the warm wet walls caress every inch as you slide in. Then it’s full out fucking.

You pull out and slam into me, making my breasts sway with the contact. I arch my back and look over my shoulder at you as you pull out and slide heavily in again. My hair has fallen out of the french twist by now and you wrap it around your hand and lean in for a forceful kiss as you speed up your penetration. My pussy is sopping by now and I’m on the verge of cumming. You sense this and reach around and start to rub my clit with your index and middle finger. You send me over the edge when you bite my neck. My whole body shudders and my pussy clenches around your cock.

As I open my eyes again I look and see you staring off to the right. I turn my head and notice the full length mirror on the cabinet door, reflecting the two of us. It’s such a turn on to watch your cock sliding in and out of me, your hands spreading my ass as you lean back to get the deepest penetration you can. I turn slightly so my breasts and torso are facing the mirror so you can watch my breasts jiggle as you fuck me, my right arm reaching back around to your neck to press them outwards.

Every thrust jiggles my breasts and ass and you have to close your eyes to keep from cumming right there. I don’t know how you’ve held on this long, but it’s amazing. Your cock is pounding me hard now, sweat is dripping down both our bodies. The reflection of you inside me sends me over the edge again and you come. hard. Orgasm rocks our bodies, your gasping breaths and my soft moans in the steamy silence are deafening. We collapse on top of the desk together, the iced coffee is sweating as much as we are. Guess I’ll need to go and pick up some fresh clothes for myself too. Back in 20, do you want lunch?

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