Cousin Hailey gets her cousins big surprise pt 2

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As I got my next week’s assignment I realized that I was going to be doing a lot of work very close to where my cousin Hailey and family lived. (For those of you who don’t know Hailey was the one that started me writing these stories in “Cousin Hailey gets her cousins big surprise.”) I was so very excited I hadn’t seen my aunt and uncle for a couple of years. This was going to be a good time to catch up with how the family was doing and a chance to maybe fuck my cousin again. I mean the last time I saw my cousin Hailey I had my cock stuck in her asshole, aaah family memories aren’t they just precious?

As I was looking over my assignments there were various appointments that were all within driving distance from my uncle’s home. I became so excited that I called my uncle to let him know about the good news. Hailey met me at the airport by herself, which gave us some time to get ourselves acquainted again. It took about an hour to get back to her house. By the time we got there we were already making out in the car. After several hours of catching up and dinner I finally turned in. I was really hoping Hailey would sneak into my room that night but that didn’t happen.

I was up early because I had a long day ahead of me. When I finally made it downstairs at 7:30 the rest of the family was up and out working the ranch that morning. Hailey stuck behind and we had breakfast together. With no one around I said, “I kinda missed you last night, I figured you would have sneaked in my room last night.”

She began to giggle and she said, “I was laying naked in bed all night long waiting for you to come in and ravish me. Well the good news is tonight everyone is going to the rodeo and I’ll find some excuse not to go and you do the same and we should a couple of hours alone time tonight.” Hailey got up from her chair came over to me and straddled me in the chair and kissed me. My cock shot up like a bottle rocket and she looked down at me and said, “Easy their big boy not now tonight, okay?”

After she got off of my lap I made it my priority to get back to this house as fast as I could. I left a few minutes later and I worked frantically to get through my day. All I could think about was having a lot of taboo sex with my cousin. Once I got back I made some excuse to my uncle that I had a big report that needed to be in by morning and I wouldn’t be able to go to the rodeo with them. Hailey made some sort of excuse herself.

Since it was a long drive to the rodeo the family left out about 2:00 and once Hailey and I were alone she told me she wanted to take a shower and she would be down as soon as she could. I was sitting on the couch with my laptop finishing up my notes for the day so that I could email them by morning back to the office. One thing for sure when you get out in the mountains like this things get real quite, eerily quite.

Then out of the corner of my eye came this vision walking into the living room.
“Well, well, well, what do we have here? Wow, Hailey I haven’t seen you dressed like this in a while.”

Hailey walked into the room wearing a once piece that went from her toes all the way up to her shoulders. The v-neck was cut down to her belly button and her tits barely fit inside. That was okay because the black lace was so thin you could see everything. There was nothing left up to the imagination. Hailey sauntered over to the fireplace and ran both of her hands through her hair and smiled at me and said, “Yeah it’s been almost two years.”

Now this is what I was imagining all day. My baby cousin dressed up and ready to fuck. “Come on in and let me get a better look at you.” Hailey gave me a big smile and slowly walked over to me wearing her 7” black fuck me pumps.

Hailey wasn’t ready to play any games with me this time. She was very direct letting me know what she had on the menu for the both of us. As she was walking over her hands went down between her legs and pulled back the outer lips of her pussy back exposing her beautiful and still very small pussy. Standing in front of me she said, “I’m here to show how hot, wet and how juicy my pussy is.”

“Oh really?” Hailey stood in front of me exposing her love tunnel and had a big smile on her face. My cock was hitting the bottom of the laptop so I had moved that out of the way. Hailey wasn’t wasting any time her finger began to rub her clit, her head rolled back as her eyes closed said, “OOOOhhh Danny do you remember this?”

“I can’t wait to suck on your pussy”

“This time it’s going to taste even better, even this.” Hailey spun around and leaned forward for me and with her fingers pulled her ass cheeks apart and exposed her asshole to me. “Do you remember this too? You’re the last one that had a pass to enter in here. I believe my ass even gotten a little tighter. If memory serves me right yours was the last cock that fuck me right here.”

“Yeah Hailey it looks so appetizing. You know what I want you to do?”

“Yeah I’ll do anything.”

“Do a little tease for me.”

“You want me to do a tease for you? Okay.” Hailey’s eyes closed as I sat back on the couch and got a little more comfortable. Her hands went back up through her hair as she moved her ass around in little circles. Then she came right up to the couch and bent down like a catcher. She had great balance wearing 7” heels.

She slid her fingers down to her slit again exposing it to me once again “My pussy is so wet. Don’t you wish you were here all the time and you could eat it up whenever you wanted? You could taste my wet juice pussy. I know you want it.”

I couldn’t handle it anymore she was playing with herself so I felt that I should be doing the same. I pulled the front of my sweats down around my ankles and began tugging on my cock.

Hailey was watching me play with myself and said, “Seems like it was just yesterday that I was fucking your boy Rob and you were standing out in the hallway jerking off watching him wreck my pussy. I love watching a guy whack off, show me how you tease yourself when you think of me when I’m not there. I want you to rub that cock on me too. You wanna see my ass?”


She stood up and spun around and pushed her ass towards my face. She spread her cheeks apart for me. I started to get that familiar aroma of my cousin once again. “Look at my tight ass, I’ve been waiting for you to fuck my tight ass for so long, you wanna fuck my tight ass? It’s a shame you don’t live close enough so you could fuck my tight ass all the time Danny.

She spun around and had a big smile on her face as she watched me jerking off and she said, “Come on jerk that cock – come on let me watch you jerk that cock while I’m rubbing my pussy.”

“Come on baby rub your cunt let me see it.”

“You want to see my pussy.” She bent down to give me a better view and spread her pussy for me as I kept jerking off

“Come on let me see that tiny pink clit of yours.” Hailey pulled back her lips and exposed her tiny little clit and was rubbing it with a finger she just took out of her mouth.

“Come on Danny look at my pussy look can you see my clit?”

My hands couldn’t wait to touch her and her tits looked just as inviting to me as her pussy. I slid her top to one side exposing her breast and I began to gently pinch her nipple Ankara escort as she played with her pussy. I let go of her breast and pulled her close to my face as she continued to play with it but my mouth was wet with anticipation and I couldn’t take it anymore as I leaned forward and slipped my tongue into her.

“Oh yes – taste my little pussy. Oh Danny that feels so good. Oh my pussy loves you –
Doesn’t my pussy taste so juicy?”

With my face now buried between her legs and her hands pushing me deeper and deeper on her into her cunt; she was grinding on my face and I answered the best I could. “Oh yeah”

“Oh my god baby are you ready? I’m going to cum on your tongue.” Hailey continued to grind on my face then with my tongue as deep as it could go inside of her she screamed. “Hold still here it comes.” And then I felt a small little rush of her love juice cover my tongue. It took a minute or so for Hailey to recover but when she did her insatiable lust kept pushing her forward and said, “You wanna see me ass again?”

“For sure.” I continued playing with myself as I swallowed her love juice down my throat. Hailey once again spun around for me. Standing there she pushed her ass to my face. “Oh god Hailey I think you’re right it looks like you butt hole got smaller.”

“Can you taste it for me please?

“Sure I can taste it for you.” I moved my cum stained tongue up between her ass cheeks and started to rim her asshole.

“Oh yeah Danny taste my asshole. My asshole has been aching for you so bad. It’s been waiting for you every since you called the other night. Danny your tongue feels so good Oh yeah – oh yeah – taste my ass.” I then slipped my middle finger up sopping wet love canal just of good measure.

“Baby the one piece is covering up your hole can I rip it up a little so I can get in there better?”

“Yeah do whatever you want. If you can’t get in there the way you want just do it rip it open.

I tore it a little and she bent forward and with the small ass that she has it was like her asshole came right up to the surface. “Oh yeah – there it is, now I can tongue fuck your asshole better.”

“Do it – do whatever you want Danny.” I spit on her ass. “Yes now that’s better get it nice and wet. That’s it put your tongue back inside of me – lick that juicy ass. Nobody’s licked this ass in over a year honey. I need it so bad.”

I began to very lightly slapping her pussy with my fingers. I said, “Come on open that up for me.” Hailey reached back and spread her pussy for me as I continued to slap her wet pussy. There was so much cum that as I slapped her pussy it was splashing back onto my face. “Are you a naughty girl?

“Oh god Danny that feels so fucking good don’t stop. You have one of the best imaginations. No one has ever slapped my pussy before. Damn Danny don’t stop can you hear how wet you made me? I am a real naughty girl!!! I am a bad girl – I like to let my cousin play with my private parts. I am so naughty, isn’t incest the best thing ever? If my pussy isn’t good enough for the family then it’s not good enough for anyone else.”

“Damn Hailey and you call me twisted you are one perverted little bitch baby. Can I get my tongue back in your asshole again?”

“Yes – please do it come on do it for me – put your tongue back up my asshole.”

My tongue hit its target and my cock was now swelling in my other hand. As I sat there on the couch, there came a sudden ten seconds of conscience when I thought. “How in the hell did I ever get to this point where my sweet little cousin was spreading her ass cheeks apart and my tongue up her asshole? Ah fuck it just roll with it.”

She continued to talk through my small daydream I was snapped away from thought when Hailey said, “Danny I need your tongue deep in my asshole baby. Tongue fuck me – Oh that feels so damn good – whoooooaaa that feels so damn good – Oh Danny you lick my ass – yes it’s so damn good.”

Hailey stood straight up and spun around. She pushed me down on the couch. I sat up and she moved onto the couch and straddled my face. This time it wasn’t about her pussy but just her ass. I stuck my tongue out and Hailey found her mark as she bounced up and down on my face as my tongue was slipping in and out of her asshole.

“Danny you look so good. All I can see is your eyes looking up me. No other guy would ever let me do this to him. I want to ride your tongue as it’s in my ass Danny. You bring out the she-devil in me. All my carnal rawness wants to explode over you baby. Come on Danny help me bring out that bad, nasty bitch out to play.”

Hailey came up off of my face and said “I want you deep in me.” I slid down onto the floor and leaned my head back on the seat cushion. Hailey spun around and lowered herself back down on my face. I stuck my tongue back out “Oh yeah that’s a whole lot better Danny your tongue is really deep inside my ass now. Danny I love watching you jerk off while your tongues in my ass. Keep your dick hard for me here let me help you. I’ll jerk off your head.” There was a sudden pause for about 30 seconds and then a big shiver from her ass and she said, “Oh Danny you did it again I just came I just came again.”

I stood up and Hailey fell to the floor. She continued to jerk me off and she looked so damn good sitting there and then she moved up and took my cock in her mouth. “Yes Hailey that’s what I wanted my cock in your mouth.” It took all about ten seconds of being her mouth when I grabbed and pulled her hair. I buried my cock just once down her throat and then out of nowhere my load was ready to go. I would love to tell you that I was more than a one minute wonder but her mouth felt so good that I said, “Hailey lean back and get ready for it because here it cooooommmmmmeeessss.”

Hailey’s face of surprise through me she wasn’t looking at me but out the front window. “No, No Holy shit their home. Too late cum in my mouth and I’ll swallow it.” I pushed back in her mouth and dumped my load. Hailey pushed me away and as she stood up pulled my sweatpants back up and with a mouthful of my cum and said, “Stay here.” Then like a deer darted up the steps to her bedroom.

I quickly grabbed my laptop and got myself back together pretending that I was still working on my daily reports. My uncle Ted came through the door looked over at me and said, “Tina is sick we are going to miss the rodeo.”

“What a shame, that’s alright that will give us some time to do something later then.”

“Where’s Hailey?”

“I think she might be upstairs in her room. The phone rang a little while ago, she’s probably talking to a friend.”

“No, No, No you go out tonight. Hailey get down here.”

Hailey came back down like she was up in her room the whole time and uncle Ted told her to take me out and show me a good time.

“Do I have to daddy? I mean Aubrey was supposed to come over tonight.”

“How often does your cousin visit? You can see Aubrey anytime. Take him out to Jugs, do some line dancing and have a couple beers. Now you two get up there and get changed and show Danny a good time.”

“Oh come on daddy why don’t you take him out. All the guys at the Jug are just jerks.”

“Honey this is the last time get upstairs get changed and show this boy a good time.”

“Okay daddy.” Ankara escort bayan

“Thanks Uncle Ted but it sounds like she doesn’t want anything to do with me. Why don’t you just take me?”

My uncle Ted pulled me aside and we walked out of the room together and he said, “Look if you go with Hailey she’ll introduce you to her girlfriends and you just might have a better time. Plus you can make sure nobody hits on her. Come on you two used to be so close when you were kids.”

“Okay Uncle Ted.”

As both of us were walking up the stairs I turned to Hailey and said, “Nicely played.”

“Thanks Danny, You weren’t so bad yourself. Do you want me to wear my once piece under my clothes?”

“Well, I’m planning on going commando, it would be awesome if you did the same.”

“You got it.”

We both got dressed and made our way over to Jugs. We met some of her girlfriends and after an hour or so later all her girlfriends hooked up with someone and they were on their way to bigger and better things. Now that Hailey and I made our appearance then we mysteriously disappeared and made it over to a little motel a couple of towns over. So no one would recognize Hailey, I signed us into the room.

Once we were in the room I grabbed my baby cousin and pulled her in nice and tight. My hands went right down to her tiny firm ass as we locked lips. Hailey’s hand moved down to my crotch as my hands caressed her ass. After making out for a while Hailey pushed me down on the bed.

As I lay there looking back at my cousin I had a nice little evil smirk on my face and Hailey said, “I guess I need to show you my nice Assssset. You wanna be my ass buster?”

Hailey jumped on the bed next to me. I grabbed her and pulled her close again. Once again our lips met then our tongues. Hailey let me reach down and with both hands pulled her ass apart. I just couldn’t get over how great her ass was and I said, “Do you think I can put my cock in your ass tonight?”

Hailey turned back to me and smiled and said, “Well why don’t we just find out.”

I smiled and said, “Let’s start off where we left off this afternoon and why don’t you start by sucking my cock.” I stood up and got my pants off and plopped down on the edge of the bed.

Hailey sat down next to me on the bed gave me a little kiss on the lips and grabbed my now semi hard cock in her hand and began slapping it on the side of her baby soft face. She opened her mouth and let it grow in her mouth and then she looked up at me and said, “I’m going to make you feel so damn good tonight Danny.”

Hailey stuck her tongue out and I grabbed my cock and started slapping my cock on the side of her face. It felt so good I said, “Do you like my cock slapping against your face.”

Hailey smiled and looked up at me and said, “Dick slap my face and my tongue.” It didn’t last all that long as she took my cock in her mouth. I began pumping my cock in her mouth and forcing her head down trying to get my cock as deep as I could.

My cock felt so good in her mouth and all I really wanted to do was get her to swallow my cock. It took a couple of more attempts but eventually my cock slid all the way down her throat. Hailey opened her mouth as wide as she could and her spit was drooling down the shaft of my cock and then down my balls. “Damn baby don’t stop sucking me. It feels so damn good in your mouth.”

“You want me to make it nice and wet for you?” Then all you could hear was my cock hitting the back of her throat, Auck auck auck auck. Hailey let it slip out and looked at me with an evil smile and said, “I want more of your cock – come on dick slap me – I like it dick slap me.”

I did as I was told with my hand on my shaft I began to slap my man meat all over her face then she said, “Is that it? Come on I need more of your cock Danny.” I pushed her head down on my cock so much that when she came up she had a huge stream of spit fall out of her mouth. She looked up at me and smiled and said, “I really need to get fucked now.”

Hailey and I both stripped off the rest of our clothes then she was down on all fours on the bed just waiting for me to fuck her. I climbed behind her and was so excited to finally get my cock inside of her I said; “I’ve been waiting all week for this one moment to fuck my baby cousins pink cunt. It’s been two years since I was inside of you and now I want to fuckin’ rip your cunt up baby.”

As my cock slipped into her moist pussy she looked back at me. “Yes, Danny I’ve been waiting all day for this, fuck me. I want you to fuck me deep – that’s it put it in nice and deep I want to feel your balls slap me.” I had my hand on her hips and I was forcing her ass back up against me as I thrusted as hard as could. The slapping noise sounded like ten people in the room cheering us on. “Come on honey bring it – open my pussy like it was a can of soup baby. Come on fuck me – it feels so good don’t stop – don’t stop – take your dick and slap my pussy like you did with your fingers this afternoon.” I took my cock out and was trying my hardest to spank her pussy like the bad little taboo bitch that she was. “Yes Danny don’t be afraid slap my pussy with your dick – it feels so damn good.”

I needed to be inside of her sopping wet cunt but my head felt sensational as it slapped between her pussy lips. Then with one hard thrust it went right back in her cunt and I was slamming her nice and hard again. After a couple of minutes of tapping her breathtaking pussy I asked, “When can I get your ass baby?”

Hailey fell forward and said, “Well, come on over here.” With her pointing finger she was calling me over to her with a real evil smile on her face. She spun me around and down on my back I went and like a compass my cock was still pointing north.

I sat there as I watched her standing over top of me and I said, “Stay right there just like that baby, I want to soak you in. I want to remember you just like this. You are so fucking hot. After about twenty seconds of soaking her in I said, “Now get down here and fuck my cock – I want my cock to finally taste ass.”

“Soooooo you still want it in my asshole? Damn it’s not taboo enough to fuck your cousin but you want to take the incest to its highest level and fuck my asshole?”

“I Surely fuckin’ do!! I want you cowboy up on me – I want to see your ass bounce up and down on my big fat hard cock.”

Hailey moved her ass slowly down and I guided my cock to her butt hole. It took several attempts to get Hailey comfortable again so my cock would slip back inside her taboo hole. She leaned back and said, “Danny I’m sorry your cock is so big and fat and it’s been so long since I let anyone fuck my ass.” After several more minutes of not trying to hurt her, the head of my cock finally slipped in and then she slowly and gingerly slid all the way down on my cock. Hailey was panting pretty heavily and then leaned back and said, “Your cock is an ass busting tool baby”

I cupped her ass and slowly moved her up and down on my cock and I said, “Your ass feels so damn good baby. You are so damn tight and I can feel my cock spreading your ass open more and more. Come on honey just relax and open your ass to me and take me balls deep.”

After several more pumps Hailey took over moving her ass up and down on my shaft Escort Ankara and said, “Your cock feels so damn good inside of me. Honestly I don’t care if you would fuck my pussy or ass all night long. You have such a great big cock and I love the way it fills up every inch of my holes baby. Yeah baby this the way I love to get fucked baby with your big cock in my ass baby. You fuck my ass so damn good.”

I moved my hand around and my fingers started rubbing her pussy lips and her clit nice and hard and Hailey said, “That’s it play with my pussy while you fuck my ass baby – oh god it feels so good – yeah – yeah – oh god your cock is the best.”

My cock felt so good inside of her and I could feel my cum ready to bubble up. So, I pulled out of her ass and began slapping her pussy with the head of my cock again. It took a minute but my cum subsided. I didn’t want to cum so soon. I really loved fucking my cousin in the ass. It is so totally nasty and taboo I just never wanted it to stop this incestuous affair with my cousin and fucking her ass made the taboo sex all the better.

Hailey looked back at me and said, “Hey stop slapping my cunt and put your cock back in my asshole baby.”

I did as I was told and I moved my hand around her once again. I wanted her to cum with my cock up her ass. That wasn’t going to be a problem when Hailey said, “Do you know what I want to do? I want to taste my ass. I never tasted my ass before – I never took a guys cock out of my ass and put it right in my mouth. Come on Danny let me suck your cock.”

I said, “That’s a great idea but I want to fuck you a little more first.” My cock began pumping harder and harder up her ass and she moved my hand away form her pussy and she took over masturbating her cunt. Once again her ass being so tight was getting my jizz ready to explode so I pulled out of her ass again and was slapping it up against her pussy and asshole.

Hailey slipped off of me and said, “Can I suck you? Can I suck you now? I want it right out of my ass and right into my mouth baby. I want to get real nasty and dirty with you.” Her mouth opened up and half my cock went into her mouth and she began bobbing her head up and down on me. Then she looked at me and said, “I love it – I truly love the taste of my ass on your cock.” Then she went back down on me and all I heard was auck auck auck auck “whoo – yeah” auck auck auck then after a minute more of her sucking me she looked up at me with her doe like eyes and said, “Do you want fuck me some more?”

I began dick slapping her face and then my head slipped into her mouth and I continued to jerk off while my head rattled around in her mouth and I said, “You don’t have to ask me baby I’ll fuck you anywhere and anytime.”

I want you to take me from behind baby. “Come on fuck me FUCK ME IN THE ASS come on taboo boy – fuck my ass – slam me baby.”

I got up behind her and as the head of my cock was about to enter her asshole she said, “Fuck me – fuck me Danny – put it up my ass Danny.”

How could I turn down her most gracious request? I pulled her ass apart looked at the bull’s eye and rammed my cock balls deep right up her ass. Hailey’s head swung straight back and said, “Yeah fuck my ass – I want you keep that dick up my ass – come on Danny pummel my ass.

Like a jackhammer trying to bust through asphalt my cock was drilling her ass hard and deep. Hailey’ head was whipping around like she was at a rock concert and screamed out. I LOVE GETTING MY ASS FUCKED – come on fuck that ass – come on fuck that ass.” With her hand working her pussy and my cock pounding her asshole she got quiet for a minute and then “Yeeeessssss Dannnnny fuck my assssss – your gonna make me cummmmmm – come on Danny fuck me – fuck me – fuck me – come on Danny faster – faster whoooo whooooo whoooa yeah I’m CUMMMMMING.”

“That’s it baby take my cock – come on fuckin’ cum with my cock up your ass – come on I love having taboo sex with you – you were so damn right if your ass isn’t good enough for the family it ain’t good ‘nuff for the other fellars.”

After she came we both stopped moving as she convulsed under me and she looked back and said, “Can I taste my ass again? Please let me suck your cock right out of my asshole?” She moved around and still on all fours and let me fuck her mouth.

As my cock was pumping in and out of her mouth I said, “Hailey I want to fuck you a little more and then cum on your face.”

With my cock in her hand she looked up at me with her big soft eyes and said, “Yeah that sounds good. Now get back over here and get the job done.” It didn’t take to much encouragement for me to fuck her more. I slipped my cock back inside and Hailey started to grit her teeth and between her teeth she said, “Put that big fucking cock deep inside my asshole – come on I want you to cum – come on fuck me hard and deep baby – come on wreck my asshole. You waited all this time now make the best of it and fuck my ass you fuckin’ bastard – FUCK ME.”

I began pummeling her ass so fucking hard that as my cock slipped out of her asshole. Then Hailey looked back at me and said, “Baby I don’t care which hole you fuck and I guess that you gaped my asshole so much you can’t tell the difference between my asshole and my pussy. You are fuckin’ my cunt baby. I don’t care which one you finish up with.”

“Sorry – sorry.” I slid out of her cunt and right back into her asshole. “Damn baby you’re right I must have opened your asshole so much I can’t tell the difference.”

Hailey smile and said, “But it feels so good in my asshole baby – fuck my asshole – keep it in my asshole baby – don’t take it out of my asshole – fuck me – come on fuck me so you can cum in my mouth. I want you to cum all over me – you can cum anywhere you want to Danny because I want to be nasty for you – come on give it to me – I want to feel and taste your warm salty jizz baby.”

The more she talked the more my cum was bubbling up my shaft. Then I pulled out of her asshole and Hailey spun around and opened her mouth. I began to jerk off over her face and mouth. “Yeeeeessssssss baabbbbbbbyyyyyy take it – take all my cummmmm – come on let me paint your face.”

I started squirting load after load in her mouth and her face and she looked up at me and said, “Come on shoot your taboo baby making juice all over me.” Hailey put my cock back in her mouth and sucked all my cum from my shaft. Finally my cock went limp in her hand. I pulled her up to me and as disgusting as it was she kissed me right on the lips. We both went and took a shower together.

When we got back to the house uncle Ted was waiting for us and said, “Did you guys have a good time tonight?”

We both chuckled together and Hailey went over to uncle Ted and said, “Thanks dad you were right we did have fun. I’m going to bed now. Hey Danny would you like to go and play pitch and putt tomorrow night?”

“Sure sounds great.”

Then uncle Ted said, “Its nice seeing the two of you getting along. Did you see any girls that interests you:”

“Yeah sure uncle Ted there’s one girl that has my attention and Hailey’s got the magic touch to help us stay together.”

My uncle and stayed up and had a couple of beers talking about old times. There’s nothing like family especially a loving family. Over the next couple of days Hailey and I fucked every chance that we could. It sure is nice to keep certain secrets in the family.

Here ends Cousin Hailey gets her cousins big surprise part 2

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