Cousin Danny Takes Care of Me

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Alexis Texas

“Incestuous relationships are illegal in many places around the world – the following story purely fictional.” Cousin Danny Takes Care of Me Three days before my seventeenth birthday, my great grandma died in her sleep. She was the last remaining matriarch on either side of the family so the funeral was massive. Hoardes of relatives flew in from everywhere. I was super shy around all of them especially because I’d finally begun to develop. Just last summer, I was still a chubby nerdy girl with thick glasses and frizzy hair but a lot changed for me in one school year. My thickness slipped away from belly and settled into my hips, my breasts perked up and filled out. I lost the glasses and figured out how to give my curls some length and softer volume. Still, I felt shy around all of these strangers wearing black. I stuck close to the relatives I knew, cooked and tried to be a gracious host while everyone grieved for Great Nana. As I cooked another round of rice and chicken, a busload of cousins dropped by our home and people filed in filling every corner. The older women hustled me out of the kitchen and took over cooking. I felt trapped and so I dipped out back to catch my breath. There was a slight chill in the air that surprised me. I didn’t have a jacket. My little black dress was thin and short and not helping me stay warm. I wrapped my arms around myself and took a moment to feel what happened. Soft tears for Great Nana spilled down my cheeks. I loved her so much and amidst a sea of other great children in her life, I knew I had been her favorite. The back door slammed shut. Someone was coming outside probably to get me to cook or clean something. I wiped my eyes as cousin istanbul travesti Danny approached. Cousin Danny was the stereotypical handsome man. Tall, burly, dark eyes, dark hair, bronzed skin… I’d often swooned over him. He never teased me for being chubby or nerdy when I was a kid. Cousin Danny had often saved me from the bullies in the family. As he walked over, my cheeks grew warm. Without saying a word, cousin Danny pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight. “I know you’re sad Fe but it’s going to be ok.” Danny’s tree trunk arms held me tight. My face was pressed against his solid stomach and my arms were at my side. Slowly I reached up and held him by the waist. More soft tears fell from my eyes. Danny rubbed my head and whispered that everything would be ok. In his arms, I felt safe. Cousin Danny wasn’t too much older than me in my opinion. I’m 16 going on 17 and he’s 26. He acts like a man and being held in his arms felt so good. Cousin Danny leaned down, brushing his cheek against mine, I liked the feel of his stubble. I liked the feel of him. “Hey, I know your birthday is coming up, Fe.” His breath was warm and sent ripples of goose flesh up my arms, my neck and even made my little nipples harden. What was happening? “Yeah, I know but it’s like the day we bury Great Nana and I just would rather forget it and do something next year,” I said, looking up into his big dark brown eyes. “No way, babygirl, I’m going to figure out a way to give you a great birthday.” Cousin Danny held my gaze, running his hands up and down my sides to keep me warm. “Ok, Danny, thank you.” I blushed at his touch. Cousin Danny leaned in and kissed my forehead. istanbul travestileri He grabbed my hand and led me back into the house. Two Days Later The whole family was lining up cars to begin the funeral procession to Great Nana’s grave site. Cousin Danny and Auntie Amy’s car wouldn’t start, not for anything in the world and people in the family started to get pissed off. Arguments about jumper cables and system checks were running rampant. Finally, we decided to pile into each other cars. Cousin Danny found his way into my family’s car which was already packed. Mom and Dad in the front, two aunts and me and Danny. After much shifting around, I found myself sitting on top of Danny’s lap in the rear most seat crunched between purses and flowers for Great Nana’s grave. The funeral procession was slow, long and bumpy. I kept having to shift my hips on cousin Danny’s lap. He was unusually quiet for most of the ride. He kept his arms around my waist holding me in place because I couldn’t wear a seat belt. I leaned into him and we tried to stay calm while everyone else in the car cried. We buried Great Nana and piled back into the car, same seating positions. This time I didn’t feel so strong. I curled up on cousin Danny’s lap again and sobbed softly on his chest. He also let out a few tears. He held me tight in his arms and rubbed my arms and my legs. His rubbing calmed down my sobs but I kept my face buried in his neck. He smelled of after shave and cologne. Cousin Danny smelled so good to me. With his strong arms around me and his hands rubbing my body, I dozed off for a moment. We both did. Didn’t realize we slept the whole way until travesti we pulled up into the driveway. We shared sleepy smiles waiting for everyone to get out of the car and take all their stuff. Finally, I slid off cousin Danny’s lap to leave and I swear I felt something brush against my panties. It sent a shudder through my body. I turned around pretending to look for my purse. It had fallen on the floor in front of him. I kneeled down and felt around for my purse. I reached over him, letting my breasts slide over the bulge in his pants before sliding down and grabbing my purse. The air between us was thick with silent need. My panties were so wet. I grabbed my purse and disappeared into the house. What was happening? Why was I so wet and turned on by Danny? Duh, he’s so gorgeous and built and gentle… I ran upstairs to my room and locked the door. There was too much going on and I needed to breathe. I must have fallen alseep because when I woke up it was after dark and the house was super quiet. Still in my little black dress, I crept down the stairs. People in sleeping bags and on air mattresses littered the living room, guest rooms, hallways. I stepped over them wondering where cousin Danny was and hoping there was a little bit of food left for me. At the entrance of the kitchen, I paused. He stood in front of the sink with his head bowed. He wiped at his eyes and I knew he was crying, quiet and without shame like a real man. Slowly, I walked over and put a hand on his shoulder. He turned, looked at me, pulled me into his arms and kissed me. His thick tongue slid in gently and teased mine. I moaned pleased to be in his arms but surprised and scared to be seen. He pulled away. “Oh Fe, I’m sorry, I’m just a mess. Great Nana took care of me when my mother was sick all those years and it’s just hard to know she’s gone.” “It’s ok, Danny. You just need to relax. Come with me, let’s go talk.” I grabbed his hand, led him up the stairs and pulled him into my bedroom.

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