Courtesan and The Beast Ch. 01

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“Oh, right there,” I moaned passionately as the nobleman drove his cock into me. Panting over my head, he pushed my back into the soft mattress with his wild thrusts. “Fuck me, my prince. Fill me up with your seed,” I purred encouragingly, feeling him reaching his orgasm.

“Take this!” the nobleman groaned, burrowing his cock balls deep and releasing his sperm.

“Yes!” I yelped, digging my nails into his back.

Getting up, the nobleman pointed to his deflating member and ordered: “Now clean me up, wench.”

“Of course, my prince. Anything you want,” I smiled warmly and moved onto my knees in front of him. Taking his cock between my lips, I quickly slurped all the remaining cum. Satisfied with my work, my client dressed and pulled out a large sack.

“Here. That’s for you,” he said, picking few gold pieces from the sack and throwing them on the ground. With that, he turned around and left the room.

“Come again, my prince. I’ll be waiting,” I waved after him.

Once the door closed after him, I sighed in frustration, throwing myself onto the bed again. How pathetic. These arrogant noblemen are all the same. They come in here, fuck me until they cum and then they leave again. Completely ignorant of the fact that they are incapable of pleasing a woman. The only climax I am able to reach around here is from my own hands. But that’s not the same. I craved a proper orgasm from a proper pounding.

With a heavy sigh, I sat up. The boss is probably already looking for a new client for me. I should get back in order. Getting out of the bed, I quickly cleaned up the room and washed myself. I put on my clothes, making sure my cleavage showed just enough of my ample breasts. I put on some light makeup and brushed my fiery red hair. And as final touch, I put on some high heels, to emphasize my round butt.

Standing in front of a mirror, I looked myself up and down. “Stunning, as always,” I congratulated myself and blew my reflection a kiss. Satisfied with my appearance I left the room and started towards the main hall of the brothel.

“Hey girl. I see you’ve also finished,” I’ve heard someone call from behind me.

“Hello Sandra. Actually, he was the only one finishing,” I said with a sigh turning to face my dear friend.

“As usual then,” she laughed heartily. “But you can’t blame them. To satisfy such a beautiful woman can’t be an easy task.”

“Thanks, love,” I laughed at her compliment. “But, what about your partner? Any good?”

“The same as yours, I guess,” she shrugged. “Clumsy fingers, small dick and really awkward kisser. But, at least he smelled nice.”

“Sounds like every guy I’ve been with lately. That’s really sad,” I sighed again.

“Well, there’s not much we can do about that,” Sandra shrugged.

Entering the main hall, we were welcomed with the perfect example of the brothel’s luxurious image. Tall windows were illuminating the room with the natural sunlight. The whole room was gleaming with gold, silver and all kinds of precious gems. But the people visiting this place usually didn’t pay much attention to that. Instead their eyes were quickly diverted towards the scantily clad girls that were enticingly relaxing on sofas around the room.

Slumping onto the nearest sofa, I sighed as the soft pillows engulfed my body. I leaned back and closed my eyes. However, my silent relaxation was soon disturbed by commotion coming from the front door.

“Watch where you walk, you idiot!” a rough male voice grumbled.

Opening my eyes, I looked in that direction and gasped at the sight in front of me: “What is that?”

“That must be a forest giant,” Sandra answered. “To my knowledge there’s only one man who owns a domesticated one around here. Which means, the angry man beside it must be lord Hargreave,” she continued.

“Disgusting,” I whispered, looking at the bizarre green figure. It was most definitely a giant, towering over everyone else by at least three feet. If the front door weren’t so large, it wouldn’t be even able to enter. Its body was bulky and with nothing but a small kilt around its private parts, we got a good view of its swelled belly flapping about whenever it moved. Its head was shaped like an egg and being completely bold, its large floppy ears were glaringly on display. However, its most grotesque part was definitely the face. Its eyes were awfully tiny, contrasting its large nose and wide mouth.

“Wait, did you say lord Hargreave? But that’s…” I turned to Sandra.

“Indeed. The second wealthiest man in the kingdom. Right after the king, of course,” she answered. “It’s strange because I heard he has his own private harem. Why would he come here?” she added thoughtfully.

“Never mind that. Why does he keep that… monster?”

“For intimidation, obviously. It might be ugly but its strength is formidable. With one of these things by his side, no one is going to try anything on him.”

Looking back to the front door, I noticed the monster was gone and the lord was now walking around the room with the pendik escort owner of the brothel on his heels. I watched as he stopped by each girl, judging them with his eyes and hands. “Beware, he is coming this way,” I nudged Sandra.

Quickly getting to our feet, we deeply bowed to the approaching lord. “M’lord,” we cooed simultaneously.

Stopping in front of us, he looked us up and down. “Hmm, these two seem very captivating,” he muttered, stepping closer to me and looking me in the eyes. Giving him my brightest smile, I returned his gaze. His hands moved onto my chest, weighing my large breasts. Giggling playfully, I pushed my chest out. “Turn around,” he ordered and stepped back.

Obediently following his order, I slowly turned around, swaying my hips enticingly to inaudible music. Nodding approvingly, the Lord moved towards Sandra, repeating the whole procedure.

“Such a firm grip, m’lord. I am sure someone this strong could make me squeal,” she purred seductively as he cupped her breasts.

Ignoring her comment, he swiftly finished his examination and smiled. “Yes, yes. I’ll take them both.”

“Perfect choice, m’lord. They are both excellent partners,” the owner nodded frantically. “Girls, take our guest to the queen’s bedroom, please,” he added towards us.

“No, you misunderstood,” lord Hargreave shook his head, “I am buying them. They are to come to live in my mansion.”

“B-but that’s…” the owner started but seeing the Lord’s look, he changed his mind. “O-of course. A-anything you want, m’lord. Would you like to t-try them out first?” he stuttered.

“That won’t be necessary. If I find them inadequate, I’ll send them back.” Turning towards us, he added, “Go pack your things. We are leaving soon.”

“Of course, m’lord,” we bowed again and swiftly left the hall.


“Can you believe it? We will be living with lord Hargreave himself. This is wonderful!” Sandra clapped her hands enthusiastically.

“It does sound very tempting,” I nodded. “Although, I am not completely sure how I feel about leaving. I quite like it here.”

“Me too. But just imagine,” she put one hand around my shoulders and waved in front of us with the other, “the mansion of the wealthiest man in kingdom. All the luxury we have here will be nothing in comparison to that. We will be living like queens!”

Her enthusiasm was rubbing off on me and I laughed: “Yes, I can already see the exotic clothes made of the softest materials. We will sleep in the fluffiest beds and the food,” I inhaled deeply, “the food will be heavenly.”


Once we packed our things, we met with the lord in front of the brothel. “As you probably already know, I am lord Hargreave. What shall I call you?” he lifted his eyebrow.

“My name is Sandra, m’lord.” “And my name is Isabella but everyone calls me Is,” We both bowed gracefully.

“Very well. Sandra, Isabella,” he nodded towards us, “I will explain everything you need to know on the way,” he continued, getting into a carriage. Following his lead, we sat down opposite of him and soon we were on our way.

“From now on, you are part of my personal harem,” he started, “You will have only one task and that is to please me whenever I want. Also, any of my guests will have my permission to use you. You have to do everything they ask of you. No exceptions. As long as you are perfectly obedient and you do as you are told, I can assure you that you will be taken care of.”

“Also, if I don’t say otherwise, you are forbidden from leaving the mansion’s grounds. Around the mansion and its gardens, you are free to do whatever you want. However, you have to be always ready for duty. Is that clear?”

“Yes, m’lord,” we nodded.

“I’ll be often away but if somebody visits the mansion, it’s still your duty to serve them, if they desire so. And that’s about all you need to know. Do you have any questions?”

“How many girls are there in your harem?” Sandra asked.

“Many but you won’t be meeting them. You will live in the mansion, I recently built in the town. The rest of my harem is scattered across my other estates.”

“I would like to ask you about your green friend if I may?” I asked.

“Slave, not friend. You don’t have to be concerned with it. It lives in the stables with the horses and can enter the mansion only under my order.”

“Thank you, m’lord,” I bowed my head after a while, realizing that he won’t tell me anything else.


“One last thing before I leave you to the servants,” said the Lord as we left the carriage. “You are joining me for the dinner in my chambers tonight,” he informed us.

“We’ll be there, m’lord,” Sandra quickly nodded.

“Very well. I’ll see you then,” he turned around and left.

“F-follow me, please. I’ll take you to your chamber,” a young servant stepped in front of us.

I smiled teasingly when I noticed his eyes drop to my cleavage. Pushing my chest out, I purred seductively, “Lead the way, pretty rus escort boy.”

Visibly flustered, he quickly turned around and headed towards the building. Nudging me with a playful giggle, Sandra passed me and caught up to the servant, her arms quickly slipping around his. Smiling to myself, I stuck to the boy from the other side.

“What’s your name?” Sandra asked.

“T-Tobias, miss,” he stuttered.

“Tobias. What a lovely name. You seem very young for a servant. How old are you, Tobias?” I followed up.

“T-thank you, miss. I-I am nineteen years o-of age, m-miss.”

“You are no boy anymore then, are you? We have a proper man here, Sandra,” I winked at her.

“Yes. And very handsome man at that,” she added.

Tobias’ cheeks grew even darker and his forehead gleamed with sweat. Feeling a bit sorry for the poor boy, I decided to change the subject. “Tell me Tobias. How do you like working for lord Hargreave?”

“I-I can’t complain, miss. Lord Hargreave is very generous man and he makes sure that everyone under his roof is taken care of. Even servants like me.”

“That sounds very good. Maybe a bit too good. What’s the catch?” Sandra pointed out.

Looking around, the young servant added quietly, “The lord is very strict and sometimes I feel that his punishments are a bit too harsh,” pausing for a while he inhaled deeply, “I myself have been whipped just for bringing the wrong wine to the lord.”

“Oh, you poor thing,” Sandra gasped. “That’s horrible,” she added, giving him a peck on his cheek.

Stopping in front of the entrance of the mansion, he slipped out of our grasps and opened the door for us.

“And he’s a gentleman too,” Sandra giggled.

“O-of course, miss. It’s my job. Your bed chamber is on the second floor. Follow me, I’ll show you,” Tobias motioned.

“I am sorry but did you say a bed chamber?” I asked.

“Yes, miss. The lord assigned both of you a single room.”

“That’s great. I always wanted a roommate,” Sandra laughed.

“Well, if anyone should be my roommate, I am glad it will be you,” I nodded.


The room itself was absolutely gorgeous. It was very cozy and richly decorated. Opposite of the door were two tall windows, illuminating the room with bright sunlight. On each side of the room was a large bed and several dressers and wardrobes. In the middle was a small table with four chairs beside it.

“If you ever need anything, just pull one this,” he pointed towards a rope by the door, “and one of the servants will come. And this here is the map of the whole mansion,” he pointed towards a picture on the door. “If there’s nothing else you need, I’ll return to my other duties.”

“Oh, there’s one more thing,” Sandra said, swiftly grabbing his head and giving him a deep kiss. “Thanks for the tour, love,” she whispered.

The boy tried to say something but was so taken aback that he probably forgot how to speak. Instead, he just nodded and quickly left us alone.

“Bye bye, Toby,” Sandra called out after him. “He is so cute,” she added to me.

Rolling my eyes, I laughed: “You’re hopeless.”

“I’m sure, it was the best kiss he ever got. He should be ecstatic about it!” she giggled.

“What do you think about our new home?” I changed the subject.

“That it’s absolutely gorgeous. I mean, look at those beautiful gardens,” she pointed out of the window.

Standing beside her, I looked outside. The vast green fields of grass were interlaced with long stone paths, all leading back to the mansion. There was a crystal blue pond in the middle of the garden, surrounded by flowers of all colors. Tall hedges were snaking along the paths, creating large labyrinths all over the gardens.

“It really is pretty. We have to go check it out at some point,” I nodded approvingly.

“Oh, look over there. That’s the giant from before.” Looking where Sandra pointed, I saw the large green figure clumsily walking towards a large barn. Two soldiers were walking right behind it, hurrying it up with their pikes. Squinting my eyes, I looked at its back and realized it was bloody.

“Look, it seems that it was whipped.”

“So, what? It’s just a stupid monster,” Sandra shrugged.

Frowning, I watched as the giant disappeared into the barn. She was right, it’s just an unthinking beast, so why do I feel sorry for it?

“Hmm, I think I need a bath after the trip,” Sandra interrupted my thoughts.

“Yes, bath sounds great. We should also find out when is the dinner,” I nodded.

Stepping to the door, Sandra grabbed the rope and pulled on it: “Well, let’s see if this works.” Few minutes later somebody knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Sandra called out.

An older woman walked in and bowed: “Ladies. Do you need anything?”

“Yes. We would like to know when is the dinner and where we can take a bath,” Sandra answered.

“Normally, the dinner is at 7 pm in the dinning hall. But you’ll be dinning with the Lord tonight sancaktepe escort in his private chamber. And the closest bathrooms are here and here,” she pointed to the map on the door. “If you need, I can call for a servant to help you with your bath,” she added.

“Oh yes, yes. Please, can you call the young one? Tobias is his name,” Sandra quickly yelped.

“As you wish, I’ll sent him to your room,” she nodded and looked at me.

“I am fine by myself, thank you,” I smiled.

“Anything else you need?”

“That will be all, thank you,” Sandra bowed her head.

Once the maid left our room, Sandra clapped her hands: “Oh, the bath is looking very promising.”

“Just try not to take too long. The dinner is only an hour away,” I grinned.

“That’s plenty of time.”

“Well, I’ll go to the other bathroom then. You have fun.”

“Oh, I definitely will,” she waved after me as I left.


Sandra was still gone when I returned from my bath. Shaking my head, I hushed my dirty thoughts of what she might be doing right now. Instead I approached my wardrobe and looked through my new clothes. Eagerly going through them one by one, I smiled as I noticed that all of them were very skimpy. Just like I liked them.

It was difficult to choose out of these beautiful pieces of wear but in the end, I found the perfect one for tonight. It was a short sky-blue dress, its skirt reaching just up to my lower thighs. The bodice was scant, with a hole in the front, showing of my tummy and belly button. My breasts were covered only by two straps of cloth, that grew thinner around my shoulders and met with the back of the dress. The material itself was very thin and if one looked carefully, he could see my pink nipples poking through.

While I was putting on my makeup, my thoughts turned to Sandra again. The time of the dinner was almost here and she still wasn’t here. What was taking her so long? Did she really seduce the young servant? If she did, what if she is caught? I was sure the Lord wouldn’t like finding out his personal courtesan is having fun with one of his servants.

Just as I finished my makeup, the door opened and Sandra walked in, wrapped only in a towel. “Oh, look at you. So gorgeous,” she gasped when she noticed me.

“Thank you. You on the other hand don’t look very ‘dinner with the wealthiest man’ ready.”

“Oh, please. I’ll be done in a moment,” she laughed.

“So, how was your bath?” I asked, sitting down onto my bed.

“It was perfect. I really need that,” she answered rummaging through her wardrobe.

“So, did you…?”

“Did what?” she asked innocently, pulling out a short green dress.

“Don’t play dump. You know very well what I mean. Did you fuck him?”

“Such a crude word, Is. We are now living with the nobles, you shouldn’t talk like that.”

“Oh, shut up. Just tell me already.”

“Ehm… I think, I’ll leave it as my little secret,” she smiled at me wickedly, putting on her new dress. Quickly brushing her blond hair and putting on some makeup, she spun around. “What do you think?”

“You look absolutely stunning,” I stood up and gave her a pec on her cheek. “Now, come on. The dinner is about to start,” I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the room.


Knocking on the door to the Lord’s chamber, we patiently waited. It didn’t take long and the door opened, “Welcome ladies,” lord Hargreave bowed his head slightly.

“M’lord,” we both bowed gracefully.

Straightening up, I gave him a quick look over. Judging by the wrinkles on his face and the grays in his otherwise black hair, I figured he was over 40 years old, maybe even 50. Although he was going gray, his well-kept hair was still lush and very attractive. Looking into his deep blue eyes, I noticed that even in his older age, they shined with strength and energy. He had broad shoulders but he wasn’t particularly muscular and even though his belly was slightly swollen, I wouldn’t call him fat. His build was just average, unremarkable. He wore a very expensive looking black suit, with white lining.

“Come in,” standing aside, the Lord motioned us inside.

As we walked past him, I turned to Sandra. “He is very handsome, isn’t he?” I whispered, loudly enough so he heard it.

“Oh yes. He definitely looks tasty,” she giggled, putting stress on the word tasty.

“This way,” the Lord coughed, leading us onto a large balcony.

“So pretty,” Sandra gasped when we looked outside. With the mansion being built on a hill, we could see the whole town underneath us, bathing in the last beams of the setting sun.

Clapping his hands, the Lord called in two servants. “Please, take a seat,” he motioned us towards a round table with three chairs. The servants quickly jumped in front of us, offering each a chair. Smiling, we thanked them and sat down.

“The dinner can begin,” lord Hargreave nodded towards the servants and sat down. We dined in silence, enjoying the variety of delicious food and the blissful wine. By the time we were done, the sun already set, leaving only the nearby lanterns to illuminate the balcony.

“That was exquisite,” I sighed happily, leaning back in my chair.

“Indeed,” Sandra nodded. “But now, I am really looking forward to the dessert,” she purred, pulling her chair next to the Lord.

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