Couple of Quickies

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First, thank you to everyone for their positive feedback on my first submission! I never would’ve guessed how fun and exciting erotic writing could be. A special thank you goes to Emily, who introduced me to this site and encouraged me to write about our adventures.

As I write these stories I’m trying to figure out what’s the best order. Chronological order or in a ranking order? I’ve decided on a ranking order as those are the ones I like to think about the most. The only exception will be the time that tops the list. Emily is going to write about that one and I can’t wait to read it. Trip to the coast, my boat, hotel shower…can’t wait to read it!

While Emily and I continued to talk/text at least a couple times a week we eventually got to a point we hadn’t seen each sexually in about 2 years. We ran into each other here and there, got coffee on occasion, and saw each other at local 5K races. I always enjoyed starting the races behind Emily so I could stare at her ass for a while before I passed her. It was always really hard not to give it a nice squeeze as I went by.

Every so often over those 2 years we would get into some hot and heavy sexting and then work on setting some time up for us to meet. For one reason or another, the plans always fell through.

“Holy fuck those were some hot dreams! I’m in need of a serious fucking.” came the early morning text from Emily.

“You’re in luck! I’m at the house all day and the wife is out of town for a work trip. Come on by!” I replied.

“I have a dentist appointment at 10. I’ll come by afterwards but we don’t have long because of the babysitter” Emily answered.

“After two years I won’t need long! Send me a text when you’re heading this way” I shot back.

The morning seemed to crawl waiting on Emily’s text. Memories of past encounters, anticipation of finally being able to taste her again, feel her hot, tight, wet pussy around my cock…I was so fucking hard all morning! Finally, just after 11 Emily texted she was heading my way.

I didn’t live too far from where her dentist was so it wasn’t long before I saw Emily’s Ford Escape pulling up the drive way. I stood at the front door as I watched her get out and walk up the sidewalk. Fuck she was gorgeous. She was wearing a light teal blouse, khaki shorts, and some of those big ass sunglasses women like to wear.

“Nice glasses” I said as I opened the door for her.

“Shut up and fuck me” came the response.

I reached down and grabbed her by the ass, lifting her in the bonus veren siteler air and pressing her against the wall as we embraced, kissing each other hard. As I set Emily back on her feet, I pulled her blouse up over her head. Emily unhook and took off her bra as I tossed her blouse on the table in the entryway. I knelt down to take one of her perky nipples in my mouth. As I kissed and sucked on her left nipple, Emily quickly shed her shorts leaving herself completely naked. I leaned back to take it all in, admiring her sexy body in its entirety. I stepped forward, picked her up by her ass again, and set her on the entryway bench. As I sat on the floor between Emily’s legs, she stretched one leg out next to my and propped the other up on the bench exposing her already wet, glistening pussy. Knowing we didn’t have long, I took her swollen clit in my mouth as I slide my finger inside her.

“Fuck I’ve missed your fingers” Emily said as she leaned back against the wall, her hand on my head.

I continued to suck and lick Emily’s sweet clit while working her G-spot with my finger. Previously, it never took me all that long to make Emily cum with my mouth and fingers but she didn’t waste any time that day! Emily quickly starting crying out as I continued to finger fuck her

“Yes! Yes! Fucking Yes, I’m going to cum!” I felt her legs squeeze my head, her hand force my face hard into her pussy as she cried out, cumming hard as I continued to work my mouth and finger. Soon she started to relax, coming down from her hard orgasm. I love looking up at her at that point. Her still breathing hard, chest heaving, lips quivering, her juices all over my chin and hand.

I worked my way up her body, kissing her hard as our mouths met. I stared undoing my pants and sliding them to my knees as I knelt in front of her. I slowly slid the head of my cock inside her. I had nearly forgotten how fucking incredible she feels! We both watched as I slowly worked my cock in and out of Emily’s tight, wet pussy. Emily reached up and grabbed the back of my head pulling me into kiss her while I continued to slowly fuck her.

“Here, sit down” Emily said as she pushed me away and padded the bench next to her.

I did as I was told, taking my pants the rest of the way off as I did. As I sat down, Emily back her sweet, amazing ass into me, lowering herself on to my rock hard cock.

“Oh holy fuck, yes!” I cried as she rode me. I ran my hands up and down her back, caressing the tattoos I’d been missing so much. bahis It didn’t take long at all for me to reach my peak. I moved my hands down to her hips pulling her deep and hard down on top of me.

“Oh fuck yes! Don’t stop!” I cried as I started exploding inside her. Emily continued to ride me as I shot load after load deep inside her wet pussy. As I finished, Emily slowly rocked her hips back and forth sending shivers from my now super sensitive cock to throughout my body. Fuck, I couldn’t remember the last time I came that hard. Emily slid off my cock, turned around, and kissed me deeply.

“Shit you made me cum fast” she said as she finished kissing me.

“Glad I could help” I replied as I watched her start to put her panties and shorts on. I sat there on the bench watching her gorgeous body as she put her clothes back on. Once she was dressed, we kissed again at the door and off she went. I simple sat back down to watch her pull out of the driveway, drained from my insane orgasm.

After I got myself together and got dressed, I sent Emily a text letting her know that was by far the hottest quickie I’d ever had.

“No shit! That was straight fucking hot! No talking, no bullshit. Just some hot fucking. It was awesome.” Emily replied.

“We need to do that again soon” I offered. “Absolutely! And soon!” She agreed.

And soon it was. A few days later, Emily sent me a note letting me know her crossfit class had been canceled so she was heading home and thought I should meet her there.

“Absolutely! See you in 10” I said.

I made the quick drive over to Emily’s house. I was about to go for a run when I got Emily’s invite so when I showed up at her door in small running shorts and an obvious erection she laughed and said “Dude! My neighbors are going to see that thing!”

“Lucky them” I teased.

I shut the door behind me and turned around to Emily dropping to her knees as she reached out to pull down my shorts. She immediately took my cock in her mouth. Fuck I missed watching her suck my cock. I watched as it slid in and out of Emily’s mouth, her hand squeezing the base of my cock.

Emily was wearing some cute little workout shorts and a white tank top, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. After watching her work her magic for a little while, I pulled her up and bent her over the couch she had backed up next to the door. I knelt down next to her ass, rubbing it through her red shorts. Emily reached back, put her thumbs inside her waistband and pushed her shorts deneme bonusu to the floor reveling her amazing ass right in front of my face. I continued to rub and squeeze her bare ass as she looked back and watched.

“Lick me” Emily commanded as she spread her legs further and bent farther over the couch. With her sweet, wet lips right in front of me, who was I to say no.

I started sliding my tongue up and down her wet lips while one hand reached underneath to thumb her swollen clit.

“Fuck yes” Emily encouraged as I started sliding my thumb inside her. I sat back a little so I could watch as continued to finger fuck her with my thumb. I love seeing and feeling how wet she gets!

My sightseeing was cut short when I heard Emily say “Fuck me. Fuck me now.”

I stood up behind Emily, lining my cock up with her wet pussy as I did. As soon as the head of my cock touched her lips, Emily pushed back forcibly, burying my cock inside her.

“Oh god, fuck me hard!” She commanded.

With one hand on her hip and the other pulling her back by the shoulder, I started fucking Emily hard from behind.

“Fuck yes! Harder!” she yelled.

“Fuck! You feel amazing! I won’t last 6 seconds if I fuck you any harder!” I said.

“I don’t care! I need you to fuck me hard!” she begged. I grabbed her by the waist with both hands and started fucking her as hard as I could, our skin slapping together. It really wasn’t much more that 6 seconds and I felt myself hit the point of no return.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum” I cried.

“Don’t stop! Oh fuck me, Yes, Yes!” came Emily’s response.

I cried out in ecstasy as I exploded inside Emily’s sweet love box. Slamming the last of my load deep inside her, I felt Emily’s pussy tighten around my cock as she too started to cum, rocking back and forth on my cock, milking the last of my cum to go along with her own juices.

As soon as her orgasm subsided, Emily straightened up, leaning back to kiss me as I slowly rocked my cock inside her. After a quick kiss, I slide my now softening cock out of Emily. I watched as our juices flowed out of her and down her leg.

“I should probably get a towel for that before it’s all over the floor” she teased. I watched as her gorgeous, naked little ass hurried off for a towel.

I was starting to put my clothes back on when she came back from the bathroom.

“Going for a run now?” she asked.

“I’d rather throw you down on your couch and fuck you again,” I said with a wink.

“Not an option as I have to leave to get my kid,” Emily said with a frown.

We exchanged a quick, deep kiss as I went out the door. That was a little over 18 months ago and was the last time we were together. I sure hope we’re able to get together again soon!

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