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I was beginning to think I wasn’t very good at the business of collectables. Was it a matter of not knowing what was what? Or was I just not finding anything really good? I was going on three weeks now, and in truth, I felt rather stupid for having been so ambitious on the spur of the moment. There had been a run of those TV shows going on about how there were valuable collectables scattered all over the country in old barns and junkyards and how people were making great money reselling it to yuppies at some New York auction house. All you had to do was go find it.

So, I gathered up some gas money and headed off in my van…and found nothing. TV be damned, a lot of places I stopped at just sent me packin’ and the stuff I did get to look at was real junk. I mean real junk. Whatever this game was, I sucked at it, but I kept at it more out of stubbornness than anything else. Lately I had taking to sleeping in the van to save money and went farther and farther out from the bigger towns, hunting for that jackpot of rusty rareness.

I wasn’t exactly lost by then, I just didn’t know where I would end up.

I found myself headed down a long dirt driveway towards a nice yellow farmhouse in a large spread of various buildings and mixed trees. It was a nice out here, in this middle American country. Sunny, not too hot, and a huge blue sky with fat clouds just rolling along. I looked out my window at the fields of corn and wheat. Maybe I should be a farmer?

I didn’t see anyone at first when I stopped and I slid out of my van, mostly hoping there wasn’t some old hell hound running around somewhere that would see me as fresh meat. That would just beat all. I was still looking for dogs and walking towards the back door of the house, when someone called out to me.

“Can I help you?” a voice rang out practically in my ear. I about jumped out of my skin and turned to the sound of laughter. A woman had been leaning against the trunk of an oak tree this whole time and had watched me drive in. She stood in the shade not more than twenty feet away. She had on light blue jeans and knee boots, with a green checkered shirt tied across a white tank top. A wide straw hat hid some of her face and she had most of her hair tucked up under it. She had on dirty work gloves and stood up straight once I saw her, flicking her fingers clear of dirt as she waited for my reply.

“Well, aren’t you the jumpy one.”

“Sorry. Excuse me. I didn’t see you there.”

“Didn’t see me?” she said, sounding oddly peeved. I could quickly see that in her younger days, she must have been a real head turner, so perhaps she took my words as a slight. Off to a great start, pal!

“Actually, I was looking for the dog.” I rubbed the back of my head with one hand, looking uncertain.

“What the Hell is that supposed mean?” Fuck me, can I pick em’, or what?

“Lady, please. It’s the truth. I just don’t want to get my arm tore off.”

She swatted her hands together and then laughed, her rough exterior falling away.

“I don’t have a dog.” she pushed her hat back with the back of one hand, her eyes dancing with amusement. “Lotsa cows though. I hear they bite worse than a dog.”

I smiled sheepishly. “Cows don’t bite.”

“So you’re smarter than the average city folk who come out here.” she teased.

“Well, speaking of which, I was hoping to talk to someone about some antiques and collectables.”

“Not interested.” she replied, hardly before I finished saying the words, and just waving a dirty glove in the air at me. “Been picked over more than once, and they all say the same thing.”

I deflated a little and then straightened up with a sigh, making to turn away. “I see. Well, thanks anyway.” As I turned to my van, I could smell the heat and hear that hot ping sound of the engine. I took a deep breath and turned around to face her again. She hadn’t moved, just stood there leaning again on one arm against the tree, watching me.

“Is it OK if I sit here a while and let my van to cool down a bit?”

She was thoughtful for a moment. “All right. I suppose. If you need water, there’s a hose.” she motioned to a pump. “And it wouldn’t hurt to open the hood.”

“I’ll do that.” I smiled, relieved, and went back to the driver’s side long enough to put it up as she had said, and stepped back from the whole works, hands on my hips. Well, that was that. This lady, whose name I didn’t even know, had turned back around and went back to planting some flowers at the base of her tree. For an instant, it wasn’t lost on me that she sure had a nice shape from where I stood, even though she was probably twice my age. Those jeans looked good on her. I admired the wonderful taper of her denim covered butt and the sweet cleft between them, just at the bottom, right above her thighs. A mental picture of pressing my face into that spot and breathing in crossed my mind, but then I shook my head and stepped up to check the radiator cap. A second later, I whipped my hand back and checked to make sure it hadn’t just melted off.

“If you’re Güngören escort going to open the cap, use a rag.” The lady had turned and was looking at me over her shoulder.

“I don’t dare. Bad thermostat, I think.” I stammered. “It’ll blow antifreeze over the place.”

“You sure came prepared.” she replied, sitting up on her knees and untying a kerchief from around her neck. I felt even dumber than usual standing there. I rubbed my palm, still hot and stinging, as she got up and walked over to me. I kept my eyes down. The last thing I needed was her catching me checking her out, and it was a sign of how dispirited I was to feel myself stir a little over this mature, sexy woman. She just had a look, that was all. Probably the country air. Or three weeks spent sleeping in the van. She handed me her kerchief and touched her nose with the back of one gloved hand.

“Leave it on for now. It’s just going to boil over.”

I dabbed at my hand, disgusted and frustrated. She stepped up, pulled off her gloves, and took my hand for a moment, checking my red palm.

“That’s nothing.” she said with a smile. She must have warmed to me a little then, because she switched her grip and shook my hand next, firmly, looking up at me and squinting in the sunlight. “Lynn.” she said.

“Jeff.” I smiled.

“No luck so far, huh, Jeff?” she asked.

She let go of my hand, turning and tossing her gloves down near her garden tools, before putting both her own hands on her back to stretch, arching her back and pushing her ample breasts up and out. Her tank top showed some very nice cleavage this close up. I looked at my feet again.

“Not a bit.” I scuffed the toe of my shoe in the dirt, hooking my thumbs in the pockets of my jeans. She tilted her hat back again, and more of her blond hair fell out from behind one ear. It was streaked with some gray, sure, but now that I saw her up close, she came across as even more attractive than I had thought at first. Like I thought before, she must have been someone who easily turned heads back in the day. She still could, to be honest. She was tall and glowing with health, with lines to her face that made her look beautifully mature, now that I had a closer look at her.

She shifted her hands back to her hips once she was done stretching, and looked me straight in the eye. “You don’t seem like those other dummies. What’s the deal?”

I shrugged. “I’m a bust. I figured I would give it a shot with what money I had, but it’s like it’s all been picked over.”

“That it has.” she smiled humorlessly. “Honey, you got to move fast to beat the vultures. No matter where you are in life.” She looked around at her own place and I shot a quick glance at her lightly freckled cleavage. My dick stirred just a little more. That tank top was tight and pure white, alluring with how she had her over shirt tied over stomach. That, and she glowed in the sun. All golden lines and white light, breasts and a narrow waist, nice hips, long legs.

She looked back at me a moment later. “Want me to show you around, anyway?” she asked. “Take a look while you wait?”

Take a look? I already was.

– – – – – – – – – –

As it went, Lynn defrosted the more she seemed to enjoy showing me her place, even stopping once to bring us out some lemonade before we continued our walk around the outer buildings. What was surprising was that she had a lot of nice things, kept all orderly and clean inside them, but the more she showed me around the less I cared about any collecting. What surprised me at that point was that she trusted me like this, telling me she was a fine judge of character, and this was why her things stayed put when other city ‘vultures’ came calling. I found myself enjoying the tour, caring less and less about anything except her company. Lynn had on some kind of light, flowered perfume and when we walked through one of the last barns, she took her hat off and shook out her hair some more, a lot of it falling down around her temples, the rest pinned up in a careless bun. The look was startling. She was hot.

As we moved on, I had such a hard on by then I was scared she would see it. I was paying more and more attention to this fine older woman than anything she was showing me. I could see she wore tiny little pearl earrings, and I started fantasizing about kissing her neck and back up behind those earrings. She talked on, but I didn’t hear much. I just politely walked next to her, my hands shoved in my pockets, and with my baggy t-shirt, I could more or less keep the fact of my hard on concealed. Thankfully, Lynn didn’t really look at me as walked, going on about sales and buyers and tickets, and times she had livestock shows out here. Mostly horses, and how she was planning to do it again.

We walked into a low green house full of open glass windows and empty planters. It was cool, clean and breezy in here and the place had little wooden benches and tables lining the sides. Suddenly, she stopped. Right ahead of me as I followed in her steps. She was İnnovia escort bayan saying something about how she actually wanted to tear this place down and make room for a proper auction stall. None of that mattered. I was following so close to her, I ran right into her! It was never more obvious to us both, when my hard cock well and truly poked her right in the butt cheek. I stepped back quickly, but it was too late, and I was already blushing as Lynn spun around and looked at me…then down at my crotch. “What was that?” she asked, but her own cheeks colored a little. She was a bold woman, I’ll give her that much, and she didn’t miss a thing.

“Nothing.” I tried to answer, feeling my heart pound in my chest.

“Do you have…are you hard?” she asked in surprise, her eyes narrowing a little as she stressed the word.

“No.” I protested weakly.

“You have a hard on.” she said definitively, and once again she turned to me and put her hands on her hips. She gestured at my crotch and I could have just died on the spot for the embarrassment. “Why the Hell do you have an erection, Jeff?”

What could I say? I took my hands out of my pockets. “Sorry.”

“What is this?” she asked with another frown. I rubbed the back of my neck again.

“A penis?” I said.

“That’s not funny.” she frowned harder. “What is this? What are you about?” She was fearless and starting to fume a little, from the looks of it. She had been nice enough to show me around and the situation had turned outrageous.

“What do you want me to say?” I croaked. “I’m thankful you showed me around, but the more we walk around here, the more I like you. I like you, alright? I like this place. It’s like a paradise after weeks spent sleeping in that stupid van. You’re also the first person whose been nice to me. The best thing to happen to me, so far. And…and you’re hot. Okay? Stupid, cliched, whatever. Call me a jerk and tell me to fuck off on outta here, but you…are hot.”

She blinked at me as the words poured out and then waved a hand dismissively, looking away. Was it just me or did she seem a little startled?

“Yeah, right. I’m the antique out here. I’m old enough to be your…”

“For God’s sake, don’t say that.” I was exasperated. “I’ve been soaking up how hot you are since you shook my hand and I’ve been enjoying it ever since. I don’t care how old anybody is.”

“You’re just young.” she snorted, with a dubious look and tossing me complete disdain. “Cooped up in a van.”

“What are you talking about?” I gulped. “I want to bury my head in the sand after bumping into you like this. In fact, it’s amazing you’re letting me go on like this, with you standing right here with a perfect stranger and hearing him confess to his hard on.”

“You sure do carry on. You always talk this much?” she frowned again, looking back at me. “I’m not about to try anything.”

“I know that. I said I could judge a fella’s character, or we wouldn’t be standing here having this discussion…as you say.” There was an uncomfortable pause and to my shock, she actually chuckled. “You look mortified.”

“I am. Maybe I should just leave.”

“I can see how much you like me.” Lynn smirked. “You don’t think I saw you checking me out?”

I swallowed hard, my heart skipping a beat at the implications. Despite myself, caring little for the repercussions the longer we stood there, I dared to make a cock adjustment right there in front of her, reaching down and shoving it to the side in my jeans so it wasn’t so obvious. I had been wanting to do that for half an hour. Perhaps it was her initial reaction. Her manner since then. Perhaps her boldness rubbed off on me, for now my own embarrassment had begun to fade. I didn’t know what to expect, but I also didn’t want to ruin it.

“I didn’t want to spoil this.” I motioned at the greenhouse, indicating how she had given me the dime tour all around her place. “You showing me around. I tell you, anything sexual was the farthest thought from my mind.”

“Not so far to be walking around like that. And it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon.”

“I can’t believe we’re talking about this.” I groaned.

“So you’re just a white knight with a boner?” she asked directly. There was more of her slightly rough humor, backed up by another smirk, but since neither of us had bolted away from the situation, I kept standing my ground and just shrugged.

“So you’ve been thinking about me all this time as we walked around?” she went on.

“It’s more than that. It’s everything, like I said. It’s nice out here. It’s nice being near…you. I dunno.” I sighed and went for broke. “Think of it more like admiring you, until I have a chance to go jerk off tonight.”

“Aren’t you cute.” she replied coolly. “So you never thought about…more?” now her own voice seemed to have a catch in it.

“Yes, but not that it could happen.” I swallowed, my mouth dry.

“Why not?”

“Excuse me?”

Lynn turned and sat down Escort Kağıthane on one of the benches, with her back to a table, setting her straw hat down next to her on the seat. She sighed and crossed her legs, and leaned back on her elbows.

“You’re not the only one enjoying the company. Like I said, I’ve seen you checking me out.” “Then why did you seem so surprised just now?”

“It’s just been awhile since a man reacted to me like that, that’s all. Maybe it’s, I don’t know, hard to believe anymore?” She looked away again, a touch of sadness to her words.

As bold as she was, Lynn wasn’t about to make a move here either. Both of us appeared to be a mix of self-conscious conflict, coupled with desire and need. I stared at her for a long moment then, but not long enough that she would start to get back up. Then I walked right up to her. She didn’t move, she just turned back and looked up at me. Without a word I unzipped my pants and slipped my cock out, before I had a chance to think about what I was doing. Right in front of her.

Amazed at my own boldness, I held my hand splayed out around the base of my hard on and looked her in the eye.

“Lynn, this is how you make me feel.” I said, in awe of her, and I just reached out and brought her face and my cock together, pressing my tip to her lips.

Lynn had many options at that point. Believe me. Opening her mouth was one of them, to be sure. Slapping me away and smashing me in the balls before kicking me in the face was up there, too. …but Lynn opened her mouth.

She let me slip it right in past her lips, and she didn’t pull away, she just stared up at me and then reached up and hooked her hands in my front pockets, closed her eyes, and started sucking my dick. For long minutes, that’s all that happened. I looked down at her, that is when I could keep my eyes open, and held the back of her head lightly with my fingers, her hair soft and warm like silk, drinking in what I didn’t think could ever have been possible.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me again, letting me see how her strong cheekbones sucked in and out as she moved her mouth back and forth on my glistening cock. I groaned with delight, thrusting a little towards her face. A moment later, she pulled her lips off my cock with a little pop.

“For someone who didn’t dare make a move, right now you’re pretty fucking bold.”

I looked down with such a look of consternation, she just tickled my balls and laughed, tapping my dick against her tongue.

“It’s all right.” she said, and then she sucked her way back down the full length of my cock.

I thought she would stop, but she didn’t, bringing my full length right down her throat and wiggling her face against me at the base of my cock, so that my pubic hair tickled her nose.

“Holy fuck!” I groaned aloud. I started thrusting even more, lightly holding her head with both hands now, and well and truly fucking her sexy mature face. She took it like a trooper, cupping my balls and fondling them as I pumped into her mouth.

“Oh, fuck! Fuck, Lynn, I’m gonna cum!” I cried out.

She waited just that long. If she meant to pull me out and direct me away from her face, it was just a second too late, and my first spurt caught her in the throat. The other three followed so quickly, all she could do was lift her chin and let me blow my load all over her chest, where my cum started beading towards her cleavage.

“Don’t…oh, well.” she deflated a little, stilling holding my cock as my spasms squirted out the last dribble on her chest.

“Shit! I’m sorry. Fuck.” I stammered. “Let go. Please.” I gasped.

I was super sensitive and could barely stand it with her holding my dick like that. She let go and I stepped back, bending a little at the waist, my hands on my thighs and breathing hard. Lynn stood up smoothly and started untying her checkered over shirt, while looking down at her cum covered chest. I scrambled with my shorts, jeans and zipper as she took the shirt and dabbed gently at the wet mess on her chest and neck. Boy, did I just fuck up, or what?

Lynn noticed my horror. Her eyes crinkled with mischief and delight, but she looked a little sad. “I’m sorry.” I stammered.

“Don’t worry about it.” She stepped up to me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and looked back down at her chest, dabbing at my cum a little more with the balled up shirt. Through that tank top, her nipples were dark, hard and large under the pure white fabric.

“What’s wrong?” I swallowed, wishing I had another glass of lemonade.

“It’s nothing.’ she said. I stood there at a loss now, myself.

“What is it?” I pressed. Lynn let out a long, drawn out sigh and put her hands on her hips, still holding her crumpled up shirt in one hand.

“I know I don’t have the body I once had. I just thought…well…” she paused, looking down at herself and brushing at her tank top with her fingers. “You were just excited. That’s all.”

I got it then that she she still didn’t seem to believe what I’d said. She was just chalking this up to how being younger than her, I was randy enough that anything would and could get me off. She had it all wrong. As she sighed a weary smile and looked up at me again, I just stepped up and took her by the waist and pulled her a little close to me, my pants half zipped up.

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