Cotton Candy

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It was the middle of summer and the heat was intense, I was working in the garden doing general stuff around the place when I heard my daughter Lucy shout “daddy I’m home”, after being to her riding lesson at the equine centre.

“Hi darling, good day?” I asked as I stood up and wiped the poring sweat from my brow, “Oh yes daddy, I managed to jump he big red fence today”

“That’s wonderful sweetheart, well done, I bet your teacher was pleased as well”

“Yes indeed she was, she said that if I continue to improve like this, she will put me into the competition next month at the grand arena,” my daughter was so full of excitement she could hardly stand still, she was jumping up and down and swaying from side to side with boundless energy.

“I am very pleased for you sweetheart, you have worked very hard this year and certainly deserve it” “Thank you daddy, I’m going to get freshened up, see you later,” and with that she gave me a peck on the cheek and disappeared into the house.

My daughter Lucy is a very pretty 18 year old girl; she has shoulder length blonde hair, long flowing legs that lead up to a gorgeous tight little ass, her tits are just right, not to big that they hinder her, and not to small they make her look 13 again, her smile is full of the most perfect white teeth and her body is firm and petite, Lucy has just come of age and celebrated her 18th birthday last week, she had a slumber party to celebrate with some of her close friends.

Oh those slumber parties are something else, I just love to see my daughter and her friends running about in skimpy nightgowns T-shirts and panties, mainly because I love to see girls in panties, not the sexy silk and lace type, but the innocent and virginal white cotton types, it makes my cock start to stiffen as I remembered what happened last week.

It was Friday and Lucy’s birthday, she came down for breakfast at about 8.00am wearing one of her big T-shirts that just went low enough to cover her tight little ass, I gave her a big kiss on the cheek and wished her Happy Birthday, handing over several parcels in doing so.

Lucy was jumping with excitement as she took her presents from me, she ripped open one of then and pulled out a light blue shirt, she had seen it during one of our many shopping trips out together and had commented on how nice it was, I made a mental note and went back a few days later to purchase it for this very day, next she opened another parcel, this time a pale yellow nightgown was withdrawn from the wrapping, she held it up to her chest to try it for size, “fantastic daddy, thank you” she said showing her wonderful teeth as she smiled, next a baggy T-shirt, and finally what I was secretly hoping she would leave till last, two pairs of white cotton panties were unwrapped from the remaining parcel, Lucy’s eyes lit up, she looked at me and gave me a wicked cheeky smile, “oh daddy these are lovely,” her voice was soft and childlike, she held a pair of panties up to her waist and stretched them wider, “these are great, aren’t they daddy,” I had to agree saying, “yes sweetheart, they’ll look very nice on you…oh I mean…they look very nice sweetheart,” I couldn’t stop thinking what she would look like in them, maybe I will get to see!.

Lucy gave me a kiss on the cheek, gulped her orange juice down and ran up the stairs shouting “I’m off to get a shower daddy, I’ll see you soon,” “OK sweetheart, catch you later,” I’m not sure if she even heard me, her bedroom door closed before I finished my reply, “oh well never mind”.

It was about 9.00am by now and the sun was hot even then, I looked out of the window, not a cloud in the deep blue sky, “it’s gonna been another scorcher” I thought to myself and drank the remains of my coffee.

I could hear Lucy singing to herself upstairs and decided that I would go up see how she was doing, what I really wanted to see was a glimpse of her in her white cotton panties just before putting on what ever she was going to wear for the day, so I tiptoed up the stairs and walked towards my daughters bedroom door.

As I approached her door I could still hear Lucy singing but she was no longer in the shower as I couldn’t hear the water running, from her en-suit bathroom she has all to herself.

My heart was beginning to beat a little faster as the thought of catching a glimpse of my daughter in a pair of panties was stirring my stomach and awakening my cock.

I knelt down and looked through the keyhole of her door, luckily there was no key and I was able to get sight of at least a third of her bedroom of which my view was mainly of her bed and wardrobes.

I could see shadows moving, coming from her bathroom, she was drying her hair and still singing to herself, occasionally I got sight of a towel as it was shaken and rubbed against her hidden body, my heart was really beating at this point as the suspense was killing me, what was taking her so long.

I shifted my position slightly to get a little more Gaziantep Olgun Escort comfortable as I may be looking through the keyhole a while longer yet I thought, when suddenly Lucy appeared from the bathroom wrapped in a towel and was quickly out of view again.

Damn I missed her, better be on my guard just in case she decides to open the door I thought, what would I tell her if I were to be caught in this rather compromising position out side her door looking in through the keyhole.

It was a good job that we lived alone together after my wife decided she would rather be with her boss she had only been working with for two months, and left me to bring up our daughter at the tender age of 13.

It was then that I found I had developed a liking for panties, Lucy would wonder about the house wearing a T-shirt and white cotton panties, her body developing before my very eyes, gradually her breasts began to poke through the loose fitting material of her T-shirts, I could see her nipples developing as they stood out from her young tender breasts, especially first thing in the morning when she came down for breakfast.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her ass as she opened the refrigerator and leant forward to retrieve a carton of fresh orange, as she did so her T-shirt would ride up and expose her gorgeous panty covered ass, I could see the outline of her developing pussy as the tight material clung to it, exposing the line of her slit, I would sit there, my cock so hard and crammed in my pants that it was painful, my eyes following every line of her young pussy as I imagined my fingers were rubbing and feeling the material tracing her slit and cupping her pussy from behind, this happened practically every morning since my wife left us.

Now she was all grown up and even more gorgeous than ever, her firm young breast were now well developed, her ass was so perfectly tight and rounded, that the mere sight of her from behind made me want to lick it and fuck it.

Now here I was looking through the keyhole of my daughters bedroom door, waiting to get that stomach churning, cock bulging sight of her wearing her cotton panties.

My wait was not in vain, after about another 2 or 3 minutes of watching shadows dance around the walls of her immaculate bedroom, with posters of her favourite pop groups neatly pinned on them, she came into sight and sat on the edge of her bed, right in the centre view I had of her bedroom.

She continued to towel herself dry with another towel, whilst still wrapped in the one she put on in the bathroom, concentrating on her hair and then her feet, she lifted her left leg and began to dry her toes.

I was straining to keep my eyes from blinking as I didn’t want to miss a thing, she did each toe on both feet individually, then up her shins and to her knees, then she rubbed her inner thighs, my heart was pounding so hard in my chest that I found it difficult to breath and had to break away from the keyhole to compose myself and gain my breath back, before resuming my original position this time using my other eye.

Whilst I had momentarily averted my attention, Lucy had stood up removed her towel and opened her wardrobe door, she was standing just inside her large wardrobe and was obstructed by the open door, as I continued to watch from the hall way, items of clothing were flung onto the bed from inside her wardrobe, first a light blue shirt then a mini skirt and finally a pair of socks, I waited for the rest of her garments to appear, namely a bra and panties but they didn’t seem to materialise, then I saw Lucy’s ass as she leaned forward, lifting her left leg followed by her right leg.

I watched hardly breathing or blinking as I saw what I had been waiting all this time to see, Lucy had climbed into her new pair of panties I had got for her birthday and was easing them up her long silky legs over her thighs and over her tight ass, still not in full view, it was enough to send my cock into spasm that I had to unzip my pants to relieve the pressure of my swelling member.

My cock shot out of my pants like a scud missile, rock hard and pumping I grasped it in my right hand and started to stroke and pull, I was wet with pre cum and it made tossing my cock easy.

Lucy still completely unaware that her father was watching her every move, stepped back and into full view, she closed her wardrobe door and turned to face in my direction, it was at this point that I got my first unrestricted view of my daughters panty covered pussy, I nearly came on the spot but controlled the movement on my cock so as to avoid coming just yet.

She was absolutely gorgeous, her breasts full and tight, her nipples poking out so far she could have hung her towel on them, and her panty covered lips were separated showing the trace of her pussy, oh my god I nearly shot my load again, the excitement and the state of my arousal was becoming to much, I had to avert my gaze once again in-order to compose myself.

Sure enough when I returned to continue my voyeurism on my daughter, she was nowhere to be seen, the clothes had been removed from the bed and for all intense and purposes she had vanished, then all of a sudden a fully dressed Lucy reached for the door handle and started to turn it, I shot up still grasping my now fast shrinking cock and bolted for the main bathroom just along the landing, “is that you daddy” Lucy shouted, “Yes darling, just needed to get to the toilet quickly, I think I have an upset tummy” “OK” she replied and then preceded to make her way down the stairs and into the Kitchen.

I could hear the sound of banging cups and the click of a kettle, “would you like a coffee daddy” Lucy shouted up from the bottom of the stairs, “Yes please sweetheart I shouted back” and with that she went back into the kitchen.

I stood there for a minute or two regaining my composure and going over in my mind what I had seen, my cock immediately started to pulsate again and I had to quickly think about the gardening that needed doing so as to avert my thoughts of my daughter standing in her room wearing the panties I had bought her for her birthday.

It was then I remembered, god, its Lucy’s birthday party tonight, she’s having a sleepover with some of her close friends, the realisation that I would witness even more panty clad young women chasing about the house giggling and singing made my cock once again spring to life, this time I had no choice but to toss myself off shooting the white sticky cum all over the sink I was stood next to, my body arched as I pumped out my juice, the spasms were so intense I went weak at the knees and dropped to the floor, holding onto the sink for support as I fell.

I sat there for a moment once again to compose myself, when from the bottom of the stairs I heard Lucy shout “coffee’s up”, “Ok sweetheart, be right down, take it into the living room will you, I’ll have it in there”, “Right you are” Lucy replied already on her way back into the kitchen.

I quickly cleaned up the mess wiped down the walls with tissue paper and flushed it down the toilet, put my completely burning red cock back into my pants and made my way down stairs.

When I entered into the living room I got yet another surprise, Lucy was laying on the floor watching TV, her mini skirt so short, I could see the start of her white panty covered ass from under the flimsy material of her skirt, her legs were slightly open and her feet were pointing outwards and to the side.

I sat down in the chair directly behind her so as to get a better view and was indeed rewarded, Lucy started to kick her legs bending at the knee, whilst she did this her legs parted even more on every flick, I could see the start of her bulging pussy between her legs, clinging to it the cotton material of her panties.

Lucy stopped kicking her legs and then preceded to cross them together resting her feet on her arse, as she did this she parted her legs even more so as to get comfortable, I looked down at her ass, now nearly half of it was in view, her panties followed every contour of her tight butt, her two cheeks rising then falling to meet in the middle making a perfect partition down the centre of her ass, coming together again to form the bulge of her young pussy, as it protruded out from the centre of her ass, I could see the panties continued to follow every contour of her ass and pussy, as it disappeared into another neat line separating the lips of her cunt.

My cock was once again rock hard, it was a good job I was still fairly fit and had a good heart, other wise I think I might have been a goner a long time ago due to the strain my heart was constantly under whilst watching my daughter.

“Lucy” I said coughing slightly and clearing my throat before I spoke, “Yes daddy” she replied turning her head to look at me as she spoke, momentarily catching me still looking at her ass, I looked away and pretended not to have been looking at her, “how many of your friends are you expecting to come tonight sweetheart?” “Between 6 and 10 daddy I think at the last count” “6 to 10 hey, well we had better get some supplies in then hadn’t we” “thank you daddy, that would be wonderful” Lucy said her face lighting up with a huge smile of gratification, “your very welcome my darling, now get in the car and we’ll go and get some supplies, what do you think” with that she leapt to her feet jumped on my lap and gave me the biggest kiss on the lips I have ever had from her, somehow it seemed to linger a little longer than usual or indeed normal, “you are the greatest do you know that” Lucy said looking straight at me, inches away from my face, her breath clean and warm and the smell of her perfume wafted in the breeze she had created, “don’t mention it” I said, my voice went a pitch higher taking us both by surprise, I felt a warm glow come over me and my face started to sweat as I could feel myself blushing, but not knowing whether I was blushing because of the compliments from Lucy, or because my gorgeous daughter was sat sideways on my lap wearing a mini skirt that did a very poor job of reducing the heat that was coming from Lucy’s ass.

“Your very welcome sweetheart” I repeated this time my voice nearly back to normal, “now, shall we go” leaning forward, motioning to get up as I said, “no, just wait a while daddy I want to look at you”, I leant back down and sunk into the chair, what ever was she doing I thought, my mind a race of excitement and anticipation at the same time, “I’ve never really looked at you before daddy” she said, turning her head from side to side looking at every feature of my face, “oh I wish I could say the same thing” I thought, and as if she read my mind she said “I’ve seen you looking at me though, haven’t I daddy” I felt my face explode as the blood rushed to every vein and capillary, I must have looked like a beetroot, not only that, the sensation that was now turning in my stomach was developing into a bulge between my legs,

“Well daddy, what have you to say” Lucy looked directly into my eyes, nearing her face as she spoke, her mouth now less than 6 inches away from mine, I could feel the heat building up under my lap as Lucy sat there, staring right at me.

I was lost for words, it was all I could do to say “your very attractive my darling” the words coming out in almost inaudible tones, “and what does that mean” Lucy replied in a sexy school girl type voice, and pouting her bottom lip as she spoke, what was happening, what was going to happen, what if something happens, I couldn’t stop going over these questions in my head, never before had I ever been stuck for words, I was always pretty good at thinking on my feet, but somehow my little Lucy had me, and she knew it.

“What is it you like about me daddy, uh,” Lucy waited for a reply but then almost immediately said, “Is it my white cotton panties?” I didn’t know where to look, what to say or what the hell to do; my cock was definitely getting bigger and I was sure she could feel it poking out of my pants and prodding her ass, I decided to be honest and finally admit to my daughter that I have a white cotton panty fetish and that I have been watching her for years, “Yes sweetheart” I said finally, “the sight of you in your white cotton panties, makes me want to do things to you that I should only keep as fantasies” “and what things do you fantasise about doing to me daddy?” the sexual tension was becoming unbearable, I wanted to tell her that I want to feel her panty covered pussy and ass and then do other things with her, but I just bit my tongue and shock my head.

Lucy saw that it was impossible for me to tell her, she put her mouth to my ear and whispered, “I’ll lie down and pretend to be asleep for you daddy” and with that she got up off my lap and lay face down on the carpet, my cock now unrestricted by her ass, sprang up pulsating painfully inside my pants.

I sat there for a minute thinking, what on earth is happening, here I am looking at my daughters body lustfully, being given the opportunity to carry out my fantasies on her with her consent.

I poised for a moment before standing up and pushing the chair away from the narrow space Lucy had left for me to kneel down next to her, my breathing was all over the place, my heart was pounding like a huge drum being beaten by one of those Japanese drummers, and my hands were starting to shake a little.

Lucy lay motionless, her head turned away from me resting on her hands, her breathing was steady, unlike mine, and I could see her ass move as she breathed, Lucy’s mini skirt was covering her bottom and her legs were slightly parted, her feet the same way as when I first saw her.

I held out my right hand and touched her calf muscle, it was small but firm, her white socks slightly rolled down to her ankle, I moved my hand gently up towards the back of her knee then back down to her ankle and back up to her knee, this time my hand went further up Lucy’s leg and I was now touching the inside of her lower thigh.

The hem of her mini skirt was just below the start of her ass, I moved my hand further up her thigh until I reached the material, slowly I lifted the small garment revealing the start of her tight ass inside those white panties, my hand slid further round the inside of her thigh and slowly pulling her legs apart a little further, I could now see her pussy bulge between her legs, her panties tight against her young mound, I moved my hand back down her leg and then traced my finger tips back up to the hem of her skirt this time lifting it higher to uncover more of her ass.

The skirt rose up over her left ass cheek I could see the crevice of her ass parted by her panties, her pussy only inches away form my finger tips, slowly and gently I ran my fingers over her ass cheek going towards the centre crevice, I turned my fingers down towards her legs and ran them down her ass feeling the smooth cotton material between her ass cheeks, I took my hand away and shuffled along the side of her further down her legs and along side her knees.

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