Cote D’Azur Adventures Ch. 01

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Nice, Cote D’Azur, South of France, August 30, 1978

Doug Anderson had moved to Europe in the summer of 1978 for work. His head office was in Geneva, but most of his time was spent in the south of France. He kept an apartment in Nice, 5th largest city in France, gateway to Italy and a hotbed of crime and corruption.

The Cote D’Azur was the playground of the rich and famous. Rock stars, Hollywood legends and faded European royalty all lived there. From Cannes to Monaco, there was always a party going on; and always a seamy undercurrent of criminality persisted. Smugglers, drug dealers, con men and prostitutes were everywhere.

Nice was its capital and for Doug, a transplanted Canadian from Montreal, it was a great place to be.

Doug was 6’3″ tall with a trim body honed by years of competitive swimming. At the age of 27, he still swam to stay in shape and had a very impressive physique with broad shoulders, slim waist, and very strong legs. He was also the proud owner of a very large, fat 9-inch cock that the super tight jeans of the day did little to hide.

Doug was running low on condoms. He was going to stock up at the pharmacy in Place Messina but had noticed another one on a back street close to his apartment. It had the green cross indicating it was a pharmacy but on the entry door he noticed a sign saying “Martine Dussault Pharmacist-Homeopath”

This was not unusual in France, where homeopathy was an accepted practice. Pharmacists in France often made their own compounds and remedies and a homeopathic approach to pharmaceutical drugs was not unusual.

This pharmacy was odd in that it showed no signs of advertising. No gaudy displays of makeup or perfume, just rows and rows of shelving, clinical and white.

Doug eventually found the condom section on a bottom shelf in a corner. He was bending over trying to read the labels when he heard a polite cough behind him. He turned around to see a middle-aged woman who it seemed had been admiring his ass.

She was very good looking, well kept with immaculate hair and makeup. French women were like that. It was their revenge for their husband’s serial womanizing. The husband would be out chasing skirts while the wife kept her looks, was always immaculately dressed and made sure her husband was aware that he had a better option at home.

“May I help you Monsieur?”

“Yes please. I’m trying to find a condom, but I can’t find the right size.”

“And what size would that be Monsieur?”

“Double XL.”

“Of course, Monsieur, men always need that size.”

“No really, I do need an extra-large condom.” Doug said gesturing towards the bulge in his pants.

The pharmacist glanced down at his crotch, smirked and said, “Very well, let’s see what we can do about you Double XL problem”. She turned and walked to the back of the pharmacy. Doug followed admiring the sexy sway of her hips under her generic white lab coat.

She went behind the counter, pulled down a book and started leafing through it.

“Let us see, condoms, double XL.”

“Lubricated please” Doug added.

“No, no lubrication. They use terrible industrial lubricants, very bad for you. I can make a much better one for you.”

“That sounds interesting” Doug replied thinking of the possibilities.

“Ah, here we go. That size is a special order, I can have them by Saturday. How many would you like?”

“How about a dozen to start.”

“Very well, come back Saturday at noon and I will have them for you.”

“Thank You Madame.”

“It’s Mademoiselle, and you can call me Martine” she said, showing him her ringless left hand.

“Thank You Mademoiselle Martine, see you Saturday.”

Saturday came and Doug, freshly showered and shaved güvenilir bahis arrived at the pharmacy promptly at 11:55. On the door he noticed that the Saturday closing time was noon. A pleasant coincidence?

He went to the counter at the back of the pharmacy and there was Martine, still looking very attractive despite her generic white lab coat.

“Ah, you have arrived in good time. We are about to close.”

“Any luck with my order?” Doug asked.

“Yes, I have it right here. I just need you name and address please.”

“My name is Douglas Anderson and I live just around the corner at 4 Rue Paganini 5th floor.”

“But that is a hotel.”

“Yes, I have the top floor apartment that I rent by the month.”

“Very well Dooglas” she said, mispronouncing his first name as all French people did. “Come with me.”

She packed the condoms and a jar of something into a paper bag and led him to the front door. At the door she handed him the bag and a set of keys.

“Turn left, take the first left and then left again into the alley. Down the alley you will find a blue door. This is the key to that door. Go upstairs and make yourself comfortable, I will be there momentarily.”

“But….” Doug said with a quizzical look on his face.

“No buts. I need to check the fit of your condoms.”

Doug did as he was told, found the door, opened it and climbed the stairs to find a spacious apartment with large windows overlooking the street. He was above the pharmacy.

He heard a door open towards the back of the apartment and Martine appeared.

“Welcome to my home.”

“This is a very nice place you have here Martine.”

“Yes, and very convenient for my work too. Come with me please.”

Martine led him to the living room at the back of the apartment, a nice big room with French doors leading to a terrace.

“Now Dooglas, please remove your clothes.”

“What, really?”

“Yes. It is very important a condom fits properly. Too big and it falls off, too small and it may break. That is how you make babies!”

Doug peeled his tee shirt off and dropped his pants, leaving only his bikini briefs. Martine smiled and ran her hands over his chest.

“You are a very fit and strong young man, but why do you have no hair on your body?”

“I used to swim competitively and keeping smooth skin improves lap times. I like the feel of being hairless.”

“Yes, it does feel nice and smooth” Martine said casually running her hands over his shoulders and pectoral muscles. “Very nice indeed.”

“Now, please remove your underwear Dooglas, I want to see what we are working with.”

Doug slipped off his briefs and his cock plopped out. Martine gasped and reached for his cock, gently squeezing it, gauging its weight and size.

“This looks very promising Dooglas, and you have trimmed here also.”

“Can you imagine me in my Speedo swimsuit with pubic hairs sticking out all over the place?”

She led him into a tall leather wing backed chair and had him sit with his butt perched on the edge.

“Now, it is my turn Dooglas.”

Martine slowly unbuttoned her smock, letting it slip off her shoulders revealing a full set of lilac coloured lingerie: silk nylons held up by a garter belt with metal clasps, matching lacy bikini panties and bra.

She started rubbing her breasts through the lace, “A little inducement for you Dooglas, a little tease to help you get hard.”

Doug started to stroke his cock, but she batted his hand away.

“No, let me.”

She lifted one leg and tucked her toes under his scrotum, wiggling them to tease his balls.

“Could you please take off my nylons Dooglas.”

Doug ran his hands up her legs, feeling the silk next to her warm güvenilir bahis siteleri flesh. He looked her in the eyes as he expertly pinched a metal clasp holding the nylons. Appling a slight upward pressure he released the rubber button from the clasp.

“Ooh, Dooglas, you’ve done this before.”

He continued undoing the other clasps, then reached around back and undid the garter belt, letting it slip to the floor.

“Now the nylons Dooglas.”

“No, leave them on, I like the feel of the silk on my skin.”

“Very well Dooglas.”

Martine held one side of the tall chair and slid her foot out from under his balls. She stroked his cock with the sole of her foot, running it the length of his cock

“So, you like the feel of silk, do you?”

“Yes, that feels wonderful” Doug moaned as she applied more and more pressure.

Now almost fully hard, Martine used her heel, rubbing the length of his stiffened cock.

“Now the rest Dooglas” as she put her foot down.

He slowly peeled her panties down revealing a dark brown thatch of pubic hair, nicely trimmed and mowed, her pussy lips pouting with dewy moisture.

Reaching up he quickly undid her bra to display and nice set of medium sized breasts, slightly sagging with age but still very perky.

“Do you like what you see Dooglas?” she said as she wantonly massaged her breasts directly in his face, pinching her nipples.

“Do you want to feel them Dooglas?”

He reached for her breasts, but again she slapped his hands away.

“You young men are always so impatient. You must learn to take your time with a woman.”

Martine reached for the bag with the condoms. Dropping to her knees, she spread his legs and moved in closer. Opening the bag, she took out the jar of lubricant and spread some on her hands.

“This is my special lubricant. It is water based, will not break down with heat and has the added benefit of being edible.”

Martine took his hard cock in her hands and worked the lube into the flesh of his cock. She slowly rubbed him to full hardness, stroking the length of his cock, gazing admiringly at his massive member. The lube felt wonderfully slick against his cock.

“This is a truly magnificent penis you have here Dooglas. But now we must see about the fit for Mister Double XL.’

Taking a condom from its sleeve, she slid it over his cock, rolling it down as far as it would go, 2/3s of the way down his length.

“I think the fit is good, perhaps a bit too tight. Maybe next time we try Triple XL.”

She continued stroking his rock-hard cock, reached for more lube and made sure the entire length was well lubricated.

“Now, for the real test Dooglas.”

Martine climbed onto the chair, placed her feet on either side of Doug’s hips and straddled him. She rubbed the lubricated tip of his cock around her pussy lips and inserted his cock. Her eyes widened as the large bulbous head penetrated her pussy. Taking a few inches into her steaming hot pussy, Martine said “Ooh, that’s a big dick you have there Dooglas. I will have to go slow.”

She started rocking up and down on his cock, taking it gradually, inch by inch. She luxuriated at its thickness as she took it deeper.

Eventually she bottomed out, sitting fully in his lap, grinding her pussy on his cock.

“I have never been so full in my life, like a stuffed bird.”

Martine lifted a few inches and sat back down. “Oof.” She continued riding Doug’s cock, slowly, each stroke getting longer and longer as her pussy adjusted his size.

“Oh my God that feels good. Such a big cock in my little pussy.”

Eventually she was taking his entire length with each stroke, her hands on the back of the chair for balance. She iddaa siteleri was breathing deeply, exhaling on each downward stroke, her rhythm speeding up until her hips were slamming down on his cock at a frantic pace.

She rode him like a pony, her hips jacking his cock deep into her pussy.

With one final deep plunge onto his cock, she came hard, not moving as her pussy spasmed on the cock buried deep inside her. She slowly moved her hips in a circular motion, grinding her clitoris on his pubic mound.

Martine sighed; a large smile spreading across her face. “That was most satisfactory, you did very well.” She stayed siting in his lap purring contentedly, caressing his shoulders and neck, kissing him deeply for the first time.

Martine dismounted and knelt again. Pulling the condom off his come drenched cock she said “Let us see how the condom performed’

Holding it to the light, she looked for tears or perforations.

“It is a strong condom, intact in every way, but I still think you need to move up a size.”

Laying the condom on the floor, she took more of the lubricant and worked it into her hands.

“Now, we must take care of you.”

She stated masturbating him using both hands, firmly squeezing with up and down strokes and an occasional cork screwing motion. This soon put Doug into a writhing ecstasy, his hips squirming in the chair.

“Fuck Martine, that feels good. You’re going to make me come.”

“Yes, Dooglas, come for Martine.”

His cock got even bigger and swelled in preparation of shooting his load.

“Come for me Dooglas” as she took the head of his cock into her mouth and bathed the tip with her tongue. That did it for Doug. He bucked his hips and shot several times into her mouth. She swallowed greedily, sucking on the head, using her hands to jack every drop out of his cock. She gently squeezed his balls forcing a last spurt.

Doug collapsed back into the chair, sprawled out after his intense orgasm. Martine sat back on her haunches, still gently stroking his cock.

“You did very well Dooglas. A generous amount of sperm but you could use a change of diet to improve the flavour.”

An evil grin spread on her face as she continued to slowly stroke his cock. Looking him in the eyes she bent down and kissed his balls. She took one ball into her mouth and sucked gently. This produced a small trickle of sperm which she eagerly lapped up. Repeating the procedure, she coaxed more from his other testicle.

“They must be very tender at this moment” as she gently squeezed his balls, bringing a moan from Doug.

“Martine please stop, that hurts!”

“Very well, a man’s private parts are most sensitive, and sometimes I get carried away.”

She stood, went to the kitchen and came back with a wet towel. She bathed his cock and balls, cleaning his genitals with a loving look.”

She briefly admired her admired her handiwork then let his cock flap down on his thigh. It lay there slick and pulsing.

“Yes, I think perhaps Triple XL next time. You may continue using these condoms but leave room at the tip for your discharge. But now you must leave. I have a luncheon appointment.”

Doug stood shakily, still rocked by his massive orgasm. “Thank you, Martine. You have been most helpful.”

“The pleasure was all mine Dooglas.”

Doug got dressed. Martine, still naked, led him to the door at the back. She gave him the typical French double kiss on the cheeks and opened the door for him.

“I look forward to your next visit Dooglas.”

Doug walked back to his hotel and was greeted by the owner, the formidable “Madame”.

“I see you have met Martine” she said, nodding at the bag with the pharmacy Dussault logo.

“She does excellent work; you would do well to follow her instructions Dooglas.”

“She certainly does, Madame. I feel well looked after in her hands.”

Smiling contentedly, he entered the rickety old elevator. Well looked after indeed!


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