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When I first started with the company, my wife nagged me to impress my new high profile boss and climb the corporate ladder. The fact that I had passed the CPA exam before graduating from law school, coupled with the long hours I was working, caught his eye. He promoted me rather quickly to his personal assistant, not exactly the title I had in mind. I felt like the bird in a gilded cage. Robert bumped my compensation, including stock options, well passed what I could make in private practice making the offer impossible to turn down. My wife was ecstatic about the news, it gave her full bragging rights to all her friends, but I hated myself for selling out.

Robert’s operation covered several continents including real estate, commercial paper, oil and gas leases, even coconut processing plantations in Malaysia. He knew what he wanted and pursued his goals with a fierce determination. He didn’t let things get in the way after he set his mind to something.

I had just finished reading off the quarterly numbers and looked up to await his response. After several moments of contemplation he looked me directly in the eye and asked me to lock the door. I was all too aware of what that meant. I’ll never forget the day that part of our relationship began.

I had been with the company three years when Robert thought I deserved a bonus. He informed me that he was going to transfer some stock from his current deal over to me when completed for a job well done. I couldn’t agree more as it seemed I spent all my time up at the office. After the certificates were in my name, he informed me of the fraudulent nature of the deal. I was furious, but could do little about it without incriminating myself. He gave me a few minutes to fully appreciate the situation before adding it would be our little secret. He then informed me of my additional duties, which would be kept secret as well.

Robert pushed back from his massive desk, leaned back in his chair and spread his legs. Right there in front of me, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his incredibly erect cock. It was clear what he had in mind. I could not believe his audacity! I hesitated for a moment to gain control of my senses. The last thing I wanted in life was Robert for an enemy.

Trying to choose my words carefully, I reminded Robert that I was married, happily in fact, and most importantly, straight. I was shocked and surprised when he explained that he was not. I had worked for him for three years and did not have the slightest idea. For obvious business reasons, he couldn’t afford to let anyone know. Thus, he needed a sexual partner who would keep his secret, no matter what. Gay man could not be trusted, he said, which left heterosexual men. He preferred married men because he could trust them not to talk, as discovery by a spouse would surely jeopardize their marriage.

I couldn’t believe what he was saying. I stared down at his rigid cock poking up through the zipper of his Armani suit and realized the son of a bitch wasn’t kidding. He actually expected me to suck his cock! The look on his face told me I had to make a decision now. On the one side, I could risk being disbarred, loose the best paying job I ever had and maybe go to jail. Or I could do the gaziantep escort unthinkable. I knew Robert would not hesitate to ruin my life, I had seen him do it to others many times before. I told myself that I could do it, had to do it.

I noticed the diminished size of his cock, probably not more than five inches, and thought it a plus. I blocked all thoughts from my mind as I walked over behind his desk and sank to my knees between his outstretched legs. I steeled myself as I stared at his rock hard cock, then reached out and wrapped my hand around its girth. I didn’t know what to expect, but thought I would have been more startled from touching another man’s penis. I looked up to Robert hoping for a last minute reprieve, but saw his eyes filled with lust and knew there was no way out. Defeated, I turned my attention to how I was going to accomplish the task at hand.

Having never done it before, I didn’t really know what to do. I bent forward letting his cock part my lips, then continued down until I could feel them slide over the mushroom shaped head. Touching a cock wasn’t so bad, after all, I had done that all my life. But feeling his warm fleshy member between my lips was another story. I couldn’t believe I actually had a cock in my mouth! The strange feeling sent mixed signals of humiliation and curiosity to my brain. I fought the immediate gag reflex and tried to calm myself.

Not really knowing what to do next, I went down a bit further before rising back up dragging my lips along his length until I got to the end. That’s when I discovered pre-cum oozing from his slit and got my first taste of male arousal. It triggered some primitive feeling within me something I didn’t know existed. That primitive feeling was definitely sexual. Confused by the feeling, I began to focus on the marvelous blowjobs I had received from my wife and I decided to mimic the things she did to me, the things I liked. In some perverted way, I now shared a bond with her. One she would never know about.

I relaxed my jaw and took more of his length into my mouth. When I pulled up, I tightened my lips applying pressure along the way. After just a few tries, I felt my nose sink into his pubic hair. Feeling a strange kind of pride, I pulled up to repeat the process when I encountered more pre-cum oozing from the end of his cock. He was obviously very excited about what was happening. The taste made me dizzy with strange, erotic feelings I couldn’t explain. I sucked it down quickly and dipped my tongue in the crevice looking for more.

I began to wonder just what kind of man I was as my mind filled with lewd phallic images. I seemed to be losing myself in a strange sea of erotic sensations. The disturbing feeling of having another man’s penis in my mouth was fading quickly. Was it my self-defense mechanism kicking in, or worse, something less noble? I was troubled by the undeniable fact that I had become sexually aroused. I was determined to deny Robert the satisfaction of discovering my erection.

I reached up and loosened my tie, then collar, as I continued along my sexual odyssey. I started to lose track of time as I focused on the hard fleshy member between my lips. I found myself getting into a rhythm, taking his entire length on each pass, dancing my tongue rapidly atop the head, exploring every crook and cranny, before plunging back down. I abandoned all traces of self-respect as I vigorously pursued this new erotic endeavor. I was surprised by an all-encompassing desire to make him cum. I wanted to experience his cock exploding in my mouth.

Until that point, Robert had been completely motionless while I performed my duties. Now he was beginning to shift slightly in his chair and I knew he was starting to loose control. I heard a grunt slip from his mouth and soon felt his hands on the back of my head holding me in place. Then he thrust his hips forward jamming his cock further down my throat clamoring, “Swallow it!”

I felt the huge vein along the underside of his cock expand against my tongue just before my mouth was deluged with huge amounts of thick, warm sperm. I had no choice but to swallow as fast as I could. My brain short-circuited as I tried to process this new experience. The taste of his cum, coupled with the erotic sensation of an exploding cock between my lips, sent a lightening bolt of pure pleasure directly to my crotch! Each new wave of cum that flooded my mouth made my cock throb and pulsate like never before. I was shocked and surprised by this reaction, but loved every minute of the exhilarating and incredibly hot, sensations flooding my brain.

I was surprised at the sheer volume of cum he sent down my throat as it seemed to go on forever. I didn’t think it was humanly possible to produce so much sperm. I found myself literally gulping it down to keep up with the flow. His hands held my head in place until his climax subsided.

Finally I felt his hands release and I released his cock, filled with mixed emotions. The taste of sperm dominated my mouth as I looked at his cock just inches from my lips still twitching with the last signs of excitement.

What had I just done? Was I that weak? I was reluctant to look at his face, as I had never felt more embarrassed or humiliated in my life. There was another reason as well. I didn’t want Robert to see the absolute thrill and gratification that I knew was written all over my face.

Robert peered down between his legs at me still holding his cock giving me a wicked grin. “Lick it clean” he said without moving a muscle. As all pretenses had vanished, I licked his cock like an ice cream cone finding it all too easy. I knew he could tell, but didn’t want to think about that, or what it meant, I just did it. I swallowed the excess sperm that had dribbled out along the sides while carefully bathing his cock with my tongue. Just as I was finishing, I heard Robert say, “Kiss it.”

The words just hung in the air, behind the locked doors of his office. Not satisfied with what had happened he wanted more. He wanted to cement his dominant role in our new sexual relationship. Things had been set in motion, things that would go long into the future. He knew it, and I knew it. In a final act of submission, I bent forward and kissed the head of Robert’s cock confirming my role beyond anyone’s doubt.

With my new duties completed, I stood up, fixed my shirt and tie while Robert put his well-sucked cock back into his pants. I remembered my erection and turned quickly hoping Robert hadn’t noticed. I walked calmly over and unlocked the office doors, then proceeded to the men’s rest room where I disappeared into the last stall.

Still shaken from the experience, I fumbled nervously at my pants finally opening them to reveal a gooey mess in my underwear. Damn! My worst fear was realized. I had ejaculated, without even being touched, and my cock was still painfully erect. I dipped my fingers into the mess and raised them to my lips confirming the foregone conclusion. I had climaxed from sucking cock!

My head started spinning as I found myself more confused then ever. What was happening to me, what did this mean, was I gay? I replayed the events in my mind trying desperately to make sense of it. It was all there. How easy it was taking his cock in my hand, how I slipped it in my mouth, how I liked the taste… Instinctively, I wrapped my hand around my cock and began to stroke. Then I remembered how his cock exploded in my mouth flooding me with sperm. I pumped furiously as it became clear this was the source of my orgasm.

My release was like a tidal wave. My knees became weak and I fell against the wall as I milked that same thick, nectar from my cock… straight into my other hand, something I had never done before. Without a single hesitation, I raised it to his lips and devoured the luscious, forbidden juice. Just as before, my cock pulsed and throbbed uncontrollably, spitting out more sperm than ever before. I had no idea why my body reacted this way to the taste of sperm. I had never had a single homosexual thought in my life! All I knew was that it produced the most intense orgasms I’d ever experienced.

We never talked about our arrangement. When Robert was in need, which seemed rather frequent, he would simply ask me to lock his office door. It was clear what that would mean. The only time I ever said anything to him was when he approached me the next time, a few days after our first encounter. I told him I would never allow him to fuck me, that was off limits and I meant it. The other thing I requested was for him to keep his pubic hair trimmed. I didn’t like the way it tickled my nose.

That was how it started almost four years ago. In all that time, not one person has ever had the slightest idea of what happens behind those doors.

Now it was time again. I sank down between his knees just as I had a million times before. With practiced ease, I worshipped the memorized ridges and crevices of Robert’s cock bringing him to a shattering climax receiving what I secretly craved. I felt that same warm, fuzzy sensation as I gulped down copious amounts of his warm, thick seed. Just as we established that first time, I ran my tongue along his length until every trace of sperm was gone, then kissed the head in submission. I gently tucked his cock back into his suit pants and carefully pulled the zipper up.

As was my custom, I walked into the last stall in the men’s bathroom and opened my pants. The gooey mess was as much a mystery now as it had been that first day. I no longer tried to understand it, just accepted it. I scooped as much as I could on my finger and savored each drop. Yes, I still came with an incredible thundering intensity every time I sucked cock. I couldn’t decide if my secret was a curse… or a blessing.

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