Corina Chapter 10

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Corina Chapter 10Things get even wilder with my little wife!!!Enjoy it all!!!!Finally Thursday I had it figured out completely and picked up the notebook/diary after a lot of looking. It was leather covered with a real leather strap sewn to it for a real lock. I got her a new lock that had two keys and never opened the package it was in. I got a box and paper to wrap it in and wrapped it in the garage parking area. Then I went up and went inside and Corina was watching TV. Corina got up and ran to me and gave me a great kiss and told me she missed me today. Then she asked me what I had and I told her a present of her. Corina asked me what it was for and I told her it was because I loved her. I gave the bag to her and told her to open it now while I got a beer. Corina took it to the table and marveled at how good I wrapped it and said it looked too good to open. I told her it was up to her and sat down with a coke and watched her open it.Corina smiled at me as she admired that notebook. She told me it was beautiful and then asked me what it was for. I told her there was something else in the bag for her and she pulled out the nice wooden pen and pencil set I got her. She told me they were really awesome and asked me again what they were for. I took a sip of my beer and then told her I thought a lot about the game and I still kept thinking about it all the time. I told her it really turned me on that she was played with and he made her cum as he licked her. Then I asked her if it bothered her at all with all the games I pulled on her like the watcher and Morgan. Corina looked down and I really thought she was going to say we needed to put an end to the games now.Corina got up and moved over to me and kissed me with a lot of passion and told me she loved me so much and it would never change. I told her I only had her on my mind every second of my life and that would never change. Corina asked me if it looked like it bothered her with the watcher as he watched her play with herself and then he watched as her husband fucked her. She smiled and told me it really made her so horny and she found out she likes being an exhibitionist. She giggled and said she couldn’t believe how hot it made her every time I came up with her doing more. Corina told me she imagined she was looking right into his eyes while I fucked her while he watched. She smiled and said he saw everything about how she is when she fucks and he always showed he loved it.I asked her what she thought about the pantie snafu with Morgan and Corina said that was a lot more complicated. I said I was worried that she was angry about it and really hated that I had her promise with the panties. I said it made sense that she hated the whole thing and I was really sorry. Corina kissed me again like she did before and then smiled at me. Then she asked me if I heard her say she would do anything I asked and I told her she said it more than once. I told her I was really sorry that my stupidity almost got her fucked and Corina told me not to worry about it. She got up and went back and sat down while she looked over the notebook and pen set again. She didn’t say anything and I started to talk again and Corina said she wasn’t finished yet. Corina told me to give her time to figure out how to say everything she wanted to. She smiled and said I thought about it all week and she was surprised and needed a little time.I waited as Corina was checking out the stuff and she said she was only mad a little bit at first and even laughed about it the next day. Then she said my letter really shocked her and she read it more than one time to fully understand what I wrote. She said it was fun while she was getting ready and when we were texted is when she started to get nervous. She said she didn’t understand how I said I didn’t know if I wanted her to have sex with another man and then was sending her to a man’s apartment dressed like I had her dress. I said it must have been and Corina stopped me right there again saying she was still talking. Corina said her legs were shaking as she walked down to his apartment and she stood about 10 feet from his door trying to stop the shaking. Corina said she was that nervous about not really knowing what I wanted her to do or not to do. She said all that mattered was she wanted to please me so much she took the chance and did it. Corina set the notebook down and smiled at me and told me she enjoyed the things that did happen and it didn’t bother her a bit because she did what I said. Corina said if she didn’t like it she wouldn’t have cum so hard in front of Morgan. Corina said if he fucked her it would have been because she wanted him to and not because he forced her. Corina looked down at the table and asked me if I was glad she stopped him from fucking her and I told her I was relieved I didn’t get her fucked like that. Corina asked me if she said everything right and I told her she was better at this than me. Corina smiled and told me it was because she doesn’t have a small head to think with when it comes to sex. I laughed and told her that was why I had the notebook. She said it was time for me to explain about the notebook and what I was going to make her do now. I told her we would talk Friday after work so we could really discuss it completely.Corina didn’t want to wait and I told her I wanted to have the whole night to talk about it with her. Corina tried the pouting and I wouldn’t fall for it and said it was worth taking the time to talk it over so we both understand each other. I told her I didn’t want to have to go to bed without us both on the same page about the game. We ended up ordering subs and as we ate Corina would ask me funny things about what I was going to make her do. The first thing she asked was if I was going to make her stand on the balcony naked to tease all the men and women that saw her. I laughed and said I wasn’t going to make her do anything at all. As we were cleaning up to watch a little TV before bed she asked me if I was going to make her walk into a bar full of men with just a little nighty on and I laughed again and told her she was just as kinky as I was. Then I asked her if she would if I asked her to and she said she would have to do it to please me. I told her not to worry because that wasn’t it at all.About a half hour later she asked me if she had to go to the college and tease a whole group of men at one of the boy’s only houses. I smiled at her and said that sounded fun and we both laughed. While we were walking to the bedroom to sleep she said she finally knew what I wanted. I asked her what was going through her kinky mind now and she said I wanted her to go to the zoo and strip naked in front of the gorillas and tease them. I almost fell down laughing and she helped me get to the bedroom. I got undressed and Corina was watching me with her arms crossed and said I was really a sexy man naked and I went over and kissed her deeply. She moaned in my mouth and when we got done kissing I undressed her and told her that her body was so fucking awesome and I bet she left Morgan with some really blue balls. Corina was smiling and we got into bed and she snuggled up to me tightly. I started kissing her and was playing with her tits and then her pussy. She was really wet and I moved over on top of her and she spread her thighs out for me.I watched her face as I reached down and guided my hard cock into her very tight again pussy. Her eyes closed and she moaned a real moan and then told me I had the perfect dick and she really likes it when we make love. She wrapped her legs around my waist and told me to please last longer this time because she wanted to cum on my dick. I kissed her and told her I would last a lot longer and started to stroke her tight hole and made sure I ground against her pelvis a lot. For some reason she was really worked up tonight and she was fucking with me stroke for stroke. She was moaning and squeaking as my cock was fucking her sweet little pussy and I watched her eyes go white when she suddenly started gurgling and thrashing around and her hands pulled on my butt tuzla escort trying to get my cock in as deep as she could. She stiffened up and exploded under me and kissed me wildly and she was really thrashing around. I just softly ground my pelvis against her pelvis to keep pressure on her clit as she was cumming.She cum for a long time and when her spasms slowed down she softly kept saying oh my god over and over again. She wrapped her legs around my waist again and held me tight telling me to stay still for a while. We kissed softly and then she whispered she felt so loved when I fucked her like that. She whispered she was so glad I was such a stud and fucked her so fantastic. She smiled and told me she really needed to cum tonight and I asked her if she could keep going. Her eyes opened and she giggled and told me that no man can out fuck a woman ever and told me to keep fucking her.When I started fucking her again she told me again that my dick was perfect and she loved it that I had a big one. She was moaning and I started fucking harder again as I felt like her pussy was swollen and soaking wet from her orgasm. Corina was really getting into it and was fucking me back really sexy and groaning and moaning as we moved together. I couldn’t hold back anther minute and started to fuck her as hard as I could. Her legs spread out wide and her mouth hung open as she gasped and groaned with my pounding down into her tight sweet pussy. I came and Corina kissed me really sexy as I shot my hot cum into her sweet little pussy. After I finished Corina was looking into my eyes and told me that it felt fantastic now that I lasted longer and she loved it. Corina didn’t let me off of her until my cock was soft. Corina giggled and pushed my cock out of her pussy by squeezing it out and I kissed her and rolled off of her. She cuddled up to me and asked me if I was going to strip her naked on the freeway and tie her to the railing so everyone could see her as they drove by. I told her no again and told her I would explain it all tomorrow. I think I fell asleep before she did.The next day at work I perfected in my mind what I was going to say to her about the game. I got home before Corina like usual on Fridays and took a coke and sat out on the balcony to wait for her. I was sitting there listening to the music from an apartment below us and never noticed when Corina got home. I spun around and she was naked standing at the patio door with her hands on her hips. I smiled as I went inside and Corina said she was ready for what I wanted her to do and that I had to just tell her how I wanted her to do it. She turned around and wiggled her butt at me and asked me if she was dressed like I wanted and I told her she didn’t have those panties on. Corina turned around and told me that she let Morgan have them when she left the other day and I had to get another pair for her. I picked up her cloths from the floor where she dropped them and told her she didn’t need to be naked yet and Corina giggled as she put her cloths back on. I sat at the table and said I was going to order a pizza to eat while we discuss the game again.After I ordered the pizza for delivery Corina asked me what I had planned this weekend and I said we could go to the zoo if she wanted to. She laughed and said she wasn’t going to tease gorillas at the zoo and I smiled and told her that was a bummer. I leaned back and told her I didn’t want to tell her to do anything sexual anymore. I said she was in complete control of the game now. I sat there smiling at her and Corina asked me what I meant when I said that. I told her no matter what she says to me there is no way I know what she is really feeling inside when we do fun things. I said that was where the notebook fits in. I told her I wanted her to write down everything going inside her mind when it comes to any kind of sex. I told her I wanted her to tell the notebook everything she doesn’t tell me.Corina sat back in her chair and said she answered every question honestly when I asked it. I said there is always something she doesn’t tell me while we talk later. I said I never knew how she felt her eyes were locked to the watcher when we messed around in front of him. I told her that when she wanted she could write down everything that went through her whenever something sexual happened like that. She said she didn’t want to run to the notebook all the time and I told her just when she had time she could write it down later. Corina told me she could just tell me later in bed and I told her she would be more open with the notebook. She started to say something and I told her I wanted her to write down things she would be scared to say to me. I told Corina the notebook would just be for her eyes only and it gives her someone to tell her deepest secrets and desires. I told her I got the lock so she would know I couldn’t read it unless it was time.Corina smiled and asked me when would it be time for me to read it and I told her in three months. Corina asked me if she should start this weekend and I said she had to start from the beginning of the month. Corina then asked me why she should wait until Tuesday to start and I told her I meant from the beginning of this month. I told her it would take care of four months time for me to read at the end of it when she finished writing down the last day. She started to touch the cover of the notebook and I said it would only work if she wrote down everything she did and thought about sexually. Corina didn’t say anything and I told her there is nothing she could write that would make me angry or make me feel any different about her. I told her I loved her too much to let anything come between us as long as it just stayed a game for us to enjoy. The doorbell rang and I got up and the pizza was here. I took it back to the table and Corina got plates and glasses with a big bottle of coke for us.We started eating the pizza and soon Corina asked me to explain more about what she was supposed to do. I said most couples start messing around after they get bored with the sex life they have. Then soon they end up with losing the love and replace it with someone else. I said I didn’t want that to happen to us because I wanted us to be together until the end of time. Corina looked like I really hit her deep with that and she told me she felt the same way. I said I wanted to know all the dirty thoughts that were inside my wife’s mind when it came to sex. She smiled big and she said she could write it all down and I could read it every week. I told her four months were a good amount of stuff for me to read and it sounded good for me. Corina giggled and told me I might not like all the things she thinks while we fuck around. I told her the idea was that I wanted to know all the things she thinks about and I wanted to know how everything felt so I could learn how to fuck her better.Corina was quiet for a while and then she asked me if she was supposed to write down everything she thought when she was at Morgan’s. I told her I wanted to know everything about her time with Morgan a lot and I told her all of this can’t work unless she is completely honest with the notebook. She looked down at the pizza and I said again that nothing would make me angry or sad as long as it was complete honesty. I told her if she lied in the notebook it would break my heart. I told her I even wanted to know how her pussy tingled while he messed with her and every thought she had during it. She asked me if she had to write down everything and I said if she couldn’t be completely honest I didn’t want her to do it at all.Corina was silent and I asked her if she wanted to know about the game now and she smiled and said she was curious. I said I wasn’t going to have her doing things that my kinky mind came up with and she giggled. Then she told me that doing those things really was fun and she enjoyed all of them. I told her she was in charge now and I didn’t want to know anything she did when it came to the game. Then she asked me if she only was supposed to write down the game stuff and I said she had to tuzla escort bayan write down every single dirty sex thought she had and even when we fucked around. I told her she was supposed to just open up and enjoy life with me. Corina smiled and said she already did that and wanted to know about the game.I told Corina that I wanted her to catch up with this month while she thought about it. I said the game was she would relax and start teasing other guys back when they are interesting to her. I said she should only do it if that guy makes her pussy start to tingle while he flirts with her. I asked her if that had happened yet and she giggled and said maybe. I said once she was relaxed enough to just flirt back and then let things happen that doesn’t bother her. Corina asked me if she was supposed to kiss them and I told her I had no problem with that. Corina smiled and I said I had no problem with another man playing with her tits and sucking on them. Corina giggled and said I was sounding really kinky and I smiled at her. I said I had no problem if he played with her sweet pussy and she played with his cock. Corina looked surprised and I told her I had no problem with them having oral sex. Corina then asked me what the limit was then.I asked her if she really was a virgin when we got fucked the first time because she didn’t bleed. Corina laughed and said girls sometimes break and bleed without having sex by just being active. I asked her again if she was a virgin and she smiled and told me I got her cherry. I then said she only has had my cock so far and sooner or later she would be curious to feel another man fucking her. Corina said she would never cheat on me and I told her now it wouldn’t be cheating. I said it wouldn’t bother me if a guy she was messing with got between her legs and fucked her. She was shocked and I said she would get that out of the way before it made her curious enough that she thought about cheating.Corina then softly asked me if I wanted her to fuck another man now. I told her I wasn’t going to ask her to do that. I told her I thought about it hard and finally knew it wouldn’t bother me if it happened. I told her if it happened not to tell me and to just tell the notebook. I said I wanted her to write down everything about how it felt and how much she enjoyed it. Corina said maybe he wouldn’t do it very well and she wouldn’t like it. I told her if that happened she should tell him he doesn’t know how to please a girl and then she shouldn’t do anything with him again. She asked me if I really wanted another man to make her cum. I told her I only said if she ended up fucking another man that he better maker her cum a lot because she cums really easy. Corina smiled and told me she only cums easy because she loves me and I know how to fuck. Then she said maybe I was the only man that could make her cum and I laughed. I told her if another cock didn’t make her cum then he didn’t know how to fuck. Corina then asked me if I was saying we should fuck other people or something. I said I had no interest in fucking another person and I just had fantasies of another man fucking her. She looked confused and I said all I could think about when I did think about it was her cumming over and over again while someone fucks her.Corina was silently looking at me and I said I was sorry she found out what a sick pervert I was and I understood if it bothered her. Corina softly said it didn’t bother her that she was surprised I wasn’t bothered if another man fucked her. I looked down and told her I was sorry about all of this and I wouldn’t ever bring it up again. Corina started to say something and I got up and went over to the couch and turned on the TV. Corina asked me to shut it off and come back and talk to her. I told her I never wanted to make her upset and I would never bring it up again and to forget I said anything about it. I started flipping through the channels and Corina came over and took the remote away and shut it off. She stood there and told me she wasn’t upset at all. I told her I could tell it bothered her and Corina took my hand. She pulled me up and when I stood there she kissed me with passion. When she was done she took my hand again and lifted her skirt and slid my hand in her panties. I didn’t move and she told me to check her pussy and see if it bothered her at all. I felt her slit and it was soaking wet and swollen as I inspected it. Then Corina took me and led me back to the table sitting us down again. I didn’t say anything and she told me to tell her all the rules to the game and everything I wanted or hoped happened while we played it.I asked her if she was sure and she told me she was trying to take it all in and didn’t know how far she could go yet. I told her that was why she was in control of the game. I told her to write down this month when she wanted to and then just write down all she did with me or anyone else describing everything. I told her I wasn’t worried that someone might fuck better than me or longer or made her cum more. I said when we fucked we made love like she said and whenever she did anything with anyone it was just a sex game. Corina said she wasn’t like me and didn’t think she could handle me fucking other women even once. I told her again I would never do that and that it wouldn’t ever happen. I said even if she told me to do it that I would just tell her I couldn’t find a girl that wanted to. Corina asked me if I was sure about everything then she would do whatever made me happy. Then she said she couldn’t stand thinking about another woman fucking me and thought it was strange I wanted her to mess around. I told her there is a lot of websites just for men that like their wives getting fucked and even watching while they get fucked. Corina sat there looking at her notebook and then told me if I was positive about it to tell her everything about the game now.I said the first rule was that she never told me if anything happened or not. I said she could only tease me about it and I would have fun with that. Corina smiled and said that she would have fun teasing me about it a lot. I told her I would do a sudden inspection of her pussy when she got home and I would tell her if I thought she got messed with or now. I told her never to let me know for sure if she did anything and to always leave me guessing about it. I said to write down when I checked her and if I was right or not. I said in three months and four days I would know when she let me read her notebook. Corina asked me how could she do it without me knowing about it and I told her just to tell me she had to do something with a friend or call and tell me when she had to work late. I said she works late almost once a week and maybe she would have to work late more often and I smiled.Corina giggled and said I had it all thought out. I told her if she came home and took a bath before we went to bed that I would know someone had fucked her pussy. I told her that if she wanted me to wonder that she should just make sure she pushes all the cum out of her and wipe off good. Corina smiled when I said I wanted to find out if I could tell if her pussy was fucked or not. I said once I inspected her pussy that week she wasn’t to let me do the inspection again until Monday. I said I could only do our normal playing like always and would have to make sure I pick the right day. Corina asked me if I checked her out Monday that I couldn’t do it again until the next Monday or if I would change it as time went by. I said she shouldn’t let me do the inspection but once a week and that was it. Corina giggled and I said I knew it might take a while before she even was open enough to let another man play with her again and she smiled at me big. Corina said maybe she would let another man fuck her Monday while she was sitting home alone all day. I told her there wasn’t any way she could get herself to do it that quickly because she is a little bit of a prude. I was really trying to get her back onto Morgan’s big black cock on Monday like they had talked about. She sat there smiling and I told her it escort tuzla would take her a while to feel comfortable enough to allow another man to play with her.Corina said I sounded like I knew her very well so far and we would find out as the game went on with a sneaky smile on her face. I told her the second rule was she could do anything her dirty mind wanted to. Corina told me she might want to do a gang bang and I said anything she wanted was good for me. Corina asked me what she should do if someone fucked her really good and I told her I had no problem with her finding someone she likes to fuck. I said I hoped that happened and they end up being fuck buddies. I told her even if that happened as long as it was sex only I was all for it. I said she should still play around with other guys if she finds another guy that interests her. I said it would be fun if she had many guys to choose from to fuck once in a while. I told Corina that she had to tell everything to the notebook and I would read about all of it later.I told Corina the game was completely in her control. I said if she found out she couldn’t let another man fuck her that she had to at least let another man play with her. Corina giggled and said maybe it wouldn’t bother her to fuck someone else and she smiled and told me I wouldn’t know for three months now. Corina asked me why I didn’t just tell her to find someone to fuck and I told her I wanted to make it last a long time and for her to be comfortable with it. I asked her what would she of said if I came home tonight and told her to find someone to fuck. Corina said she would have been shocked and really didn’t know what she would have said. Corina said she would have done it just to make me happy and she might have hated it then. I told Corina that once another man got his cock in her that she would lose all control and fuck him back wildly. I then smiled and told her maybe she will come across a big cock and find out if she likes a big cock like in her fantasy. Corina asked me what if she did like a big cock and I instantly said if he can fuck good she really has to fuck him all she wants. I told her the most important rule was none of this can mess up our sex life with me fucking her all I like.Corina got up and then sat on my lap and kissed me really sexy. Then she told me nothing could ever stop her from fucking her fantastic husband and there is no way she could go long without making love to me. Corina then got up and got out some wine and asked me if I wanted a beer. I said yes and she got my beer and gave it to me and brought a glass back with her and then sat down and poured out some wine for her. She drank almost all of it and poured more out and giggled. Then she arranged the notebook in front of her and took out the pen set. She got out the pen and was about to start and then said she better use the pencil first and laughed. She smiled at me and said after she was done catching up she would use the pen. She said she might have to erase as she remembered all that happened three weeks ago. I told her all the way back to the first of the month if she could and she whispered if I really wanted her to and I said yes. Corina said maybe something happened already and I told her I knew nothing did and laughed. Then I said if something did happen it wouldn’t bother me a bit and would just let me know I was right on starting this game like this. Corina got up and walked over really sexy and kissed my lips lightly and said maybe a really big dick was inside her pussy already a couple of times and she walked back smiling at me. Then she said maybe a couple of big dicks already fucked her pussy this month and then she sat down. I told her I would have known if she was fucked already since I play with her all the time and know her pussy well. Corina giggled and said ok and didn’t know I was such a pussy expert. I smiled and said her pussy I knew very well and was an expert on it for sure. Corina giggled and started to write and then stood up and started to the bedroom and I figure she had to piss before she started. While she was in there I took my beer and sat down and turned on the TV. Corina came out and then asked me if it bothered me if she started with the notebook now and I told her I could watch TV for a while. Corina went back into the bedroom and soon came out with a short nighty on and I told her she forgot the panties. Corina said she said she was really wet already and knew she would be getting even wetter so she left them off. I laughed and she went and sat down taking another big drink of her wine. I kept looking over at her every few minutes and she was really busy writing and drinking. After almost an hour she got up and stood in front of me and giggled. I looked up at her and asked her what she wanted and she asked me to play with her pussy and make her cum so she could write better. She said her pussy needed to cum so bad right now and asked me if I could find the time to just use my hand and make her cum while she stood there. I reached out and found out she was really swollen and her slit had so much juice in it that I was surprised it didn’t drip while she walked. I slid two fingers inside he wet warm hole and Corina moaned loudly and said she needed this. Soon as my thumb brushed her clit she shuddered and gasped out really loudly. I started fucking her with my fingers while my thumb rubbed her clit lightly. I pulled her to me and she stood there with her legs spread a little bit and I kept my fingers fucking her as I started to lick her hard clit. It was hard and sticking out and Corina was groaning and holding herself up with her hands on my head. Her pussy was really leaking down my hand as I was licking her clit and slit. I softly said I wished Morgan had just pushed his dick into her then went back to licking her. Corina groaned really loud and she started cumming on my fingers and tongue really strong. Her pussy was in spasms for a while and she held my head as she was cumming for a few seconds. Suddenly pushed me away and said she needed that and turned away trying to catch her breath. Her legs were wobbly as she went back to the table and sat back down. She smiled at me and broke out giggling and told me she was really having fun already with how the game was going. Then she went back to writing and I watched TV for a little longer and kept looking over at her once in a while. She was really working hard and drinking a lot of wine.Soon I couldn’t wait any longer and was glad the news came on. It was 11 and I really wanted to fuck her very wet swollen pussy badly. I asked her if she wanted to stop for a while and Corina asked me if I wanted to do something and I laughed. I asked her how far she was and if she got to Morgan or not. Corina told me almost and I asked her how much she wrote. Corina checked and then told me ten pages almost already and I asked her if she got to Morgan. Corina giggled and said she was writing down about kissing me goodbye and how I told her I had a letter for her at the table. I told her how surprised she filled out almost ten pages without even getting to Morgan. I asked her if she was completely honest as best as she could remember and didn’t leave out anything.Corina stood up and finished her glass of wine and then made sure she locked the notebook up. She smiled at me and told me she had both keys hidden really good and for me not to try to find them. She walked at me really sexy and said she was surprised she had so much to write about. She came over and sat next to me and asked me if I wanted her to be a slut or what did I really want from her. I kissed her long and deeply as she moaned into my mouth. Then I told her I didn’t want to make her a slut in that way. I said I just wanted my wife to be the wildest little person she could let herself be. I told her if that makes her slutty a little bit I was happy having a little bit slutty wife and smiled big. Corina giggled and said if I didn’t think about it for a while that I had a smooth talking tongue. I said I wanted to fuck my wild and a little bit slutty wife if she was ready. She got up and took my hand and pulled me off the couch. I took the remote and shut off the TV and watched her naked ass beneath that short nighty top as she led me to the bedroom.Continued with Chapter 11

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