Cool Silk

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Darkness engulfs Janelle as Mikel secures the blindfold over her eyes. Smooth, cool silk gently but firmly blinding her. Unable to see, Janelle is left to anticipate Mikel’s moves, his touch. A second scarf binds Janelle’s hands at the wrist, and then to the headboard. Firm, but with enough slack to allow Janelle to move and not be too uncomfortable. Mikel feels himself growing hard, aching with desire as he gazes over Janelle, blind and helpless, submitting herself to his desires. Janelle’s sheer black lace bra barely covers her erect nipples, and the matching panties already show a moist spot.

Taking off his shirt Mikel sighs, almost sad that Janelle can’t enjoy watching his arm and chest muscles ripple, but her rapid breathing tells him that she is enjoying her current status. Removing his slacks Mikel stands at the foot of the bed, naked, his cock hard, swollen, a small drop of pre-cum already oozing from the tip.

Not a word has been spoken, just the soft strains of Miles Davis floating through the room. Janelle lets out a soft gasp as Mikel’s fingertips gently trace down the inside of her arms, raising goose bumps. Janelle’s nipples grow harder and larger, pushing desperately against her bra. Mikel runs his fingers down her arms, across her shoulders, collarbone, and down her cleavage, soft, gentle, barely touching her skin. All Janelle feels is the energy emanating from his body to hers, penetrating her as deeply as if he was sliding his cock into her.

Janelle instinctively spreads her legs wide. Twisting against her restraints, Janelle arches her back, trying to push her tits closer to Mikel, desperate to have him rub her nipples. Although Mikel hasn’t touched Janelle’s clit or pussy her panties are soaked, the smell of her sex mixing with the jazz in the air. Slowly Mikel traces down her body, avoiding her nipples but outlining her breasts, then down her stomach, his fingers spread wide, just grazing the skin.

Janelle sucks in a sharp breath as Mikel traces over her panties, just avoiding her clit and pussy lips. His fingers graze down the outside bahis siteleri of her thighs and legs, then slowly back up the inside. They go on like this, Mikel softly tracing over Janelle’s body, his finger tips loving her smooth, soft, silky skin, deftly avoiding the areas she is most desperate for him to touch. Janelle twists and moans, straining against the scarf, physically begging for his fingers to bring her satisfaction.

Without warning Mikel releases her bra, freeing her straining nipples. Just as suddenly strawberry lube dribbles over her breasts, causing Janelle to gasp at the cool, unexpected sensation. Slowly Mikel circles her nipples with the tip of his fingers, gently spreading the lube over her beautiful tits. Janelle arches her back higher at his touch, and then pouts every time Mikel stops, but moans again in desire and passion as more lube is dribbled over her breasts and down her stomach.

The feel of his fingers and lube send jolts of electricity through her body, causing Janelle to thrash and moan even louder. Grabbing her lube covered tits Mikel massages them more forcefully. The lube and her soft tits feel exceptional, so full and slippery. Straining Janelle desperately pleads to feel his cock, his body, but try as she might Mikel remains just out of reach.

By now Janelle is dripping wet, soaking her panties, her thighs, the bed. The bedroom is a mix of her sex, strawberry lube, jazz, perfume and her desperate moans. Suddenly Mikel replaces his fingers with his tongue, gently tracing over her nipples, tits, neck, just barely grazing her lips, allowing Janelle the slightest taste of strawberry. Janelle sighs louder as his tongue traces lower, over her stomach, across her thighs, so close to her clit, which Mikel can clearly see poking against her panties. Licking up her inner thighs Mikel come so close to her wetness, Janelle tenses with anticipation, blindly thrusting her wetness upwards in a desperate attempt to feel his tongue.

Instead, without warning, a buzz breaks the air as Mikel suddenly thrusts a vibrator at full canlı bahis siteleri speed against her clit. The shock causes Janelle to jolt, arch, scream, yank against her restraint.

“GOD” Janelle yells “Oh fuck, oh fuck”

Quickly getting over the initial shock, Janelle begins to eagerly hump the vibe, rubbing her clit against it through her panties. Taking his time Mikel runs it over her clit, down her wet parted lips, against her ass. Janelle’s panties are so soaked they are plastered against her skin. Laying the vibe on the bed, buzzing against her ass, Mikel grabs Janelle’s panties with both hands and strips them off in one quick movement. Janelle gasps as the cool air hits her sopping pussy, and then yells louder still as lube hits her clit followed by the tip of Mikel’s tongue.

Spreading her legs wide the vibe continues to buzz against her ass as his tongue spreads strawberry lube over her pouting pussy lips. As Janelle frantically grinds against his mouth, Mikel slowly pushes the vibe into her, feeling the buzz through her clit against his tongue. By now there is no holding Janelle back. Yanking hard against her restraint Janelle screams and howls, intermingling shouts of desire.

“Fuck, fuck, eat me, eat me, suck my clit, eat me, gonna cum, oh god, oh god, ooooohhhhhhhhh….”

Janelle explodes, contracting so hard she actually slows the buzz of the vibe for a second. Janelle’s legs clamp onto Mikel’s head so hard he is afraid she will crush him. Undeterred Mikel keeps licking and sucking while the vibe buzzes deep inside Janelle. Janelle’s orgasm continues seemingly forever as she writhes on the bed, clamping and spreading her legs, screaming, pulling against the headboard, swearing, all the while flooding her thighs, the vibe, Mikel’s mouth, and the bed with her cum.

Finally Mikel removes the vibrator. By now he is so hard it feels like he is going to cum without even being touched. Taking a second to regain his composure Mikel just stands over Janelle, watching her slowly twist and struggle, moaning low. Unable güvenilir bahis to wait any longer Mikels grabs Janelle’s thighs and flips her onto her stomach. Grabbing her ass Mikel pulls it into the air, putting Janelle onto her elbows and knees, her wrists still tied to the headboard. It is his turn, and Mikel needs to fuck.

Getting on his knees behind Janelle Mikel leans down.

“I’m going to fuck you” Mikel whispers as quietly as he can, his tongue barely touching her ear.

“Yes” Janelle replies in a low, throaty, guttural voice.

“What?” Mikel asks more forcefully

“Fuck me” Janelle yelps immediately “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my wet pussy”

Smiling Mikel lets the tip of him rub over Janelle’s wet, lube covered lips and across her clit, causing Janelle to twitch.

“What do you want?” Mikel teases

“Your cock” Janelle screams, pushing back against him, desperate to feel him inside her.

“Fuck me please, oh god Mikel fuck me, fuck your slut”

At that something inside him breaks, and Mikel can’t stand anymore. Grabbing her ass with both hands Mikel buries himself into Janelle with no warning. This isn’t going to be a marathon session, but a fast, furious, hard fuck. Janelle is so wet from cum and lube that there is almost no resistance. Mikel immediately begins to fuck Janelle. No slowly working up to it, no gentle love making, he pounds her while reaching up and grabbing her tits. Also desperately horny Janelle pushes back with equal fervor.

“Fuck” Mikel yells, “fuck your pussy is so fucking good baby”

“Cum in me” Janelle screams as the first tremor start to ripple through her body

“Cum in me, cum in me, fuck me fuck me, cum with me, cuuummm” Janelle screams as her second orgasm wracks her body.

As soon as her pussy contracts on his cock Mikel explodes. No warning, no possibility of holding back, Mikel spews thick ropes of hot cum. The feel of it sends Janelle even higher. Pushing back even harder, contracting more forcefully, and continuing to scream, and yell, by now Janelle is unintelligible, lost in animalistic ecstasy. Both seemingly cum forever. Mikel completely fills Janelle, overflowing out of her, onto his balls, her thighs, the bed, but no one cares. Finally, both collapse, Mikel still on top of Janelle. Neither noticing that Janelle is still blindfolded and tied to the bed.

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