Cooking Up a Storm Ch. 4

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I’m definitely getting old, decided Charlie, as he jogged past the young woman briskly walking in the opposite direction. Charlie noted how fit she looked. He decided pocket-rocket was a good description, given she appeared little more than five feet tall, and was very athletic. She seemed to be of an age he bore few clear memories of. Worse, he was sure she was getting along just as quickly as him. He smiled courteously- probably closer to a grimace- and leaned further into the climb up the hill that thankfully would end at the swimming pool. Not that he was much of a swimmer- but he would warm down there in the wading pool, before showering and heading out for dinner. Normally, he would head straight home, but the storm had made him later than usual. A stroke of luck, he decided, recalling their chance meeting.

Later, at the pool, Charlie saw her at the turnstile, where he had to step aside to allow her to power to what was obviously the end of her walk.

They exchanged a glance, long enough for Charlie to note she was damn pretty, and went their separate ways.

Half an hour later, Charlie was in the shower room at the pool, probably taking too much time, when she wheeled in, washing down the floor with a large fire hose as she went.

“Hey!” Charlie shouted, doing his best to cover up from the intruder.

“What are you still doing here?” she demanded. “Pool closed ten minutes ago.”

“I squared it with the new owners,” Charlie replied. “Now would you turn that thing off before I am done serious damage. And an apology would be good.”

“Dave didn’t say anything to me, so I’ve got nothing to be sorry for. Except seeing your scrawny arse.”

Charlie liked how feisty she was. The view he was getting was definitely nothing to complain about. She wore the bottom half of a two-piece bathing suit, the kind that resembled miniature shorts, and allowed the bottom of her butt to show. Her t-shirt was wet through, and was so transparent she may as well not have been wearing it. Charlie couldn’t help noticing her breasts were too large for her frame, and got caught out doing so.

“That’s enough of you!” she scolded, and turned the hose on him. The force of the water pushed him against the wall, where he turned his back to her, and put his hands in the air to surrender.

“It’s not that simple,” she said, and moved closer, training the hose on the wall beside him to emphasise what it was capable of. “And don’t you dare move.”

Charlie didn’t, until she pressed right up behind him, and took hold of his cock.

“What the fuck?” he exclaimed.

“What’s up with you? Never had someone else’s hand on your cock?”

“Well I’d prefer they were old enough to do it legally,” he countered.

“Oh, I’m more than old enough,” she said. Unless you’ve got something against nineteen year olds.”

“So you should be old enough to know what you are doing.”

“And what I want. Which seems to be the same thing as this little fellow.”

Charlie’s cock had begun to stir. Now under the shower with him, she held it loosely as it began to rise, quicker and bigger than she expected.

“Mmm. That was a nice surprise,” she muttered, letting it go. She dropped the hose to the floor, and began to run her hands all over Charlie’s back, occasionally letting them wander to his taut stomach before returning. “You’re not in bad shape for an old fart,” she teased. “Of course, you’ll still have to avoid doing anything too strenuous- being in heart attack territory and all.”

“I guess we’d better stop then,” Charlie added. “You wouldn’t want to have to explain a corpse in the shower, would you?”

With that Charlie turned to face her, his hard-on now pressed against her stomach. The wet look definitely suited her.

“Do you always shower with your clothes on?” Charlie enquired.

“Are you trying to get me naked?”

“You’re as good as naked already.”

“Oh yeah, so what about these?” She spun around sexily, wriggling her cute arse. Charlie grabbed her cheeks, and pulled her to him. She squirmed as he slid his hands down her legs a little, then up again, slipping underneath the fabric and pulling her cheeks apart. His fingers met her warm slit from behind, and worked on it, feeling the lips awaken and open to his touch. She began to grind her hips in little circles, moving her pussy against his fingers until they lathered her juices and slipped inside the warm canal.

Just as Charlie was figuring what should happen next, she pulled away. So she is a teaser after all, Charlie decided, immediately before being proven wrong as she bent over, and bared her hot arse in front of him. With her hands braced against the wooden bench, she spread her legs apart, inviting him to take her from behind. Charlie took hold of his stiff cock, and began to rub it through her gash, noticing how she adjusted her stance slightly as she prepared to take it. Then it happened. As he was dragging it back, she trapped it with an expert bob of her hips, and began to consume it with little flicks that sucked the head inside and Kütahya Escort out, inside and out; quicker than anything he’d ever experienced before. Her cunt felt like it was dropping hot wax on his cock, and he acknowledged it by reaching around through her short prickly bush, and working a finger in beside his cock head. Immediately she withdrew his hand, and drew it to her mouth, sucking the fingers inside at precisely the moment she jammed back, and took every inch of his cock into her sweet hole.

Now she hooked her legs behind his, and held them there, keeping him fully inside as she rotated her hips in large circles, dragging his cock with her as if to snap it off. A strange merging of pain and pleasure overtook him when his cock was almost pointing to the floor, and he began to flood her with cum. In this unnatural position, the sensation accompanying each tormented spurt was almost too much to bear, and he gasped loudly as she kept him trapped like that.

“It’s OK baby, good baby,” she said soothingly, without seeking her own finish.

“Oh my god!” Charlie managed, as his cock came to rest. “Where the fuck did you learn that?”

“It’s my special. Gets them every time,” she replied.

Charlie could only nod in agreement. For the first time in his life, that he could remember anyway, he had fucked someone without even knowing her name. It was something he wanted to remedy quickly.

“I know my timing sucks, but I’m Charlie. And I am pleased to meet you.”

“I know. Twice.”

Charlie had to think about it for a moment before working out what she meant. His pleasure was obvious, but how did she know his name?

‘Well, you’ve got me at a disadvantage-“


“You’ve got me, Sara. How did you know my name?”

“Oh you’ll find out soon enough.”

“So what’s the rest of your night look like.”

“I guess I’ll go out clubbing after I finish up here. And you.”

“I’m grabbing a meal while I’m in town, and then heading out to my holiday house.”

“Now you’re making me hungry.”

Charlie wondered if he should ask her to join him. Intuition told him it should end now. But perhaps a meal, then go their separate ways.

“You are welcome to join me for a meal. It’s the least I can do.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I fucked her, so I owe her. Well hello. I picked you, remember?”

Charlie knew he had stuffed up. He set about apologising, but was ignored as she slipped out of the shirt and took a shower. He offered her his towel, which she snapped from him, before drying herself, and dropping it onto the wet floor. Luckily he had another, and bathed and dressed to go out.

He gathered his things, and headed for the entrance. She was no where in sight- hardly surprising.

As he got into his car, he noticed the note under the windshield wiper.

‘Pick me up at this address in thirty minutes,’ it read.

True to her word, she was ready when he arrived. He handed her the small bunch of flowers he had picked from the neighbours’ gardens. She thanked him courteously, and put them in a vase. It gave Charlie the chance to check her out. She was dressed in designer jeans and an oversized long sleeved shirt, which surprised him for someone her age about to hit the night scene. Still, it was more than adequate for where he had booked the dinner table.

The meal proved to be quite enjoyable. They engaged in conversation about whether she would return to university for the new year. Charlie rushed a little, expecting her to be anxious to join her younger set at the night club. As they were leaving, Charlie thanked her for the company, and asked where he could drop her off.

“Come with me, Charlie,” she replied. “I’ll look after you.”

Charlie best reasons why he shouldn’t, weren’t good enough.

“You’re up to something,” he challenged, as they entered the arena of noise and light.

“Who, me?” Sara replied, feigning her disdain at the notion.

His eyes had barely adjusted to the light when his suspicions were fueled even more.

By the bar, a tall beauty in a slinky black dress was being ogled by a largish group of men. Little wonder, Charlie thought. The back was cut so low the top of her arse showed. Sara noticed the scene had Charlie’s attention.

“That dress really suits Bree, don’t you think?” she said.

The next hour was confusing as Charlie tried to figure what was going on. Sara seldom left his side, except for the occasional dance with some of her girlfriends. Bree was dancing herself to a standstill with most of the guys in her group. Finally the music slowed, and she was in the arms of one of the guys, his hands almost immediately inside the dress and gripping her arse. As they watched, Sara put her hand on Charlie’s arm, and he felt strangely uneasy, until a young guy whisked her away to the emptying dance floor.

Charlie took the opportunity of her absence to move to the games room, where he placed some bets on the night trots and settled in to watch them on the big screen. This Kütahya Escort Bayan was more his scene, and he began to relax. Between races, he ducked away to find the toilets, at the end of a poorly lit corridor where several amorous couples were taking advantage of the darkness. From there, he could see the dance floor. The music had resumed a frenetic Latin rhythm, and the floor was again close to overflowing. He searched for and found Sara, totally into a dance routine with several of her gal pals. Good for her, he thought. The black dress was also there, doing its best to match the sexual moves of the towering black man that held it from behind. The giant black hands slid upwards, taming her bouncing tits with a daring force that almost squashed them flat. Charlie watched as she threw her head back in approval, before she took his hands and returned them to her waist.

When the song was over, they broke apart, and headed directly towards where Charlie was standing.

Startled, Charlie slipped back into the darkness, relieved to see Bree stop short of where he was, and enter the ladies room. He remembered why he was there, and slipped into the men’s room.

On leaving, he stopped at the doorway, glad to have done so when he saw Bree’s dance partner take her by the arm and lead her into the corridor. He pushed her face against the wall, his hands immediately inside her dress. One groped roughly at her breasts as the other searched out her pussy.

Bree wasn’t ready for the onslaught, and dropped her purse. As she bent to pick it up, he shamelessly lifted her dress, exposing her bare arse.

“Hey,” she said, tugging her dress down again. “Easy.” Now facing him, she responded more favourably when he brushed her hair aside, and lightly kissed her throat. Her hand pressed against his face, and pushed his mouth to hers, kick-starting a lengthy french kiss that left them breathless. Charlie watched on as her assailant wedged his leg between hers, forcing them wider apart. Bree lifted one of her legs, and hooked it around his huge frame, her black dress riding high as she bent back under his passionate assault. Again he sought out her pussy, and was welcomed this time, her hand joining his when it made delicious contact with her newly shaved slit. In the dark, Charlie could tell the man was now unzipping his fly. He watched as the man took Bree’s hand and placed it inside his jeans, freeing a little of a cock she couldn’t get her hand around.

Charlie heard him tell her he wanted to fuck her. “Not here!” she said.

“Do you know somewhere?”

“Adam will be waiting- we should get back!”

“But you’re busting my balls. At least jerk me off.” He leaned over her to place his hands against the wall. Charlie saw their lips lock again, and her two-handed motion on his cock, now almost hidden from view. A couple wandered by, chatting amicably, and Bree’s hands stopped for a moment as they passed. When the corridor was empty, Charlie looked back, at first thinking she was missing; except now she was on her knees in front of her partner, her face hard against his thrusting hips. Then he stopped, and she moved her head back, and wiped her mouth. Almost immediately, she rose to her feet, rearranged her clothes, and started for the ladies room. Charlie returned inside the men’s room while she passed. He heard the door swing open, and quickly went to the hand basin, washing his face. In the mirror, he could see the black man, and another guy, the one Bree was first dancing with, standing at the urinal.

“So did you fuck her?”

“Nuh, she backed out. But I blew in her mouth.”

“Fucking unreal. I knew she was hot for it when she got home this afternoon.”

“That sure is some woman you’ve got, Adam.”

Back in the games room, Charlie placed a series of bets, trying to put what he had witnessed out of his mind.

“There you are!”

Sara ignored her girlfriends for a moment to hug Charlie. Her pleasure at finding him seemed genuine. “So you’ve been checking out the board room.”

“Sorry.” Charlie replied. “Am I missing something?”

“The board room. Through there,” Sara explained, pointing to a doorway near the entrance to the corridor that Charlie hadn’t noticed before. Hasn’t Bree been looking after you properly.”

“I haven’t spoken to her tonight.”

“Not just tonight. I thought everyone knew about it.”

“What happens there?”

“Anything you want, if you can get in,” replied one of the other girls. “Come on Sara. I have to pee.”

With that, the other girls headed to the ladies room, dragging Sara with them.

“Find me before you go,” Sara called out to him.

Though watching the racing, Charlie found his mind was elsewhere. He decided it was time to leave, and would have done so, except one of his bets won, and he continued until the last of races was run.

He returned to the night club, which had slowed right down to a few scattered groups, chatting and drinking around the tables. Bree’s group seemed to have remained the same- the black man, Escort Kütahya the man he now knew was Adam, and two other guys.

Sara was nowhere to be seen.


Bree left her group when she saw him near the entrance.

“Hi Bree. How did the weekend go?”

“We left early today because of the storm. But I think Andy and the guys had a good time. You haven’t heard from them?”

“Not yet. I’ll talk to Andy tomorrow.”

“What are you doing here, anyway?”

I don’t think you’ll believe me, but I’m with Sara. I think you know each other.”‘

“We ought to – she’s Adam’s sister. It’s you two who are the mystery.”

“Well, I haven’t got a credible explanation,” Charlie conceded. “We met at the pool tonight, and here we are. Though it’s feeling awfully like a set-up.”

“Count me out. I’m no part of it,” Bree explained, “though you’ve got yourself a handful with her.”

“Physically speaking?”

“That too.”

“Well I can’t find her now. She did say to find her before I left.”

Bree took his hand. “Come with me. I’ve got a fair idea what’s going on.”

A knot formed in Charlie’s stomach as she led him to the board room.

They entered through the door that led to another hallway, lit only by an exit light at its end.

Opening the door, Charlie was surprised to find himself in a courtyard surrounded by a high fence.

A gate in the fence was being manned by a huge bouncer, who recognised Bree almost immediately, and stood aside to let her pass.

“Did Sara go in?” she asked him. “You know better than to ask,” came the reply.

Bree turned to Charlie. “Are you sure you want to see this? Last chance to change your mind.”

“Too late to turn back now,” Charlie replied.

The first thing that struck Charlie about the board room was the round stage at its centre. The room seemed to be empty, until there was loud cheering from the far side. Then three young women emerged and climbed onto the stage. Sara!

From nowhere the music changed, and they began a seductive strip, paying as much attention to each other as the small crowd that gathered beside the stage to urge them on.

“Come on, Charlie, let’s get a good look,” Bree said, dragging him to the front before he could answer.

She stood behind him, her arms wrapped around his waist, and rested her chin on his shoulder. In front of them, two of the girls were down to their knickers, and had turned their attention to Sara, who was taking too much time with the buttons of her shirt. They each took hold of a sleeve, teasing the gathering crowd that they were about to tear the shirt from her, until they got the desired encouragement. Sara brushed them aside, and slowly undid the buttons, until her bare breasts bounced into view, to a loud cheer from the crowd.

“You’d think they’d never seen tits before,” said Bree.

“Well not like them anyway,” Charlie added.

“I’ve got to admit they’re pretty spectacular.”

“They’d pull the joint down if you were both up there.”

“And what would you think of me then?”

“I’d be thinking- she must know what she is doing.”

“I’m not so sure.”

“Why do you say that, Bree?”

“Remember our last buddy session, when you told me to reward myself with a dress? Well- this is it.”


“I don’t know how to say this, but…. I am so horny in it I have been doing the things I only ever used to fantasise about.”

“Good for you.”

“Do you mean that?”

“Well how much guilt are you carrying around.”

That’s part of the problem. None.”

“And what does Adam think-“

“I don’t know. I only got it today, and he only got home today.”

“So what are you thinking about now.”

“The truth?”

“If you want to. Otherwise don’t answer.”



“I was wondering what it would be like to do her- in front of him.”

“For him?”

“OK- for his mates too. For Sara. And for me. Except I don’t know how he’ll react.”

“How who’ll react?”

They both turned at the sound of Adam’s voice. Beside him, his mates had their eyes fixed on the stage.

“How you’ll react if Bree gets up there too,” Charlie interjected.

“It won’t be a first time. After all – my sisters already up there!”

Bree turned to speak directly to Adam, her voice a little lower.

“I can’t wait to get you home. To do anything you want.”



“You are driving these guys mad in that dress. I won’t be able to control them if they see you strip.”

“Is that what you’re hoping?”

“It is one of your- our- fantasies.”

“But there is another too. You said you wanted to see me with a woman.”


“It’s what I want too. I want to do Sara.”

“What about one of those other girls?”


“She won’t be in it if I’m around.”

“That’s my problem. So what’s it to be?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Tell you what. I’ll go with whoever shows the most interest on stage. I can’t be fairer than that.”

Adam hesitated a while. “OK. You’ve got a deal. As long as Sara doesn’t think it’s my idea.”

“For Christ’s sake, Adam. She’s stripping in public, in front of you. You start thinking about what’s going to happen later. If you’re not too tired from your trip.”

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