Consoling Simone Ch. 02

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Note from BurningEssence: I recommend you read my first story “Consoling Simone” before reading this sequel. Thank you to all who did, and requested this follow up. Thank you also to those who vote/d (good or bad).

For those wanting a quick review, I have summarised the basic plot of the first story in the second and third paragraphs of this story, shown in italics. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.

* * * * *

It was Saturday afternoon and Simone had just got home from a half-day of work at the hair salon. It had been another hot day and Simone couldn’t wait to have a cool shower and change out of her work clothes.

As she undressed in her bedroom, her thoughts were on the night she had before. What was supposed to be a quiet night with a friend because Simone hadn’t heard from her boyfriend, Dean, since he’d called her a slut earlier in the week after her confession of a threesome fantasy with two men, turned into the most wicked sexual encounter Simone had ever experienced: An incestuous threesome! Perhaps more wicked than the fantasy she had confided to Dean. She had her hottest sexual experience to date with one of her closest friends, Julie and Julies father, Ray Bennett.

Adding to this, Simone was thrilled by the revelation from Julie that Julie’s aloof brother, Luke, also had desires for her despite his stand-offish attitude over the years. And although Dean begged for reconciliation this morning, promising to pamper her all week, the threesome involving Simone with two men was now a real possibility for the taking if she wanted it! It was after Julie and her father discovered Simone was a backdoor virgin that Julie made the tempting suggestion that Simone should ‘keep Daddy and Luke company’ on Friday night while Julie keeps a date elsewhere.

Simone was looking at her naked reflection in the full length mirror. The weather was humid but her nipples were flushed and erect. She felt overcome with desires as last night had changed her entire sexual outlook, as though a door had been opened to ecstasy freedom.

Oh how she loved licking and sucking and being licked, sucked and eaten by another beautiful female body, so soft and supple. How she loved displaying girl on girl action in front of a man for his pleasure followed by that man pounding her pussy until she released the biggest tide of orgasm she ever had. She felt like she had unleashed a sex goddess from within, one she had only allowed to surface when in the privacy of her masturbation sessions. She felt she had so much more to share and experience but if she were to go back with Dean, this may restrict her back to a predictable sex life.

This drew her attention to her pussy, she started to stroke the trim strip of down and decided she would shave it off altogether to match Julie’s. She then turned to the side smoothing her hands down her rear cheeks, admiring her virgin ass. She couldn’t help but give herself a smug pout, knowing that her firm peachy shaped bottom would be a golden prize for the first man to claim it.

Reality kicked in and she realised she had forgotten to lock the security screen door. Although the neighbourhood was relatively safe, she always locked it while taking a shower. She grabbed a short baby blue beach dress that had been draped on a nearby chair. The long spaghetti straps resulted in a very revealing cleavage and her erect nipples clearly visible through the flimsy fabric. It didn’t matter, she only wanted to race downstairs to lock the door.

When she got to the wire door she had to stand on her tippy toes to stretch up and reach the screen door key on the high hook. The sudden sound of footsteps from outside the door followed by a wolf whistle startled her. She grabbed the key and stood flat back on her feet.

“Hey Luke, sorry I wasn’t expecting anyone, I mean I just came down to lock the door while I take a shower.” Simone felt tongue-tied.

They were now standing about 2 feet apart on opposite sides of the door. Luke’s eyes fell on Simone’s breasts. The material was so clingy it revealed her circular areolas and hard nipples very clearly. Simone knew she should cover up but was getting a thrill out of his aroused gaze and felt a ripple of naughtiness overwhelm her while she brazenly stood there. She then felt bold enough to drop her attention from his pierced ear and corded choker necklace down to his white surf t-shirt that flowed over his broad chest. She eyed his muscley tanned arms and firm forearms and peered at the crotch of his jeans boasting a substantial bulge.

“Mmm Hmm, okay just wondering if you’ve seen Julie.” Luke smirked.

“No, I just got home from work, thought I told you this morning that I was working.” Simone smirked back.

“Ah, so you did. I must of been half asleep. Hey, you mind if I grab a drink while I’m here?” Luke asked with a slight grin.

Simone knew that’s not what he wanted but felt compelled to oblige anyway.

“Well, okay but I’m in a bit of a hurry, bursa eskort bayan Dean could be here anytime.” Simone opened the door.

“You guys are back on?” Luke stepped inside.

“Well, we need to talk, but looks that way.”

“Lucky guy.” Luke muttered loud enough for Simone to hear.

As she skipped down the two steps to her kitchen to get Luke a drink, her dress swished up high enough to flash the bottom of her naked ass cheeks. She figured she had nothing to lose in asking him a question.

“Luke, in all the time I’ve known you, you’ve hardly said ‘boo’ to me. I’m gathering you know what went on last night and now you’re friendly all of a sudden. Why the sudden change?”

“Wow, okay, fair question. I’ll give it to you straight. When I first knew you, I thought you were too hot to talk to, out of my league. Just when I felt like we were breaking the ice, I found Ray and Julie … together. You know, at first it sickened me, I wanted to punch the hell out of him and bitch slap her, I was so shocked. After a while, Julie started sayin’ stuff like I should try it on with them. She got around the house in the skimpiest clothes. She’d come out of the shower and ‘accidentally’ drop the towel. She’d bend over right in front of me in just her underwear looking for something, showing off her ass cheeks to me. Kiss me on the forehead for some reason, making sure her tits were in my face. She drove me so fuckin’ crazy and Ray knew it.

“He came into me one night and we had a talk. His way of thinking is that he is so proud of his beautiful seed he has to make love to it, you know, meaning her. Might sound warped but I understood what he meant. My excuse is yeah, she’s my half sister but a guy can only say ‘no’ so many times to a hot piece of ass like that.”

“Wow.” Simone interjected. By this time they were both in the kitchen leaning on the breakfast bench.

“I notice you call him ‘Ray’ and not ‘Dad’?

“Simone,” Luke said cautiously, “Ray isn’t my biological father.”

“Oh my god!”

“My real father bailed on my mum when she was pregnant with me. Ray hooked up with Mum while she was still carrying me, not sure if it was out of support or real love but they were happy for a long time. Mum always referred to him as ‘Ray’ to me, never got me to call him ‘Dad’ so was never a secret really that he wasn’t my father.”

“And Julie is his?” Simone pried.

“Yep, Julie is his.” Luke laughed “That’s what he meant by doing his own seed.”

“Oh yeah, sorry, it’s just that this is all a shock, my mind is spinning.”

“Anyway there’s a little more to the story. That night, I confessed to him that I’m not a saint either. I’d been experimenting with other guys, I knew I wasn’t gay but I was curious, maybe bi, hell I don’t know. To cut a long story short, he said it was pretty normal and soothed me by showing me he was into it too.” Luke confessed almost searching Simone for a disapproving look. She didn’t give him one though, more a look of compassion.

“I would never have guessed all this was going on.” she said.

Luke started to take his empty glass to the sink.

“So to answer your question, I thought that once you found out what a warped little family we had, you would run a mile to get away from us. Just thought it safer to keep you at a distance.”

“Well, I can’t deny I was shocked,” Simone giggled, “but I don’t see you all as warped.” she lied, she did see them as warped but so very fucking erotically warped.

“Julie and Ray told me this morning you’re coming over on Friday night.” Luke’s sexy smile returned as he inched closer to her.

“I’m not sure yet.” Simone started to feel flushed.

Luke rested his hands on her hips and pulled her in closer.

“Oh come on.” he whispered in her ear.

Simone wasn’t backing off, in fact she found herself melting into him and feeling breathless at his hot whisperings. He slowly moved his hands around to cradle the bottom of her cheeks, swaying her in a rocking motion.

“Ray and I could give you so much pleasure. I’d be gentle with you and show you I’d worship this hot ass of yours. I want to lick your honey pot pussy, kiss and lick your ass, I want to fuck your beautiful mouth, fuck your pussy, fuck your sweet ass.” he started to squeeze her bottom, firmly massaging avoiding her crack.

Simone felt a wave of heat as her clit started to pulsate, she surprised her self by wishing he would caress her rear gateway. He started to kiss down her neck. His cock bulging behind his zippered up jeans now and digging into Simone.

“Mmm oh Luke, I want to be with you, both of you. Truth is, I’ve had a threesome fantasy: me with two men for a long time now, that’s why Dean and I broke up. I hate teasing you but I can’t do anything now, Dean could show up any moment and …” she exaggerated. She had arranged to call Dean before he was to come over but she was wary of the possibility he could just show up.

“I’ve bursa merkez escort seen the way Dean looks at me,” Luke gave a wicked grin, “maybe we could have a threesome today, he’s bi-curious too you know.”

Simone gave a nervous giggle, “Uh no, he wouldn’t go for that.”

“It’s okay.” Luke slowly backed off, “I’ll leave for now, but I promise you Friday night will be special, say you’ll come and then I’ll go.”

Simone was quiet for a moment before she gave a very definite “Yes, I’ll be there.” She added with a coy smile, “I’m not promising ass but I want to be with you both.”

Luke’s cock was as hard as can be now and it showed.

“Awesome.” he answered quietly as he looked her up and down. He tugged on his t-shirt so as to cover his excitement. “I better get going, I’ll see you Friday.”

Simone knew as well as Luke did that he would have to go and relieve himself after that interaction. She wanted to do the same but there was no time, she had to get showered and ready for Dean.


Simone felt overwhelmed with lust after her encounter with Luke and felt like she was starving for some red blooded cock. She had showered and opted to wear her lacey red g~string and matching bra. Her flowy floral mini skirt and a burgundy wrap around sleeveless top that hugged her breasts seemed appropriate with light make-up on and a hint of reddened lips. Knowing she shouldn’t appear too eager to Dean, as they were suppose to ‘talk’ things out, she couldn’t help but hope he felt just as horny and ‘the talk’ would be short.

Luke’s comment about him being bi-curious made her wonder if there was any truth to it and if Dean would be open to exploring a more liberal sex life along with her.

Dean showed up in a bottle green muscle shirt, beige design board shorts looking absolutely gorgeous Simone thought. He had overdone it in the bearing gifts department. He brought flowers, wine and a bag of goodies from The Body Shop that included, body oil, body butters, bath & shower gel and other various items, no doubt to fulfill his promise to pamper her throughout the week ahead. After some initial banter, it wasn’t long before Simone got around to broach the burning subject:

“You went right off at me after you asked what my fantasies were. I mean it was you, baby, who brought up the whole subject. You really shocked me the way you reacted. Was what I said really that bad?” Simone was fishing.

“I know. I did over react and I’m sorry babe. I just can’t stand the thought of you with another guy or guys! Even if I was one of them in your fantasy, I couldn’t share you with anyone.” Dean was hugging Simone close now.

“C’mon, it’s every guys fantasy to have a threesome with two chicks. Would you share me with another girl?” Simone probed with a sultry look.

“Nope. I’m greedy, want you all to myself.”

It wasn’t the answer Simone hoped for and she concluded that Dean was never going to be adventurous with her. She suddenly saw him as the fifth wheel. It wasn’t going to work out with him and she needed to eventually let him down gently but not yet. Right now her body felt on fire and she needed to get fucked. While he was embracing her, she massaged his ass cheeks while kissing him intermittently with a ‘plan b’ to spice tonight up.

“So you never did tell me your ‘one-on-one’ fantasy. Come on babe, tell me what you want to do to me.” She pouted her lips and looked up at him wide-eyed while moving her hand from his butt to his stomach.

His erection was digging into her and she had to admit his glorious cock was bigger in girth than Ray’s. Her hand went down into his board shorts and grasped his hard fat pole with a firm grip massaging in a slow up and down motion, her thumb feeling his shiny head was leaking pre-cum.

“Mmmm, I’ll tell you,” he said scooping her entire body in his arms and heading for the stairs, “but not right now.”

As he carried her up the stairs, Simone felt disappointed with that answer too and thought of a ‘plan c’ to heat things up for her sake.

“Well I have been a bad girl and I made you mad baby. Maybe you should spank me hard. Wasn’t very nice of me to upset my sugar … daddy.” Simone felt a naughty thrill when she said that, trying to recapture the essence of her incestuous escapade last night.

“Yes you have been a very naughty girl.” Dean started taking her clothes off frantically. First her top then her skirt. She jumped up on the bed on all fours still in her lacey underwear looking wild and crazed with desire, while Dean was still undressing.

“Hurry up Daddy, come and fuck me hard, hurt me, I deserve it.”

“I’ll fuck you hard, but cut the ‘daddy’ shit out, I’m your man.” Dean said firmly.

He climbed on the bed behind Simone squeezing her tit and pulling it out of the lace cup with one hand while removing her g~string with the other. Simone was a little disappointed he didn’t bursa sınırsız escort bayan go along with the ‘daddy’ scenario but made the best of the situation.

“Ooh I love it when you’re forceful.” she cooed, hoping to urge him to slap her a little, to no avail.

He didn’t offer his tongue to her pussy. He sensed she was feeling urgent for cock and she already felt saturated so he circled the head of his cock on the tip of her clit before slowly entering inside with a slow pumping action. Simone moaned on his entrance and was lapping it up but also disappointed that Dean had rushed in. She wanted his tongue to discover she was completely shaven down there but he went straight into doggy style fucking and she felt he had no idea how to stimulate her besides using his penis, which was quickening up now.

“Mmm mmm, oh god, oh yes baby, fuck my honey pot hard.” she had used Luke’s term to refer to her pussy.

“Fuck I love the way your ass quivers while I’m slamming into you.” Dean said in gasps.

“Oh yes baby, slam me, ram my cunt, oh oh ohhh.” Simone was much more vocal than usual Dean thought.

He was used to a quiet moaning from her but she was practically screaming. The neighbours would hear her for sure. Dean was pumping hard and fast now and was aware of Simone’s finger rubbing her own clit.

“God I love fucking you.” he gasped, holding her hip with one hand and stroking her back with the other.

“Oh my fucking god, I’m going to come!” she screamed.

Dean was on the edge too, thrusting his full length into her and holding it in there, pulling out then plowing in again releasing his hot creamy load into her pussy that released her pent up juice since Luke made her horny.

Dean went into the adjoining bathroom to clean up. Simone laid down on her side facing away from him, feeling a little put off that he had used the word ‘love’ in all his vocal outbursts during sex.

When he came back to bed, he laid behind her, embracing her in a spooning position. She liked the way he rubbed up against her ass. It was as though the last 24 hours had awoken her to just how sexually sensitive and vulnerable her ass felt.

“Wow you were a wild one.” he whispered in her ear.

She wiggled her bottom into him and guided his hand to rest there.

“I needed that, thank you baby.” she turned to peck him on the lips.

“Your ass feels incredibly silky, god it’s the nicest ass I’ve ever seen or felt. You enjoy me rubbing you there huh?” Dean was now the one fishing.

“I do, my ass is a hot spot.” she giggled.

“It’s fucking hot alright. Well … maybe I can tell you my fantasy then.” Dean said plucking up unexpected courage. Simone’s eyes widened.

“You wanna do my ass?” she asked in shock.

“I can’t help it baby, I love your ass so much. I want to show you how much I love it.” Dean confessed.

“Have you ever had anal sex before?” Simone asked.

“No, I’ve been curious for a while but yours is the only one I want.”

Again, that wasn’t the answer Simone wanted. She would of preferred he had some experience.

“I don’t know Dean, I need to think about it, I’ve never had it either.” Simone said.

“Take all the time you need baby, I’m in no hurry.” Dean kissed her on the forehead. “Let’s go open that wine.”


The next few nights panned out much the same. Dean would pamper her by doing as he had initially promised. He cooked her dinners, ran her baths, rubbed her feet and on one night gave her a full body massage. Each night ending in tame sexual pleasure. It was getting more difficult to ‘let him down gently’, after all Simone lapped up all the pleasures he was treating her to.

Feeling a twinge of guilt by fully intending to keep her date with Luke and Ray on Friday night, she rationalised it by the fact she had not verbally committed to having an exclusive relationship with Dean and there was no ring on her finger from him. So the whole time it was on Simone’s mind who she should give her ass up to: Dean or Luke. If she gave it to Luke first, surely Dean would know when he eventually did ass fuck her.

It was Wednesday night when she had decided. She was laying back in a milky bath Dean had run for her while he was cooking dinner downstairs. The verdict was if she were going to have her ass fucked, it would have to be Luke. She needed somebody with experience for her first time. She remembered that Ray had boasted his cock was bigger than Luke’s and Simone knew first hand that Dean’s was bigger than Rays! Dean’s cock would be too fat for her ass. Simone was jolted out of her thoughts by hearing her friend’s voice downstairs.

“Knock Knock, hi ya Deano.” Julie chirped. “Where’s Simmy?”

Simone heard Julie’s footsteps racing up the stairs toward her and she found herself adjusting her tied up hair. As usual Julie was dressed in provocative fashion. Her braless tight fitting red singlet top had a shoe lace insert that gaped wide open, allowing her delicious cleavage to spill out. Her red and black striped shorts looked painted on. With her 5 inch wedged heel slip on black shoes, she could pass for a hooker.

“Hi Simmy.” Julie said kneeling on the floor next to the bath, “Wow milk bath, how exotic, need some help?”

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