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Female Ejaculation

As I drive down the street where he lives, I tell myself that I am going to seduce him and that I am going to be successful. It’s Saturday afternoon and the Magnolia trees are loosing some leaves because the rain is coming down so hard.

I am, not so casually stopping by his house to say hello. For some reason, severe weather makes me horny. The reliable summer afternoon thunder and rain of New Orleans is one of the many reasons I chose to live here. There’s something about the lightning before the sound, I never know when or where it will strike or how loudly. Mother nature’s fury and power I suppose, is erotic to me. It’s a reminder that there are some things in existence that man cannot control. I park my car on the street in front of his house. I am five foot three, have dark brown chin length hair, dark brown eyes and am usually wearing an impish grin. I have full breasts and a plump round ass. I weigh about 125 pounds. I am wearing my pink and green flowered body-clinging sundress with spaghetti straps.

My hair and dress are saturated even though I ran from my car to his door. I knock. After a moment he answers the door. I smile as water drops fall from my face as he invites me in. We are alone.

He is about six foot one, lean, dirty blonde with piercing blue eyes. He is 30, almost two years my senior, but there is something child like or boyish about him. He possesses an element of innocence. There is something inside of him that’s never been discovered by another person. He isn’t a virgin, but I think the raw base animal instinct in him hasn’t been unleashed. He is wearing khaki shorts and a red, white and blue tee shirt.

He offers Kütahya Escort me a towel to blot the rain. I slowly sweep the towel across my face, neck and cleavage and gift him flirty smiles. We make small talk about work and other mundane but real topics, but that’s not what is on our minds. All that passes through my mind is how badly I want to be naked and entwined with him and how incredibly intense it could be. I know he is thinking like I do, I can feel it. Animals can almost always sense attraction, so long as both possess it. The aroma of sensuality and lust emerge from our pores and glances.

His window unit air conditioner is working so well that my nipples become hard under my wet dress. I know he notices this, his breathtaking blue eyes are drawn to them. He turns his head away and lightly blushes with a smile as he notices that I know he’s looking. I take his left hand and place it in the middle of my chest and tell him it’s ok. He smiles in mild surprise and places his right hand on my chest to companion the other. My nipples become even harder as his masculine but gentle hands rub and fondle them through the material of my dress. He rolls my taut nipples with his index fingers and thumbs.

He bends down to kiss me. Lips slightly parted, met mine with soft, slow and light tongue interaction. The kind of kissing that causes an insatiable desire for more. The rain is my music. I place my little hands on his cheeks and run them down his body-from face to neck, down his broad shoulders and across his firm chest. The heat absorbed by my hands from his body is like coals being added to a fire. My hands then slide behind Kütahya Escort Bayan him and grab his full ass. Our kissing becomes more passionate as his hands gently move across my chest and pull down the spaghetti straps. The pouring rain is now accompanied by light thunder. My hands move to his front and grab his cock. It’s rock hard and bulging. His kisses venture down my neck as we move towards the bedroom.

He sits on the side of the bed and I stand in front of him. The desire in his eyes blows over me. Slowly and teasingly he pulls down the front of my sundress to reveal my breasts. My nipples are hard and plump like raisins. His hands take hold of them gently and fumblingly. His lips are wet with saliva and stare at my breasts as if they had eyes of their own. His warm lips and tongue meet them delicately, with alternating kissing and licking. I feel moisture build between my legs. The rain is beating down harder and the thunder is getting louder. The rain places itself in scattered patterns, the lightning strikes randomly, but it places and strikes mostly in me.

I anxiously pull his shirt up over his head and off his arms. My hands slide over his chest and shoulders slowly feeling his strength and body fire. I unbutton and unzip his shorts. He stands up so we can remove them. He sits back down. I quickly drop to my knees as I stare at his huge and beautiful cock. I take his cock into my hands and begin to rub it on my face, neck and tits as I look into his eyes. I love the feeling of a smooth, hard cock rubbing against the softness of my skin. I rub the head and all the sweet pre-cum across my lips while I lick it ferociously. Escort Kütahya I put the head in my mouth and begin a slow in and out motion sucking hard. I move it faster and take it all in, so his balls hit my chin. His fingers run through my hair as he moans in pleasure.

I get up and push him down onto the bed. Climbing on top of him, I pull the hem of my dress to my waist. He can see that I shaved myself completely bald. Straddling, I tease him by rubbing my wet flesh against his hard cock. I lean down to kiss him when I position my body to allow only the head to enter and slide back out. There is a pain inside me now. His lips reach my nipples and suck them hard. My desire is so overwhelming that my breathing pattern is crazed. The rain is roaring now. Thunder snaps incredibly loud. My kiss teases, it begs him to abandon all self control and take me.

His hands wrap around my back and grab opposite shoulders. He rapidly pulls my body down onto his rock hard cock. His hips move with the rhythm only a drummer could possess. His slow, gyrating motions drive moans of mind scarring ecstasy from my body. I approach orgams while my eyes shed tears of supernatural pleasure. My hot pussy gushes my sweet juice all over his cock and balls. The beat of his rhythm increases in speed. He drives out my orgasm, pumping me and releasing me as his release joins mine in harmony with the rain and thunder. He shoots his hot cum into me and moans loudly. I collapse on top of him.

He tries to cuddle with me and I slip away. I tell him I have some errands to run and have to get going. Looking exhausted and disappointed by my departure he replies, “Alright, but, call me later?” I get up and attend to my disheveled appearance. I kiss him one last time before my retreat. I walk away not looking back. I reach my car as saturated as I was when I entered his house. I then open my day-planner and scratch “get laid” off of my “to do list.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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