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Subject: Confessions of a Sinner (16) Disclaimer – this story is fiction, with some elements of non-fiction. Written by a Latino author with an neverending flow of sleazy fantasies. You can contact me by email and I have Wickr. Into voice-notes too! I believe that exploring our nasty fantasies makes us better humans. This work contains intimate acts between adult males and consenting youth under 18 years old. If that scenario offends you, please discontinue reading any further. If not, please enjoy! Get your poppers ready, read this chapter and goon! Author retains all rights to the story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except by Nifty to which it has been posted only, without the consent of the author. Feel free to make donations to fty/donate.html ___________________________________________ –pervy incest story about a nasty black dad with his 14yo black son, and lewd Priest who invites them into his depraved world– Adult males: Joe (31, lewd dad), Caleb (26, security guard), Youth: 0Iauudaihh (10, hungry bottom) Topics: slave museum, breeding, incest, Bible desecration, slave history, filthy, piss, fisting, powerbottom, creampie, iron mask, Lucifer worship, xtreme confessions. ============================================================ Confessions of a Sinner (16) –pervy story about a nasty dad with his lewd friends– -slave museum II- After watching his black son Damian and phat ass Lucio heading for the toilets, Joe and Caleb walked to the elevator and Joe followed him. Once they were downstairs, Caleb showed Joe several punishment instruments, which made the niggercock of Joe slowly harder. One of them caught the attention of Joe and asked what it was — a heavy iron mask, covering the lower half of a face, with thick iron straps on the head to carry the weight. Caleb said: “This iron mask was used for hundreds of years whenever a slave disrespected his master. It was put on together with…uhm…let me get it…with this collar…which was iron too. You see the prongs prevented the slave from sleeping good? You look curious. Wanna try it on?” Joe, almost begging, said: “Yes, please! I have never tried it on…it looks kinky as fuck!” Caleb helped Joe to put it on, which made it difficult for Joe to hide his growing bulge. Joe confessed a few months ago to Priest John that he masturbated on the entire slave history. He could not understand why huge, strong and massive black niggers with the biggest cocks were incapable to overcome a few white owners with guns. They had to sleep too, so why would they not stage a revolt? They had 244 years to plan such an attack. In Joe his opinion, the niggerslaves were pussies. Plain and simple. Whenever there was a big movie about slaves, he always went to the cinema twice, the first time seeing it and the second time he got himself a quiet place in the back and edging his niggercock the entire movie and dumped silently massive loads on the special scenes about flogging or a slave market. When the mask was locked in place, he was unable to speak, only mumbling and nodding and his hands were tied behind his back too. “So, niggerslave! Are you getting hard when wearing this? I guess so, because I saw a bulge when you arrived and I feel one now. Do you masturbate on the cruelty of our common slave history? You masturbate in the cinema at slave movies! Fuck, that is kinky! Yes, Joe, Priest John told me everything. He violated the sacred trust of the confession cubicle, but he was unable to keep his mouth shut about such a beautiful lewd sin. Do you masturbate while hearing black men speak in detail what their ancesters had to go through? Does your phat niggercock ooze lots of lewd precum when you hear the word NIGGER! spoken to you? Yes? FILTHY NIGGER! FILTHY NIGGER! FILTHY NIGGER! FILTHY NIGGER! FILTHY NIGGER! FILTHY NIGGER! FILTHY NIGGER! FILTHY NIGGER! FILTHY NIGGER! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! Your niggercock is bursting through your pants! Let me help you to set free your humongous niggercock! Ohh JESUS FUCKING HELL! That is a phat cuntwrecker şişli travesti Joe! Do you fuck your son too or want to fuck him? Yes? You fuck your son with this phat incestuous niggercock already? Can he take it like a pro? Let me taste your cock while I play a recording of my freaky cousin who wrote a story about slave history, with some help of a freed slave in 1766, 0Iauudaihh, who was enslaved at age 10. –“When the ship arrived on the coast, I was carried on board, barely with any clothes, under the decks where it smelled really bad — mostly piss and cum. At the age of ten, I myself did not have fertile seed yet, but my father was so kind to provide me a daily sample to get used to it. There inside the ship, I was put on a too big a collar, and told to sit, surrounded by huge black men. Little did the whites know that I was able to wriggle myself from the collar to sneak around below decks. Many other slaves smiled towards me and at first, I did not know why, but when I looked to my clothes, they were almost gone; only a strip of cloth hanged on my hips, showing my massive black bubble butt. In my village I was known by many as the humongous ass-boi or DAT ASS. I was proud to be blessed with such a big phat round curvy butt. Walking around at the lower decks, some men asked to come to them, but I was too shy to come closer. I went back to my seating and watched the black negro hunk opposite of me. He was stroking his thick oozing cock and said: “Hey lil’ fella, wanna suck on this cock? It is not washed in several days, but I need your puffy lips on it to clean my niggercock. We are all faggot niggers here and we do not mind sucking and fucking each other. Come here, son! I am your daddy now!” And the young boy complied. — Meanwhile, Joe was getting a delicious blowjob from Caleb, before he took him to a couch in one of the rooms and Joe had to sit on Caleb his face. Caleb loved to rim buttholes, esp. from incestuous dads who fucked their teenage sons, so his tongue digged deep inside the butthole, tasting all the sweat and anal juices. Caleb noticed that the phat throbbing niggercock of Joe was oozing precum, so he used some precum to finger the butthole of the lewd daddy. –“The young boy on the slaveship crawled on his knees towards the huge ankle-and-hand-bound negro as he was ordered by his new daddy to present his phat bubble butt and to unshackle him — the young boy obeyed. Once free, he was able to squeeze the beautiful jelly ass of the ten year old and spread his butt. `That looks like a fine butthole, son, and I bet it taste even better! Get on all fours and push your butt on my face, lil boy. Yeah, that feels good, rite? Yummm…yummm….damn, your butthole taste like a cherry and I wanna pop your cherry! Ever been fucked before, son?’. `No, daddy. Please do not hurt my booty, daddy!’ `Do not worry son, I have good experience in eating young boipussy, from half your age and up. By the time I am done, your butt will be relaxed and open. Trust me!’ The boy nodded and let his butthole get eaten. Meanwhile, some of the other niggers on the slaveship caught what was happening and the ones in the same row had premium seats to observe it all. Next to where the ten year old sat, a 40-ish negro masturbated his veiny niggercock while seeing the young boy getting a good rimjob. `Hey son, do you mind eating my musty butthole? It’s been a while since I had a shower and could really need a good rimjob to clean it good. Come here, boy!’ The boy obeyed and unshackled him too and began eating his musty hole. Jesus, that was nasty! The boy suddenly let his rrservations all go and tongue-fucked that negro hole very deep. `Easy, easy, son. You gonna make me cum if you continue! I have not jizzed in eight days!’ The boy did not stop and continued eating the musty hole. He also used his fingers and when his entire hand was inside his butthole punch-fisting him, the man shouted `I am gonna come! I am gonna cum! Swallow it son, swallow my thick niggercream! Yesss….fuck Jesus….yeahhhh!!’ And the young boy almost choked on beylikdüzü travesti the large amount of eight days worth of cum shooting out of that phat niggercock. That was the moment the nigger who ate his young booty decided to thrust his large nigger-horsecock deep inside his ten year young supple hole, which was made supple and relaxed by the amazing rimjob. The boy went on to the next niggercock, which was veiny and curved. He knew that man — he used to be the boy his neighbour. `Boy, at last you can suck my cock. I have watched you many times sucking your dad’s cock and only wished I could have your puffy slutty lips around my veiny curved cock, but you are so young. I was afraid you would say `no’, but now you can have it deep down your throat!’ They boy sniffed the smelly cock and started sucking, while his own boyhole was plowed deep with the massive niggercock, which did not take long to burst a flood of niggerseed inside the ten year old boycunt — eight days of getting hard multiple times a day, but unable to masturbate. Those poor slaves were getting crazy horny and fucked-up — they needed young holes, slutty mouths, puffy lips and a hungry boycunt to pour their niggerseed deep inside. The young boy felt floods of fertile niggerseed creaming the walls of his boicunt-guts again and again and that was a beautiful feeling. When the breeding was done, he plowed his butthole on his neighbour his veiny niggercock and started pumping. The boy could not name that feeling of getting a cock breeding his sloppy hole, but he wanted more of it. He was getting pretty dominant and used his neighbours veiny cock as dildo and the cum inside him as lube. They sat opposite, so they were able to kiss and tongue each other. The neighbour-fucker plowed his veiny niggercock inside his cunt and said: `Tell me how old you are!’ `I am ten years old’ `Tell me again how old you are!’ `I am ten’ `Tell me again’ `I am a ten year old boy who is using your niggercock for my ten year old niggerboycunt’ `Tell me again!’ `I am ten, ten years young, you wanna breed my ten year young hole, you freako?’ `Yes, lemme breed your ten year old hole, old are you?’ `I am ten years old, I am ten years young, my hole is ten years! Fuck my ten year old hole, neighbour! Be my daddy! Fuck me! Dump your negroseed on my ten year young hole! Do it! Breed my ten year old boycunt. Feel the niggercum inside my ten year old guts. Breed me! Seed my ten year young, young, young, young hole! Feel my ten year old butthole milking your phat veiny niggercock! Make me pregnant! Yesss! Yesss!’ The neighbour dumped a truly humonguous load of black niggerseed inside his ten year old boycunt. One by one, all the men dumped their load inside his hole or mouth and he could not get enough of it. Dozens of creampies, blowjobs and cum-guzzling acts. Some sleazy slaves even sucked all the cum from the ten year old butthole as they were thirsty and horny. Not a single slave refused the opportunity to cum inside his ten year old holes.” — Meanwhile, Caleb was about to fuck Joe, who was still bound-and-gagged in the iron slave-mask. He ate that mancunt like breakfast and loved putting his long tongue deep inside. Joe was dreamy at the feeling of that tongue digging deep inside his booty. “Does your son eats your butthole too, Joe? Does he swallow your anal juices and use it to masturbate his teenage cock?”, Caleb demanded to know. `Yes, he does. Damian loves eating my hole, as much I do love eating him too — in 69. We love nursing each others butthole and suck anal juices and tongue with it, while we finger each others butthole. We can become very slutty, but Damian always takes charge when he decides to plow his butthole around my incestuous niggercock. We are so freaky!”, Joe said. “So I heard, I also heard from Priest John that you masturbate on the Cross and on Jesus and the Bible? That is so lewd. I love doing that too! Sometimes, Priest John or another guy breeds my cunt before I go to his Church. Knowing that my guts are creamed with lewd homosexual seed makes my veiny istanbul travesti cock so hard in Church! JESUS FUCKING GODDAMN CHRIST! See that Bible over there? That was used in 1796 at one of the largest slave plantations in this country. We are going to piss on it! Piss on slave history!” And they did. It took some minutes to make their cocks less hard to be able to piss, but they pissed a large amount of negro piss on the old Bible. Caleb shouted: “Hail Satan! Fuck the slaveholders! Fuck Christ! Fuck all the lies! GODDAMN fucking Christ! Lies told white men to keep black slaves for 244 years! They said God/Jesus sactioned it! JESUS FUCKING GODDAMN FUCKING FUCKING GODDAMN FUCKING LEWD JESUS HOMOSEXUAL CHRIST! Drown it in your piss, Joe! Yessssss! Soak it! Soak the goddamn Bible! Desecrate the lewd words of the evil God! Hail Satan! Hail Diablo! Fuck Jesus!” Caleb placed the Bible under them, so all anal juices and cum that oozed from holes and cocks was dumped on that old Bible. Caleb began fucking Joe with his massive 26 cm veiny thick niggercock, while Joe laid on his back. Caleb continued: “I love to finally meet a real dad who has real sex with his teenage son. I want to have a son too, so I can fuck him. I think I might adopt one. Joe, did you give him your milk when you were just sixteen? Yes?! Wow! That is lewd! Thinking of all the years you have been feeding him your milk and only recently confessed to Priest John about all your lewd acts and kinky fantasies. Do you wanna breed your son? Do you wanna make his cunt pregnant with your black incestuous niggerseed? Do you masturbate thinking about the day you become grandfather? That he presents his fucktoy? You are a FILTHY NIGGER, Joe! I can see your cock is oozing lots of precum when I call you an EVIL FILTHY NIGGER! Why is that? Your hole feels warm, wet and delicious. You are a incestuous daddy, Joe. Fuck your son, drink his cum! Never stop loving your son! JESUS FUCKING GODDAMN CHRIST! You are such a taboo daddy! Hail Diablo! Let your body be drowned in the toxic love of Lucifer. Fuck the Bible with all its lies about white world domination! Breed young white boys! Make them faggot, so they will not reproduce! Jesus, I see your niggercock is about to cum as it is throbbing like hell. You feel my massive cock plowing inside your homoguts?! Getting fucked by the security guard! Does the iron mask make you a submissive niggerslave? Think about all the niggers that have used it, while they masturbated their large niggercocks as they were punished — in a hole, or strapped around a tree with their bubble butts ready to take the whip. I believe many niggers loved getting whipped as that dominance made their cock ooze cum. Hard lashes from the whip against their beautiful dark skin as their cock was getting harder and harder and begged `master, punish me more! Whip me more! My booty deserves punishment! Yes, Master! Yesss!’ as their black negro horsecocks unloaded massive loads of black seed — not all on the ground, as there must have been boys eager to swallow it all. Joe, I am gonna cream your doodiehole! The word NIGGER makes your cock hard, rite? Calling you a FILTHY NIGGER makes your cock ooze precum! And whispering FILTHY LEWD TABOO NIGGER makes your cock shoot a massive load of fertile cum, does it not? FILTHY TABOO NIGGER DADDY! Do you masturbate when you hear or read stories about niggers and their slave history? Did you get that 44 minute recording of Priest John who calls you repeatedly a FILTHY EVIL LEWD DEMON-LOVING TABOO NIGGER? No? I will share it with you. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! FILTHY NIGGER! LEWD NIGGER! EVIL NIGGER! TABOO NIGGER! SMELLY NIGGER! DEMON NIGGER! INCEST NIGGER! INCEST NIGGER! YOUNG BOY LOVER NIGGER! INCEST NIGGER! JESUS FUCKING GODDAMN LUCIFER CHRIST! NIGGER! NIGGER! NIGGERRRRRRRRRR!” And Caleb, with his mammoth niggercock plugged deep inside Damian his daddy, was breeding him with demonic niggerseed. An orgasm so intense that Joe also released a colossal amount of incestuous niggercum on his belly. Two black niggers cumming on the history of black slavery and all its delicious intimate details. When Caleb pulled out he remove the iron mask and he sucked all the cum from Joe his homocunt and they kissed and swapped delicious black seed. They laid next to each other and dozed off, until Lucio licked their ears……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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