Confessions of a Foot Fetishist

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It was a hot summer’s day. I left the office for my lunchtime break, sweating like a pig and feeling hornier than a dog in heat. I unfastened the top three buttons of my worktop in an attempt to release some heat from my torso. Jesus, the heat was stifling; I’m not used to the hot weather, being from the north of England, but I was going to make the most of it before the day was out.

I made a quick visit to the kebab shop across the road and ordered a large donor kebab and bottle of coke. Then I was back on the move, waddling to my favourite hot-summer’s-day ogling spot, where, for the next hour, I would have the time of my life leering at ladies’ feet.

I arrived at my favourite spot a moment later; an escalator situated right outside Dorothy Perkins clothes store. It’s the perfect location, you see, because there’s guaranteed to be a steady flow of women using said escalator at regular intervals throughout the day, coming out of Dorothy Perkins. Now what I do is, I hang around at the bottom of the escalator, minding my own business and eating my lunch, and wait for a young lady with her feet on show to get on at bottom of the escalator. At which point, I hang back for a couple of seconds, before jumping on two or three steps behind her. This way I get a great eye-level view of those sweet little tootsies as she rides all the way to the top.

The sexual frustration I feel seeing all those bare toes, all soft, smooth and painted pretty colours, is overwhelming. It always seems to bring to mind the old adage, ‘Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink’. Being overweight, balding and in my forties, I tend not to get many girls offering me foot jobs, or a lick and suck of their toes, or even a quick sniff for that matter. So it’s always a nice treat for me when the sun is blazing in the sky, and the women do away with those awful socks and slip their feet into something more revealing.

The day was a beauty, an absolute scorcher, thirty degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I was buzzing with sexual arousal at the mere thought of ogling all those pretty feet. So I got straight down to business, focused on the matter at hand, and before I knew it, I was up and down that escalator like a trout in the rapids, ogling unsuspecting women’s feet and toes as I went.

Some of the ladies wore flip-flops, the soles slapping against the delicate soles of their feet with every step, making my cock twitch in the moist depths of my underpants. Some wore sandals with a strap around the heel and ankle and big toe. But it’s those sandals with the straps that wrap up the leg that really get my pulse racing; I think they look dead cute, like something from ancient Greece.

I had just made it to the top of the escalator for the tenth time that day when I caught sight of something that quickened my pulse. Blood pumped to my groin at an alarming rate, making my cock throb like a sore thumb. It was a young lady, a college type, eighteen or nineteen years of age, sitting on a stool outside the bakers, sipping a drink and eating a sausage roll. Her right leg was crossed over the left knee, looking all dainty and elegant, with a black shoe dangling off her big toe, swinging back and forth almost hypnotically. Then the shoe fell from her toe, revealing the cutest row of piggies I’ve ever seen in my life. I felt all weak and gooey inside and my eyes welled up with tears of joy. It was a joyous moment. I swear, that set of toes were the epitome of perfection, a real masterpiece, seemingly carved out of bronze.

I stood stock still, leering, munching my donor kebab. Drinking in that awe-inspiring sight, I felt a drop of chilli sauce trickle down my chin and onto my shirt as that barefoot held me captivated. The toes descended in size from the big toe all the way down to the little pinky. The nails were polished a deep shade of red, looking sweet and seductive. The skin was tanned, not too much, just nicely bronzed, as smooth as silk, no blemishes or wrinkles.

I found myself being drawn to her like a moth to flame. I had no control over my body. My legs had a mind all of their own, shuffling themselves in her direction, each step taking me closer to the Holy Grail of feet. I had no idea what I’d do once I reached her, but I knew I had to get a closer look at those little piggies, perhaps even get a sneaky picture on my phone. With every step I took towards that foot, my cock throbbed mightier, grew harder, bahis firmaları and oozed slippery globules of pre-cum from its tip.

“Micky!” Came a voice in the distance, breaking me from my reverie.

Startled, my head darted round. I spotted a work colleague of mine, a guy named Trevor, ambling up the shopping isle with a look of concern on his face. “Ay, you best get back to the office, quick smart, mate.”

“Give over!” I replied, gazing down at my watch. “I’ve only had half hour of me lunch break.”

“Don’t fuck about, Micky,” he warned. “The gaffer’s stewing. The whole office computer network went down just after you knocked off for your lunch break – a virus jamming the servers apparently. It’s been tracked back to your computer. Our techie says it’s a virus that originated from a foot fetish website called Susie’s Soles, downloaded via your machine.”

“Oh bollocks,” I sighed.

* * *

An hour later I was traipsing home, moping, feeling dejected and embarrassed, suspended from work pending further investigation. In hindsight, I felt a bit daft to be honest. I mean, it was a hot day, so there were plenty of girls walking around wearing revealing footwear, so there was no need for me to be sitting at work trawling the internet for pictures of young ladies’ feet in the first place. But, once again, as it had done many times before, my insatiable foot fetish had landed me in hot bother.

But my spirits were not dampened for long, for when I returned home, the most amazing thing happened to me – a monumental event that will live on in the memory for many years to come.

I stomped down the garden path feeling sorry for myself, bottom lip protruding like a child in pout. I swung open the door forcefully and entered the house. But then something interesting caught my eye that lightened my mood considerably. My daughter’s flip-flops were by the front door, accompanied by a different pair, a white pair, much the same but belonging to another. They belonged to a young girl called Beth, my daughter’s best friend. My daughter Christine brings Beth round to our house occasionally, and, I kid you not, she’s a little cock tease if ever I’ve met one. She knows I have a penchant for ladies’ feet and always pads around the house barefoot, wiggling and splaying her toes in the air, fondling her soles and arches, taunting me with her adorable little tootsies.

Well she’ll be in for a shock if she baits me with her feet today, I thought. My cock’s throbbing like a sore thumb, and I’ve not even set eyes on them yet. I don’t think I could contain myself today, not after what I’ve been through.

Gazing down at the white flip-flops, I felt the sudden urge to give them a good sniff, perhaps even slip one down the front of my underpants and rub it all over my gooey cock. I decided against it though. I just had to plant my eyes on Beth’s feet; the anticipation was killing me.

Stealthily and silently, I tiptoed through the hallway. Peering round the doorframe into the lounge, I clocked Beth’s bare feet perched upon the coffee table. My eyes were wide, leering, my mouth scrunched up in a tiny ‘O’. Beth was sat next to Christine, both scantily clad and bare foot, but it was Beth’s feet that took my fancy. I could of stood there all day, unbeknown to Beth and Christine, ogling Beth’s pretty feet. But my shirt was drenched with perspiration, and it was the stench emanating from my armpits that gave my presence away.

Both Beth and Christine’s heads snapped around simultaneously. Glaring at me, Christine, my daughter, said, “Fucking hell, it’s you. I thought the drains had gone again.”

Beth snorted with laughter and pinched her nose.

I entered the lounge, my beady eye never leaving Beth’s feet, and took a seat in the corner of the room. “Ay, that’s a bit harsh. Some of the ladies prefer the natural fragrance, you know.”

“Not the natural sewer fragrance they don’t,” she replied mocking me.

Beth noticed that I was engrossed by the sight of her feet and proceeded to tease me, rubbing her feet over her shins and studying my expression to gauge my reaction. Slowly, she glided her foot up and down, from her kneecap to the top of her foot. My body was dead still, only my eyes moving in sync with the graceful motion of Beth’s foot. I was fit to burst at the groin when she used her big toe to scratch her calf. A low guttural groan escaped my throat, drawing kaçak iddaa my daughter’s attention.

“Oh, Dad, stop ogling Beth’s feet,” Christine moaned.

“I’m not ogling her feet, you cheeky bugger. You always say that when Beth comes round. I’m starting to suspect you of having some sort of foot fetish, young lady, keep going on about Beth’s feet.”

Christine snorted with derision and looked at me incredulous.

Beth smiled, then reached down into her handbag and pulled out a tub of lotion. Out of Christine’s sight, Beth peered at me from the corner of her eye and winked seductively. Removing the lid from the tub, she grinned knowingly at me before scooping a blob of lotion onto her finger. She lifted her foot off the coffee table and bent her leg at the knee, perching her left foot upon her right thigh. My eyes bulged and my lips drew down at the corners, a perverted leer plastered on my face, as I was treated to a full and unhindered view of Beth’s smooth sole.

The heel looked rosy-red and warm, glowing with youthful radiance, the ball all tender and soft. My mouth began to water at the thought of running my tongue up and down that delicate sole, then snaking and slithering my tongue between her tiny toes.

Beth has the cutest little feet, size four I think, and I’ve always thought them dead sexy. Her toes are always beautifully pedicured, and she wears a little ankle bracelet and a silver toe ring. I watched, wide-eyed and mouth agape, as she rubbed the lotion onto the sole, then spread her toes wide with her fingers and applied lotion between each and every one. She was giving herself a slow and seductive foot massage, for my viewing pleasure only, and I felt my desire leap to another level. I was so aroused it was becoming painful.

“Oh don’t encourage him, Beth,” my daughter wined. “You’re getting him all flustered and worked up.”

“What?” Beth replied, feigning innocence. “I’m just rubbing mint lotion into my feet. It keeps my feet feeling super-soft and smelling minty-fresh all day long.”

“Jesus,” I squeaked in a strangulated whisper as I felt my emotions go into sexual overdrive. “I don’t think I’m gonna be able to contain myself much longer.” My face was flushed bright red like a pomegranate, my breathing heavy and wheezy. The saucy little minx was teasing me relentlessly. Then I was on the brink of doing something obscene to those tender little feet when she perched her foot back on the coffee table and administered the lotion to the other.

My daughter glared at me, studied my face, and saw that I was in a stupor, enraptured, deep in an induced state of sexual arousal.

“That’s disgusting,” snapped Christine before jumping to her feet and making for the door. “You should be ashamed of yourselves – the pair of you.” My daughter walked out the door, slamming it closed behind her, and I was left all alone with young Beth who was fondling her feet, scantily clad in just a short skirt and tube top.

I was breathing heavily and wheezing loudly when I said, “Say, Beth, what would it take for me to get those trotters of yours in my mouth.”

“Hundred quid,” she replied with a mischievous gleam in her eye.

“Done,” I said, jumping to my feet and sitting myself down on the coffee table in front of her. I grabbed each of her legs by the calves and perched her heels on my shoulders. I could feel the warmth radiating from her feet, her big toes stroking my temples, the arches caressing my face and warming my cheeks.

“Now rub ’em all over my face,” I demanded.

She rubbed the smooth skin of her feet over my face and it felt wonderful. My stubble tickled her soles, making her giggle like a schoolgirl. Jerking her feet away, she raised them to my head and rustled my hair, marvelling at the feel of my sparse sprinkling of hair brushing between her toes. Then the pads of her feet were back on my cheeks. Clenching her toes against my ears, she grabbed the tops of my ears with her toes and tugged on them.

I bestowed little soft kisses all over her playful feet and inhaled their musky and minty scent, and was soon filled with a sense of warmth and pleasure so great my body tingled all over.

She was toying with me, teasing me rotten, working up to the main event, and I loved every minute of it. Soon the anticipation grew too strong to bear, so I sucked her alluring foot in my mouth. All five little piggies crammed to the kaçak bahis back of my throat. She wiggled all five, tickling my tonsils with the tips of her toes. My tongue slithered and danced all over the arch, the sole, darting between every toe, tasting every inch of her exquisite foot. God, it tasted good, all musky and minty. Though all I could think about was those spit-soaked feet stroking my cock, rubbing and sliding, gilding up and the down the shaft and over the slippery-wet head.

I shifted the coffee table, lay flat on my back, tugged down my trousers and underwear and spread my legs wide. Feeling my rigid cock out in the open air, pulsing with desire, I pleaded, “Please. Beth. Put those feet to work on my cock and finish me off. I’ll do anything, just don’t leave me hanging.”

Beth gasped and gazed down at my erection. She was a young girl, you see, so she’d never seen a real man’s cock before. She was a little anxious, perhaps overwhelmed and a tad overwrought.

“Eeewwww! she said. “It looks all clammy and hairy.”

“Come on, Beth. You know you want to. You rub him hard enough, a genie will appear from the tip and grant you three wishes. How does that sound?”

The prospect of three wishes was too much for her to ignore. She stretched her legs out, rolled her ankles in a circle to stretch her calves, before dropping her gorgeous feet to my moisture-laden groin.

Tentatively, she pressed the ball of her right foot against my erection, feeling it throb beneath her foot, mashing it firmly against my stomach. The pressure extracted a blob of pre-cum from the tip. Then she placed her left foot beneath my dangling balls and flicked her foot up and down, and then from side to side, caressing my scrotum, jiggling my balls with the tips of her toes.

Her right foot worked its way up slowly to the tip of my cock before caressing the gooey head in a circular motion with the pad of the big toe, smearing pre-cum, smudging the slippery substance all over my bulbous helmet-head. Still exciting my balls with the tips of her toes, her other foot glided up and down my cock. Stimulating the under shaft with feathery-light caresses, the toenails grazed softly over the mushroom-head every time it reached the top.

My orgasm was bubbling to the surface, so I let out a loud moan, grabbed Beth’s feet and took control. I grasp the tops of her feet, clamped her smooth arches to either side of my cock, and thrust them up and down in quick, urgent thrusts. I was delirious with pleasure and shouted, “Here comes the genie. Looks like you’re gonna get your three wishes, twinkle toes.”

This one had been building in my balls all day, since the moment I woke up, so I knew this was going to be seriously fucking messy. My legs trembled and my body spasmed. I clamped Beth’s soles to either side off my cock and manipulated her feet, moving them in a circular motion, the pads of her toes stroking my helmet, the heels rubbing the base of the shaft.

I gave a bellow of pleasure as a jet of gunk erupted from the pulsating head, spurting in Beth’s direction and sprinkling her face. She gasped and squealed with shock as the pungent liquid splashed her face. The second squirt ejaculated, even harder, fiercer, landing square on Beth’s forehead. She emitted a shrill scream and bucked her body, trying to pull away from me. But I held her feet firmly against my squirting cock; she wasn’t getting away until I’d unloaded my balls.

Then it stopped squirting, and what remained discharged slowly, seeping from the urethra and trickling down the shaft like lava from a volcano. Thick cream coated the soles of Beth’s feet as it oozed from the extremity of my cock. An ungodly amount of spunk leaked out – I thought it would never stop, nor did I want it to stop. When it subsided, I used her big toe to dab the last globule of semen resting on the tip. Semen stringed from the tip of the toe to the head my cock as I pulled her foot away – it was a wonderful sight, a parting gesture I’ll never forget.

“Your three wishes are my command, twinkle toes,” I sighed.

Beth didn’t reply; she just made a whimpering sound. I gazed up her and saw a look of stupefaction of her pretty face. She was staring off into space. Thick droplets of semen beaded her forehead, lips, nose, and cheeks, making her look even more adorable.

I knew she’d enjoyed it; I could tell by the glint in her eye. (Or that could’ve been spunk. I couldn’t really tell) Not as much as me, admittedly, but she’d loved every minute of it nonetheless.

And that, my friends, is the story of the most amazing day of my life.

I hope you enjoyed it. 😉

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