Confessions in the Family Room Ch. 05

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Big Dick

I was sitting at my work desk being absolutely useless to my employers because all I could think about was getting home and editing the video porn footage my sisters and I had taken from our trip to the cabin in the woods. I had already looked at it and beat off till my cock was raw but it consumed me to the point of being obsessed with future plans with my sisters. Being apart from them was absolute torture. My heart ached to be near them or talk to them or in this case think about them. I was a total basket case and my work was suffering. I have always taken my job seriously and from time to time my supervisor has even said how well I make him look to his boss. So when he called me into his office one day I wasn’t surprised to hear him tell me that my work wasn’t at the level he was used to. He said,

“Tony, I called you in here because I’m a little worried about you. Your work isn’t any where near what it usually is and I’ve never had to light any fires under your butt to get it done in a timely manor. What’s going on buddy? Are you ill or having some personal problems? You’re one of my top guys and the management team thinks your the best. Talk to me buddy. Maybe I can help.”

I had to think fast so I said, “You’re right, I’m sorry. My mind hasn’t been on work lately and I have no excuse. Anything going on in my personal life isn’t the company’s fault so what ever I tell you doesn’t mean squat in terms of getting the job done. Being here in your office and having this conversation is a wake up call for me and I mean big time. It stops here and now boss and that’s a promise.”

“That’s good to hear Tony but can we forget for one moment that I’m your boss and just be friends. You’re a great guy and get along with everyone here. You are a perfect fit for this company and so as your friend, not your boss, I want you to know that if you need some time off to deal with this personal stuff or just to clear your head then let me know. I’ve talked to the senior partners about you and a promotion could be in the future if you want it. None of them know about your little slump because I have covered for you but I can’t do that for very much longer.”

“Thanks boss, consider it squashed. I love my job and you won’t be sorry you covered for me.”

“I’ll tell you what, take the rest of the day off with pay and hopefully come back tomorrow with a fresh clean head. Good talk Tony now have a good rest of your day.”

“Thanks again boss. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I got in my car and took a deep breath and then exhaled. Wow that was a close call. This really was a kick in my ass. A promotion would change my life and put me in a higher tax bracket for sure. I had to pull myself out of this funk and focus on my job. I was just going to have to shut out any thoughts of sex and purge myself of sisterly heart ache when I walk into my office building. The real motivator for me was the promotion. If that happened then I could get rid of that dumpy old condo I was living in and finally get myself a house. I could find something that had a big basement and convert it into a secret incestuous play room. More money would make my dreams become a reality so I had every reason to kick ass at work and prove myself to the upper management that I deserve that promotion. With a new outlook on life I started up my car and went home.

When I opened the door to my place, used tube socks lay in a pile near my couch that I use to watch television. I pushed eject on the V.C.R. and out popped the home made porn disk. I carefully placed it in the jewel case and took it into the office. I had made some copies and had a ripped file on my computer. I bought an editing software program and had just started to dissect the raw footage we had taken. I fired up the computer and went into the kitchen for a beer. When I sat down, my computer was fully booted up so I opened the file and clicked on the frame I was last editing.

I was working on a slow motion close up of Lisa’s long tongue piercing Becky’s ass hole. As it slides in, the girth of Lisa’s tongue slowly pry’s and stretches Becky’s anus wider and wider. A white milky ring of foam collects on the tongue as it violates the hole. Every detail was in perfect focus and left nothing to the imagination. I tweaked the audio and filtered out any unwanted back ground noise and bit by bit I put together a video that I was proud of. I burned three copies of my final product and labeled them “Cabin Fever”. I called Becky, knowing that Lisa had the kids, to see what she was up to. Her phone rang then she picked up saying,

“Hay Tone, I’ve got you on caller ID. What’s up?”

“I’ve got some good news and I have a surprise for you. I don’t suppose you’re free tonight?”

“Wow, good news and a surprise, how can I resist? Sure, I can come over. Just let me shower real quick and I’ll be right there.”

“Great, see you in a bit.”

“Uh huh. Bye.”

“I showered off myself and ordered some chinese food from one of my favorite delivery places. I did a quick clean job of my Halkalı Escort place and lit a few scented candles to de-guy the smell of bachelorhood from it. I wasn’t sure who would arrive first so I turned on some soft tunes to set a mood. My place has a view of the street and I could see headlights from my window. The delivery guy came to the door with bags of food and rang the bell. I paid him with a nice tip for the fast delivery and sent him on his way. As he was driving away Becky’s car took his spot on the street and came prancing to the door. I timed my door opening so that her first knock would hit air and let her have a taste of her own medicine for all the times she had done the same to me. She laughed,

“You bastard… Hi honey. MMM I smell chinese and scented candles. This must really be a special night.”

She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug and dug her big tits into my chest then kissed me full on the lips. She was smelling great and was wearing a short dress and some nice plastic see through high heeled shoes to show off her great legs and feet. Her low cut top flashed her amazing cleavage and a cute jean jacket was unbuttoned with rhinestone beading through out the sleeves and pockets. She had a bottle of champaign in her hand and said,

“I wasn’t sure if we were celebrating so I brought this.” She handed me the bottle and I said,

“Aww thanks Beck, you shouldn’t have. My news is kind of a big deal for me so I’ll chill it in some ice and we can bust it open later. Can I take your jacket?”

“Sure thanks.”

“Your nose was right, I ordered some chinese so I hope you haven’t eaten.”

“Oh my god I’m starving. It smells so damn good.”

“Cool, I’ll grab some plates and we can dig in.”

“Anything I can help you with?”

“Uhh, you can grab some glasses and a couple of sodas in the fridge or I have some iced tea or what ever you see in there.”

“Okay sounds good.” So we sat down to eat and I broke the news.

“I’ve got some news from my job”, I said.

“Your kidding. What, tell me?”

“Well, it’s not set in stone but my boss has talked to the senior partners and I was mentioned for a possible promotion.”

“Oh my god Tony, that’s wonderful news. I am so happy for you. Congratulations.”

“Yeah he called me into his office today and spilled the beans. It will be more responsibility but I will move up to a salary wage and make a lot more money. If all goes well I can sell this dump and finally get a house of my own.”

“Wow, imagine that, your first house. That is so fucking cool bro, I’m so stoked for you and I’m so proud of you little brother. You really are moving up in the world just like we all knew you would. Have you told mom and dad yet?”

“Well, not yet. I don’t have the promotion so I don’t want to jinx it by telling too many people before it happens but I needed to tell someone so… here you are.”

“Aww you’re so sweet. I feel absolutely honored. I may have to thank you some how.” She gave me an evil smile and a wink so I knew I was getting some kind of sexual favors tonight. We finished up the meal then popped open the champaign and went to the couch. I pored it into some glasses and toasted,

“To new beginnings.”

“To new beginnings”, Becky repeated. We took a sip and then she said, “So you have me right were you want me huh little brother.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh come on, great news, a nice meal, some champaign, and some kind of surprise. You wouldn’t be trying to get into my panties would you?”

“Of course I would but they’re your panties so whether or not your going to let me in them is entirely up to you.” She gave me her evil smile again and said,

“Well, you’re in luck cuz I’m not wearing any.”

“WOW, nice. I uhh… I’m speechless. I have no come back for that.” She let out a deliciously golden laugh and bore her mischievous eyes into mine. I broke her uncomfortable stare and said, “So yes I do have a surprise. I made you this”.

I grabbed the remote and turned on the T.V. then pressed play on the D.V.D. player. I had taken some footage of the lake and other miscellaneous shots and had an opening title flash on the screen, “Cabin Fever”. Staring “Buxom Becky”, “Luscious Lisa”, and “Tony the Stud Tiger”. Becky laughed her ass off and clapped her hands to applaud the opening credits. The scene opens with the hot interview of the two girls and the incredible make out session. As the movie played, Becky moved herself right next to me and nuzzled her head under my shoulder then grabbed my wrist pulling my arm closely around her. Her intoxicating scent made my cock move and her body weight against mine had me wordlessly under her spell.

The action on the T.V. screen quickly got hot and heavy. The slow motion of Lisa’s tongue invading Becky’s ass hole was starting to do its job and soon had Becky’s hand inching its way up my leg. As per her advise from months back I wore some soft smooth slacks instead of my usual coarse rough Halkalı Escort Bayan denim jeans. Her hand found its pray and started fondling my junk. I was growing by the second as her palm messaged my meat through the fabric of my pants. My hand was right next to one of her boobs and so I took a little stroll of my own and felt up her ‘D’ cup. Her free hand met my mammary marauder and helped me to pillage her goods. Together we plundered our way down the front of her top and under her bra. I seized her hard nipple between finger and thumb then gently pinched and twisted until it was soft and doughy. Our eyes were glued to the screen as Lisa was banging away at Becky’s beaver shouting,

“You like that bitch?.. Huh?.. You like my big hard cock slamming your fucking cunt you nasty whore?.. Come on you fucking bitch… Take my cock god damn it.”

The foul mouthery of Lisa took control of Becky’s hand and forced it to unzip my pants and free my captive cock. Her hand gripped me and started jerking my member to Lisa’s vulgarity. The image of both girls fucking was testing our resolve to not rip each others clothes off and go for it right there on the couch. Becky kept up the pace on my cock until I had to speak up saying,

“I was hoping to save my first one for later so you better stop.”

“Sorry dude”, she apologized. “It’s just that…” I cut her off and said,

“I know, that’s fucking way hot. What do you think I’ve been doing to my poor cock since we got back? I should be reported for cock abuse and it gets even nastier. Well, you were there but I’m telling you that seeing it again on video makes it even hotter. And now with the new editing magic I put on there, it’s over the top. But now I’ve got you next to me so I’m one heart beat away from blasting off. I’ll tell you what, how about you watch while I see what’s doin under that dress of yours?”

“Fine go for it. As of right now it’s your property so who am I to tell you what to do with your belongings.”

“The surrendering of her goodies was a major turn on. I was given the combination to her vault and something about that power transfer kept my cock at full attention. I knelt down in front of her as she spread her knees apart and pointed her see through “Fuck me shoe” toes. Seeing her dainty toes crammed into those shoes was fucking hot so I pealed back her dress and as promised, her panty less crotch beckoned me to dive in.

As I went in for the kill my nose was greeted by the musky scent of her female pheromones and my mouth was awash with saliva before I even got to her flower pasture. But I forged on and claimed my ownership of her private parts with my tongue. Becky’s muscles tensed up with my first touch and let out a noticeable sigh. Vulgar verbal spewed from the T.V. speakers as I lapped away at her cunt. Having seen the video several times and with my back turned to the T.V. I could put the image with the sound track in my mind and was mentally watching the screen right there with my sister. It was the famous double penetration scene so I licked my thumb and index finger and went in for my patented bowling ball finger fuck.

I knew by now that sex with my sisters was a messy affair so I was prepared with an old cotton collard shirt and even have invested in one of those personal home carpet cleaners. My fingers coupled with the D.P. scene would have Becky cumming in no time so I duplicated the pace being depicted on the video with my hand and when I heard a shout of “Fuck the shit out of me” I started finger banging Becky’s holes like a mad man. She screamed bloody murder and I could only hope that my neighbors thought I was watching a horror flick. I kept my pace as Becky took my abuse but she seemed to be holding out for the orgasm part of the video. Finally the video announced that we were close to cumming and when we had our three way blast off, I pulled my hand free and Becky gave her self permission to release her damn which drenched my chest with warm squirt.

When she was finished I took off my shirt and tossed it aside. So why didn’t I just take off the shirt in the first place?… I don’t know. I guess I was just caught up in the moment and also there is something hot about getting my shirt soaked by my sister’s female ejaculation. I patiently allowed Becky to recover from her orgasm until she said,

“What a rush. Watching myself on video and having you work my holes at the same time is fucking intense man. You gotta make a copy of this shit for me.”

“This is your copy we’re watching and I know what you mean. The audio and visual are so fucking hot I can hardly stand it.” Becky smiled and then got a naughty look asking,

“Do you have the camera here?”

“Why, you wanna make some more home movies?”

“Well, as long as we are going to get busy tonight, why not film it?”

“Fuck yeah, I’m down for that. Let’s do it. I also have a remote control feature on this camera and we can run a cable from the camera to my T.V. so we can watch in real time.”

“You Escort Halkalı mean that monster T.V. you have in your room? I never understood why men have to have the biggest screen T.V. that money can buy.”

“It’s a guy thing. It’s the same reason women have to have the latest pair of shoes or clothing or hair style.”

“Well, you got me on that one.” So we went into my room and set up the camera and I showed her how it worked with the remote control.

“It works like this”, I explained, “You can zoom in or out and you can pan up, down, or side to side. Pretty nice huh?”

“Sweet”, she replied, “I just hope you can fuck and work the remote at the same time.” Smiling I said,

“Honey please, I’m a guy. We are practically born with a remote in our hands. Having sex and working a remote is as easy as walking and eating at the same time so please, don’t insult me.”

“Damn, sorry I said anything. My bad. You da man. I submit to your skills.” We both laughed and when I was happy with the position of the camera I said,

“How about we get a nice look at that amazing ass of yours? Why don’t you hop up on the bed and give me a solo show?”

“MMMM, you wanna see me work my holes with my fingers? Okay, I’d love to get warmed up for you.”

So Becky got on the bed and stuck her ass in the air. Her dress slipped down to her waist exposing her private parts and she kept her see through stripper shoes on. She began working up a nice frothy lather with her hand on her cunt. Once she had her juices flowing again she reached behind and with wet fingers, she started fingering her ass hole. I could see everything on the T.V. screen and zoomed in with the remote on her fingers darting in and out of her holes. I put down the remote and helped her masturbate by pulling her ass cheeks apart. Now she could concentrate on herself and not have to worry about ass cheek management.

The large T.V. screen gave a more than life size view of Becky’s tremendous buttocks. For any guy that’s into large round female asses, my sister has more than enough butt to satisfy that craving. She is not fat for the record but has a slender waist line with just the right amount of insulation to give her a perfectly healthy glow. As I pondered her posterior I wondered if her cheeks alone could accommodate my rather chubby member so I squeezed them together and her hand was easily swallowed by them. A light went off in my head and I said,

“Okay, new position.” I had her move to a corner end of the bed and lay on her stomach. Her pelvis was supported by the mattress corner and her legs dangled off the edge of the bed. I put a pillow under her pelvis to raise her ass up and then grabbed a tube of oil lube from my bathroom. I repositioned the camera to capture all the action and zoomed in tight on her ass. I shed my clothes and took up a position right behind her. We could both see the T.V. as I placed my half erect dog between the cleft of her buns and anointed the voluptuous valley with oil. Then I pressed both glutes together and saw my dick disappear into her folds. I slowly pumped my meat a few times and allowed her to feel myself grow to full capacity.

“Oh my god”, she said, “I can so feel you growing between my cheeks. That is so fucking hot and looks amazing on T.V.”

“Here, grab the remote”, I said, “You can control the action.”

She took the remote and zoomed in and out as I began to fuck her oiled up ass cheeks. I pressed them together nice and firm then watched the screen as she zoomed in on my cock head popping in and out of the top of her crack. The lubrication from the oil made it easy to effortlessly glide my cock in and out, as her soft meaty ass pillows engulfed my stick nicely. Becky zoomed out to get a shot of me hovering over my sister and plowing her glistening butt crack. It was extremely arousing to drink in the image of brother and sister humping doggy style on the bed. The taboo stimulus was encouraging another premature eruption and I still wasn’t ready to pull the trigger so I backed off and de-bunned my dog from his warm comfortable home. I flipped Becky over and without any coaching she knew what I was after and pulled her legs back to surrender her pluming.

I wanted to get a nice close up of my tongue invading my sister’s ass hole so I repositioned the camera to get a birds eye view of the action. I’ve always been a big fan of analingus porn but it drives me crazy when the camera man doesn’t focus on the tongue in ass hole penetration. It seems like they always cut away just when someone is about to have their ass ring tongued out. I was going to make sure this shot would go down in history as one of the nastiest ass eating shots ever filmed. Becky’s ass was right to the edge of the bed so when I was happy I had the camera in the right spot I got comfortable on the floor and spread her ass cheeks apart for a good old butt munching session.

Becky still had the remote to zoom in and out and so I slowly pushed my rigid tongue right into her puckered pooper. I wasn’t able to see the action on the T.V. from where I was sitting but my sister had a great view of my tongue invasion. I did my best to really sink in slow and deep for the camera, leaving no room for doubt as to what it was that I was doing. In a voice rich with sexual ecstasy Becky said,

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