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Cindy said good-night to her parents and ran down the walkway to my car. We were going out for a hamburger then up to East Rock to make out.

“Change in plans,” she announced. “I just agreed to go to Mass with my folks tomorrow. You have to drive me to the church right now and wait while I go to Confession. After that you can’t lay a finger on me — kiss me — or anything or I won’t be able to receive Communion.”

“And my parents will know why!”

I had never had a Catholic girlfriend before Cindy. We argued endlessly over religion. When I had her boxed into a corner she would trump my arguments with “You just need Faith.” Which I didn’t have.

This didn’t prevent us for exploring the joys of puppy-love at least every Saturday night. Making out for hours in the car. Untucking her blouse, unbuttoning her bra and caressing her breasts. Running my hands up between her thighs under her skirt, then — delighted that she didn’t resist — up against her panties. Noticing that her panties were wet. Putting my hand inside the panties and exploring the wonders within. Finger-fucking for ages. Dropping her off at the dorm before curfew and relieving my blue-balls by stroking the earnest cock that had valiantly stood erect through the evening’s protracted action.

This went on for months until last weekend when, as the action got into high gear, I finally had the nerve to take her hand and place it on the stiff bulge in my pants.

Cindy whispered, “I don’t know what to do,” I said to just press and stroke. “But I want to see it and touch it; I’ve wanted to do this for weeks.”

So fast forward to my first hand job. Amateurish but enthusiastically performed and quickly effective. Spurts of semen all over Cindy’s hand and my lap. My pants were so wet I couldn’t walk her to the dorm door but fell asleep as soon as I got back to my dorm with no need to relieve any pent-up pressures.

Obviously the idea of taking Cindy to Confession scotched my plans for a repeat of our last date. I had spent the week planning to teach Cindy the fine points of manual technique that I had mastered through diligent daily practice since age 12. I had wondered how many lessons she could complete in one evening and had stocked the car with Kleenex and a hand cream dispenser in anticipation.

Cindy was equally disappointed but came up with a brilliant suggestion. “Let’s go up East Rock now, and go to Church and supper afterwards. But we need to hurry because Confession is over at nine.”

We sped up to the parking area where two surprises were in store. Rather than finger-fucking and teaching Cindy some manual techniques, as soon as I reached into her panties she took my hand and introduced me to her clitoris. And when I pressed her hand into my lap, expecting a quick hand-job, Cindy treated me to a different, stunningly ecstatic experience.

But Escort Bayan time was flying and we hurried to the church.

“I’ll be out in a few minutes,” said Cindy as she headed into the Church.

Well it was a very long “few minutes.” Cindy finally came out. “Hurry to the restaurant; I need to go to the ladies room.”

“Don’t they have one in the Church?”

“Yes, but I wanted to get out of there fast.”

When we arrived at the restaurant. Cindy suggested I get a booth and hurried off to the restroom.

She was more composed when she found our booth and instead of settling across the table she sat down next to me. “I need to tell you about what happened and I don’t want to broadcast it to the other tables.” Our food arrived with two beers. She started telling me about the Confession.

“I did the usual thing; you tell when your last confession was. Mine was about two months ago. I had described kissing and making out with you and letting you feel my breasts and put your finger in my vagina. I said that I detested all my sins, thanked God for forgiving me and did my penance which was reciting ten Hail Marys.”

“Wait a minute,” I said, “you detested all our making out? You sure never acted that way.”

“You just don’t understand: I love messing around with you, but when I get in the church all the teachings come down on me and it seems so wrong. At the moment, in the confessional, I do detest my sins. Besides, that’s what you’re meant to say; there’s sort of a script.”

“Anyway, this time I told him how you had gotten me to jerk you off, and more recently (I didn’t say about an hour ago), how I had showed you how to give me an orgasm by rubbing my clit instead of finger-fucking.”

“I said that you wanted me to masturbate you again, but I had been thinking about that all week and asked one of my friends about oral sex. She said she blew her boyfriend at least every week — that it was fun — and he loved it. So when we started making out, all I could think about was taking your cock in my mouth, which I did as soon as you put my hand in your crotch. I told the priest in detail how I ran your cock in and out of my mouth and sucked and tongued until you ejaculated in my mouth.”

“I continued with the Confession routine, said I detested my sins and fully expected that the Priest would assign me another 10 Hail Marys, or perhaps more like 20 this time.”

“Much to my surprise he said that what I described was much more serious than just making out and you feeling me up. ‘You have transgressed into the relations of a married couple, bringing each other to an ecstatic state. Absolution for such a sin requires much more than a simple penance of prayer. Fortunately the Lord offers a more thorough penance, which I can administer, and which will result in His forgiveness. Are you prepared to accept this penance?'”

“What could I say? I didn’t think it was such a big deal to suck you off and for you to make me come. But apparently it was. I said yes to the penance.”

“He told me to stand up in my part of the confessional and look high behind me and remove a small scarf from a hook on the wall. He ordered me to tie it around my eyes as a blindfold. Once I had done this I heard a couple of clicks and felt the air move in the room. The priest’s voice sounded louder. I felt him take my hand and realized that he had swung the wall of the confessional aside and we were standing together in the resulting space. He said he was going to sit down on a chair, and instructed me to lie in his lap over his knees.”

“‘The penance is in two parts: the first is a mild corporal punishment that I will deliver, in proportion to your sins.’ That said, he lifted my skirt over my back and ran one hand over my bottom. ‘Oh my God,’ I realized; ‘he’s going to spank me’. I hoped he wouldn’t run his hand too far between my legs and feel how totally soaked my panties still were from you making me come. Not to worry; he hooked his fingers in the waistband of the panties and pulled them down to my knees.”

“I had been spanked harder before, but never on my bare bottom. The blows stung much more on bare skin.”

“Hold on a moment,” I interrupted, “Tell me about getting spanked.”

“I got paddled lightly a few times when I was growing up but things really changed when I got my driver’s license in my senior year in high school. My father began spanking me a lot, usually after church on Sunday when my mother had a committee meeting. Dad could always come up with some reason to spank me: coming home late from a date, not gassing up the car, wearing skirts that were too short, et cetera.”

“It was always the same: over his knee, skirt raised, 20 or 30 slaps. At first I was scared, but I soon realized that it didn’t hurt so much. In fact it felt really good after a few times. He would drag it out by rubbing and squeezing my buttocks between strokes. I would be sent to my room afterward and I would lie on my bed feeling strangely excited. I also noticed that my panties were wet after the punishment. I would relieve the excitement and wetness by masturbating.”

“Soon I was counting on a weekend spanking followed by giving myself an orgasm up in my room. I also noticed that my father often would reach over and pull me toward him several times during the spanking. As I talked with my girlfriends about the mysteries of sex, I came to realize that my father would get a hard-on while he was spanking and rubbing my ass, and he was pulling me toward him so my hip rubbed against his lap. In retrospect, I think he might have come in his pants a few times; he would spank harder and faster and breathe heavily. But he always left my panties on.”

“So back to my penance: The priest took his time with the spanking, and rubbed and stroked my ass between spanks. Then he also pulled me toward him and sure enough, I could feel his stiff cock against me.”

“Then the spanking was over. We both stood up and he walked me — still blindfolded — behind the chair and told me to bend over the back and hold the seat with both hands. He lifted my skirt over my back again and pulled my panties all the way down. He moved my legs apart and then I felt something pressing between my legs.”

“I knew he was erect, but the blindfold had prevented me from knowing that he had taken his cock out. He pressed it insistently against my crotch, moving it around with his hand to spread his pre-cum and my wetness from front to back. Just as he said, ‘prepare to accept the second part of your penance,’ I felt his penis stop at my anus and start pressing against it, gently at first, then more and more assertively.”

“‘Relax and receive the forgiveness of the Lord’. I tried to relax and the head of his penis slipped into me. He paused a moment and then pressed further, in and out, each time a bit deeper until his hips were pressed against my buttocks.”

“What?” I exclaimed, “He fucked you in the ass? What were you thinking as it happened?”

“I felt overwhelmed by the experience but there was no pain and after a minute or so it started to feel really good. His pumping increased in speed and urgency. All too soon he spasmed a few times and withdrew his cock, leaving my rectum filled with his cum.”

“I stood up; he helped adjust my skirt and led me back to my side of the confessional, saying ‘You’ve served your penance and received the forgiveness of God. Go forward knowing the importance of maintaining your virginity and honoring those acts reserved for holy matrimony’.”

“He swung the partition closed, and I said in a slightly panicky tone, ‘…my panties…'”

“He sternly replied, ‘Let the sensation of your hidden nakedness remind you of your sin and your penance,’ and I heard the clicks of the partition locking in place. Confession was over.”

“Oh, now I see why you were in a hurry to get to the ladies’ room. So he kept your panties; you’re wearing nothing underneath? Show me!”

“No way! I’ve just had the most difficult Confession of my life and I need to stay pure to take Communion tomorrow.

“That must have been something else; how do you feel now?”

“Well I ejected most of his come in the toilet and I stuffed a wad of TP between my cheeks to catch any more. I’m actually feeling pretty good right now.”

Cindy sat staring into the distance for a moment, as a sexy smile crept onto her face.

“Hey….is your roommate going home for the weekend as he usually does? Can you pick me up at my parents’ after lunch tomorrow? Let’s spend some time in your dorm room; I think we have some new stuff to try.”

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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