Con Crash Space

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Tom walked up to the hotel room door and pressed the magnetic key up against the lock pad. He was glad the hotel that hosted his favorite convention had upgraded and cleaned things up. Made for a little confusion between the convention staff and the hotel’s new event coordinator, but things seemed to have been all smoothed out. He was beat from all the work setting up and was looking forward to laying down to get some rest before all the convention attendees started showing up the next day.

The convention had rooms for their staff. Better for the con to pay extra and be sure your team would be there than lose out on good people that couldn’t afford a room. It meant sharing crash space, but generally he could manage. There was the time he’d managed to land in the room with that guy who snored so loud the next room over complained, but mostly it had worked out. The door beeped and he pushed it open. Shower, clean t-shirt and shorts, call it a night.

Tom glanced to his left at the large counter as he walked past the little sink area in front of the bathroom. There were a lot more bottles and containers there than he was used to with past crash space roomies. As he rounded the corner where he could see the beds he stopped cold.

“UM… hi?”

Tom stood and stared for a minute. He wasn’t sure if he’d gotten the wrong room key or if somebody was playing a practical joke on him. If it was a joke, it was an amazing choice. The woman sprawled out on the bed nearest him had on baggy gym shorts with an oversized hockey style jersey. It took another moment to realize that the team on her shirt wasn’t an actual hockey team, it was the War Boys. Her long, bare legs stretched out across the bed were very distracting.

“Hello? Are you OK?” She pulled her legs up underneath herself and shifted up onto her knees. “Uh… ” She snapped her fingers in his direction. “This is Houston, over…”

Tom popped back into the moment, “Oh, yeah, crap, sorry. It’s been a long day and I was a little stunned.” He couldn’t take his gaze away from her. She had long, curly brown hair. Her ears and nose were small and delicate. Blue eyes stared at him as he stood there with his mouth still hanging open.

“Did you eat today? You look like a guy I used to know who did this whenever he didn’t eat at the right times.” She got off the bed and walked to the mini fridge in the room. When she bent over to look into the fridge Tom could see the beautiful heart shape of her ass outlined by the shorts.

“I’ve only got 2 of these power drink things in the fridge, the rest are warm. Do you want one?” She turned back around and Tom whipped his eyes back up to hers.

“I’m sorry. I think I must be in the wrong room.” Tom started to back toward the door. His confusion was not clearing up in the presence of this gorgeous lady. Just as he was about to turn and leave he heard the door lock beep behind him. He turned as the third crash space roomie walked in. She was short. Funny how Tom noticed that first, but she could have only been about five feet tall. Tom was just over six feet tall so the difference was notable. She had super short curly black hair and green eyes. Her skin was an amazing, smooth creamy brown. He glanced down at her outfit. It looked like she had just come back from a cosplay panel despite the fact that nothing for the con had started yet. She still had half a suit of foam armor on, the top half cradled under her arm rather than worn exposing a cut off t-shirt that said ‘property of Weyland-Yutani.

“Oh mom porn shit, sorry Sam, I didn’t realize you had a guy! Wow the con didn’t even really get rolling yet…”

“I’m sorry…” Tom started

“Jo it’s not that…” Sam started at the exact same moment. They both stopped mid sentence and she giggled.

“Oh, sure,” armor cosplayer said. “Look, Sam, you know I just need some kind of warning system or something. I mean, I walk down the hall for half an hour to work on foam painting and BAM!”

Tom was still processing when a thought struck him. “Wait.” He turned to the woman in the hockey jersey. “You’re Sam, right?” She nodded. He turned back toward the woman in the doorway, “and you are?” Tom let the question hang.

“I’m Jo.” she said and let the door to the hotel room swing shut as she moved further into the room, shouldering past Tom. “And this stuff is getting sweaty already”.

“That’s it.” Tom’s thought process solidified. “Sarah the hotel liaison must have mixed up our room assignments. I’m betting she listed all the staff out by first name in her notebook and didn’t give it any more thought than that. She put Sam, Jo and Tom all in the same room for crash space.”

Both the ladies stopped and looked at him.

“You’re probably right.” Sam looked thoughtful for a moment. “I could totally see her doing that.”

“Well shit,” said Jo, “So much for sleeping naked and actually being comfortable this weekend,” and dumped her foam armor top into a heap of things in the corner.

Sam answered her, “You always say that. You’d be naked all the damn time if you could get away with it.”

“Duh. The only problem is the cold. Can’t ever get comfortable. Either way too hot in some kind of cosplay or way too cold in the damn building.” Jo began unbuckling the leg portion of the armor she had created.

Tom felt his erection jump. He hadn’t realized just how turned on he was in the room with these two fine ladies. “Well,” he hesitated, “are you saying I shouldn’t go track Sarah down? Are we going to make this arrangement work? I mean, I could go and see what other crash space is out there…”

“Don’t be silly,” Sam said. “We’re on the end of the list, that’s why there’s only three of us and not four to the room. I’d bet Sarah doesn’t even have another room open.”

Jo frowned. “Aw man. Hello, naked time?” She gestured around the room and generally in Tom’s direction. Tom hesitated. He really didn’t want to mess things up. He didn’t know either Sam or Jo but then he didn’t know a lot of the rest of the staff. He was always running to another set up somewhere in the hotel. He had to speak his idea, but he wasn’t sure how it would be received.

“Well, if you feel that strongly about it, please don’t let me stop you.” Tom held his breath after he said it. Jo stopped her constant motion and peered back over her shoulder raising one eyebrow.

“You think so, do you?” Jo stood up having finally removed the bottom portion of her armor. She was wearing skin tight short shorts to go along with her half shirt. Her hips were gorgeous and round. Tom could see where her abs were cut right near her hip bones and a little hollow was formed where that skin slid into the waistband of the shorts. Jo glanced over at Sam who had also stopped moving. “Tell you what. If you think it’s a good idea, how’s about you go first?” Jo crossed her arms and tilted her head back. Sam slid over to stand near Jo and looked back at Tom. “That mobil porno could be interesting,” Sam added.

Tom couldn’t believe that he hadn’t been tossed out immediately. He released the breath he had been holding and felt a little light headed. He’d gotten this far with a gamble, but what would be next? Could he really do this?

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” Tom asked. “I don’t want you two to feel any kind of pressure or anything…” He hesitated.

“Ha! What are you going to use to put pressure on with?” Jo started laughing at her own joke. Sam turned and lightly smacked her on the shoulder saying, “You’re terrible!”

Tom’s confidence wasn’t as high after that, but he knew that if he wasn’t bold he would never get anywhere. “Look, if you’re certain then I think we can make this weekend work. Are you sure you’re OK with this idea?”

Jo turned and looked at Sam, “See? He’s all hesitant when it’s his ass that will be out.”

Tom flushed a little at what Jo said. In an instant he knew he would do it and said, “Well, if you’re certain then I really was looking forward to a shower.” Tom untucked his t-shirt from his jeans and pulled it up over his head. He wasn’t some comic book superhero, but he was fit and a little muscular from shoving boxes around all the time.

“OH, well now this could be a good thing.” Jo went over to the chair in the corner and sat down in it, placing one foot up over the arm. It created a tempting view of her private area as the material of the shorts pulled tight over her mound. “Do go on Tom. I approve this message.”

Tom had no idea which way to go next. He awkwardly picked up his feet and took off his shoes and socks, tossing them off to the side.

“I’m not super excited here Tommy boy, sad sneaker sliding isn’t working for me.” Jo teased him some more.

“Shhh. Stop it Jo.” Sam had wandered back over to the bed and was climbing back up onto it. Watching her lean forward and seeing the sway of her breasts made Tom’s erection twitch again. “Keep going…” Sam rolled backwards onto her butt and leaned back against the headboard exposing her long, shapely legs again.

Tom glanced from Sam to Jo again. Jo quirked her eyebrow again. “Well then, I do need a shower…” and saying that hooked his thumbs into the waistband of both his pants and his underwear, sweeping them both down to his feet at the same time. He slid the bunched legs of material over his feet and stood back up again. As he stood he could feel his erection twitch even harder than it had before. Here he was, totally naked in front of two of the hottest women he’d seen in person. He almost blew it right then and there. It was amazing to feel his dick pointing north and just being free. He turned slightly, looking around.

“Wow.” Sam said. “You just went for it. That was bold.”

“Yeah, it was,” Jo added. “I wasn’t thinking you’d actually do it, but DAMN that does look fine Tom.” She shifted and turned to put both feet back on the floor leaning forward “Can I touch it?”

Sam gasped. “JO! What the hell?”

Tom actually started to feel light headed. He was dizzy with arousal. “Uh, sure. Here…” and he took a few steps over toward the chair where Jo was sitting. “I hope you like it.”

Jo reached out and grabbed his shaft and slowly ran her hand around it, sliding her grip up and around the head. Tom moaned and leaned forward into her hand. Jo slid her hand down and gripped the base firmly. The distinct difference xnxx porno in skin tone looked great and the grip make Tom’s dick pulse like he was going to cum right then and there. He took a hesitant step backward allowing his dick to slide out of Jo’s hand.

“You can’t hold onto it like that.” Tom said nervously. “I don’t think that would have the result you’re looking for.”

“Oh, I think it would.” Jo said as she advanced a a couple of steps closer as Tom backed away. “But I have a better idea.” She glanced sideways at Sam. “How about YOU hold it like that? In fact, I want to see you more than hold it. I want to see you jerk it.”

“Jo…” Sam hesitated. “Seriously?”

“Oh hell yes.” Jo replied. “What do you say Tommy boy?”

Tom’s head swam a little. His cock was pulsing like it never had before. These women were into looking at him. He loved women. He loved looking at all kinds of women but the thought had never crossed his mind that they might like looking back. How long would he last? Was there something else he could think of that would possibly keep him from just dropping his load three strokes in?

“Tom, it’s OK if you don’t want to.” Sam said quietly.

Tom sucked in a shallow breath and said, “Oh, I want to I just don’t think this is going to last very long. I’ve never been so turned on before. You are both so attractive I was halfway done before I ever started.”

“You smooth talker you.” Jo said as she walked back over to the chair. “I’ll be over here so I don’t make you too nervous.”

“Here,” Sam patted the bed to her right. “However you’re going to be comfortable.” She giggled a little again. “I’m actually with Jo on this. I want to see you finish. I’ve never watched like this before.”

Tom didn’t say anything else. He slid down onto the bed and laid his head back. The sheets were cool against his naked skin and that coolness slowed the heat of his body ever so slightly. He closed his eyes and slid his hand along his side and down toward his throbbing dick. He desperately wanted this to last and he knew it wouldn’t.

He wrapped his fingers around the very bottom of his shaft and let his pinky and ring finger gently cupped his balls. They were already tighter than they’d been in a long, long time. He gripped a little harder and slowly started sliding up toward the head. His sliding hand went up and down slowly, tightening his grip ever so slightly at the bottom and pressing down toward his abdomen. He kept his eyes closed and listened. He could hear both of the women breathing. He knew that if he looked it would send him over the edge. He focussed and started sliding his hand faster up and down, letting his fingers slide over the head every few strokes. His breathing got faster and he pushed his legs apart slightly. He was so close. He knew he was on his way so he risked a glance at the ladies.

Jo had one leg up over the arm of the chair again and one hand casually laying against her crotch. Sam sat slightly forward and was staring directly at his hand now rapidly flying up and down his shaft. He watched her gasp a little bit then came as hard as he could ever remember doing it. He pulsed and pulsed as cum landed all over his leg, his hand, his stomach and he wasn’t sure where else.

“Oh, that was amazing.” Sam leaned back.

“DAMN dude. That was a lot.” Jo stood up and sauntered over closer to the bed. “I’m duly impressed. I think this weekend might just work out better than we thought.”

Tom shuddered slightly as an aftershock ran through him. “I’m glad you thought that was OK. Do you mind if I grab a shower?”

“No problem dude. And you’re totally sleeping in the wet spot.” Saying that Jo dove onto the other bed.

Tom grinned. He was going to enjoy this convention a lot.

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