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Life was no longer boring. Not by far. My new found love for ebony skin had proven to be rather rewarding. Darnell bred me often and I enjoyed watching him fuck April and Cleo. I lived to see his cock satisfied and our group met at least once a week for a full on orgy. We all hooked up individually as needed and I didn’t feel any bit of jealousy. When Darnell was with April, I was with Cleo and when I was with Darnell alone, Cleo and April explored their homosexual tendencies as well.

Life was good. Probably too good.

Over the course of a year I had watched Darnell cum inside April at least seventy times or so. She was on birth control but little else was done for the sake of safety and as fate would have it, more would prove to have been necessary. She was three weeks late and two home tests had come back positive. April was pregnant.

She didn’t want to tell Darnell or Cleo, instead choosing to keep it between us. I wasn’t sure it was a good idea but I felt that it was her choice and left it at that. We had discussed the ramifications of her pregnancy and she was leaning toward terminating it before it “interrupted her fun”.

There was the other matter that we didn’t know if Darnell or I was the father. Something that could be troublesome for her if her family were to find out.

I didn’t want any part of the termination and the pressure of it eventually forced us to spend more time with our ebony lovers than with each other, which in itself wasn’t bad but prevented us from coming to some resolution regarding it.

“We are not ready for a child,” she had said in one of our heated arguments.

I couldn’t agree more but I didn’t want the ramifications to be so cut and dry. “We did the deeds. If we weren’t ready for children…”

“Don’t give me that ‘if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime’ bullshit,” she interrupted. “It’s easy for you to sit and point a finger at me, there’s no chance of you bringing home a black baby to your parents. It’s not like Darnell can get you pregnant… though I bet you wish he could.”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“It means that you think more about his black cock than you think about me,” she said angrily.

I hadn’t thought about it before but I didn’t think of sex with Darnell more often than I did of sex with her. I also thought of sex with Cleo more often.

That night, she left to be with Darnell and I was stuck to my own devices. I had decided that I’d go to the adult bookstore and buy some toys to play with. I hadn’t been there in a while, not since hooking up with Darnell and I wanted to see what my new desires tempted me to buy.

The place was a small hole in the wall type of shop, above a pony keg in the downtown area. The guy that ran it was in his fifties but most days, he let a younger, tattooed woman keep tabs on the place. That day was one such day.

I was browsing the aisles, noting that I wanted to buy a large toy to fuck but was also looking at some of the straight porn.

“Are any of these titles any good?” I asked the girl at the front counter.

“Depends on if you want sex or plot,” she said.

“Well, most of these I feel are crap shoots anyway,” I said. “I mean, I can look at free porn all day but there’s something about buying it that makes it… special. I just want to make sure it’s worth buying.”

She looked at the doors at the back of the store. They lead to a set of private booths. “Some of those you can sample in there,” she said. “Just beware of the glory holes.”

“Glory holes?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’ve seen about six guys go back there a few hours ago. They haven’t come back since.”

“What’s a glory hole,” I asked again.

“Oh… well,” she seemed a bit caught off guard by my question. “The booths have holes in the walls for a guy to place his dick through and someone on the other side can play with it.”

“That’s legal?” I asked.

“I think it’s more of a gray area than anything,” she admitted. “No one is paying for the play, they are paying to watch a movie.”

My imagination ran wild. What if they were all black men? What if they were all white men? What if it was a group of Asian tourists?

“Well, you say some of these are playing back there?” I asked.

“Yeah, if you want to chance viewing casino şirketleri a guys dick?” she added.

“Well, let’s face it, there’s enough dick pictures in this store to last a lifetime so it’s not like I’m going to see anything unusual.”

She laughed and I broke a twenty with her so that I had singles for the booth.

I made my way back into the hallway and looked for a booth that wasn’t already occupied. There were a few but I looked for one between two occupied booths. To my luck I found one. When I entered, I put money into the viewer and began watching the video. It was typical gang bang fair. Darnell had introduced me to the subtle nuances of the different genres and styles and I thought that, aside from the fresh face that was showcased in the video, the film itself was rather boring.

So, I peeked in through one of the holes and on the other side was an older white gentleman, stroking his cock. I turned and looked through the other hole and, to my surprise, discovered a black guy with a cock about the size of mine, stroking intensely. He caught me staring and he stood up and stuffed his cock through the hole in the wall.

“Suck it, white boy,” he said.

I felt obligated to suck him. Not because he put his cock through the hole or caught me staring but because, well honestly, it was because he was black.

My mouth went to work on his strange cock and I could feel it swell further as I sucked him. His precum coated my mouth and I savored its delicious flavor. I then pressed my face against the hole, which, in hindsight might have not been such a good idea because I had no idea how many cocks had come through that hole but let’s face it, I was a happy boy with a mouth full of strange black dick.

He fucked my mouth viciously, like he hated my throat and wanted to hurt it. I enjoyed every second of it. I slurped and gagged and didn’t notice that the video had stopped. A few minutes passed before someone banged on the door. It was the store clerk and she sounded aggravated.

“You have to use the booth or leave!” she said in a tone that told me that she had told more than one person before that they needed to continue to pay for the booth.

I put money into the machine and continued to suck the stranger’s cock.

“Damn, you’re a hungry faggot!” the black stranger said as his cock leaked more precum into my mouth.

I let my tongue stick out to taste his nuts and enjoyed that he, unlike Darnell, was rather fuzzy.

Soon, his cock released its load and I swallowed it hungrily. I then sucked every drop I could from his cock as he pulled it back through the hole.

He stuck his hand through and gave me the thumbs up sign. I was pleased with myself for having grown into such a cock sucking talent that I could get off a stranger.

When I turned back to face the monitor, I noticed that the older white guy on the other side was looking through the hole.

“Would you suck me?” he asked in a rather pathetic tone. “My wife won’t suck me.”

I really didn’t want to. I felt like I would be a whore if I did but I also felt sorry for him and I quietly nodded. He stuffed his little dick through the hole and I pulled it into my mouth. It seemed all he needed because he came almost instantly. I tried to pull away but his cum shot into my mouth and onto my face. I swallowed his sperm without much thought and then turned my attention to the video.

I selected an interracial video and watched as two large black cocks entered a white pussy at the same time. I tried to stroke but felt weird there alone in a booth, like I knew that everyone outside the booth knew what I was doing.

I could hear someone else enter the booth that the black stranger was in and he whispered through the hole. “You the white faggot my boy talked about?”

I turned to see who was talking to me but all I could see was a rather large, uncut and flaccid black cock.

“Suck it, bitch!” the stranger said.

I spit on it to lube it and stroked it before inserting it deep into my throat and gagging on it. It was at this moment, with a throat full of strange black cock, that I realized that I wanted to be black owned. I wanted to worship ebony skin and that though I considered myself bi, I preferred black men with almost an exclusivity that casino firmaları would seem racist by most standards.

The stranger’s cock stretched my throat to capacity and I gagged and spit up on it. Pulling it out, I licked the shaft all over, loving it like it was some gift from a dear friend. I placed the cock head into my mouth and began undoing my pants to take them off. What happened next was almost automatic.

I stood up and turned around, spreading my ass for the large black cock and back onto it, feeling it penetrate my ass with little effort. I had been trained well, I though.

“Damn!” the stranger said as his cock found my deep, tight ass to be inviting.

I slowly pulled away from it until I felt the cock head right on the inside of my anus and then forced it back in deep and hard. I repeated this several times before I pressed my ass to the hole and let him fuck it at his own pace. The feeling that came over me was of a sense of calling. I knew what my ass was made for and that was to pleasure black cocks.

It wasn’t long before his cum shot deep inside my ass and I tightened my sphincter around his shaft, milking every drop I could.

All tallied, I was in that booth for maybe forty minutes. When I left, I walked around the store some more, the black strangers having left before I had made it to the main part of the store. I found a rather large black dildo, shaped to look like Lex Steele and I went to the counter to pay for it.

The girl stared at me for a while before she scanned the item.

“Did you have fun in there?” she asked.

“Oh… I decided not to get any of the videos,” I said. “Thanks.”

She smile. “Look, I could be a total bitch about this and let you leave without saying anything but…” She pointed at my chin. “You’ve got a bit of cum there.”

I reached up and felt a wad of cum in my goatee. She handed me a wet nap.

“Next time, bring your own wet naps so that you can suck all the cock you want without worrying about getting it on you,” she offered.

I smiled shyly and paid for my toy and left. When I got home, Cleo had let herself in. We all had keys to each other apartments because it led to some rather wild and spontaneous fun. She was naked and on the couch rubbing her pussy to a video we had made several weeks before.

“Where’ve you been?” she asked.

“I went and bought a toy,” I responded, showing her my new dildo.

“Ooh!” she said as she stood up. She smelled me deeply as she took the toy.

“You smell like cock,” she said. “Have you been…. you haven’t… have you?”

“I…” I didn’t know what to say. “I went…”

“You’ve been sucking cock,” she said. “Whose? Was it at the adult shop?”

“You can’t tell April. She’ll freak. It was my first time,” I said.

She looked at me and pulled herself closer. She kissed me and it felt like she was wanting to taste what I have tasted, her tongue probed my mouth. I love how full her lips were and I let her explore my mouth. When she stopped kissing me she said, “I won’t tell her under one condition.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Next time you go, you take me with you,” she said.

She sat me on the couch and took my pants off. She could see the wet spot in my shorts. “You let him fuck you too?”

“Yeah,” I admitted to her. “It felt natural taking that black cock deep and knowing that when it released its seed, it was because my ass feels that damn good.”

She smiled, “I knew you was a slave for black dick.” She played with my cock which was wet with precum. Her lips wrapped around it and she began fingering my ass, the stranger’s cum coating her fingers. “Your hole is well fucked,” she said. “I can get two fingers in easily. I can probably…”

She stuffed a third finger into me and I moaned.

“Damn!” she said as she milked me. Then she mounted my cock and rode me reaching down to rub my hole occasionaly.

“I think I want to be black owned,” I said while we fucked and she stopped and turned to face me. Her smile was gorgeous.

“You want to be my white bitch boy?” she asked.

“I do,” I said.

“What will April think?” she asked.

I suddenly realized that April would probably be angry with me. To her, this was fun but it was more about having a big black cock güvenilir casino than being in a dom/sub relationship. “I don’t know.” I answered.

“What would you do for a black owner?” Cleo asked.

I thought about it for a while while my cock still rest inside her pussy. “Anything… within reason.” I said.

Cleo climbed off of me. She walked into the bedroom and called me in. When I went back to the bedroom, she was on the bed with her legs spread.

“Eat my black cunt, white boy,” she said. Without hesitation, I buried my face in her wet pussy and began licking and sucking. She tasted sweeter than April and I enjoyed her jewelry, tasting her pierced clitoral hood and labia. “I made April my bitch too.”

April had told me she loved eating Cleo out and now I had a feeling why. Cleo was the most sexually liberated of us all. She had no qualms with her bisexuality and didn’t care who knew. She pulled out her cell phone and called someone while I lapped at her sexuality.

“Hey,” she said to the person on the other end. “Remember that white bitch I watched you and your boys fuck? Yeah, that’s the one. Guess who’s eating my pussy? No… her boyfriend.”

I looked up at her. I never heard about any of that.

“Keep eating my pussy, bitch,” she said and I continued eating her pussy. “Yeah, he’s bi and loves black dick. He said he’d do anything for it. Yeah… well if he’s too busy he don’t have to come. Same place you all fucked her… same bed and everything. Well, hurry up because I’m wet now.” She hung up her phone. “We’re gonna have company.” She said.

“How many?” I asked.

“Last time it was twelve but I don’t know who will show up for a white boy,” she admitted.

Within a half an hour, there was a knock at the door. She ordered me to answer it without getting dressed and I did. Soon, my living room was full of black men. Eight in all. They hardly said anything and moved me between then like they were sizing me up.

“Back here,” Cleo called from the bedroom and they all guided me to the bedroom, taking off their pants and shirts on the way. There were black cocks of every shape and size. Cut and uncut. Hairy and smooth.

My mouth was put to work on them quickly as they took turns having me suck their cocks awake. I felt like I had found my home. I gagged and slurped them as much as I could and soon, I was being forced onto the bed on all fours. Cleo helped them penetrate me and she watched as they fucked me with more and more aggressive thrusts. I sucked one cock while others took turns in my ass.

I felt helpless and I loved it and once the first guy came inside my ass, I realized that I wanted more. Each cock was lubed by the cum of the one before and knowing that my hole was being stretched in service to them, made me feel wonderful.

One guy shot his load onto my face and Cleo and I kissed as she licked it off. Cum began dripping from my ass and down my balls and Cleo rubbed it all over my cock and balls before tasting it. I loved how hot my ass felt.

I was forced to rim a couple guys and I enjoyed it. My mouth tasted their assholes and loved being used.

“Damn,” one of them said when he entered me, “his ass feels better than that other white bitches.”

I figured he was talking about April and I felt good about it. Knowing that she serviced them too made me happy for some odd reason.

Soon my ass was filled with cum. Some had fucked me more than once and I new that if I moved, it would drip from me.

They all left but one. He was one of the older men and he made me suck his nipple while I stroked him. He was getting ready to get up to go pee when Cleo stopped him. “He said he’d do anything for black ownership,” she said.

He took me into the bathroom with him and forced me into the shower then he aimed his cock at me. The hot, golden stream splashed on my face and neck. “Open up,” he said and I obliged and let his piss fill my mouth. It was tart and I didn’t like the flavor but I liked being forced to endure it. “You know, I’m Cleo’s husband,” he said.

The news was a bit of a shock. She had never mentioned being married.

“We’re both bi,” he said, “and we love white bitches.”

I looked over and saw Cleo standing in the door frame. She said, “Even April didn’t let him piss all over her though.”

I began to realize that there had not just been more going on when I wasn’t around and I understood why she didn’t want to have the baby.

Things between us would never be the same.

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