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“Jimmy says I’m the best cocksucker ever,” Mavis says to me with her dirty little grin. “World class cocksucker, he says.”

She’s just trying to get my goat, to tease me. We’ve been best friends since grade school and total competitors the whole time. If push comes to shove, we’ll each be there for the other, as we’ve experienced several times. But we’ll both try to top the other, too. Particularly Mavis. For instance, in fifth grade I won the baseball throw. I even beat all the boys. So she has to tell me she actually threw it further than me. But I’m the one that ended up with the plaque, so I didn’t care. And it’s always been that way.

Anyway, Jimmy and I were together awhile. He told me that I was the world’s best cocksucker and I guess I bragged about it a little. So now, Mavis is teasing me again. “Mavis, he probably just says that to every slut that sucks his cock. I mean, he has to say something nice doesn’t he?”

“Ha,” she says, “You’re just jealous. You’ve always claimed you were the best cocksucker, Lillian, and now it looks like I’m better at it than you.”

“Well, I guess we have to settle this some how or you’re never going to let up. We need some independent, fair minded judge.”

“Judge? What do you mean, judge?”

“We find some one we both agree on and we each suck him off and he tells us which was better at it.”

“Oh. Well, it has to be some one neutral, not one of your friends. Your many, many friends.”

“There you go again. Many, many, as if I have sex with too many men. You’ve probably been with twice as many as me. But, yes, I agree, it can’t be anyone that’s friends with either of us. Someone neutral.”

“We just pick someone and walk up and ask him?”

“Yes, how else could it work? Let’s see.” I look around the coffee shop where we’re sitting. “How about him, in the booth over there. Glasses. He looks intelligent. He could do it.”

Mavis grins. “He’s actually pretty cute, I bet he has a nice cock. So yeah, he’d do.”

“Let’s go,” I say and slide out of the booth and start towards the guy. Mavis follows me.

I should probably point out that Mavis and I are both 25. We both have AA degrees and good jobs. And, we’re both good enough looking that finding guys isn’t a problem. Mavis is a couple inches shorter than me and, how do I say this, better endowed. That is, she has larger tits and hips. She’s attracted boys ever since I can remember. I was more of a skinny tomboy, blond to her dark hair. Now, I’ve developed a good body but am still slim and my hair isn’t as blond as it once was, is sort of sun streaked blond — partly from the sun and partly from a salon. Our faces are both probably more cute than beautiful. Mavis once told me that she could suck her own nipples. If I want a nipple sucked, I have to find a guy. I’m happy with my breasts, they fill up a B cup, and fifty years from now when Mavis’s are hanging down to her waist, I’ll still have good ones. But I guess my point is, guys are always interested in us.

I slide into the seat opposite the guy and she sits next to me. “Hi,” I say to him, “I’m Lillian and this is Mavis. We have a disagreement and wonder if you’d help us solve it.”

He looks at me and then Mavis. He’s better looking than I thought. Sort of like Clark Kent with those glasses. “Hi,” he says, “I’m Roger. How can I possibly help your disagreement?”

“Well, Mavis claims she’s a better cocksucker than me and I think I’m better than her. So we’d like to each suck you off and then have you tell us which of us did it best.”

He didn’t flinch or anything. He did turn red, like embarrassed red. Didn’t laugh at us though. “Suck my cock?” he asks. “I mean each of you gets my bare cock loose and takes it in your mouth and works on me until I cum in your mouth?”

“Yes,” I tell him. “Exactly. I mean, not right here right now. We’d have to get some place where we could do it. And we couldn’t do it one right after the other, you’d need time to recover. So maybe one now and one a little later or something like that.”

“And you probably want to go first, don’t you Lillian?” Mavis says.

“I don’t care. We could draw straws or something, or let Roger decide. Whatever, just so it’s all open and fair. And probably one of us shouldn’t watch and get hints as to how to do better, we should each do it separately.”

Roger actually laughs a little. “You two really compete, don’t you? But why me? Why choose me?”

“Well, you were here when we had the disagreement.”

“And you’re pretty cute,” Mavis throws in, “I think I’ll like it with you.”

“But what if I’m married or engaged or something?”

“Of, we don’t care. We don’t want to keep you or marry you. We just need someone to judge.”

He actually laughs again. He really is pretty cute, Mavis is right about that. “O.k., why not? But I don’t understand, you’re both attractive young women. It seems as if you could find lots of guys willing to be with you and not need to solicit a stranger.”

“Oh, there’s no problem finding guys interested in us but we need someone neither of us knows. Someone independent.”

“Well, it’s odd but I’m sure antep escort I’ll enjoy it. So how do we go about this? Do we both get naked and I get to suck on your tits and taste your pussy and then fuck you as long and hard as I can manage once you’ve sucked me?”

Wow, that sounds awfully good. I look at Mavis and we both grin. “I think for the purpose of the test, no, we can’t get all involved like that. Just a blow job and then your vote. That doesn’t mean we can’t do more later, some other time. I mean, everything you say sounds great.”

“Yeah, it sounds terrific.”

“So, Mavis, why don’t you go first?” I suggest. She does. She and Roger sweep out after we’ve arranged for him to come back here after and pick me up. I have no idea what Roger has been doing lately but I assume he has not been strongly sexually active. So I suspect he won’t last long when Mavis blows him. Which should mean that Roger will last longer with me and that I will get to suck on him longer than Mavis will and that both Roger and I will enjoy it more. At least, that’s what I hope happens. I have some time to kill but perhaps not a whole lot. They could be back in five minutes but it’ll probably be more like a half an hour. So I get another cup of coffee and decide to just wait.

It’s maybe twenty minutes and Mavis comes in grinning big. I don’t know what she’s done but she sure looks like she thinks she’s just topped me somehow. That’s why we’ve never moved in together. We often depend on one another and are friends but if we lived together we’d eventually do something that would alienate the other forever. Roger follows her and he has sort of a shit-eating grin, a little happy but a little embarrassed. They come to the booth I’m in and Mavis sits down opposite me. Roger, a big handsome hunk, I’m beginning to realize, stands there awkwardly. I slide back some and pat the seat and ask him to sit down. “How’d it go?” I ask Mavis.

“Roger’s terrific,” she says. “Well, it’s your turn so why not go ahead?”

I nudge Roger. “Ready to try again?” I ask him. He acts like he has no idea what to say, so I push him a little and I say, “Well, let’s go, then.” I turn to Mavis and say, “We’ll be back here in a little while.”I’m also thinking that I’ve got to do something to get him seriously aroused, he’s probably sort of sucked dry right now. He gets up and I follow. He’s parked almost right in front. Nice car, not new but not a cheapy either. He holds the door for me. At least he’s a gentleman. I get in, making sure my skirt sides up some showing my legs. He closes the door and heads around the car. I know Mavis did something more than suck him, I’ve got to find out what and top her some how. He gets in and starts the car. “Roger,” I say, sliding over to lean against him and put my hand on his leg. “You can’t be ready again this soon. Why don’t we stop at a bar and have a drink and maybe dance or something and give you time to recover?”

I end up leading him to a local bar. We sit down and order drinks, beer for him, white wine for me. I suggest we dance. It’s just a juke box so I put in a couple quarters and play some slow songs that will let me get really close against him. He’s a good dancer. Taller than me, probably six inches or more. I press against him, get my legs between his until we’re just about glued together. I look up at him, “Kiss me,” I say, and he does. We’re alone in the middle of a small dance floor, kissing, swapping tongues, I’m rubbing against him. I can feel, he’s about ready. We go back to the table and our drinks. “Mavis didn’t just suck you, did she? She did something more.” I don’t know what it was but it didn’t take long.

He looks at me and grins. “You two really compete. She did suck me off but then she never stopped. It’s never happened to me before but she kept me hard and kept sucking until I came again. I think she figured, you’d never be able to get me up again after that.” He’s cute. I think he’s embarrassed.

“Well, I could feel you when we were dancing. You’re ready again. Let’s go out in the car and see what we can do.”

We get in the back seat of his car. I need to make sure he’s very aroused to do better than Mavis. I start taking off my clothes. “You said you’d like to get naked with us, so why not? I’ll be naked and you can be or not, whatever you prefer. “I get all my clothes off. He just watches me in amazement. I get his pants unfastened and unzipped and pulled down a little and get his cock out. He’s a big guy and his cock matches. He’s not completely hard but will be shortly. I lean down and start licking his cock and playing with his balls. He’s running his hands over my back and onto my butt. My naked back and butt. I keep hold of his cock but slide up on him and kiss him, stroking his cock as we kiss. We swap tongues some more. I take one of his hands off my butt and move it to a breast. We keep kissing and he squeezes my butt and squeezes my tit. I get my mouth back down and get my lips around the head of his cock. I work on him as good as I can, sucking, licking, moving my head up and down, using my hands to jerk him off a little and play with his balls. He moves his hand from my butt to slide a finger into my vagina. So he finger fucks me and I suck him like a pro. He lasts longer than I expected but I really love sucking him. When he finally unloads in my mouth, I swallow it all and lick him clean and milk the last drops out of him. I lean back and look up at him, grinning. “You’ve got a terrific cock, Roger.”

He reacts by almost throwing me. He grabs me, picks me up and moves me around. I have no idea what’s going on or why until I realize that he’s now got his face between my legs and is ready to eat my pussy. Fuck, he’s good at it, too. He licks and sucks and fingers me and almost bites my clit and I don’t last long at all until he’s getting a face full. He leans back, his face glistening, “You’re delicious Lillian.” I pull him up a little and slide down a little and we kiss again.

“Well, Mavis is waiting. Let’s get dressed and go back and report to her.” Once I have my clothes on again and we’re in the front seat and he’s driving, I lean against him and fondle his leg. “I don’t know how you will vote. But if you think I’m better, why not tell Mavis it’s a tie. I don’t want her to feel bad.” I grin to myself because I’ll know he thinks I’m better and Mavis won’t like settling for a tie. And that’s what happens. Roger tells us that he can’t choose, that it’s a tie, we’re both great. Then he says that he’ll just have to try us again for something like a tie breaker. Since I went last this time, I should go first next time. I agree to meet him here tomorrow.

O.k, yesterday was Friday. Now it’s my turn. I should have the advantage. I can be clean, dressed the way I want to be, as appealing as possible. So, I wear my most mini skirt. It shows off my legs, which are fine. I wear no panties. Just in case he feels me at all, I want him to know I’m ready. But I do wear my best push up bra and a blouse that has a scoop neck and shows off my breasts. Hair brushed and hanging loose, minimal make-up, a dozen condoms in my purse, and I’m ready. I come into the coffee shop, look around, and there he is. I go over to where he’s sitting and slide into the booth next to him.

“Hi Roger,” I say. I lean to kiss him and put my hand on his head to guide him. As I kiss him, I rub a breast against him and put my one hand on his thigh, my fingers almost on his cock. As I break the kiss, a very good one incidentally, maybe this is going to be even better than I hoped, I slide my hand onto his cock and run my fingers along feeling it’s shape. He’s already erect. Good. “Are you ready, Roger?”

“You look gorgeous, Lillian,” he says,”And yes, I’m as ready as possible. Shall we leave?”

I respond by sliding out of the booth and standing, turning to him as he slides out, too. I put an arm around his waist. I hug him closer, “That means we can do anything and everything we want to, doesn’t it? And I love the idea that you can give me multiple orgasms, I’ll try and do the same for you.”

We’re at his car, he opens the door and I get in. My already very short skirt slides up as I sit so that my bare pussy is almost peeping out. He goes around to his side and gets in. I lean to him and pull him toward me and kiss him. I run my hand over his thigh and to his cock and feel it through his pants as we kiss. I push my tongue into him and he responds. His cock feels terrific. He has his hand on my thigh, so I take hold of his hand and slide it down until his fingers are touching my bare pussy. I’m getting a little wet in anticipation. We continue to kiss as I feel his cock and he feels all around my bare pussy. I break the kiss. “I hope it isn’t far to your place or wherever we’re going.”

It isn’t,” he says, kissing the side of my face and trying to push a finger into my vagina. I spread my leg a little to let him push into me. He’s got to feel that I’m ready. I can feel his finger in me. I love this. The foreplay might be better than the actual thing. I love to try and seduce someone and to have someone seduce me.

I take hold of his hand and pull his finger out of me and lift his hand to his mouth. “Do I taste as good as I’m sure you will?” I ask him as he licks his finger.

“Fuck, we have to go,” he says as he starts the car and pulls out into traffic. I continue to rub his cock through his pants as he drives for a short time, less than five minutes. We pull in behind an apartment building and he hops out of the car and comes around and opens my door. I get out and hug him and kiss him again. As we trade tongues he feels my back and cups my ass and I do the same to him. He then almost drags me as he hurries into the building and we get in an elevator. I kiss him again and reach between us to unzip him. I push my hand inside his pants and feel around with my fingers and find his bare cock and grasp it. Yum, it feels so sexy. Our tongues lick at each other until the elevator door opens. I pull my hand away from his cock. I’d love to pull it out and hold it as we walk to his room but I’ve done that and the guy got embarrassed when someone else came by and saw us, so I leave it inside his unzipped pants.

In his small apartment we hold each other and kiss some more. I get his cock out in the open and move my hand back and forth on it as we kiss. Then into the bedroom. I see a small table with a lamp next to the bed — he reads, which makes him even more attractive to me. I get the condoms out of my purse and put them on the table. I turn to him and start unbuttoning my blouse. “When we get to it, use a condom, huh? I’m on the pill so I’m not worried about getting pregnant but I’m scared to death about getting any STDs.” By then I’ve taken off my blouse and bra and shoved my skirt down so I’m naked.

“You have a gorgeous body, Lillian,” Roger says, staring at me, still with most of his clothes on.

“You look like you do, too, Roger, so let’s get you naked so I can see you.” I start unbuttoning him and he does too and pretty soon he’s down to boxers. I kneel to pull them down . As they pass down over it, his cock jumps up and almost hits me in the face. I’m sure I smile because it’s a lovely cock. I can see it better than last night, big and erect but not too big. My jaws can get tired keeping them around a huge cock for as long as it takes sometimes. I’m going to enjoy doing him again. Too long to fit all in my mouth, so I’ll be able to keep hold of him at the base and work my hand on him as well as my mouth. I’ve never managed deep throating — I’ve read that some can do that but I’ve never managed to get a cock down into my throat. I wrap my fingers around his cock and lick it, turning my head to get to both sides., then lick the head.

I’ve knelt and sucked cock before but I think it’s a little demeaning somehow. I want us on the bed so I can lean over him and get at it. So I straighten up, still holding it. “You have a lovely cock, Roger, it looks perfect.” I then back up to the bed, pulling him by his cock. I get onto the bed and lay back and he gets on next to me and I sort of half roll onto him and kiss him. I then start kissing the side of his head, his neck, his shoulders, his chest. “You have a very sexy body,” I say as I lick his nipple and then move to the other, sucking on it a little. For a guy with fairly hairy legs and arms, his chest is almost bare, just a few wisps of hair. And firm and big. Then I kiss down his abdomen and finally get to his cock.

I love cocks. They are absolutely the sexiest things in the world. I treat his as good as I know how. I kiss it, lick it, play with his balls, get my mouth over the end and start taking it in, licking and sucking. I slide my mouth up and down on it several times then lift off and move so that I’m between his legs, making him spread his legs more so that I fit. I suck his cock some more and then suck on his balls, first one and then the other, and then back to his cock again. “I love your cock, Roger,” I tell him without ever looking up at him, just staring at his cock until I can get it back in my mouth. I really want to savor this, not move him to cumming too soon. I suspect Mavis gets a guy to cum as soon as possible, I’d rather enjoy it all as long as I can. As I go on, interrupting the sucking to just stroke it and look at it for a moment and then back to sucking I almost involuntarily hum or moan a little as I suck, it’s just all so sexy. “I really love this,” I tell him and go back to sucking on him, moving my head up and down faster now, working him towards finishing. And he does. I pull up slightly, keeping his head in my mouth, to give room for his load. I swallow it and then suck up and down some more, milking everything out that I can, cleaning him. I sit back, take a final swallow and look at him, grinning. “I just love your cock, Roger.” I bet I did a lot better than Mavis ever could. Then I lay almost on top of him and kiss him, pushing my tongue in. If guys are willing to cum in my mouth they have to be willing to kiss me afterwards. Roger passes the test easily. He kisses and kisses and runs his hands all over my body and then rolls until he’s on top.

I think he does like my body. He spends a lot of time kissing and tasting all over me, sucking my nipples, and finally getting between my legs and to my pussy. He’s good at it, obviously enjoys it. He licks and sucks and moves his attentions around, getting at everything over and over. I don’t shave my pussy. My blond hair isn’t very thick, it’s not in the way of anything, so I leave it natural. Oh, I use scissors and trim it to make sure it doesn’t get in the way, and it must work on Roger because he keeps telling me what a beautiful pussy I have, how much he likes it, how good I taste. My taste is all me. I douche to keep clean but there’s not strawberry flavor or any of that in me, it’s whatever come naturally. Good pussy eaters like it that way and Roger is good. He gets me to a terrific orgasm and tries to suck my whole pussy into his mouth as I cum, giving him plenty to taste. But he never stops, just keeps on licking and sucking. He slides a finger into me and really starts working harder on me. It takes a little while but I have one of the best orgasms of my life. My body jumping around and my yelling must let him know because he finally stops, sits back and looks at me with a big grin on his wet, shiny face. He reaches to the side table and unpeels a condom and slides it down on him and leans over me and starts pushing his way into me. I reach down to help aim him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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