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Big Dicks

This story is a true one. Only the narration may make some minor changes but the main story remains true. My friend is the lucky one, who happens to be the main character in the story. I have decided to write his story in his words as he told me.

I, Mir Khan, come from an underdeveloped town of Pakistan. I was studying in University of The Punjab, Lahore, doing my Masters in History. It was the era of General Zia, the early 80s. A law had been enforced that sex outside marriage was punishable by lashes. He foolish way to implement a law had led to great alarm. Where as a few days back having sex with as many women was legal, but bigamy permitted by religion was punishable. Whatever the law; for me it was a blessing.

It happened so that my girlfriend, Kiran’s friend had an affair with a boy of her department. Lets call them Komal and Raja. Raja is a Lahori and very sharp and crook to the end. Everything was fine till Raja managed to lure Komal into sex. In our society, sex is a taboo and can lead to great violence and killings in the name of honour. After having his way with Komal for quite sometime, Raja had decided to quit. He started making excuses to get rid of her. Komal who had given herself into sex was now worried that she was ruined. Nobody would marry her, after knowing of her affair. Her family would not only disown her but might even bring some disastrous results. Girls having love and care for each other were very worried. All means to get Raja to marry Komal failed. They consulted many old-timers, but the only way to nail Raja was to compel him by some threat, as convincing power was not good enough. The girls were told that to avenge the mishap by force was unlikely to bear results and end in just a scandal. Komal, in spite of Raja’s doings, was still in love with him and declared that she would commit suicide if she could not get him to marry her. The situation became grave and the idiot girl could do anything. Her sister-in-law (brother’s wife), managed to talk to her husband and was greatly pleased by his reply; which said that the only way to let the girl live was her marriage to Raja.

The old timers told her that only way could be pregnancy. General Zia’s lashes for adultery could do what her tears were unable to do. For this she had to keep screwing Raja. So it was planned and executed. This seemed to end the story but Raja’s fucking did not bear any result. I, being a friend’s friend, was one of the sympathisers. Raja was not using any preventive measures. “What is to be done?” was the question of the day. We somehow managed to take a sample of Raja’s sperm and got it tested. The result was horrifying. Raja was impotent by birth. Then came the gravest of the all situations. He could fuck her for a hundred years without bearing any fruit. The story being disclosed to Komal’s brother had worsened the scene. Now Komal had to get pregnant, and that too “very soon”.

All her friends were worried. They had conveyed the feeling to Raja that all Komal wanted was love. Sex could be a part of it; while marriage was not the goal. The passing out was near. Now it had to be a pregnant Komal or a dead one. (People knowing about our culture can imagine this). Somebody {for me he or she was a blessing}, gave the idea that Komal should be impregnated at all costs, whether it is Raja or anybody else. Making Raja bring up someone else’s baby should be the cost for his merrymaking. Publicly, the girls had rejected the plan as filthy. Secrecy was now the issue. A trust worthy donor of sperm, who may not stoop to any meanness after the act, was done. My girlfriend, Kiran, trusted me to the expected level of piety. When the sperm donation plan was agreed upon, my girlfriend, Kiran approached me. The honours were to be done by me. This was to be a secret. I was confused. Always declaring, celibacy as the standard ethic of my life, now I had to go for sex without love, what to talk of marriage. But every boy knows that who can refuse sex, especially, when it is to done in the name of righteousness. I had to act much harder than any Hollywood star in declaring that I was not the person who can do such an act. To hide the joy of fucking some pretty girl, and pronouncing anger on being used, was a tough thing. Now it was Komal, Kiran and me who knew the secret. Komal, who had been calling me brother for so long, came to me with my girlfriend, Kiran. Kiran now acted as the spokesman for Komal. Oh my God! How hard and memorable were the moments when the great discussion was going on. Komal, sitting numb, with tears in her eyes, unable to say anything, looked cute. Kiran arguing in her favour and trying to convince me that even God will forgive my act, as it would be done for saving a life. Me, I was standing there, fuming and fretting on the thought of it. These were the three actors playing their respective roles. Two were honest, I was pleased. After a very long session, I requested the ladies to leave, as it was beyond question. As I led them to the door of my apartment, Kiran asked me to wait there. She led Komal a few steps away and returned. She announced that she would be back after leaving Komal at the hostel. And back she was.

I was ataköy escort amazed at myself being so lucky. Had I been a Hindu, I would have considered it a reward for some lovely deed done in my past life. Kiran, the pious one, who postpones all activity till marriage, was back to convince me to go ahead with her friend. I received her and let her in. I asked her a few questions. Why me? What if Komal does not get pregnant? What if Raja comes to know of our doings? What if Komal decides to nail me instead of Raja? How can I get turned on to commit a sin? Will Kiran still accept me as a husband after I have done what is to be done? These questions were not for Kiran only. I may be reckless but these could me in problem as well. The answers I got were 1) me, because I was the only gentleman who had the chivalry to help a damsel in distress and keep secret. 2) It is Komal’s luck this is the best possible that could be done at the moment. 3)Raja can be fooled by Kiran coming along with Komal, and declaring that Komal had come with Kiran; so that Kiran could meet me. 4)Raja can be made friends and called to my flat and let him have sex with Komal so that he may think that he is the one who has impregnated Komal. Later Kiran and I can turn as witnesses to nail him. We can also take snaps of Komal and Raja which can compel both of them to get married, smoothly. 5) My sin will be like the wound inflicted by a surgeon. Last of all Kiran accepting me after the action, was to be trusted by me [Another act to prove my magnanimity]. After much drama and false tears I accepted to bow to my very own Kiran’s wish. She was much impressed as I would not have ever compelled her to do such an act. The plan was decided and I requested a day or two, so that mentally I could come to terms; but when she said that no time to be wasted. Once agreed the task is to be completed soon, which meant the work on the project is to start that very night. I surrendered to Kiran’s command. How could I do otherwise? Later I thought that the idea of camera and snaps could have backfired; as Raja could be nailed by them alone. I thanked my stars and told Kiran to bring Komal to my apartment by sunset.

Sunset was to be the sunrise for me. I had a single bedroom apartment. I tidied it up. Shaved, all the way, and had a bath. Ran to the nearby store and bought some drinks (soft ones of course) and sandwiches and back again. Around half past six the door bell rang. Legs were shaking due to the excitement and heart beating, as if it would come out of the rib cage. I was wondering, “How could people be bold enough to do the thing so easily?” Practise, I presumed, was the answer. I had done it with a maid back at village, but this was something very different. Trying my best to look composed, I opened the door. There stood the two charmers. Kiran was leading and Komal standing a step back, staring at the floor as if she was trying to something through it. In they came. I offered them coke to drink but Kiran told me not to bother. Silence prevailed. After a few moments I called Kiran to my bedroom and posed as if I was going to be butchered in her name. She looked thankfully. I on the other hand took the opportunity of hugging and caressing her for a while and leaving a few kisses on her neck and face. Then in a much stern way, I asked her to speak when my ordeal is to start. She kissed me back and after squeezing me for a second, she turned around, passing through the sitting room she patted Komal, reached the door and opened it. I went with her to the door. She told that she would be back in the morning, and without even looking at me, she walked away. I could sense the tears she had hidden. As I closed the door and turned around, I saw Komal sitting on the sofa with her head hung low. I could not conceive how and what to speak with this girl who had been my friend for quite some time.

A grave silence prevailed. I walked up to her. She looked up. I felt the same helplessness in her eyes as if she were a sheep in a slaughter- house. Had I not been wearing a tight underwear under my shalwar (Pakistani trouser), she could have made out, how happy I was? I had done quite a bit of thinking about this event, so started playing my cards.

“How do we start?” I asked pretending to be totally ignorant about the procedure.

“Don’t you know how to do it?”

“Never done it, before.”

“Do you really know nothing?”

“I’ve only seen a few pictures about it. No practical experience. Will you could guide me, please?”

Silently she got up and started to move towards the bedroom. I followed her. The heartbeat, the excitement, the trill of the unknown pleasure and confusion were getting mixed in the joy, about to be received.

“Let me get some water”.

I left giving her time to get ready for what I had been calling an ordeal for love-life. When I entered the room with a jug and a couple of glasses, Komal had got in the bed under the covers.

I placed the water on the side-table and came to the bed. I had decided to play silly. So I got in the bed, under the covers, with my clothes on. She stared at me in utter disbelief. I wanted her to take the charge bakırköy escort of a teacher. I turned towards her and asked how to do it?

“Free yourself of these clothes first.”

I sat up and took off my shirt and while remaining under the cover slipped my shalwar down.

Turned towards her and pulled her close. Typical Pakistani girl, she had not removed her shirt. Funny shyness! They may do everything but can’t give an expression of liking it. Now it had to be me, who was to make a request for this move. I asked her to do it. She sat up, turned her face the other way, took of the shirt and before she could lie down, I asked her to do away with the bra as well. She obliged, but her face being on the other side she dived back under the covers without giving me a chance to have a look at her boobs. Well, that needs a reply in the same manner, I decided.

Turning to her, I placed myself against her. “Help me get it in” I said. Now it was her turn to pull me on top of her. Dumb and silly, I had decided to play.

“What next”.

She opened herself a bit and pulled me closer. I still remained out. With helplessness in her eyes she caught hold of my penis with her thumb and index-finger and led it to her opening. Still shy and avoiding to touch it, completely. ‘Need to be taught a lesson’, I thought. Knocking at the door, but still not in.

“Press it in”, she spoke out.

I knew that she was not wet enough to slide it in easily. But an order is an order, I forced it in. The tightness due to dryness was heightening the pleasure. I went ahead without waiting for approvals. Finally it was all the way in. Playing silly again, I did not move. After a brief pause, she asked about anything gone wrong.


“Why don’t you move then”.

“In the Biology book, I read, I saw the penis is to be all the way in to deliver the seed”.

“But the seed will not come out till you move it in and out”.

So I started pumping. The strokes were regular, as if mechanical. I kept asking about the seed coming out. She told me to keep on doing my work. How I felt like fondling with her boobs? How I wished see her stark naked, getting a pounding from me? How I desired to suck those lips? How I longed to feel her arse and hips? But I did not want to kill the hen that was going to lay golden eggs. I did want her to keep providing me with her pussy and taking my cock as if it were a blessing, and not somebody who took advantage of her need and screwed her up. It took me nearly fifteen minutes, when I felt the seed building up and gushing out. One last folly I made was the pulling out my dick as it erupted. I made a panic stricken face and told her that something was happening to me. All my semen was splattered over her belly.

“Why did you do this”?

“I felt if something was happening to me”.

“That was the seed you were supposed to leave inside”.

“Can we put it back in you”.

“What! You mean I have wasted it and can’t get you pregnant now”

“No I mean we will have to do it again”.

“Can’t we shove in the spillage?”

“No. And usually it doesn’t happen in a single go.”

“So I will have to keep doing it till you conceive.”

I got up and started for the bathroom to clean myself. After taking a few steps, I suddenly turned back. There was smile on her face. A smile of victory. She thought that she had made love to a novice, a virgin. I rewarded myself with an unsaid praise for acting so well. After peeing I washed myself and waited for my dick to go limp, as it was rising again. This time I wanted her to put some effort to get it up. On my return she sneaked out of the bed and went for the cleaning.

“You are not only new but uninformed as well”, she said.

The silence barrier was being broken. I just nodded. I did not want to make her feel that she was the pious lady cheated and trapped into sex. I was more pious than her and doing the job out of mercy and not LUST.

I got near her and asked about the next round. I was told that I could do it over and over again. I wanted to confirm that it may not harm the baby in the making. Once the safety was assured I crept near her. She felt my dick with the back of her hand and posed as if the touch was by chance. I requested her that in order to do the performance again I needed her help. She obliged by holding but not massaging my shy shaft. This rascal, my dick, betrayed that very second. It responded to her touch as it was a machine that started at the touch of its master. I had wished that it would have taken a bit longer petting, but it seemed that it had a filthy greedy brain of its own. I was disturbed and thought of playing dumber this time. “Kindly do not pee in my bed this time, as you wet the whole thing last time”.

“Are you posing or you really are unaware?”

“I think I don’t need to pose”.

“Have you never even seen a movie?”


“Then better see one of the triple X”.

“Where do you get one and can it guide you about all the process?” She told me any rental shop with friendly terms will give me one. By this time my cock in her hand was turning quite uneasy so I placed it on her entrance and started pumping hard and slow, proving to be a good pupil. The build up had been released earlier so this time it took more than twenty-five minutes. I started asking questions every time the build up was near eruption. But the time came for the ecstasy and finally spent the seed inside her. We lay there for a while and then I told her to wait for me as I had a small errand. I rushed to a nearby drug store and bought a pack of contraceptive pills. When I came back, I requested Komal to brew some tea for both of us. Modesty would not let her roam naked so I gave her one of my kurtas(long shirt), it worked as a long shirt that came up to her knees. When she went to the kitchenette, I slipped out a porno movie out my collection, which I had hidden to prove my ignorance. Placing that cassette near my VCR, I called out that I had brought the movie she had requested for. She said that it was for my own good. I went to the bathroom, locked the door and took out the pills. After hiding the rest of them safely, I crushed one with the help of my shaving brush and collected it on a rupee note, as I did not carry any other paper at the moment. Tea was ready and had been placed in the living room. Komal did honour me by pouring tea for both of us. I asked her to bring some cookies from the kitchen. As soon as she left I emptied the contents of my Rupee note in her cup. I did not want her pregnant before I get someone to take care of my carnal needs. The pill had a double effect. It was a contraceptive as well as an aphrodisiac for females. We sat on a sofa facing towards the TV. I asked “shall we watch the movie”? She was reluctant to see a porno with me but I told her that in order to let me know the proper way to sex, I would need her by my side to explain the things I cannot understand. I got up and switched on the system. The movie I had selected was the one which contained all sorts of episodes. Pirated movies are common in Pakistan and they are edited according to the wishes of the customer, with maximum number of movies recorded in a single cassette and the cost is less than a hundred Rupees. So the movie had regular, oral, anal and group sex and what not, in it.

One thing, about which I was and am to this very much sure, is that porno by itself cannot turn on a girl until it is made for them. The general porno movie is made to excite men. I sat by her side. We were sipping tea. I wanted her to indulge in movie so much that the she may not be able to sense the taste of the pill. Finally the movie started I posed as pornography was new to me. When the foreplay started it was alright, but when the oral sex started I got up and switched off the TV declaring it as filthy. Komal was puzzled at this. She told me that I being a villager (paindu) was ignorant and uncultured. So from that moment I should let her take charge of everything. The movie started and oral foreplay and then the cum-eating and all that stuff were explained to me one by one as new improvements and real fun in sex. I kept acting silly, asking questions as if I knew nothing. While she had to convince me that all these acts were parts of the love-making. As soon as the first episode ended I offered her to suck me so that I could experience true sex. She obliged. At first it seemed as if it was fucking in the mouth but she was involved in it and gave a real sucking. I meanwhile started playing with her boobs. I don’t know when it happened but soon I realised that we both had undressed each other or ourselves; the result was that we were not having any shred of clothing on us. I just bent her on the sofa and gave her a kiss on her pussy. It was just a peck but still her wetness left some of her juices on my lips. I did make faces at this but gave an impression that I will try to adjust and develop a taste for it by tolerating the smell. The kiss was just to reciprocate for the sucking she had done. “Why is your pee so sticky?”

This question made her laugh. Then she started explaining all about the juices and other stuff. I kept acting as if everything was new to me and I was so excited to come to know of it. Having spent twice, I could have an erection, but unlike most of the story tellers, I could not come that early. It took me quite some time and she also dried up. At this she told me to use my spit for lubrication. I did that but tried to give a feeling that I considered it dirty. The jerks created ripples in the fat of her bums. It was something very pleasant to see. It is me who is creating those waves. This feeling is the best mood elevator a man can ever experience. There were no aahhs or oohhhs from any of us. Maybe that I was not all at ears to hear them, just the feeling of love-making was charming. (Sorry to say I did not come across ladies who start dripping before the sex starts or experience orgasms at every sexual session). After ejaculating and filling her up, I got up and moved towards the bedroom. I felt a bit tired. Komal lay on the sofa for a while with her butt perched up on the side-arm. I got into the bed to relax. I don’t remember much but next thing I felt was Komal getting in bed with me. I had fallen asleep and her coming stirred me. I just got hold of her, pulled her closer and wrapping my arms around her and making her breast press into my side like a warm cushion, I sunk into the valley of slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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