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Company ConcubineCHAPTER 1: COMPANY OPEN HOUSETo my surprise, my mother-in-law seemed more amused at my vexation and embarrassment, rather than sympathetic to my distraught state of mind, as I related to her details of my visit at the company open house at my wife’s new job.“It w-was unreal. I-I was so embarrassed a-and stupefied as Sara took me around a-and introduced me to a-about 35 – I-I really lost count – company executives and b-brawny male co-workers w-who’ve fucked her since she’s been working there. They all c-congratulated me as a cuckold husband of a Company concubine. I-I felt s-so un-nerved. B-But, I-I have to a-admit t-they w-were all cordial, a-and treated me warmly as they praised how well my w-wife serviced t-them in bed. I-I was s-further shocked w-when m-many of the m-men praised me for being the pussy sucker I was for my wife a-and that they felt honoured that I was sucking up their spend. I-I c-couldn’t believe that S-Sara had revealed s-such a-an i-intimate p-part of o-our marital sex life. A-A-And w-what m-makes it s-so b-bad, I-I didn’t e-even know s-she was b-being fucked a-at work. I-I j-just thought a-all that c-cum in h-her pussy –w-was f-from h-her usual studs. I-I can’t believe s-she n-never m-mentioned it.”“What would’ve it mattered to you my dear son-in-law? Is it important to you to know whose dick is giving her pussy the satisfaction you can’t or whose jism you’re eating? Your only concern should be to give her the pleasure she derives from you sucking all that nut cream from her well fucked cunt?” I couldn’t help but look stupid in front of my wife’s mom after thanking just how silly my statement was in the first place. But anyway, I forgave myself quickly because I was upset. I kept on with my rant.“A-And a-another thing I-I didn’t know w-was t-that s-she also was called on to s-service clients of the Company too. S-Sara beamed with pride when she revealed that she’s been fucked by a total of 60 different men since taking the job just 2 months ago.”“Well Sylvester, look at the bright side, that means that your new bride will bring even more experience into the marriage and into your marital bed. And since all of us in the family know that with your little thing, the only way you can really please Sara is with your tongue. Anyway, you’ve become well-adjusted to mouth vacuuming her pussy after her other men have used her, haven’t you? Now you’ll just have to deal with the heavy loads of spunk from her new bosses and co-workers and their clients, which you’ve already done and didn’t notice. So to me, there’s no problem. Don’t be such a worrywart.“And please, don’t bring up past history about our sweet daughter not being forthright with you about all the guys that were doing her while you two were dating and engaged. And yes, she was feeding you a lot of their semen too. But look, you’ve found out she did you and her relationship a big favour by training you to become a skilled pussy and cum sucker. So you need to get over what quibbles you have about sucking the spunk of better men from your wife’s popular pussy and move on to being the best husband you can, under the circumstances. You know you two deeply love each other. This is what you have to do to keep your new bride happy and contented. And especially so, since from your recent marital counselling sessions, you’ve learned that your sucking her used drippy pussy is good for your marriage, as well gives you an opportunity to please her in a way her real men studs can’t. Right?”I was obviously embarrassed by her words, but due to her insistence, I was forced to answer my mother-in-law and confirm she was correct. I could see from her face, she was very pleased at my meek acceptance of my humiliation as I nodded my head up and down. She continued to talk.“And my dear son-in-law, before you open your mouth, please don’t bring up again, or whine about Sara making you wear a rubber when she does find time, or is in the mood to let you have some. We all know that she doesn’t ask that of others she puts out for. And you know that it’s a quirk of hers for you to have a latex sheath around your prick for coitus with her. As I’ve repeatedly told you before, that’s for you two love birds to work out. But I do see her point in holding back some of her sexy charms. That way, you’ll still have something to look forward to in the future, and won’t readily take her or your marriage for granted. Plus it can’t help but keep your marriage intriguing and fresh.”I heeded my mom-in-law’s warning and decided it was best not to even attempt a response to her about this last subject she’d mentioned. Sara and I were still discussing it in our counselling therapy and I wasn’t making much headway in changing her mind about her insistence of not letting me enjoy her warm wet juicy delectable pussy, raw and flesh to flesh, like she permits with all her ‘real men’. To make matters worse, Dr. Judy, our counsellor, made it clearly known, she thought my new bride was well within her marital rights. So it doesn’t look good for me on that front. And the worse part, my new wife isn’t willing to commit to when she will permit me to having such unencumbered delightful sex with her. In addition, she frequently raves about what good head she gives her studs, but also claims she’s holding that off in the future for me too. Hence, I’m also missing out on that exquisite pleasure.Both Dr. Judy and my new bride were also very adamant about Sara having the right to expect me, her new husband, not to treat her as a slut or a whore just because she lets other men do so.Being hit over the head with such a statement, confused, confounded and dumbfounded me. I didn’t have the mental wherewithal to even reply. I simply sat back, timid and silent. My mind snapped back from my thoughts as my mother-in-law spoke again.“Sara’s dad and I have always thought you were right for our worldly daughter, since you are so unassuming and…. Well I don’t want to sound mean or derogatory, and you know we think the world of you as our new son-in-law, but of course the truth is that you are a milksop. It’s obvious that you are very adaptable to changing situations so as to avoid confrontation or conflict, even if it is at the expense of your self-esteem and manliness. That’s what endeared you to us, and is a strong point in your relationship with Sara. Sure you were naïve and green at first, but now you’re not. So please don’t worry Sylvester, you’re married now and know your role in your marriage, as well as your husbandly obligations. We’re sure you can handle it very well.”Even though I was rather upset at the somewhat dismissive attitude of my mother-in-law, I still thanked her for having faith that I would be a good husband. It seemed simply appropriate I do so, even if her words were tinged with derision and sarcasm.However, it was very clear she didn’t see this whole matter in the same light as I did. I could only mentally sigh as I also hated to admit to myself that her somewhat eloquent assessment of my personality traits were not totally inaccurate.Her daughter, now my wife, had not hidden that my acquiescent character was very pleasing to her and made me perfect ‘husband material’- her words- even though she craved dating and having hot sex with good looking, aggressive, well-endowed men, while me, her meek husband, stayed at home at nights and even on weekends, while she goes out with many strange men.Sure my new bride sort of keeps me underfoot, so to speak, but I just saw this as one of her quirks. Who doesn’t have their idiosyncrasies? Sara kept insisting I was a good catch, so I couldn’t bahis siteleri help but be flattered when such a voluptuous girls says that about a nerdy guy like me.And as her new husband, a guy’s ego can’t help but be boosted to know his wife is so jealous of him, she desires him to stay home and not be exposed to predatory females who might take advantage of me. However, while I appreciate her desire to protect me from such temptations, I am concerned about her unending list of domestic chores that she always has for me when she does go out socially with her other men friends.Even though I knew it would not elicit any sympathy for me, I nevertheless continued to tell my wife’s mom about what else happened at the open house.“A-And if that wasn’t bad enough, all of us husbands of company concubines h-had to go through an orientation on the spot. D-During the orientation, we w-were given drinks, which turned out to be sedatives. W-When we awoke, w-we all were wearing one of those electronic chastity belts. They r-really aren’t belts so to speak, but more like a cable that we wear around our waist with waterproof encapsulated wires that surround our genitals. One can still bath and perform all normal body functions. However, any attempt at masturbation or sex a-and we get jolted w-with an electric shock. I-I couldn’t believe they were so bold to do s-such an outlandish thing. B-But I-I learned t-that Sara had given her consent for them to do that to me.”To my dismay, her mother was completely satisfied that my wife was correct in doing what she did. Just as I was leaving, my father-in-law arrived. I ended up having essentially the same conversation with him, as well as the same feedback from him as I got from his wife. He simply told me “Son, you knew when you married Sara, she was too much woman for you. And just as I told you then, if you truly love her, it’s time you stop whining and do what’s required to be a good husband, no matter that it’ll mean you’ll be a cuckold husband and a cunt sucking, cum eating, pussy whipped, pantywaist wimp. And as we all know, that shouldn’t be too difficult a role for you.”After being soundly put in my place by my wife’s parents, I drove home in a defeated state of mind. They obviously were not sympathetic in any manner of supporting my attempt to get their daughter to quit her new job, or get me out of my genital prison. It hurt, but I had to secretly admit that my wife’s dad was right about me being a wimp.I knew Sara had always been attracted to tall handsome muscular men, even though she said that she was strongly attracted to me because of my humble personality. She said she liked that I was a gentleman and not a skirt chaser or a cunt hound. She also was excited that I was a virgin too and seemed intent on us getting married soon after she made her discovery.Sara persuaded me to agree with her ‘Platonic’ dating of other men before and during our engagement. She’s so persuasive with me. It’s like she has some sort of mind control over me. And since I was so smitten with her, she literally could do no wrong in my eyes. However, little did I suspect she was having wanton unbridled having sex with all those men, and had plans to continue her promiscuous activities throughout our marriage. And since I was a virgin, and my new bride to-be, wanted me to come to our wedding night bed that way, there was no copulation between us before marriage, just me sucking her tasty pussy and me mating with my hand – usually as she watched and smiled at me relieving my built up sexual tensions. While I beat my meat, she exhibited her very lovely tits and exposed her luscious inviting pussy as masturbation aids to me.Since mother had me masturbating from the onset of my early teen years – her method to regulate my sex drive, keep me from getting girls pregnant, and also to keep me a virgin too. It didn’t take much adjustment for me to have the beautiful Sara be my masturbation monitor.Mother and Sara hit it off from their very first meeting, because like Sara, mother thought it special that I marry as a virgin. Mother also supported Sara in her restricting me from touching her ample and shapely breasts too. They both thought that was a treat better reserved for our wedding night too. I didn’t like this in the least, but I knew there was nothing I could do about it.Plus, as you see, my mother was the boss in my house, so what she said, was law. That’s just the way it was. Even though I’m over 21, I as well as my dad, are still too intimidated by mom to oppose her on anything.To make matters worse, just as my mother-in-law had said, I was naïve and sexually inexperienced enough to not know that Sara had been feeding me lots of cum cream pies. I was clueless about what I just assumed was the normal exotic, but good taste of her always very wet, and very warm syrupy pussy. When I did find out after we were wed, that I’d been slurping up all the copious ejaculate of the men fucking her, I was very sad and disillusioned, not to mention very humiliated.Because Sara considered me a nice guy, that was humble, wise, sensitive, and understanding of her needs, she made the assumption I wouldn’t mind be terribly upset at having been fed all those countless cum cream hair pies or being her devoted cuckold husband, since I was unpretentious and not as well hung as her ‘real men’, but yet loved her so much.“Mother said that fellows with small dicks would be pleased that better men are giving their wives what they need darling.” My new bride said to me in earnest.Well anyway, after continuing to discuss the status of our relationship – since we were now man and wife – I had to accept, and deal with the fact that my new bride was basically a slut. I also had to deal with the fact that I had been a slut sucker for all those months before we were married.“C’mon Sylvester darling, we all know that you’ve become very acclimated to and like the taste of my hairy coochie, all warm and gooey. Just because you now know you can’t fuck me as good as my studs is no reason to throw away what we have. And just because I’ll still be fucking other guys doesn’t mean I love you any less, honey. And even though I was not open with you about feeding you all that cum that was shot off in my hot cunt, surely you can’t let that stand in the way of the love we have for each other and the time we have invested in each other in this relationship. And besides Sylvester, you’re such a great pussy sucker. You provide such an indescribable thrill when you suck other men’s cum out of me. I really need what you do for me. And it has to mean something to you to know that you’re the only one I let suck my studs’ sperm out after I’ve been fucked.”Even though my new bride crushed my dignity by her abject treatment of me, I had to admit she did make some positive points about our relationship, as well as boosted my ego, even if in a somewhat left handed manner. Despite my emotional hurt and her disparaging treatment of me, I was forced to admit that I was finding it hard to just walk away from her.CHAPTER 2: RELATIONSHIP COUNSELINGTo help us smooth over what my mother and Sara’s parents termed “small bumps in the road” to happiness in our new marriage, they got us into relationship counselling. And to my surprise, the renowned Phantomville Relationships Counsellor, Dr. Judy, sided with my new wife in so many ways, and showed me just how naive – and well ignorant – I really was about sex and marriage. She showed me that cuckold marriages were not only common, but a very good arrangement for many couples who had the correct emotional bonding traits for güvenilir bahis siteleri a loving relationship, but lacked the total physical sexual compatibility.“And Sylvester, it’s excellent that you find the taste of your wife’s fucked and well used pussy palatable. And this is reinforced by the fact that, as you’ve revealed in our sessions, that on more than one occasion, you’ve involuntary ejaculated in your underwear.” I turned beet red as Dr. Judy spoke to me in one of the sessions where my wife was not present. “Your wife is very attractive and you have to realize that so called Alpha males will continually be after her.” Dr. Judy said as she continued to talk. “And since she does enjoy the delight of being pursued by them and, err, I guess the best way to say it is, putting out for them too. Not only do you have to accept and see this as a normal routine in your marriage, you also must be comfortable that her having sex with other men, will have priority over your sexual needs in the marriage.”Dr. Judy also drove home the point that I should not only be proud that my wife attracts and gets frequently fucked by well-endowed handsome, brawny men, but that I should feel boastful that I have the good fortune to be her husband and suck such a highly sought after snatch.Sara and I were well into our counselling when Sara got her new job as a Company concubine. Per Dr. Judy’s advice – as well as advice from mother and Sara’s parents – I had capitulated and accepted my “proper” role as a cunt and cum sucking cuckold husband. It seems my acquiescence to being a willing cuckold was just in time, as my new bride was opening the door for me to enter an even greater degree of cuckoldry and subjugation.As I had been told, I did find it relatively easy to adapt to my lesser subordinate role in the marriage. I was eating my wife’s pussy an awful lot, and consuming a lot of her many different studs’ sperm. While at the time, masturbation was my primary means of sexual ejaculatory relief. And due to her prioritizing her sexual activities with other men, over me, her husband, I suffered immensely. My new bride was often too tired for me, or simply not in the mood to put out for me.She would listen to my earnest pleas for intercourse with her, but despite that she always found time to guide put my head in her sloppy, sperm soggy, slimy, bushy crotch, to suck out other men’s gloppy leavings, she was superb at coming up with different excuses why she would have to put me off from getting a chance to put my pecker in her widely fucked twat. The other thing that got to me was that our Relationship Counsellor, Dr. Judy insisted that I agree that my new bride should determine when I needed sexual intercourse and well sexual relief in general. And that I shouldn’t be pestering her about needing to get off, but let her make that decision for me.This was very difficult for me to accept. That was before the Company put my balls under lock and key as the husband of a Company concubine. Now my wife has almost total control of my sexual relief and I have no say in the matter.I say almost total control, but many times, when I’m giving her head on her very messy and frothy cum filled cunt, I come in my shorts. The cock lock device permits this without a punishing jolt. Thank goodness for that.As time went by, I came to see from the expressions on my new bride’s face, and smiles that she gave me – which were blended with smirking – that she was enjoying my torment and misery of having prolonged blue balls and an aching, pussy hungry prick. Sure she let me pull myself off every couple of weeks or so – the same as mother. But many times my new wife would stretch those couple of week to as long as 3 months if she thought the abstinence helped my cuckold behaviour. And there was nothing I could do, as both Sara’s parents, as well as my mother, looked upon Sara as the head of our household, and that type decision to be well within her authority. Therefore, all I could do was suffer in silence.But thanks to Dr. Judy’s guidance, she got me to understand that despite their deep love for their cuckold husbands, wives still had strong desires to emotionally torture us husband because of a natural uncontrollable pleasure they get from doing so. Dr. Judy’s advice was for me adjust and be in sync with my wife’s program and desires, and things would work out fine.“Sylvester, yes, you’ll suffer, but it’ll be because it’ll be good for you to undergo such experiences because your wife will see that while you are not as strong in the same ways as her ‘real men’, she’ll come to see and respect the magnitude of your submissive strengths too, the more you suffer for her.” Dr. Judy said to me with the air of a wise seer.I have recalled her words many, many times as a way of trying to mentally assuage the burning ache in my stiff, sex hungry prick.Dr. Judy had complimented me at the comfort level I had reached slurping out the copious deposits of spent sperm my wife’s very manly studs left in her soupy drippy hairy snatch. However, I was still a bit ashamed that I had to concede that I was a lesser man than the men that my wife admired physically. So as with my cuckold status, my shame level also rose to a new heights, after my wife took me to the Company open house to meet her well-endowed bosses and many well hung male co-workers, that frequently fuck her.Dr. Judy continued to help me with my inferiority complex and stressed how natural it was for me to not only feel inferior, but to accept it and be contented with that state of mind as a lesser male.She stressed to me how important it was for me to not stress out over superior Alpha males taking care of my wife’s intercourse needs and that it was better for me to be comfortable on the sideline and fulfilling my husbandly role as her supportive soul mate and “pussy maid”. This last term seemed appropriate since one of my duties involved helping my wife maintain the well-manicured condition of her pretty, well shaped and trimmed pussy bush.It was a humiliation that I got use to, but in preparation for her many dates, she always had me give her seductive snatch a touch up trim, and always a kiss before she went out and let one of her many studs use and enjoy it in ways I could only dream of. CHAPTER 3: MORE COMPANY BUSINESSI later learned that there were to be several continuing sessions of orientations by the Company for us husbands of Company concubines. Failure to attend or be punctual could result in severe jolts to our genitals, as the chastity belts we all wore were also controlled by the Company as well. Hence, our cock and balls were prisoners to our wives as well as the Company, since both had those password coded cell phone remotes that could reach out and shock us almost anywhere.Dr. Judy revealed to me that she worked closely with the Company in developing the course material for the orientation training of us husbands of Company Concubines.Having come to the conclusion that it was useless to resist what was being imposed on me, I settled down and began to accept and absorb all the teaching, training, and instructions we were being given. While I at first thought that a lot of what was being taught was outrageous, disgusting, and downright sordid, I eventually came to see the sound logic, and sensibleness of our intense cuckold education. I noticed that like me, the other husbands also soon came around to seeing the light and that we should be thankful for being married to women that were sought out to be fucked by better men than us, and that we husbands should be so proud of them that they were canlı bahis in essence the sluts and whores for such men.Once all we husbands had become wiser about cuckoldry, it seemed so much easier to accept that we would have to accept denial of being able to copulate with our wives for long periods of time – and whenever we would have the opportunity, it was to be always with a condom.It would still be required of us to be totally faithful to our concubine wives, so we could not seek out other women for sex. Instead we came to see the appropriateness of supervised masturbation for us husbands, by either our wives or a company female representative.After my education as to how fortunate was to be married to a Company concubine, I came to the conclusion that I was fortunate that her company even permits her to let me suck her cum filled and frequently fucked soggy cunt when she comes in from her work day, and also when she returns from special weekend and other out of town assignments she’s sent on.The Company provided courses for us husbands on cock sucking (Basic & Enhanced); pussy sucking (Basic & Enhanced); and Skills Of Being A Male Cunt, and Techniques For Enjoying Passive Intercourse As A Male Bitch. In addition, the course on Masochism training was much more enjoyable than I envisioned, even though there was a lot of psychological intimidation, abuse and physical pain from whippings.The Masochism training was so enlightening and got me and other husbands to understand just how inadequate we were and how worthless we were at being real men. Through a series of therapy sessions with psychologists and hypnotist ther****ts, I’m so delighted now that I know that my proper role in my marriage is one of total obedience and service to my wife. I am now so proud to be an enslaved and subjugated cuckold husband, with no rights in my marriage, except to be obedient to my wife without question. This has resulted in total harmony in our marriage. The Masochism training taught that communication is the hall mark of any good marriage. When my wife talks, I listen intently. When she tells me to do something, I do it without question. And when she determines I deserve any punishment, especially her whipping me with an electrical cord or one of her favourite skinny canes or short crop whips, I accept that it’s proper because she says so, and therefore my only obligation is to accept my punishment to atone for my misdeeds.The Masochism training also taught us that the more demands and constraints our wives place upon, the more obvious is their love and affection for us. I know my wife loves me because she even requires me to ask her permission to go to the bathroom. Even when she’s at work, I have to call or text her for permission. If she’s unreachable, I have to wait for her text reply or call. The sex training really came in handy as we husbands found that many of the executives who fucked our wives found great fun and pleasure in having their husbands occasionally suck the executives’ horny dicks. This was especially true of those executives who sired c***dren with our wives, which all us cuckold husbands were required to accept as our own. Many of the Company executives extensively fucked us cuckold husbands in our mouths and asses, when our wives were pregnant or were sexually unavailable for some reason.I’m not gay, and to this day, I still don’t know why I grew so fond of sucking the dicks, as well as getting shagged by all those well-endowed company executives – and sometimes their friends too. I think it was the Company training that I took. Anyhow, now after all these years of marriage and my wife having had several company babies, I’m happy to say that I’ve repeatedly sucked off and gotten wonderfully fucked by all the executives who sired c***dren for my family, as well as many, many executives who did not knock up my wife. Many of them just thought I had pretty lips and a girlie looking ass. Their compliments and praise pleased both me and my wife. The Company training also taught us to see it as a very prideful thing if our wives had babies that didn’t resemble us husbands in the least. For that meant we had the greatest love for our wives and that we just didn’t say we were truly in love, but were actually demonstrating it as we raised the babies put in our wives by better stronger, more virile men.Sara and I are both are dark haired Caucasians, but two of our k**s, I’m proud to say, are red headed and Hispanic respectively. One set of twins have Nordic hair and facial features, and the other set are clearly of Black ethnicity. So, I’m very proud to say, that there is no doubt that I can boast that I have the living walking proof to show the depth of my love for the woman I married.The Company training courses also taught us cuckold husbands that suffering sexually so that our wives’ could be fuck toys, sluts and whores for the Company was something that we should be very proud of and excited about. It also taught us to be satisfied with the controlled masturbation schedules that were set up for our routine and usual sexual relief, and not be offended at having to experience long abstinences of not having sexual intercourse with our wives, but at the same time, delight in sucking out the cum from their cunts of the many men that fucked them. In reference to c***d rearing of babies that Company concubine wives occasionally (really more like frequently) have from men other than their husband (since abortions are not allowed), cuckold husband have to be prepared to accept and raise these c***dren as their own legal, flesh and blood.The orientations, repeated indoctrination, and expert training by the Company for us husband of Company Concubines, has really been beneficial for me. I feel great pride being the spouse of a Company wife whose pussy has hundreds of strange dicks in it every year, while I may not get to fuck her a single time during a year. And when I do get a chance to put it in, it’s mandatory I wear a condom. I’m so pleased to say that I have yet to have sex with my wife without wearing a rubber and have yet to experience raw, flesh to flesh sex with her, even though all the other men she fucks enjoy her in that very pleasurable, warm wet delightful manner. This use to bother me greatly that I had to wear a condom. But now I feel so much different about that whole subject after the Company orientation courses. As the Company has trained me, I relish being my wife’s mouth douche when she returns home reeking of strong sex and dripping of other men’s sperm. I proudly boast that I often involuntary ejaculate in my shorts from sucking other men’s jism from my wife’s very slimy and sloppy snatch.After the second baby my company concubine wife delivered, the Company was nice enough to give my wife such a boost in salary so that I could be a stay at home house spouse. I never saw any of the money since my wife controls all the household finances. I do however get a $25 a week personal allowance, but must account for every penny each week, before I get my next allowance amount. To enhance my experience as a stay at home subjugated spouse, another feature has been added to my electronic chastity belt. It’s the same feature as the electronic device that keeps pets in the confines of their own yards. I can’t leave the confines of my house unless my wife’s or the Company’s signals permission for me to do so.EPILOGUE:Well, here it is 15 years later, and we have a family of 8 wonderful c***dren from my concubine wife’s six different pregnancies over our marriage. I’m a doting and caring daddy, and proud to say that they are all Company babies and that I am not the biological father of any of our c***dren. Not only does each of them strongly favour their respective real fathers, my wife derived first names of each c***d after the men that sired them.### END ###

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