Community Theater Act 03

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The next day’s newspaper had a review of our play. The reviewer liked it, and she particularly liked the bedroom scene. During the performance, the audience clearly gasped when they saw us in bed together, and the review suggested that the realism of that scene brought life to the entire performance.

Yes, it was quite real. But would it stay that way, I wondered.

Mrs. Cunningham had not said a word about my cock sliding into her pussy on stage. She hadn’t given me the slightest sign that anything was going on other than an acting technique, a trick to put the actors in the right frame of mind. She was a sophisticated woman. Could she really think it was all about acting and not know that I was a young man’s dream to slip his cock into her pussy?

Frankly, her silence after the performance and at the cast party had made me wonder if perhaps she was up to something as devious as I was. At this point, I was happy that I took the risk, and I was nervous about what consequences might come next.

To be prepared for the next night’s performance, and the two performances on Sunday, I decided not to jerk off, as I usually would have, so that I could keep the intensity and pleasure at a peak for the entire weekend. I did allow myself the pleasure of a few slow strokes of my flesh pole, but I was careful not to shoot a load. Not yet.

The next night, the cast arrived early to get into costumes while the stage crew checked lights and scenery. Mrs. Cunningham looked more beautiful than ever, dressed in an older woman preppy style sweater, blouse and skirt. For the play, she wore more seductive attire of an older woman on trying to attract men.

Because of the newspaper review, the audience was larger than the first night. Every seat was filled, and a few were standing in the back. I suspect that a good many men in the town were there to see Mrs. Cunningham in bed and to fantasize about being in that bed with her. She was definitely the kind of mature woman that younger and older men dream about.

All went according to plan. The play moved through its scenes and into the second act. I prepared for the bedroom. Rachel helped Mrs. Cunningham get out of her costume and strip down to her underwear. Rachel watched carefully as Mrs. Cunningham slid between the sheets.

I knew what Rachel was looking for, and I came prepared. As I joined Mrs. Cunningham in bed, I looked at Rachel and said, “Looking for this?” as I tossed out a bra that I brought for the occasion. Mrs. Cunningham smiled and laughed a bit, the first acknowledgment from her that we were misleading the audience and the crew.

I slipped off my boxers and lay there with a hardon, waiting for another chance to put it into Mrs. Cunningham. But, I was not sure if she wanted to comply again. The covers had rustled when I removed my boxers, but I wasn’t bonus veren siteler sure if Mrs. Cunningham had also removed her lingerie.

Our scene began. We spoke our lines, then embraced on the bed. After kissing her, I decided that a simple repeat of the previous night, as perfect as it was, could be improved. So I whispered to Mrs. Cunningham, “OK, let’s fuck for these small town dopes.”

At that, Mrs. Cunningham stifled a laugh that sounded like a gasp to the audience. I mounted her, lay on top of her and felt my cock rest on her furry naked nest. Seconds before her line, “We shouldn’t be doing this,” and like clockwork, I once again slid my cock down into position. Rock-hard, it was easy to find her pussy lips and make my entry. Once again, her velvety smooth cunt gave way as I buried inch after inch.

When she delivered her line, it was convincing. Everything about the scene was as convincing as the night before, if not better. Once again, I let my cock rest inside her. There was much less resistance as my dick filled her. The fit was tight and warm, sending pulses of pleasure through me, but once again I dared not try to stroke or pump in order to properly fuck her. If she wanted to pretend for the sake of a dramatic performance, then I would be her willing partner. Just to put my dick between her pussy lips was heaven, and too much motion might alarm the audience, and it might alarm Mr. Cunningham, who was back for a second time.

And there was Rachel, who was watching us like a hawk.

The scene ended, and I made a courteous exit from Mrs. Cunningham’s pussy. I still had not seen it and could only imagine that she had a fuzzy black haired cunt zone. I had figured out that her slit was higher than average. As you know, the camel toe sometimes is higher or lower on a woman’s body. Because of the angle of entry that my cock took to Mrs. Cunningham’s vagina, it seemed to me that her cunt was easily entered and that it probably had ample meaty lips. But that would remain a mystery.

Mrs. Cunningham and I wrapped sheets around ourselves and exited the bed as Rachel strained to see how undressed we were. Once again, we got away with it.

Sunday’s two performances presented a chance to double my pleasure. The scene was repeated, but I thought that now Mrs. Cunningham was expecting a surprise from me before the penetration scene. So this time I whispered to her, “Your husband knows what I’m about to do.” That sure did the trick, as Mrs. Cunningham again gave a convincing portrayal of passion.

By the second performance on that same day my cock was aching for release. I knew that after the performance I would go home and blast a load to wind down after such a week. For the second time that day I poked Mrs. Cunningham in front of a large audience.

As we rolled off the bedava bahis bed and wrapped sheets around us, I came face to face with Rachel. She had just finished high school and was going to attend my college in the fall. I looked at her and asked, “Looking forward to going to college this fall?”

Just at that moment, my completely erect cock, yearning for relief, found a seam in the sheets and popped out into view, all nine inches. Rachel looked down, her jaw dropped, and she said, “I knew you were a naughty boy.”

I laughed and said to her, “Maybe when you get to college, we’ll be in a play together.”

After bows and curtain calls, I eagerly returned to my bedroom, thought of Mrs. Cunningham, and nursed myself to a major ejaculation. What a relief to feel all that pressure released and to discharge a small lake of cum that had been building up for days.

The last performances would be the following weekend, repeating the same schedule. But on Friday came the news that Mrs. Cunningham was ill and would be replaced by an understudy. We had planned ahead, and another member of the cast had learned her lines, so someone was available. But you can imagine my disappointment.

The understudy was Mrs. Graves, who was probably in her mid-fifties. If anything, she was even more attractive as Mrs. Cunningham. Mrs. Graves was also from a prominent family in town. She was a tennis player at her country club and in good shape, with lovely silver gray hair. I decided to play the part straight and not dare to involve Mrs. Graves in the same dick-dipping exercise that Mrs. Cunningham allowed.

When we got to the bedroom scene, I kept on my tight nylon bicycle pants. My cock was completely and safely concealed, even though I knew Mrs. Graves would feel the length and girth when I lay on top of her. But that was just a normal part of the scene that I’m sure she would understand.

To my enormous surprise, when I did embrace her and roll on top of Mrs. Graves, I felt her bare pussy hairs tickling my abdomen. Holy cow! Had Mrs. Cunningham told her about how we played that scene? Was Mrs. Graves expecting me to penetrate her in front of the audience, too?

I pretended nothing was wrong and that nothing was different. The scene ended, and we both left the bed, Mrs. Graves wrapped in a sheet and me just in my tight pants.

My head was spinning. What should I have done? And how many people knew that nakedness was indeed in this play? How many people knew that Mrs. Cunningham was almost being fucked on that stage?

The next night, Saturday night, Mrs. Cunningham felt better, but Mrs. Graves again played the part. This time, I took a chance, yet again, and unsheathed my cock. I lay in the bed, under the sheet, as Mrs. Graves got into bed next to me. This time, I was aware that she was moving deneme bonus under the covers and doing something, perhaps removing her panties.

Again, as I had several times before, I rolled over on top of the wife of a husband in the audience. I raised my hips slightly to indicate my cock’s entry into Mrs. Graves’ character. Not knowing if Mrs. Graves was indeed “open for business,” I let the tip of my cock gently approach her spread legs. Soon, I felt my cock head kiss the lips of Mrs. Graves’ pussy. Just as with Mrs. Cunningham, the entry was soft and warm and smooth. And just as with Mrs. Cunningham, the first time required sustained pressure to enter beyond a few inches.

We spoke our lines and lay there while action took place on the other side of the state. Mrs. Graves and I had to lay there in silence for about three minutes until the lights came back to us. My cock was still inside Mrs. Graves, and her cunt tissue had relaxed enough to permit full entry.

When we finished the scene and the lights went dark, I took an added risk and gave Mrs. Graves several pumps with my cock. Then I dismounted, and we both prepared for the final scenes. At curtain call, Mrs. Graves and I held hands and bowed for the audience. She kissed the actor who played her husband, then she came over to me and kissed me full on the lips as the audience applauded.

I could get used to this sort of acting.

Mrs. Cunningham felt better and she returned for the last Sunday’s two performances. My cock was happy to enter her once again. But I was certain that she had confided in Mrs. Graves. How else could that have happened unless Mrs. Graves and the entire town thought, or hoped, that they were witnessing real sex on their community theater stage?

At the last performance, when I knew that my time with Mrs. Cunningham would come to an end, I came up with an idea. As we lay side by side for that last time, I whispered to her, “I’m going to cum in you tonight.”

For the last time, I mounted Mrs. Cunningham and thrust my dick inside of her. After we said our lines and the lights went down for the scene on the other side of the stage, I allowed my cock to gently slide out, then in, out and in, until I was on the verge of cumming. Our lights came back on, and as we finished our last few lines I felt jets of cum filling up Mrs. Cunningham. The audience was watching as my cum pumped into her. She seemed very emotional as she spoke her last line with me, “I’ll never forget you.”

Lights out. Like a professional, I took my dick out of her pussy for one last time.

A few weeks later, I was back on my campus for the new semester. Neither Mrs. Cunningham nor Mrs. Graves ever contacted me or let on that they were angry or happy.

Then, while I was back home during the winter holiday break, I received a written invitation to a holiday party. It read, “Welcome home for the holidays. Please join us to celebrate at the Luxury Arms Country Club Hotel.” It was signed by Mrs. Cunningham and by Mrs. Graves, and under their names they wrote, “We look forward to more acting lessons from you!”

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