Committed, but Deprived – Follow Up

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Committed, but Deprived – Follow UpIf you’ve read my post of a couple of days ago, “Committed, but Deprived,” you know about Amy and me – a whirlpool and a soak – and shared masturbation in my hotel suite. You also know I informed her we could also share masturbation together on web calls.Well, as promised, we did strike up a phone call after she returned home. She was alone, as her husband is gone a great deal. Her k**s are very active in social and sports activities, so she had the house to herself. I asked if she still wanted to create an account on a social web site, and she said “Yes – Absolutely!” With that, I directed her to a site (S***e) that permits texting, photo sharing, and audiovisual web calls. I coached her on setting up the account, and in a very few minutes, she was fully functional on line. After helping her navigate the site, and how to text – share photos – and make web calls, we agreed to repeat what we’d done in my hotel suite last Monday night. I called her, and she had already been schooled in how to accept the call. When I clicked the “call” button on the web site, she picked up immediately. She was as lovely as she had been in the hotel. It was strange seeing her on the screen, having enjoyed face-to-face contact less than 48 hours earlier. She must have thought this out after getting home, for she was dressed very nicely: cream-colored gauzy blouse that buttoned up the front, and a brown skirt. She wore underwear (turns out it was matching bra and panty, light beige to match her skin). It was great to reconnect, and we chatted nicely about our en suite encounter in front of a porn-filled flat panel TV. She thanked me again for sharing the experience, and said she was still reeling from the multi-sensory happening.Rather than say “Should we get naked,” I began a fairly graphic conversation about Monday night. I made reference to how she was dressed for the web call, and complimented her on how great she looked sans clothing. She blushed, and rather stammered out a verbal response: “Th-th-ank you so much! I’m not used to getting compliments, so am not very good at accepting them!” I replied, “Let’s tuzla escort put the past behind us, and let’s move forward in your newly-found fetish of shared masturbation. OK?” She agreed, and asked, “So, what’s next.” I suggested we simply have a nice sexually-laced conversation – to get hot. We would then progressively remove clothing – slowly – to make the situation hotter. She agreed, and said, “God, if only I was with someone like you in my life. It would be grand!” I smiled and said, “Amy, it’s a thrill to have started such a great connection with you. It can only get better. Let’s take things slow and easy, and things will happen. New doors will be opened – just be patient!”We began to speak of our fetishes and desires. For her, emphasis was on shared masturbation and being comfortable having orgasms as she pleased. For me, it was discussing many of my historical events: water sports, shared masturbation, 3 & 4 ways, tearing clothing off my partners, anonymous (as in glory holes), etc. She was aghast at my list, and I had to explain some of them. While this conversation took place, she said, “God, I’m getting hot. Not just sexually, but physically!” I chuckled a bit, and said, “Amy, why don’t you unbutton your blouse? You’ll feel better, I’m sure!” Now, since we’d already seen each other naked at the hotel, she seemed quite comfortable opening her blouse. After releasing the last button, she pulled the tails of the blouse out of the waste band of her skirt. The blouse now was fully open, and her lovely lace-trimmed beige bra was exposed. Nice cleavage, considering her tits are not overly-large. I began to feel twitching in my cock, as I gazed alternately between her face and her tits.”OK, Amy – since you’ve opened your blouse, what would you like to see ME do?” She was beginning to pant a bit, and then said, “Take off your shirt! I love your tits and the hair around them!” I did so, slowly but surely. I tossed the shirt on the table (Amy and I were both at our respective dining room tables – not planned, but coincidental). I was now topless, and she was still open-bloused with bra showing. I could see her right hand slide tuzla escort bayan to her cleavage, and stop. I suggested, “Amy, slide your fingers into a bra cup, and find your nipple! Massage it – roll it between your fingers!” Amy immediately performed as I asked, and I could see the outline of her fingers inside the bra cup. She began to massage her tit, but I could see she was frustrated by it. “Oh, fuck it – I’m taking this damn thing off!” I chuckled inside, but didn’t show it. It seemed I had unlocked a door in her that had now swung wide open. The blouse went off and onto the table (hot), and off went the bra. She was now topless, and was going to town with stimulation of her tits. was very horny – very excited. I predicted she would not last long. Letting her know this, I commented, “Amy, just do what you wish. No rules – no direction!” She immediately stood, and stripped off her skirt. Wearing only panties that matched her bra, I suggested she sit down again, slide her ass forward on the chair, and pull the panty crotch aside – to expose her cunt.Amy immediately exposed her cunt, and I didn’t have to tell her to do anything else. Her left hand found the soft peach between her thighs, and almost immediately, her middle finger penetrated into her moist tunnel. I then stood, and stripped off my clothing in record time. My cock sprang to attention as soon as my boxer briefs came off. My hand found my hardened shaft, and we were simply continuing what we’d started in the hotel. I remained standing, so my cock was aimed directly and closely at the web cam. She remained seated, and her hands were full of her sex. The wetness from her cunt was so prolific, I could almost smell its fragrance. Our silence first was broken by wet sounds of her fingers reciprocating in and out of her cunt slit. I began to coach her to slow strokes – fast strokes – then introducing more fingers. She quickly inserted another finger – then another – inside her cunt hole. Her other hand abandoned her tits, and slid down to her clit. She now was penetrating her cunt and stimulating her clit escort tuzla at the same time. I was a gonner!Our actions became more and more intense, and clearly she was not going to make this last very long. The glistening of her cunt lips and fingers – from her vaginal emissions – were making me incredibly hard and hot. It was as though she had lost control, and she was in a sexual world of her own. Faster – slower – deeper – shallower – she penetrated her cunt in reciprocal fashion – all the while rubbing her hot little cunt button vigorously. I increased my tempo of stroking my cock, and we were soon lost in our passion. I must say it was intensely hot, and I was beginning to lose control of my cock. I listened to her breathing, and could tell she was going to orgasm. I waited for my O, as I remembered she wanted to cum first in the hotel – then watch me. Knowing she was alone in her house, she must have told herself she could do as she wished. While watching me stroke my cock, she was now at warp speed in her masturbatory efforts. Within seconds, she was screaming in ecstasy. She was thrusting her mons forward, as though to press harder against her fingers. Gasp after gasp told me her orgasm was waaaaaay intense. It was remarkable to see how far she went in a short period of time. It took her awhile to recover from her O, and I was patient. After she slowed down her breathing, I was about to suggest it was my turn. I didn’t speak quickly enough, for Amy then said, “Now give it to me!” Her eyes wide open and starting at her webcam, she watched intently as I released my load. She didn’t giggle or laugh – she did, however, reinsert her finger inside her cunt – and started all over again. I watched her as she built up to a great masturbatory crescendo, and within minutes, she was gasping again. We both recovered, and were both spent. I leaned toward my web cam, and said softly, “Amy, you’ve found yourself in your fantasy that is no longer fantasy. You have given yourself a gift no one can take away!” She smiled, with a rather dreamy look in her face, and said, “No. YOU’VE given me this gift. I’ll be eternally grateful. I feel so empowered now!” We remained naked as we continued to chat. Eventually, we closed out the web call – promising to not let TOO much time laps before our next liaison.BTW: we kissed on cam before clicking “CLOSE.”

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