Coming In Third

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There are advantages and disadvantages of being the latch-key kid of an over-the-road trucker and a nurse. The biggest advantage for a young man at that age is having a safe, comfortable place to have sex with his girlfriend – in his own bed.Dave was taking full advantage of that. Amy writhed, moaned, and groaned in orgasm as he pounded her pussy. He was nearly to the point of no return. The advantage of having a girlfriend on birth control is that he was able to explode inside her.Amy let out a squeal and a laugh as she felt him pulsing. Another wave of orgasm wracked her body, making him cry out from the tight squeeze of her pussy. He yanked out of her when it was too much, and collapsed on the bed next to her.He slipped his arm beneath her when she snuggled up against him, and she let out a languid little moan of satisfaction. He had nearly dozed off when she said, “I need to go tinkle.”He nodded and said, “Okay.” He sat up and watched her stutter-stepping out of the room with a hand cupped over her still dripping pussy.Though loathe to get up, he knew he had to. He climbed out of bed, stripped off the sheets and mattress pad, and carried them down to the laundry room. They needed to be washed, dried, and back on the bed before his mom got home from her shift at the hospital. She was about to do a day to night shift switch, and wasn’t likely to check his room, but he wasn’t taking chances.As he came back upstairs, he could hear the shower running. He grinned, carefully opened the bathroom door, stepped inside, and dropped the underwear he’d put on to the floor. The hazy image of Amy’s naked body instantly started his dick rising.She let out a yelp of surprise when he pulled back the shower curtain and said, “Mind if I join you?”“You scared me half to death.”“Sorry,” he apologized, and then stepped in close enough for his hardon to brush against her skin.She gave him a push and said, “Stop it.”“Sure you want me to?” he asked while edging back toward her.She grinned and said, “No, but I have to get home. You know that.”Though a little disappointed, he shrugged and said, “Okay, I’ll stop.”They leaned together and shared a kiss, which she cut off abruptly when it made her shiver. “If I don’t get out now, I’m going to get myself in trouble. Love you. See you tomorrow.”“Love you too.”Dave sighed as she pulled back the curtain and stepped out of the shower. He was tempted to watch her dry off, but decided that wouldn’t help him with his throbbing dick. So, he set about washing away the sweat, pussy juice and cum. He stayed hard the whole time.She was already dressed by the time he finished drying off and wrapping a towel around his waist. She stopped in front of the bathroom door to say goodbye, and he devilishly let go of the towel, so it would hang suspended from his erection.Amy rolled her eyes and stepped away from the door, though she did peek back in a second later and giggle before heading home.With the last hope of getting back in her pussy that day gone, he finally drooped. After checking the time, he sat down to play some Nintendo while the washer ran. He returned to the console after transferring his sheets to the dryer.Once his bed was made, he called his friend Will to see if anything was going on, since he’d been spending all his time with Amy, and hadn’t hung out for a while. Will suggested going to the go-cart track, so Dave left a note for his mother, hopped in the car, and headed that way.It was nearly ten before he got home, and he found a note from his mother hanging on the bedroom door when he arrived. “Amy called. Three times. I think you’re in trouble.”Shit, he thought, and headed for the phone. Amy’s mother answered.“Can I talk to Amy?” he asked.“Sorry, she doesn’t want to talk right now.”Fuck me. I’m dead.“Uhm… Well, tell her I called, and I’ll see her tomorrow.”“I will.” She then whispered into the phone, “Sorry.”He sighed and said, “Thanks. Bye.”“Goodbye.”Dave hung up the phone and muttered, “I am so dead.”****Feeling as if the Grim Reaper was hovering over his shoulder the next day, he arrived at Amy’s house Sefaköy escort and knocked on the door. The look on her face only confirmed his fears.“Where were you?” she snapped.“I went to the go-cart track with Will and–”She cut him off with a growl and pushed him hard enough that he stumbled back. “Oh, off with those two. I guess they’re more important than me, huh?”“What? No. You said you needed to do your chores, so–”“I don’t even want to hear it.”“Amy, if I knew you were going to call, I wouldn’t have gone. I just haven’t seen them in a while.”“And I suppose that’s my fault?”“No.”“Whatever,” she said, and then spun on her heel.“Amy…”She slammed the door in his face.Dave walked back to his car full of roiling emotions. He was worried, confused, and more than a touch angry at the way she’d treated him over what felt like nothing. He waited out front for a few minutes to see if she’d come back out, before finally driving home.He tried calling five times. The first two times, her mother had answered and said Amy didn’t want to talk. The other three times, the phone had gone unanswered. By the time he hung up the fifth time, he was pissed.He decided that two could play that game, and he wouldn’t talk to her if she called either. It proved to be a moot point, as she never did. The next day when his mother left bleary-eyed for her first night shift, he hopped in the car to cruise town looking for something to do.That proved as fruitless as waiting for Amy to call so he could get back at her. He was on the verge of heading home when he stopped to grab a Coke from the machine next to the bar.He did a double-take when Amy’s mother walked out of the tavern. She had her hair teased out with what must have been a half a can of Aquanet. Her big tits were almost spilling out of the low-cut top she was wearing. Her skirt was so short that he could see glimpses of the top of her thigh-high, black fishnet stockings. High heels finished off the outfit.She looked irritated, and most certainly drunk.Her eyes lit up when she saw him, and she walked – somewhat unsteadily – toward him. “Well, look who’s here. I’m so sorry about the way Amy is acting. I told her she’s acting like a bitch over nothing.”Damn, she’s definitely drunk, he thought, as he had never heard her swear – let alone so carelessly.“Nothing much I can do,” he said, and shrugged.“She’s being ridiculous. Do you think you could do me a huge favor?”“I guess. What?”“Give me a ride home so I don’t have to call a cab?” She hiked her thumb over her shoulder and added, “Some fat scumbag has been hitting on me ever since I got here, and I’m half afraid he’s going to follow me.”“Yeah. Sure.” The thought of going to Amy’s house wasn’t particularly appealing, but he could hardly say no.“Thanks so much,” she said as he nodded toward the car.“No problem,” he said while opening the passenger door for her.“Well now, aren’t you the gentleman,” she said with a smile as she sat down.Dave walked around the front of the car, and took his place at the wheel. From the moment he closed the door, he couldn’t help but smell her perfume. The spicy scent triggered something in him, even though it was undercut with the smell of cigarette smoke from the bar. The fascinating aroma and the way she was dressed caused him to glance her way as he started the car.Damn, Amy’s mom is hot, he mused.He started driving, paying particular attention to his speed and the rules of the road. It didn’t take long to pull into the neighborhood where he and Amy both lived.Ms. Farber suddenly said, “Wait a second,” as they approached his house. “Can you pull over for a second?”“Sure. Okay,” he said, and turned into his convenient driveway.She blew out a sigh and said, “I don’t know if it’s a good idea for me to go home right now. I’m a little drunk, and the way Amy is acting, I’m liable to say something I’ll regret later.”“Is there somewhere else you want to go?” he asked.“I don’t suppose I could come in and have a couple of cups of coffee to sober up, could I?”“I don’t know how to make it,” he admitted, Escort Yenibosna having never developed a taste for it.“I can handle that, if you don’t mind me imposing?” She flashed him a pretty smile and laid a hand on her chest – which only served to attract his attention to the upper swell of her breasts.He quickly focused on her eyes so he wouldn’t get caught staring and answered, “I’m sure my parents wouldn’t mind.”“They’re not home, then?”He shook his head. “Dad just left on a west coast run, and Mom started working night shift tonight.”“That’s what I thought.” She giggled and said, “They probably would mind, if they saw me drunk and setting a bad example.”“Good thing they’re not here, then,” he quipped.“Mmm hmm,” she moaned.The sound gave him chills, as his brain interpreted it as sexual in light of her clothes and her perfume.“Well, lead me to the coffee maker, then,” she said.Dave exited the car, and noticed she was waiting in the passenger seat. Catching on quickly enough in light of her previous comment, he walked around the car and opened the door for her.“Thank you,” she said, and held out a hand.He took it and helped her out of the car.“So few men know how to behave like a gentleman nowadays,” she said while walking at his side toward the door. “The woman who finds one should probably hang onto him.”Dave glanced over at her, and she winked, hinting that she was indeed talking about her daughter.He chuckled, opened the door, and gestured for her to enter. When she did, he found his eyes drawn to the play of her ass in her skirt. He looked up just in time, because she glanced over her shoulder at him.Dave led her to the kitchen, where he retrieved the coffee and filters. The coffee maker was in plain sight, and she went to work brewing a pot. He returned to the living room, not quite sure what to do. It would be rude to leave her, so he sat down on the couch.She must have used the minimal setting, because she walked into the living room with a steaming cup only a little more than five minutes later. She made a face as she sipped, and explained, “I don’t like black coffee, but that’s what I need right now.”Ms. Farber sat down on the loveseat opposite him, took another drink, and then put her cup down on a coaster. “Just so you know, I don’t usually drink so much. That guy who was bothering me sort of drove me to it.”“Some guys are just rude.”“And some are rude, fat, disgusting, clueless slobs who can’t take no for an answer. Sorry.”He smiled and said, “It’s okay.”She picked up her cup and took another drink. When she settled back, her skirt rode up – just a little. It was enough for him to see a sliver of her panties peeking out at him from within the darkness of her skirt.He didn’t even realize he was staring until she pushed down on the front of her skirt and said, “Oops. Am I flashing you? Last thing you want to see is old lady underwear, I’m sure. Are you blushing?”He was, but he tried to shrug it off. “No big deal.”She let out a silvery laugh and bent down to fiddle with a strap on her heel, which left him looking straight down her blouse, into her ample cleavage. Then, when she sat back up, her legs parted a little, which opened an even larger, brighter window into her skirt. He could see that the panties she was wearing were frilly and gauzy, with a dark shadow in the crotch.As he stared, her legs drifted even farther apart, and her skirt slithered another inch or so up her legs. It was obviously intentional, and that’s what snapped him out of a hormone-induced trance to look up.Ms. Farber was wearing a sultry smile. “Or do you want to see?”Though his lips parted, no words came out.She spread her legs wide, and the short skirt no longer hid anything beneath it. Then she reached for the neckline of her blouse. “Do you want to see more?” She tugged on the cloth, revealing another inch or so of her breasts.Is this really happening? he wondered.“Hmm?” she hummed, still holding on the neck of her blouse.His head nodded before his brain could catch up. Then his eyes widened when she Halkalı escort bayan pulled out first her right tit, and then the left. With both big, braless breasts hanging out of her top, she stood up, and walked around the table toward him.She sat down on the coffee table, cupped her tits in her hands, and squeezed them together. “Like them?” she asked.Still stunned, he could only stare. His shock only increased when she reached between his legs and squeezed his half-hard cock.“I think you do,” she said while continuing to explore the bulge in his crotch. It had a predictable effect, and he quickly surged to full hardness. She whispered, “Oh my.”The next thing he knew, she was working on the button of his jeans. He stiffened and gasped, in complete disbelief that the whole thing was real.“Do you want me to stop?” she asked as the button popped open. Then she licked her lips.Once again, his primal urges acted to control his body and he answered, “No.”She didn’t waste any time in pulling down the zipper, tugging down the waistband of his underwear, and taking his cock in hand.“So big and hard,” she whispered as she stroked him. Then she slipped off the coffee table onto her knees.In a flash, she pulled her top over her head and tossed it aside. When she grabbed his pants, he lifted his butt, allowing her to wrestle the denim down to his ankles. She curled her fingers around the base of his cock, leaned in, and licked him.Dave’s head thumped against the back of the couch and he groaned. Her tongue slathered over his erection, accompanied by moans from Ms. Farber. He looked back down when the initial shock passed, and stared in amazement at her licking his dick.Her eyes found his, and her lips curled into a smile. Those smiling lips then nuzzled against the head of his cock, parted, and took him in. Dave sucked in a gasp and let out a groan from how hard she was sucking. Amy and the one other girl who had sucked his dick couldn’t even begin to compare.She wasn’t done.Ms. Farber swallowed his cock, all the way down to her hand. Then she lifted two fingers off his shaft, and took in another inch. She pulled back quickly – trailing sticky strands of saliva – drew in a quick breath, swallowed, and engulfed him in her mouth again.She quickly bobbed her head over his lap with her lips tightly sealed around his cock. Her hair quivered as one mass. He could feel her big tits rubbing against his legs. Her bright red lipstick smeared over his shaft. He reached up and flattened out the stiffened strands of her hair when his hands settled on the back of her head.Dave writhed, growled, and groaned from her ministrations. She was sucking him harder and deeper than he thought was possible. The croaking sounds that she made when his dick pushed into her throat made it even hotter. Her spit slithered down his shaft and into the creases of his hairy balls, which began to grow tighter as his pleasure mounted.She was relentless, and the itch in the head of his cock was intensifying in an embarrassingly short amount of time. A jolt of pleasure caused his hips to lift, and his hands to yank down on her head. Her lips pressed hard against the two fingers curled around the root of his cock, and then suddenly opened wide.She erupted in a croak and a gag. Then she coughed, spraying him with spittle as she pulled away, fighting the strength of his hand on the back of her head. She straightened over her knees to cough, sniffle, and swallow. There was drool on her chin, and a pair of tears traced down from her watery eyes, making her mascara run.He’d gagged Amy more than once, and quickly apologized, “S-sorry.”She gave a weak chuckle, sniffled again, and wiped a finger under her nose. “I guess I’m a little out of practice.”If this was what she considered out of practice, he wondered what she could do when she felt she was at the top of her game.Ms. Farber stroked her hand up and down his saliva-slick cock and said, “Or maybe it’s just been too long since I’ve sucked a dick this big, hard, and young.” She shivered and added, “Fuck, I’m aching.”With that, she stood up, and shoved her skirt down her legs. Her panties quickly followed. Dave drank in the sight of her pussy. Amy trimmed hers fairly short, but her mother had long, curly hairs between her legs.“You like this?” she asked while combing her red-painted fingernails through the curls.He nodded and said,…

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