Coming Home to Me

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This is my first story. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Constructive criticism is welcome!


I couldn’t sit still. I’d been waiting for hours, for you to get onto that plane, and touchdown. It had been two years of longing, waiting, wanting to feel your touch on me. Since you left, I hadn’t had a day when I hadn’t thought of you, or precisely, of you making sweet love to me.

I sat in the house all weekend, waiting, day dreaming, planning. I couldn’t believe that you were finally coming home. Your work posting had been ended sooner than we both thought, and you were coming home, to me. I had spent the last two years of my life going out of my mind, I missed you like crazy.

Looking at the mirror, I was dressed to kill — or to be the prey in this case. A little wisp of a slip of nothing that defined a dress, was all that covered me, and little kitten heels. My hair was freshly done from the morning trip to the salon, falling in wavy curls around my head. A subtle hint of makeup, with shiny lip gloss completed the look. I didn’t want to look like the makeup was too much… and anyway, I was too jittery to do much.

The phone rang. I wondered who would be calling at this hour, and I hoped it wouldn’t be my boss. I had prepared too long for this weekend, and didn’t want anything interrupting. Then I saw your number. I quickly picked up, hoping all was ok.

‘Hello love’ your deep voice resonated down the line. That voice always got me hot.

‘Hi babe’ I answered, suddenly out of breath. To hear your voice was all that it took to get me breathless. ‘Where are you?’

You explained that you just got here, but that you would be delayed briefly. The cab that was bringing you home had a breakdown, and you were waiting for another.

‘Don’t…. let me come get you. Don’t move’ I said, getting bearing on your location in the city. I grabbed my car keys, purse and overcoat, slipping it on and tying it quickly. I didn’t want to waste time changing while I knew I’d see you soon. I practically ran antep escort out the door.

Driving towards you, I couldn’t help but fantasize on what it would feel to have your arms around me again, as I kissed you with all that I had. Soon enough, my breasts were hard, my imagination running wild, getting me aroused already. I squirmed in my seat as my pussy started throbbing gently in anticipation of your touch. I could already visualize the sight of your cock sliding into my wet pussy. It was all I could do not to touch myself right there.

As I drove up the street, I saw you lounging, leaning on the cab with your bags by your side. You looked delicious! I parked behind the cab, and took a deep breath as I drank in the sight of you. Tall, dark, well built, you turned towards me, flashing me that fabulous smile that always brightened my day. For a moment I was paralyzed, I couldn’t move; I had waited too long for this moment. Then suddenly snapping out of it, I jumped out of the car, running towards you and into your arms. The months and years of waiting suddenly melted away as you held me, breathing in your scent, the familiarity of your hug, your cheek brushing against mine, and that kiss that I longed for. I swooned, and you held me up.

‘Hello my love’, you greeted me, ending the kiss. I wanted it to go on forever.

‘Welcome home’ I squeaked back, my voice suddenly lost, drawing a chuckle from you. ‘Shall we?’

You paid for the cab and piled your bags into my car, and we were on our way home. Glancing across at you, I had to keep my attention on the road. I could feel your eyes on me, lingering, across each and every bit of me. Your hand played with my hair, caressing my cheek and neck. Spying the overcoat gaping at the front, your hand drifted onto my breast, drawing a gasp from me, and surprise for you, as you realized I was practically naked. Your hand cupped my breast and it was all I could do not to lose control as you drew a moan from me. You tweaked a nipple, and I felt a gush of wet fluids rush down my thighs, as you drew an orgasm from me. It was a miracle that I didn’t crash the car! Thank God for weekends and light traffic!

You suddenly tensed, as you realized that I just came. Removing your hand from my breast, you slipped it between my legs, and gasped in shock as you realized that I wore no panties. Your hand found its way into my soft, warm and very moist pussy, and you drew away your hand to your mouth, tasting my juices on your hand. You groaned, and I noticed that your dick was straining in your pants.

‘Pull over NOW’, you commanded me, with that look in your eyes that I knew meant business. I quickly pulled over on the roadside, and in one swift move, you had your arms locked around me in a passionate kiss.

‘Baby, you’re killing me’ you whispered in my ear. ‘No panties? Naughty, are we?’

Your hand found its way back between my thighs, and this time you hit home with your finger flicking across my clit, eliciting a whimper from me as I ground myself against your hand. I wanted to cum again, quickly. I rubbed my hand against your hard cock, feeling you throbbing beneath your jeans. Quickly unzipping them, I freed you from their confines, and slipped your hard and hot cock through the opening. As you sprung into my hand, I wrapped my fingers around you, barely managing to fit you in my hand. All your glorious 10 inches of black cock were too big to fit in my hand. As you felt me move my hand up and down, it was all you could do to sit still. I flicked my hand across the tip of your cock, feeling the precum that had gathered slick in my hand, and I felt you grow even bigger in my hand.

‘I want you NOW, love’, you growled into my ear. ‘I don’t care. I have to have you now.’ You slid your chair back, and in your characteristic swift moves, you had me on top of you and you between my legs, my pussy just barely grazing the tip of your cock. Holding myself up against you, it was all I could do not to scream in frustration. I wanted that hot, hard cock inside me immediately, to assuage that two year itch. Looking deep into my eyes, you plunged yourself into me in one quick move, burying yourself to the hilt. Oh, so deep, you throbbed inside my moist heat, and I felt you stretch my walls to the limit. Two years without any cock inside me had my pussy tightening, and I felt almost like a virgin again. No pain, just sweet, fulfilling cock inside my pussy. I cried out in pleasure as you raised me and plunged back inside, and I held on for dear life, as I thrust down towards you, plunging you into my depths.

In one quick rush, I felt the tingle rush from the top of my head to the soles of my feet as I came hard. My pussy clamped down hard on your thick black cock, I had such a powerful orgasm that my mind practically exploded into stars, as I screamed your name into the night air. As I moved down on you, I heard you shout my name as you came inside me, pouring your hot, molten cum inside me, thrusting up and hard into me over and over again. As I came down from the orgasm, you pulled me down into another passionate, hot kiss, as you whispered my name over and over again in my ear. Finally, I entangled myself from you, and sat back into the chair, and started sobbing. You sat up hurriedly, pulling your chair up, with a worried look on your face.

‘What’s wrong love?’ you asked in concern, your hand wiping away the tears.

I looked up at you, with a smile. I wasn’t sad, or in pain. They were tears of relief, that you were finally home, that I had held on, knowing it was only you that I loved.

I leaned over and wrapped my arms around you. ‘Oh Dave, I’m just glad you’re home love. And I just want you to know that I love you, always have, and always will. I missed you in a way that I can never explain.’

You gave me a gentle, tender kiss. ‘I know sweetheart. It drove me nuts that we were apart for so long. I hope never to be so far from you again. I love you so much. Now let’s get home, before we get arrested, and so that I can make love to my wife all night like I’ve longed to.’

Smiling, I got us back on the road, and on towards home. My baby was back home, and now all was ok. It was going to be one very short weekend… or not.

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