Coming Home from the Army

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After three years active duty I felt something missing in my life. I decided to go back to my mom’s house and seek the support of my family. I was happy before I left home and the first year or so of active duty, but things changed. I felt so alone and unloved. I had an older brother who left home years ago so that left my younger sister Kelsey who recently turned eighteen. She and I got along well but it had been a few years since I saw her last. She never wrote and seemed uninterested while I was at my duty station.

When I pulled into the driveway my mom had made a poster board that strung across the garage welcoming me home. I really appreciated the effort and was excited to see her new place that she recently bought on her own. Walking through the door I noticed Kelsey right away in the living room. She sat there with a friend and was locked into conversation but flashed me a sweet smile. I smiled back but my eyes were busy looking at her legs which were toned and tanned. She wore a small skirt that was way too short and had apparently grown some big tits since I last saw her. Her friend was also a cutie, I introduced myself and gave my sister a big hug.

Mom came from the kitchen and immediately grabbed and hugged me. She smelt wonderful and I noticed she had tears in her eyes, she was very happy to see me. She was also excited to show me around her new home which was very small but brand new. After a tour of the home I noticed it was only a two bedroom. Mom never mentioned that but she did show me a pull out bed that I would sleep on in Kelsey’s room. Kelsey didn’t seem to mind as she was busy showing me her decorating skills and seemed overall happy to have me back home.

My plan was to stay for a month or two until I found a job and apartment that I could afford. In the meantime I was home and happy to have home cooked meals and spend my evenings with people who loved me. Kelsey told me her friend Lindsey was having trouble at home and had been sleeping over a lot. That peaked my interest because I hadn’t been laid in over a year, and I was more than happy to sleep in the same room as bursa escort bayan her sexy friend who seemed to have eyes for me.

The first night home we all stayed up late catching up. Kelsey was working as a ballet teacher and mom still had her job working in high end hotels training staff. Kelsey and Lindsey sat across from me and watched me closely every time I spoke about crazy events that happened while on active duty. I noticed Kelsey was wearing white panties as she began to relax herself and sat not very lady like. Crazy how fast they grow up. I found myself trying to get a better view as I could have sworn I saw the outline of pussy lips.

Kelsey must have noticed as the look in her eyes changed. I didn’t mean to creep on her but she was really hot and she knew it. It’s like she expected me to be interested, in some weird way. I began to have sexual thoughts for her and for Lindsey. Before bed, I went through my normal routine. I showered and brushed my teeth and decided to wear some sweatpants that showed off my size when I didn’t wear underwear. I also went shirtless in hopes of gaining some compliments from the two of them. I knocked on the door and heard, “come in dork” from Kelsey. She explained that I was home now and not dealing with asshole military guys and could relax. I mentioned that it was odd to share a room with her and that she could have been changing and I wanted to be respectful. They both got a kick out of that and ran with it. My sister locked the bedroom door and became very silly. She said “what like maybe I had my shirt off and you might see my boobs?” She then jumped at me and we stumbled to the floor. Instead of throwing her off of me I was willing to play along. I sat there while she straddled my waist and she pretended to take her shirt off. She circled her breast with her hands, even squeezing them while making fun of me. She had to have grown D cups that were big on her little frame. Lindsey sat there laughing at the whole interaction.

Kelsey leaped off of me when she thought she felt my boner. I was after all not wearing underwear, and she gorukle escort was still in her short skirt. She seemed to be very offended but still kept it light and her sarcastic attitude never faltered. My attention went from Lindsey to Kelsey in an instant. Why did I feel this way? Lindsey was cute but had nowhere near the body that my sister had and that’s why I must have been so attracted to her. Things got really hot as Kelsey pulled her skirt off to change. As I spoke to Lindsey my eyes were locked onto Kelsey’s beautiful ass. She had on just her panties and t shirt which had my full attention.

Lindsey seemed to notice and whispered something to Kelsey. Kelsey turned and smiled at me and asked if I would like to see some of her ballet moves. Being the nice brother that I am I said sure. Kelsey moved to the center of the room and started doing crazy ballet moves that showed her flexibility. Still, in her panties she put on a show for me, At times during the splits I couldn’t take my eyes off her crotch. I swore I saw her pussy lip out the side of her panties a couple times and it had me getting very hot and bothered.

Before bed Kelsey went a step further and changed in the room. She faced away from me but gave me an incredible side boob view that shook me at the core. I saw her right nipple and the curve of her very full breast. She even looked back to see if I was watching. I think she really liked it. Once the lights went out the two of them talked for about an hour before it got quiet. I had headphones on and couldn’t sleep. About an hour after Lindsey fell asleep I watched as Kelsey left the room to probably go to the bathroom. When she came back she said my name and asked if I was asleep or not. I said nothing and decided to keep my eyes shut to see what she wanted or would do.

The door shut and it was dark. I felt her hand touch my leg. She kept it still for what seemed like hours. The touch of her hand on me made sensations burst through my body. I could only hope she would take things further. I was in luck as she deliberately and very slowly began bursa merkez escort bayan working her way up my inner thigh. Within twenty minutes her hand was inches from my rock hard cock. I secretly begged for her to touch it. I knew it was wrong but I wanted nothing more. Finally the moment I had been waiting for. I couldn’t believe it, but she moved her hand directly on top of my dick. She squeezed it softly. It felt amazing. I stayed calm and still. Nothing was “waking me up” from this dream.

After a few more minutes she got very comfortable with the situation and decided to pull my sweats down a Bit and she could see my cock. I felt the coolness of the room hit my private parts and knew my dick was fully exposed. What happened next is something I’ll never forget. She rested her face on my abs and out her lips to the head of my dick. I felt her wet lips come in contact with my sensitive head and it was Fucking incredible. My gorgeous younger sister began sucking my dick with no reservations. I was in heaven. She must have been very horny because she took it in her mouth deep. Her left hand softly scratched my ballsack and massaged my prostate. I could have came so quickly but tried my best to hold off. I never wanted it to end.

With her other hand she took my left arm and stuck it up her shirt. She didn’t have a bra on and I felt her extremely soft skin and then her bad ass tits. Her nipples were rock hard. I did my best not to react however I wanted to massage them and get a real feel for them, but couldn’t take that chance. Finally after about ten minute I couldn’t last a moment longer. How would she know I was about to cum? I was so embarrassed but what could I do? I reached the highest level of pleasure and just unloaded a monstrous cum shot. It caught her off guard but holy cow, she never took her mouth off my cock, This bad ass young woman swallowed her older brother’s huge cum shot and never flinched. It seemed to last forever. She sucked me until I was completely cum free. She even laid there and kissed and licked it for several minutes afterward,

Before hopping back into bed she turned back, pulled my swears up and whispered, “you’re welcome”. Your damn right and I was Your. Welcomed back at home where I knew I had to be to receive love and attention.

Part two on demand which includes the next few days at home. Leave comments if you wanna hear more of this true story.

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