Coming home- Bed Restraints put to good use

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Coming home- Bed Restraints put to good useI got home at my usual time Friday night and walked into the house. I noticed how quiet it was as I put my keys and things on the table and walked to our bedroom as usual to change clothes. I had noticed she wasn’t around but, didn’t give it much thought, I just figured she was in the back yard or something. When I arrived at the bedroom door, it was closed and a sign was taped to the door. It said, “open the door slowly and don’t say anything, just use me for your pleasure”. Well, that got my mind racing. When I slowly opened the door and entered, I saw that she had set up our Bed Bondage Restraint system and had hooked herself in, on her back, except for one wrist. She had tied each leg bent at the knee with rope, with heel against ass.Her thighs were held back with the Sling Straps and tied back to spread her legs very wide. Her arms were stretched out and her right wrist was laying on the cuff, waiting to be restrained. She was wearing a blindfold and as I stood at the foot of the bed, ankara escort looking at her lying naked and vulnerable, I didn’t make a sound. I knew she had heard my footsteps because she was slightly twitching her head to hear any sounds I made.As I stood there, I quietly took my shirt off, one button at a time and then my pants, trying to not make any noise, but the sounds of the belt sliding out of my pants was a familiar sound. I looped the wide leather belt and drew it close together and then snapped it for an all too familiar crack. I removed my pants and was now standing naked. I walked to the edge of the bed and finished attaching the remaining wrist cuff. She was completely vulnerable and wide open for me.As she layed there, I only slightly touched the tip of her nipple and then the other, then using my fingernail, touched many parts of her body, just to awaken all her body senses. I touched her inner thighs by slowly dragging my fingers up her thighs towards her pussy and stopped just before the pussy. I repeated ankara escort bayan this with each thigh for a couple times and each time I could see the juices glistening in her pussy and running down the crack of her ass.I saw that her nipples were hard and I gently got on the bed and knelt beside her head and shoulders. I played with her nipples by pinching and pulling them, getting harder each second. I was kneeling next to her head and I let my cock touch her lips and I ran the head up her neck to her lips. She opened her mouth and I slid the hard cock over her open lips but not going inside her mouth, just along the shaft up to my balls and then back to the tip. Her tongue licked and savored the taste and hardness. With her mouth open, I inserted my hard cock and it slid down her throat, her licking and savoring each inch. I postioned her over the edge of the bed and while standing on the floor, inserted my cock deeper down her throat and then back out to her lips. After a few times of this, it was time for escort ankara me to come down to her pussy. She was spread wide and ready to be fucked hard. I readjusted her and slid her to the edge of the bed with her ass at the edge. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her pussy until I was covered in her juices. I pushed inside of her an inch at a time, coming back out then deeper. With the Sling Straps on her, keeping her spread out for my enjoyment, her hips were pushing against me with every hard thrust. As I was fucking her, I grabbed the vibrator, previously placed where she knew I would stand, and placed it on her clit. Her hips raised and she began to moan more and when she started to cum, I decided to cum also and as I came, our hips joined and I emptied myself inside her wet pussy.After a few seconds, I pulled out, stood up, undid one of her wrists and never said a word. I got dressed and left, while she lay on the bed not moving and still blind folded. I left the room, closed the door and I went back outside and waited for a few minutes. Then I came back into the house and saw that she was in the kitchen. I came over and kissed her on the neck and asked how her day was. She said it was a great day. We didn’t say anything else, just a little grin on our faces.

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