Coming Home

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He walked in the door and saw her laying their on the sofa. To wake her from such a beautiful sleep was cruel but he needed her body, he needed her closeness. As he kissed her parted lips he allowed his body to rest just slightly above hers, causing just the slightest amount of friction on her body. Soon her nipples had hardened and peeked out from underneath her T-shirt. God he wanted to just pull her panties of and drive himself home but he knew the longer he drew out her awakening the hotter she would be when she awoke. He loved playing her body and he did it with skill. Sliding his fingers across her wrists down her arms.

Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled lazily as she adjusted her body slightly. The movement caused her to rub up against his body and he reacted by pressing her more firmly into the sofa, allowing all his weight to press her down. he continued to kiss down her body letting his tongue lave her flushed skin. When he got to her tummy he tugged at the sides of her panties. Looking down at him she raised her hips and tugged her panties down. She wondered what had turned him on so much that he awoke her from her sleep, whatever it was she liked it. He grabbed at her waist and pulled her onto his lap…”baby come here” he pulled her flush against his chest and started to whisper in his ear “i want you like this baby, stay here with me, i want to just touch you and taste you and make love to you right here” She shivered when she felt his body hard and ready beneath her. She never understood how he could want her so much, more importantly how she could want him so instantaneously. She could feel her body warming as his kisses trailed down her neck and she moaned softly with the pressure she felt building deep inside her body.

He slid his tongue over the slight marks he left in her sweet neck. He slid his hands up her sides…letting his fingers trail over the sides of her breasts. Just barely his fingers brushed against the soft roundness underneath her shirt….he trailed his fingers down her body to her hips and then tugged her hips back further onto his lap at the same time he pressed himself into her. There was no way for her to not understand what he was showing her….what he wanted. It was always like this, she was instantly on fire and didn’t care about anything but having him buried inside her. He teased her mercifully for needing his body so fast and how much she always raced to her first climax. He never complained because he always knew she after her first climax she became very grateful for all the pleasure his body brought her.

Turning so that she straddled his body she ran her hand up n down his length while she kissed him. He grabbed at her wrist and licked at her pulse point. At the contact of his tongue against her skin she rocked back and forth against him, feeling the sweetness of his erection pressing into her. She needed him now…..buried deep inside her …she wanted it now. Looking into his eyes she begged him to let her hands go but he just stared back as he slid her two hands into his one and reached for his fly. She smiled as she realized she would get exactly what she wanted with or without the release of her hands. He grinned when she wiggled in his arms, he loved how she responded to every touch and caress. He loved discovering every inch of her body and what his mouth or fingers could do to it. Her body quivered as he leaned down n brushed his lips against her nipple. He never opened his mouth but just brushed his lips against her nipples. He flipped her body around so that she was laying on the couch. He was going to make her scream his name tonight….more than once.

As he flipped her body over she realized he was going to make her wait, or maybe not she thought Konya Escort as he pulled aside her panties with his hand. Suddenly his fingers where on her, she wiggled her ass trying to press herself firmly against his palm…she wanted to feel those fingers slide deep between her wet folds, caressing the awaiting warmth.

He smiled at how wet she was as his fingers continued to just cup her sex, lazily stroking her lips, not really offering her any strong strokes or sufficient pressure. Lazily he kissed up and down her spine, he loved how her body shivered when he did that. She tried to look back and he knew she was trying to prompt him into touching her more. Kissing her neck softly he whisper, “soon” and then continued on trailing kisses along her neck her one cheek, her hairline. She had such beautiful hair it flowed down her back, long curls that you could just bury your hands in and wrap around your fingers. He constantly touched her hair, she hated it but he knew she kept it for him, for his pleasure.

Moaning at the sensual assault being forged on her body, she shifted underneath him pressing herself back, raising her knees. Softly but firmly he pressed her down into the couch … straddling her legs he began to massages her arms, to do so he let go of her hands which she limply hung over the edge of the sofa. He rubbed his fingers up and down her slim arms, massaging the soft skin and trailing his hands down to her shoulders, he could feel the tightness in her shoulders and worked it out in soft strokes, moving down her back he rubbed softly at the pale skin, leaning down he couldn’t help but lick and kiss her back. His hands trailed down to the curves of her ass and he didn’t dare neglect there. Pushing and massaging her ass he spread her cheeks and pressed them together, rubbing his palms over her. By now he could feel that her sexual heat was simmering…softly he kissed between her thighs…sliding his tongue deep into her.

“Oh” she let out a moan, she couldn’t believe he had just totally relaxed her and then so quickly turned her fire on high with his tongue, oh God it did feel good though. Pressing her knees into the sofa she arched her back giving him better access. Slowly he pushed his tongue back and forth deeper into her. “Yesssssss” she hissed.

Smiling to himself he worked his tongue back and forth into her wet pussy, she tasted so good. He licked at her until she started to really moan. Turning her over onto her back he pressed her into the sofa. He asked, “Promise to stay still?”

“Yes, just dont stop baby…please don’t,” she responded

Pulling her hips into his hands he kneeled on the floor so she was laying at an angle. “Comfortable?” he looked up at her eyes questioning.

“Mmmmhmmm” she smiled lazily down at him as she ran her fingers through his hair.

Slowly he continued to lick her pussy lips, spreading her outer lips and pressing his tongue against her clit, pressing into her clit he furiously started to slide his tongue in and out of her, he knew exactly how she liked it.

Grabbing his head in her hands she pushed his face into her pussy, “Oh baby yes, please lick it faster, oooooo right there ooo,” she moaned as he slid his tongue along her clit.

Leaning back a bit he pressed his fingers to her wet cunt and pushed one deep into her, at her soft mew of pleasure he pushed a second into her. She started to buck her hips against his fingers. He knew she was so close to bringing herself off by just rubbing her hips against him. He bent down and started licking at her clit again, while feeding his two fingers deep into her pussy. “How’s that baby? Do you like it like that honey??”

Panting harder now she screamed “YESS!, oooohmmm” Konya Escort Bayan He could no longer hear what she was saying, and he didn’t care he attacked her clit softly with his tongue as his fingers pushed against her spot, he knew he had hit it when her head started to shake back and forth and lull about the back of the sofa, she couldn’t talk, could barely breath with the pleasure he was giving her.

Looking up at her he let her body recover as it shook slightly with the intense pleasure. He loved looking at her right after she had an orgasm her hair was disheveled, there was a sheen of sweat on her body, and her body was flush with color. It struck him as odd, all his life he loved watching women, yet his favorite time to see this particular woman was when she first woke up, or had an orgasm, or his favorite was when she got worked up and angry. He wouldn’t dare tell her this he thought, or he would be on the end of her temper. Pressing a kiss to her thigh he smiled.

Shaking slightly she ran her hand down her breasts across her tummy and reached for his face. She couldn’t believe the pleasure he brought her to. She had other lovers but this was amazing she thought as she ran her fingers along his cheek. At his smile she groaned. That look only meant one thing…..he wasn’t done…

Rubbing his tongue along her slit he pushed between her lips again, this time licking up the sweet juice that flowed from her, down her thighs he licked. He bit the soft flesh of her thighs softly causing her to gasp. “Do you like that baby?”

By now she was wiggling underneath him wanting to feel his tongue buried into her body. She moaned and squirmed underneath his tongue as she said, “Yes baby it feels good, but baby I need you to fuck me so bad” she moaned as his tongue thrust into her. “Not like that, baby I want your cock buried in my pussy, OOOOOOOOOOO!” she screamed as his tongue slid across her clit and she felt three of his fingers pushed suddenly into her. Clawing at his shoulders she bucked as his fingers once again found their mark. Roughly he slammed his fingers deeper into her, God she couldn’t take this, she could feel it building inside her already. Breathing heavy she leaned forward digging her nails into his shoulders as he lightly flicked her tongue. She couldn’t believe it as her body started to quake as she moaned, “Cumming….oh baby…ooo…..yessssssssssssssssss”

Wrapping one arm around her hips so she didn’t hurt him as she bucked he pushed his fingers up against her G spot, he knew exactly how to hit it to make her cum now. It was a powerful piece of information and he loved it as he licked her softening clit. He couldn’t wait to do use it again but right now he needed his own relief. Pulling up from between her legs he collected her in his arms and rocked her softly until she recovered.

Sliding her limp arms around his neck she smiled as he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, he stopped in the kitchen. “You can’t be hungry,” she laughed as he sat her on the kitchen table.

Not saying a word he kissed her lips and pressed his tongue into her mouth, sharing her flavor with him. As he did this he slid her off the table and ran his fingers up her sides to cup her breasts. Squeezing them lightly he felt the heavy nipples between his fingers. Pinching them he turned her around and pressed her against the table. Biting her neck softly he whispered in her ear, “No now I am taking exactly what I’ve wanted since I walked in the door” Pressing her upper back he pressed her over the table.

She could feel her pussy trembling and the juices of her previous orgasms all over her thighs, she couldn’t believe she could even stand as she braced her arms on the Escort Konya table. She wiggled her ass sassily in his direction and waited for his cock…reaching down she spread her own pussy lips and looked over her shoulder. She smiled back at him and asked “Gunna give me that big hard cock or are you going to make me beg for it?”

He just looked at her, enjoying the offering she was making him as he slid his hand up and down his hard cock. Stroking the head to rub the pre cum all over he pressed it to her ass cheeks. Rubbing it up and down them he pressed it against her wet slit. “Do you really want it?” He looked at her face as he pulled his dick back.

Growling low in her throat she thrust her hips back against him, he slid between her thighs, missing her target. Moaning as her ass pressed against his body she hissed “Give it to me baby, fuck my pussy, please baby”

Pulling back he guided the tip of his cock to her entrance and teased her pussy lips with the cock head, as he heard her moans he smiled and increased the pressure as he rubbed her clit with his other hand, “So you like it like this hmmm?” As he heard her open her mouth to answer he slammed forward into her willing body. “Mmmmmm God your so tight baby” he moaned as his length slid deep into her. “Ooo yeah so tight,” pressing his hips flush against her he pulled back and slid back into her warmth.

At the feeling of his hard entrance she grabbed the edge of the table and held on as he slid back and forth in her body. She loved the friction of his fingers at her clit and ground her hips back and forth pressing into him rhythmically. “Fuck me harder baby,” she screamed as he slammed back into her wet cunt. “Yeah baby oooo faster baby faster” she moaned as she bit her lip and felt her pussy muscles clamping down on him. “Oh baby make me cum, fuck me like that, god your cocks fucking amazing” She screamed as he started to pump into her harder lifting her ass into the air as he slammed up in her.

Holding her hips he rammed his cock deeper and deeper into her, loving her screams and moans he continued pounding his cock into her. He knew it wasn’t going to take much more as suddenly her pussy clamped down on his cock. Arching his back he started to feel the cum rising in his balls.

Feeling him tense up took her over the edge moaning like she was never going to live through this she pressed her body hard into him, squeezing her muscles down on his cock as her pussy spasmed around him as she cried, “Yes baby cum in me, fill me up, make me your little slut, empty your cock in me”

Hearing her words he slammed forward one and his cock started shooting his cum deep into her body he could feel her pussy clamping down on him, milking his cock as she came in his arms. Holding her hips he continued to pump his body into her, filling her with his cum. He could barely stand as he fell forward on her back leaning against her. His cock slid out of her as he grabbed a chair and sat down. Leaning his head back he groaned at the intensity of his climax.

Feeling his warmth slip away she turned and slid off the table onto her knees, with his eyes closed and head back she slid her mouth down onto his softening cock. She suckled all the cum off him as he kept his eyes closed and stroked her head. She let his cock go and licked his balls clean, sliding her tongue along his thigh she took his cock back into her mouth and suckled on it, feeling it spasm slightly she sucked it deep into her mouth. as she felt a little blast of cum hit her throat she moaned, “MMmm,” she pulled back and let his cock slip out of her lips. She whispered, “Welcome Home Honey, did you have a bad day at work?” as she climbed into his lap and settled her cheek against his chest.

~~~~~~~~~Note From Me~~~~~~~~~~

Hi All, I hope you enjoyed this story, and I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to send me ocmments, questions, and Ideas on all or any of my work. I always like to hear from the people who read and enjoy erotica/romance.

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