Comforting My Lonely Sister

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I have a pretty good life. I do well in school, I’m fairly popular, almost everyone knows my name (Alex), and I get laid enough to satisfy my sexual desires. My 7.5″ cock has pleasured many hot girls, and they’ve returned the favor to me quite well. I enjoy life very much.

I do worry for my sister, Cynthia. She is a very shy girl. Because of that, she’s doesn’t have very many friends, which causes her to feel lonely often. I try to help her to meet people, but she never seems to fit in. She’s just not outgoing enough. Another problem for her, is that she has trouble in her classes. She tries her best, but she just can’t understand the lessons. Our parents often scold her, asking her why she fails. Due to her personality, she never argues much. When our parents yell at her, she usually just runs to her room, locks the door, and cries herself to sleep. I always try to comfort her to the best of my ability. I hug her, and say encouraging things to her.

Although it usually doesn’t help much, I can tell she really appreciates it. I am pretty much the only person who truly understands her. We’re very close siblings. We both have black hair, brown eyes, etc. Our personalities are one of the only differences between us, aside from gender, etc. We were even born on the same day. I always wonder why she’s never had a boyfriend before. I have to admit, even though she’s not the most beautiful female I’ve seen, she is quite attractive. I know it’s wrong, but I sometimes think about how my life would be if our relationship was more intimate. Even though I could easily get many girls to fuck me, I often dream of being with my sister. Many times when our mom and dad were out on a date or an errand, I’d even spy on her during one of her many masturbation sessions. The cute little moans she made would turn me on so much that sometimes I would go to my room and play with myself. I normally don’t jack off, but watching her was always too much for me.

On our 18th birthday, I got a video camera with a remote control casino şirketleri for one of my presents. I’m sure you know how I put it to use. I was able to find a perfect place to hide it in the bathroom. While she took her shower, I used the remote control to tell my camera to start taping. When she finished, I’d turn it off, and prepare for my shower, after which I’d take out the video and watch it in my room when everyone went to sleep. These tapes were better than any porno I’d ever seen.

After a few months, when we had already started college, I decided that if I could seduce Cynthia, then not only would I be the happiest man alive, I could probably improve her self-esteem as well. Both our lives would be improved, mostly hers. We had separate dormitories, but I visited her regularly, since her roommate was usually on a date or dance or whatever. My sister still had her periods of hating herself and crying, so I decided to make my next visit a bit more special for the both of us.

At about 8:00 p.m., when all our classes for the day were finished, I went to her dorm. When I knocked on the door, it immediately swung open. My sister squeezed my tightly, as if she hadn’t seen me for years. I felt her shapely breasts pressing against my chest. “Hi Alex,” she said softly. “Thanks for coming. I really don’t get any other visitors here but you. My roommate is always away, probably with some guy.” I asked her, “How were your classes today?” She turned away. “I’d rather not talk about it,” she replied. “I guess today didn’t go too well.”

“It’s just like everyday. I’m starting to understand the curriculum more, but my grades have room for improvement. I have no friends, not even fucking one! I’m the worst loser there ever was! I’m not good at anything! I’m useless! I’m ugly! I-“

“Cynthia, you’re not useless, you’re not a loser and you’re certainly not ugly.” She burst into tears. “You know you agree with me! I know you’re trying to help me, and I thank you eternally for it, but you can tell me the casino firmaları truth. I’m nothing but a burden for you. You could be with your friends dancing or stuff like that, but no! You’re here with your dumb ass sister!” I put my arm around her, and she buried her face in my arms. I kissed her on her forehead.

After a couple minutes of straight crying and sobbing, she looked deep into my eyes and said, “Alex, you are the only one who’s always there for me. I can trust you more than anyone else I know. That is something I can never repay you properly for. At that moment, I lifted her face up and kissed her right on her rosy pink lips. She stared at me for a moment or two and kissed me back. We kissed for a few minutes, then she spoke softly, “Alex…I ………I’ve waited for this moment for as long as I can remember. Whenever I was alone, I’d masturbate, wishing it was you doing it to me instead of myself.” I said back to her, “I’ve felt exactly the same way about you. I’ve spied on you before. That pleasured me more than any girl has before. And you know what I did with that video camera mom and dad gave me?”

“What did you do?”

“Well, I hid it in the bathroom. I’d videotape you shower and watch the video when everyone else was asleep. You turned me on more than anyone I’ve fucked.” Suddenly a wide grin spread across her face, one I had never seen ever before. She smiled, saying, “Hmm.. Well, I finally know how to repay you.” Almost immediately, she gave me the most violent french kiss I ever experienced. She then ripped off all her clothes, and stood, fully nude in front of me. She stared at me seductively, and I undressed too. I couldn’t help but stare at my beautiful sister’s gorgeous body.

She looked even better than in my videos. She said, startling me since I was practically in another world at the moment, “I’m waiting.” I laid her down on her bed, and she pulled me to her, saying quite loudly, “I want you inside of me, please!”

I had never heard her this loudly before, but güvenilir casino said to myself, “Ahh what the hell,” and led my dick into Cynthia’s welcoming and very wet pussy. She shook a little when our genitals first made contact, since she had never had this happen to her before. “Ohhhhh…. That f..feels gooood…” She let out a gasp as my cock pushed it’s way into her hot pussy. She was surely enjoying this, as was I. As I humped her, she moaned very loudly as she squeezed both her tits tightly. I felt her vaginal walls contracting as I felt her juices explode around my rod. I came right after she did, flooding her hole with my own juices. She pushed me over with strength I never knew she had.

She softly sat on my face, but began to grind her pussy against my mouth. I licked her pussy clean, and licked it some more. She resumed her moaning and screaming again as she was feeling sexually aroused again. The grinding became faster and harder as my licking and sucking became more intense. She came again, this time in my mouth. I tasted her heavenly honey in my mouth. It was certainly the most delicious I ever had.

She collapsed on me for a while since she was getting tired. I got up and turned her over on her stomach, and fucked her pretty ass for a while. She seemed to enjoy this greatly too as her breathing grew heavier and heavier with each thrust. I finally came again up her sweet, soft ass. I laid down next to her and asked her how she liked it. “That was the best thing that ever happened to me. I’ve never felt better in all my life. Now I know what I was missing out on.” She then grabbed on my cock and jerked it off as if she wanted to rip it off. I groaned a little as her soft hand assaulted my pole.

She did this for about a minute until I came on her hand. She licked it off slowly, grinning at me. I quickly put her on her back, climbed on her in the 69 position, and invaded her with my tongue. She sucked on my dick and licked my balls unbelievably well for a newbie. We both came at the same time, and drank up each others warm liquids. She was sweating profusely now, so I decided that she had had enough for one night, and put my clothes on. She dressed up and kissed me passionately for a few minutes, then followed me to my dorm.

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