Cometh the Storm Ch. 03

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Early June

The lady sitting beside me stirred in her seat, her head falling and suddenly rising again as she fought against falling asleep. My bulging erection was clear for her to see, straining purposefully at the material around my crotch. Her stare gave it away and perhaps a little naively, I looked at her with my reddening face and smiled politely, crossing my legs in the process. She smiled back embarrassingly and turned away, choosing to stare aimlessly out the window for the rest of the journey.

My dick hardened further in the confines of my underwear, in anticipation of the sexual pleasure that was soon to come. I sat quietly on the bus, my legs still crossed in denial, as I made my way home, thinking only of my mothers awaiting welcome. And what a welcome it usually was.


Some seven months had passed since my mother and I had had our first sexual encounter together. It had been intense in the beginning to say the least, not to mention all the new feelings we had first felt, but as time had passed we had continued our clandestine activities unabated.

In the beginning it had taken a little alcohol, like a nice bottle or two of red wine, for us both to shed our initial inhibitions in what we where doing. Overtime that awkwardness had left and we had begun to have a serious, adult, sexual relationship. We were adults, enjoying an active and sexual love-life, albeit for the fact we were also a mother and son. Our feelings for each other had grown strong, not only in a passionate way but also in a very loving, caring way. The fact was we were two people, very much attracted to one another, regardless of what we both knew was wrong.

Almost gone now where the guilty feelings, the questioning of our forbidden relationship which had subdued things in the beginning. Being honest though, there where times when we both had moments of major guilt, but the good times we shared always outnumbered those awkward moments significantly. At the end of the day, we both needed each other in what was a complex but highly satisfying, loving relationship.

My mother, Catherine, had truly blossomed over the time we had shared. We still made-love to each other from time to time but uninhibited sex was more or less the order of the day, nine times out of ten. Mum’s appetite and love of exciting, steamy fucking was truly amazing for a woman in her early forties. Even she admitted at times how liberated she had felt since we had first come together. Now she was doing things she had never done before whilst married to my father and with the vigour of a woman half her age.

Her new found lust for life and sex had surpassed even my youthful cravings at times, she had even started talking dirty, which not only surprised me at first but really drove me wild with passion.

We continued being a normal mother and son in all aspects of what that entailed, only for the fact we were sleeping together as lovers. I fulfilled all my mother’s needs and in return, she fulfilled all mine and more.

Uni was just about finishing up for the summer holidays. Coursework had been handed in, exams had been sat and two and a half months of my own free-time was a week or two ahead of me. Ah, bliss. Every weekend, I rushed home, barely leaving the house with Catherine in my short time there, until my return to Uni on a Monday morning. On many occasions I had wanted to extend my time at home, like take a day or two off with a sudden illness or something. It was just to spend more time with Mum for another couple of sex-filled days, but she would always insist how important my education was and that the weekend was only another four/five days away. Besides, usually giving me the added incentive of a quick blowjob before my journey, almost always did the trick.

At the moment though, my greatest need was to feel my hardening cock slide into her tender pussy.


The bus swept around the narrow country by-roads, feeling familiar and grateful to my gaze from the window. The sun sparkled in an almost cloud free sky, as I realised my stop was next up. I gathered up my few bits and pieces, and signalled the driver ahead of me in his mirror that I was getting off.

As the bus pulled away, I took a deep breath of the fresh country air and surveyed all around me in an instant. It was a humid day, only spurring my horniness further… man it was good to be home. Excited and exceptionally turned on, I almost sprinted down the lane to the farmhouse, eager to see, feel and taste my mother and lover.

My thoughts raced. Would Mum be waiting for me as usual in the bedroom? What sexy outfit would she have on to get me all hot and bothered this evening? What delicious surprise’s lay in store for me this weekend? The anticipation was killing me.

Out of breath, I jogged into the yard. I caught my breath before walking in the front door of the house, my dick jumping inside my jeans as I explored for signs of life. Dumping my travel bag and jacket in the hall, I peeked around the various doors downstairs looking for Mum. Shit, şişli escort nothing so far. Taking three stairs at a time, I literally bounded upstairs, fully expecting Mum to be lying legs spread on her bed or mine waiting for it… again, no joy. The bathroom was empty as well.

I came back downstairs again and explored further, before finally strolling into the kitchen. I eventually saw Mum waiting patiently outside, sunning her-self in the still warm, late afternoon sunlight. She sat in her summer chair wearing her shorts, summer top and a pair of dark sunglasses. I noticed her breasts hung slightly through the loose fitting top she wore. Only in the last few weeks of good, sunny weather we had gladly had, had Mum started to go without her bra on underneath her clothes… which was great as far as I was concerned!

I admired her laid-back form for a minute from my looking point through the kitchen window. I fondled and squeezed my growing bulge selfishly, as I imagined what delights would follow shortly. Already preparing myself, I slipped off my trainers and socks on the kitchen floor. The floor was cold, an instant delight to my bare feet on a pretty humid day.

As I moved barefoot towards the back door, Mum saw me through the open window.

“Hiya baby! Come out here sweetheart” she said, straightening up slightly in the chair.

Without a word, I walked out and over to her, bending to kiss her fully on the mouth as she sat lazily, but still looking totally delectable in her pose.

“Well, that’s a nice way to say hello, I hope there’s more where that came from!” she responded, wrapping her arms around me in a hug, pulling me in tightly.

“I have been so looking forward to this all week, I missed you terribly Mum” I said, kneeling down on my hunkers in front of her bare legs.

She licked her lips provocatively as she raised the sunglasses, perching them atop her shiny brown hair.

“Well… why don’t you show me how much you missed your dear Mum…” she whispered wickedly back at me, opening her legs to give me access.

I leant forward and began slowly kissing the insides of her knees. My hands ran up and down the top and insides of her thighs, pushing the denim material of her shorts upwards, my fingertips sliding underneath the shorts hem eventually. The skin on her legs was smooth, brown and soft to the touch, as I felt my hardness slowly growing below. She was moaning a little now as my fingertips probed deeper underneath her shorts, almost coming into contact with the sides of her already sweating pussy.

Catherine’s hands rubbed over her breasts through her flimsy top, highlighting her perking nipples jutting outward, dark and enticing against the white fabric covering them. I buried my head between her legs, hungrily nosing against her crotch, smelling her dampening scent. It was intoxicating to my senses, causing my cock to jump about in my jeans like a restrained animal on its leash.

My hands ran up her stomach, pushing her top upwards with my thumbs, exposing her magnificent tits, full and also a little pink in the sunlight.

“Thought a little sun on those would do no harm either…” she giggled, “besides, I know how much you would enjoy rubbing a little sun cream into them!”

Planting little tiny kisses on her stomach as I moved up from her crotch, her hands tugged greedily at the sleeves of my t-shirt, pulling it up and over my head in a swift, no nonsense motion. Her nails clawed at my shoulders as I sucked and nibbled her pointy nips, taking turns to lick each of her entire breasts. Gasping softly, Catherine began cupping her breasts and squeezing them together as I flicked my tongue back and forth over them.

“James… baby… that’s so good” Mum squealed with delight, as I continued my focused assault on her wobbling tits.

I truly loved her big swaying boobs… in fact I could watch them forever and a day and never grow tired of playing with them. I guess there was some sort of maternal thing involved in my fascination with them. Whether it was moments like this or many others, when I would suck like a newborn, or simply watching her undress, with them falling out like luscious orbs from the confines of her brassiere. As I said, they were truly magical to behold.

The warm evening sun and the humidity of the day, only gave me a greater appetite to eventually slip into her pussy. Kneeling back again, I unbuttoned the top of her shorts and unzipped them, exposing the little pink, decorative ribbon pattern running along the top of her panties. Catherine pulled the top from around her shoulders and neck and over her head, making her boobs bounce and dance on her chest. Her expensive sunglasses where discarded to the grass beside the chair.

She leant forward to me, pulling me into her, as she kissed me hard on the mouth, her tongue already probing between my lips. I struggled to keep my balance, as she came off the chair, pushing me back onto the grass, still wrapped together in our passionate embrace. Her longish brown hair fell over çapa escort my face, as she continued her long, hard kiss on my mouth. As I lay flat on the grass, Mum moved around my neck and shoulders, biting and licking as she went, eventually nuzzling at my upper chest.

“Mmmm… you smell good…that fresh, manly sweat of yours just gets me so wet… so quickly…” she purred, looking into my eyes.

Tugging her panties and shorts down her legs, I could see the faint sight of her hairy bush below, between her pendulous jugs swinging freely on my chest. My cock and balls tightened against my jeans, as her crotch fell on me, banging gently against them. Her nipples pressed deeply into my chest as she raised her buttocks, her hands running the length of the dowdy hairs on my chest and stomach to my crotch.

Catherine’s hand fumbled with my belt buckle and jeans as she lay on top of me. Lying motionless on the grass and pinning me down, Catherine quickly released my throbbing cock to the open air. I heard her gasp of delight as she stroked its growing red fullness at the tip, with her fingers. A momentary struggle and the jeans and my boxers came down and away from my ankles, leaving me completely naked and exposed to her advances.

God, she was so dominant at times, but it was cool… I liked the idea of her taking control from time to time.

Now pinning my arms against the luscious, summer grass, Catherine hovered over me, teasing my erection between her buttocks below. She licked my ear, her short, deep breaths sending shivers down my spine through my balls. Her body slithered over mine, as I tried to probe her wetness with my pulsing cock.

Catherine laughed and smiled as she tormented my dick and it’s longing to find salvation between her legs. She shimmied her body around on top of mine, prolonging the eventual moment like a pro.

“Like that…? Maybe here… or here?” she asked, as my pulsating cock came within touching distance of her pussy lips, bouncing off the sides of her inner thighs.

It was agony, but in a damned good way.

Reaching down, after what seemed like an eternity of wanting, Catherine gently grasped my hardness and guided it to her slippery opening. My buttocks tensed and pushed below her, meeting her initial thrust onto my dick, taking me slowly inside her, inch by agonising inch.

The grass tickled my back, as she slowly rose and fell onto me. Her palms rested on my chest, balancing her-self against it, as her fingernails began digging into the skin. I raised my head and looked down my body, only to see my shaft, already shiny and wet with her juices, disappear fully into her, swallowed by her pleasure.

As she squatted over me, slowly getting into a rhythm, all I could hear where the birds and insects in the garden and the slapping down of her hips onto me each time she fell, impaled on my cock. Mum moaned loudly as our lust grew and intensified with each time I went harder and deeper inside her.

We both stopped mid-stroke, suddenly aware of the sound which spelt instant danger.

“Shit… I heard a car… listen…” I gasped, as she tumbled off me, all too aware of us being caught like this.

“Ssshhh…” Mum beckoned, quickly putting her finger to her lips. “Grab your stuff and get into the house” she whispered, as she started grabbing at her discarded clothes lying all over the grass.

Hopefully, whoever it was, wouldn’t drive around the back of the house and catch us completely naked and looking rather sheepish, with some serious explaining to do.

We both panicked as we gathered our clothes, increasingly knowing to get caught like this would be very, very bad indeed. I gathered what was left of our clothes and nipped into the kitchen, Mum already ahead of me, pulling on her shorts and top in a blind panic. We both listened intently for further confirmation of what we had heard as I pulled on my t-shirt, wiping some loose grass from it.

The cars engine had stopped at the front of the house.

“Maybe its Uncle Joe… or Mary… something Joe forgot to take home with him earlier today maybe?” I offered, clutching at straws, trying to get my jeans on.

“No James… Joe’s already went home for the day… he said something about going out early tonight with Mary… but that’s a car, not Joe’s land-rover… Jesus… who the hell do you think it could be?” Mum stressed, trying to fix her hair in the mirror, as we both expected a knock at the door anytime.

“Mum… your… ah, pointy bits are showing!” I suggested, as she realised her nipples still sat dark and erect through her top, like beacons of guilt.

Grabbing a cardigan from the back of one of the kitchen chairs, she hurriedly pulled it on and covered their most revealing bits.

“Thanks James” she responded with a smile, glad of my intervention.

Mum stood, trying to get her breath back, as I pulled on my trainers and checked my appearance roughly in the mirror beside her.

Sure enough a rap at the door came only seconds later. Mum looked all around fındıkzade escort the kitchen, making sure no evidence of our fun could be seen, before walking calmly to the front door. I gathered myself and turned on the television, trying to look interested in whatever was on.

This wasn’t the first time we had both been nearly caught in the act. Over the last four months, we had been a little more adventurous in where we would choose to pleasure each other. I guess being in the house, which was a relatively safe place for our “getting together”, had become a little boring, and so we had taken little trips in the car or walks into the fields to satisfy our urges. It was buzz for both of us, the buzz of doing it where we could feel free, where the possibility arose of something new and exciting. But, on almost every occasion, we had been interrupted in some form or other, causing us to have to return to the house to continue our fun.

My thoughts where suddenly interrupted.

“Hello J! How are things with you?” the female voice asked, making me turn around to greet them.

It was Evelyn Fielding, one of Mums good friends.

“Oh… Hi Evelyn… I’m not too bad. Just home from another hard week at Uni” I responded, nodding to my bag and jacket still lying outside in the hall.

“Well, that’s good to hear. I’ve just come over for a chat with your Mum, but its good to see you looking so well J… as fresh faced as your mother!” she said, as she and Mum came into the kitchen.

“If only you knew…” I thought to myself, trying not to smile too hard.

“I’ll… I’ll just grab my stuff and leave you both to it” I said, as Mum glared at me in the background, half-grinning in the process.

I grabbed my gear and went upstairs, relieved to know we had both escaped being caught this time, no matter how close we had come.

The evening had passed by, Evelyn had left after an hour and Mum and I had eventually ended up in bed together at last, fulfilling ourselves completely.

As Catherine lay on my chest, playing with the dowdy hairs, I ran my fingers though her shiny, brown hair in the cool comfort of her room.

“Wouldn’t it be nice for us to have some time together… just the two of us… somewhere where we could do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted” Mum sighed aloud.

“It would be nice… yes, very nice indeed” I responded, pulling her tighter to me.

“James… James, how would you feel about us going away together… you know… for a long weekend in the summer or something… somewhere no one would bother us?” she asked out of the blue, straightening up to look into my face.

“Yeah… maybe… when though… and where?” I replied.

“Oh I don’t know… How about… end of the month, for four days… in say, somewhere like the south coast?” she suggested mysteriously, her face breaking into a sly smile.

“What are you trying to say? Are you planning something?” I asked curiously.

“Maybe…” she paused, “Oh… I can’t keep it in any longer… baby… I’ve booked us a long weekend away in a nice little hotel on the south coast together!”

“What? Are you serious?” I responded.

Her face grew a little pale and her smile disappeared as she slowly slid up my body.

“Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have went ahead and booked everything this week… I thought it would be a nice surprise for you… you’re not pleased about it are you?” Mum panicked, as she tenderly stroked my face.

“No… not at all… I would love to spend some time with you… just the two of us” I replied, banishing her initial doubts.

Her face lit up again at my response.

“Just you and I, some packing and away we go for four whole days of lots and lots of interrupted sex” she replied, as I felt her hand glide down my crotch.

She sensuously squeezed my balls in her palm, before running her fingers the length of my already rising shaft, looking for some form of recognition.

“Well… somebody’s going to get a big thank-you tonight for all this…” I laughed, grabbing Mum and throwing her onto the bed beside me.

I moved myself on top of her and kissed her fully on the lips, before slowly moving down her tingling body, to the muskiness between her ever parting legs.

“Oh James…” she moaned softly, as I nuzzled her dampening pleasure once again.

* * *

The next few weeks passed by as we anticipated our time ahead together. We had originally both joked about restraining ourselves in the build up to our weekend away together and somewhere along the line it had become a difficult reality. No sexual contact until we were safely in our hotel… no sex of any nature, no sexual contact in any shape, form or fashion… just self pleasure to get by on.

It was hard, but as Mum reminded me, would be worth the sacrifice in the end. It was just another game in our sometimes, juvenile relationship and I knew the end result would be truly phenomenal, so I played along with it.

To make matters easier for myself, I even stayed in University over my last weekend there, so as to avoid any temptation from being around Mum at home. It was then simply a matter of going home on Friday, packing some gear and Mum and I setting off on our eagerly anticipated adventure.

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