Come Here Sweet One Ch. 2

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We catch our breath, and take a few minutes to relax, this is far from over. I want more of this young hardbody, and I’ve been needing a fuck like this for weeks. I hear him moan in my ear, almost like a purr, and I ask him, “Are you happy Sweet One?” He answers, “Yes, I am, but I want more of that sweet pussy you’ve got.”

No sooner as he finished his sentence, I felt a twitch between his legs. To my surprise he was getting hard again already. Ah, the wonders of youth. I wrap my arms around his neck, and kiss him deeply. I don’t know who taught this young man how to kiss, but he does it well. Again he sucks my tongue, while his hips begin to grind between my legs.

I match his rhythm, and grab those luscious narrow hips to push him closer to me. I make an adjustment so that rock hard cock rubs my clit. Our breathing becomes hotter and faster. We both moan from the gratification humping is giving us as our passion rises. I cup his face in my hands and gently push him back, he has a look of puzzlement on his face. I assure him with a wink that we’re not finished yet, and he sits back on the couch.

With another wink, I put one leg on the back of the couch and one foot on the floor. I grab one breast with one hand and slide the other down my stomach to my hot pussy and begin to stroke my clit. Although he’s getting pleasure watching me masturbate, he asks me, “I love watching you, but I want to participate too.” “Spread my lips for me wider for me then.” He does as I ask, but instead of my fingers penetrating my pussy, he puts in both his thumbs and massages my clit at the same time. “Mmmmm baby, where did you learn that little trick? Keep it up. I like it.”

Although I’m loving this antep escort new sensation, I’ve had my orgasm and I want to feel his spray against my cervix. I reach down and remove his hands and grab his cock. I feel it pulsing in my hand, and he’s definitely ready for some pussy. I spread my lips for him, and ask, “Are you ready for this hot, sweet pussy?” He answered by throwing my legs over my head and slamming his hard, throbbing cock into my pussy. “Ah… yessss… my sweet young thing, give me that young hard cock. Fill me up baby, give it all to me.”

He starts pumping those slender hips faster and deeper. I grab is hips and buck hard against him, and I feel him punch my cervix several times. I’m definitely working off the tensions of the day. I’m feeling quite invigorated and relaxed at the same time. He’s working those young hips at a most furious rate, and I can barely keep up. I’m out of breath, but this young thing is barely breaking a sweat.

He swings around so that he’s kneeling on the floor and my ass is slightly hanging off the couch. I place my legs on his broad and capable shoulders giving him full reign to my dripping pussy. I playfully tickle his ears with my big toes, he smiles at me and with a wink of his beautiful brown eyes, begins to unleash his fury on my pussy.

He’s slamming me at a feverish pace now, as he digs his fingers into the ample flesh of my hips. He moans to me, “Mmmm… Hun… is this what you wanted?” All I can manage is a groan of exquisite pleasure. “Hun… your pussy is so good. So snug… it grips my cock just right.” This time I manage to answer, “And you fuck me just right!”

He slides one leg over to the other shoulder so that both legs are on one shoulder. I know where he’s going with this, so I give him a hand. I slide both legs completely to the side, he slides out just a bit so I can put my knees on the floor as well. This young man is so well endowed that we never even disconnect. I’m resting the top half of me on the couch, and he once again grabs my hips. He whispers in my ear, “You read my mind baby… this is exactly what I wanted. I wanna ride you, like you’ve never been ridden!” With that he begins pumping his hips hard and fast. He’s pulling my hips to match his pace. I spread my legs even wider, so that he can ride me deeper.

He releases my hips and grabs my shoulders, and getting a good grip, gives me a good punch to the cervix. I scream this time, but not from pain. He pulls out slowly, out to the head, grabs my shoulders again, and slams that hell of a cock home again. Slam to the right. Slam to the left. Then slam up the middle five or six times. “Ohhhhh… baby… don’t stop. Com’on baby… I wanna feel those sweet balls of yours slap my ass. Give it me baby!”

He takes both my hands and pins them together behind my back. Holding tight to them, he starts giving me the pounding I asked for. He’s working hard now, I feel his sweat start to drip on my back. I indeed feel those heavenly balls begin to slap my ass, and I try to ride his cock, but he just pins me down and keeps me from moving. He explains, “I’m sorry Hun, but this one’s mine, and I wanna it like I like it.”

With a great rush of thrusts, I hear him begin to grunt. I feel his grips on my hands grow tighter. I try to urge him on, but he shushes me. I mentally shrug my shoulders and let him go for what he knows. I hear him grunt again, and his grip is even tighter. He pulls me up by my hands so that my chest comes off the couch. With a single loud grunt, I feel his spray against my cervix and as it begins to run down my leg. He pulls me up once more for his final release, then lets me go completely as he collapses on my back.

Once he catches his breath, he rises up and kisses the small of my back. He then turns me around to face him, cups my face in his strong, but tenderly soft hands, and kisses my forehead, both eyes, my nose and finally a very soft but passionate kisses to my lips. He stands and pulls me with him. He embraces me, and I can hear that his heart is still pounding, and tells me, “Babe… as much as I want to stay here with you, I’m sorry but I’ve got to go. I have an exam I have to study for. I was on my way to the library when I saw that your lights were on, and thought I stop by to say hi. Little did I know I was in for a workout, and for that I say thank you very much. I’d study here, but you’re way too much of a distraction.” He smiles at me again, and I tousle his sweaty hair. “I understand Sweet One. I was once in college too. You go on now and study. Lord only knows I don’t want to be the cause of you failing an exam.”

He pads off to the bathroom to take a quick shower. I put my robe back on and get another drink. I don’t really drink it, just take a sip to wet my throat. That fuck relaxed me enough that I don’t need this drink. I plop on the couch, and wait for Mark to return. He emerges from the bathroom fully dressed, with his beautiful sandy hair slightly damp. He comes to the couch and bends down and kisses the top of my head. “Have a good night Hun… get some rest… and have a better day tomorrow. I’ll see you again soon. I promise.” I blew him a kiss and waved goodbye.

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