Colorado Vacation

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“Head’s up!” My Dad yelled as the sleeping bag roll crashed into the side of my head, knocking my sunglasses askew.

“Ass Munch!” I bellowed, “Those are frickin’ expensive shades, dude!”

My Dad, Morgan, laughed heartily as he continued to unload the back of the van. He had set up a week long get-a-way for all of the family in Colorado at a mountainside home of one of his friends that owned a place in Vail. We never got together much anymore since I had graduated college and my younger sister was just about to do so. In addition, I had brought my long-time girlfriend, Holly and my sister was with her fiancé, Jeff.

“Grayson, can you help me with getting these bags upstairs?”

“Sure, Ma,” I yelled, “Be right there!”

I bounded up the short rise of stairs into the massive foyer of the house and momentarily paused, taking it in. My parents were very well off, and had a nice home in Highland Village, TX, but this sucker was awesome. The floors were done up in an ornate marble, all of the trim work was hand carved, we were told. The ceilings were well over twenty feet high and the windows stretched from floor to ceiling. As you took the short three steps down into the sunken formal living room, you could look out onto the heated patio deck and see the huge hot tub that overlooked a majestic view of the mountains. The house was well over 10,000 square feet. Breathtaking, I thought.

I broke off my stare and turned back to the bags that were piled by the entrance and grabbed what I could and headed upstairs. I marched into the master bedroom and struggling mightily under the weight, threw down the bags onto the floor. The master bedroom was bigger than my apartment in Vegas. There was a separate sitting area from the actual bedroom, which had a large fireplace and entertainment center with a huge T.V. The bathroom was massive, with complete walk in closets for him and her, gorgeous marble pieces throughout and a tub that looked like it would hold a basketball team. The French doors in the bedroom area led out to a humongous patio that wrapped around the side of the house and afforded spectacular views from all directions of the snow capped mountains.

“Mom, you packed for a month!” I complained, collapsing on the king size bed. My mom, sister, and my girlfriend came out from the master bathroom, where they were putting away toiletries. I had the best looking mom, period. All throughout high school, both mine and my sisters’ friends raved about how hot our mom was. My mother is a Filipina, short, about 5’2″, and I would guess about 100lbs. Her straight, jet black hair runs down to the middle of her back, and even at 46 years, she looks much, much younger. Her features are very cinematic (if that is a way to describe how someone looks, I don’t know), full lips, long neck, very toned body, which is my father’s influence, since he is a fitness junkie. She, like most women, is very vain when it comes to her appearance, and although she won’t admit it, has had some work done, cosmetically. I guess you just don’t grow a set of full C’s overnight, huh?

My sister, Grace, looked exactly like my father, with some Asian influence. Grace was set to graduate college in the spring and take a position with an accounting firm in Boston. She was the All-American college girl, sorority house president, cheerleading captain (she went to college on a cheerleading scholarship, and was trying out for the pro football team’s cheerleading squad), and she had definitely morphed into a stark raving beauty, and she had recently dyed her hair a deep blonde. It contrasted well with her Asian features, in my opinion. I thought about how lucky her fiancé, Jeff was. Not that I was jealous of him, but that Grace really had it going on for herself.

Holly was the love of my life. I met her when I had freshman orientation at the university that we attended, and we have been together ever since, through our undergrad years and my masters degree. I think that she is trying to be patient with me as she wants a ring on her finger, but, career first, I thought. Holly is nearly as tall as I am, 5’10”, and is a tow-headed blonde. Her long, muscular legs and pretty feet are my favorite parts of her, but she has a nice ass and an appealing B size rack to go along with the package.

“Grayson, you are so lazy!” Grace laughed, slapping my leg, “Where is all of MY luggage!”

“Grace, the movers are on their way with another semi load just for you!” Jeff leaned against the door of the master bedroom, looking spent. “I have spent the last thirty minutes lugging your bags up two flights of stairs, I am worn out!”

“You poor baby!” Grace moved into him, kissing his lips and giving him a hug.

Jeff was a good guy. My Dad, Mom and I all liked him; he treated my sister well, and had already landed a six figure income in Boston where he and my sister are to set up house in the spring once they both graduate and right after their wedding, which is scheduled for April of this year. Şişli Escort

“Hey y’all, that is it, all of the camping gear is in the garage, the luggage is in the house and I think that we need to head into town for a big, fat steak!” My Dad announced, appearing at the door to the bedroom. At the mention of the steak, dad grabbed Holly in a bear hug, as he knows that she is a vegetarian, as she giggled and wrinkled her nose at him.

Less than thirty minutes later, we all convened downstairs and headed off to dinner. I didn’t realize just how hungry we all were as the six of us plowed through a four course meal and hardly even spoke one word to each other.

We were gone from the house for less than two hours and I think that we were all a little charged up still; at least I know that I was. Dad suggested that we grab some wine and jump into the hot tub, to which we all agreed, and parted ways to get some suits on.

Holly and I were the first ones down to the hot-tub, my dad had already gotten the water jets going and the steam was boiling off of the top of the water. It was January in Colorado, so you can imagine how cold it was outside, but the house had a heated deck, making it comfortable to walk about barefooted, and the water made it very nice.

Holly dropped the robe that she had covering herself and I sucked in my breath.

“A thong, Holly!” I stared at her luscious ass, popping a semi in the process. She wore a black string bikini that had dental floss that ran down the crack of her toned buttocks. Her exquisite breasts virtually spilled out of the sides and top of her bikini bra.

“Sure, baby,” Holly cooed up to me, wading seductively into the steamy water. “I know that your dad will just love it!”

I laughed, knowing fully well the look that will pop onto my dad’s face when he sees her suit. He is such a pervert, I chuckled to myself as I chased Holly into the water, grabbing at her flesh and stealing kisses from her as she rubbed my crotch into full erection.

“Enough of that, you two, go get a room!” Grace interrupted us.

She was trailed by Jeff, who carried some towels with him, and both were wearing robes. Grace doffed her robe and I needed to catch a double-take at the sight of her nearly naked body. She has full, muscular calves and thighs from years of cheerleading, and a flat belly with a six pack to go along with it. Her breasts were always deceptively small, but the bikini revealed otherwise, they had to be a full C. Grace turned and dropped her robe on the chaise lounge near the hot-tub, showing off her thong.

“Oh no!” I exclaimed, “Not another thong! Two beautiful women wearing next to nothing, what are we to do, Jeff?”

Holly got up to show Grace her suit at Grace’s request and I could see Jeff’s eyes widen when she turned around. He stole a quick glance in my direction and hastily averted his eyes, turning copious shades of red. Jeff himself then entered the hot tub, and it was Holly’s turn to ogle him. He is not as muscular as I, but he is definitely more defined than I am.

We settled into the water and shot the bull for a bit, playing around, dunking each other and splashing water about.

“Wine, anyone?” My mother asked as she and Dad were the last to join us, with my father carrying two large bottles of red wine and my mother toting three wine glasses in each hand. We all were handed full glasses of wine and made way for our parents to sit in the hot tub with us. I couldn’t believe my eyes as my mother took her robe off and stood before us, ready to hit the pool. I had always known that she was lovely, but I really knew now. I would have been willing to bet that the entire amount of material that it took to make my mothers’ suit would have fit into my wallet…comfortably. The triangle patches of shiny blue material barely covered the nipples of her massive mammaries, which threatened to poke free from their hiding place, her tits just jutted out from her chest and strained the strings that were barely holding on to the bikini top. Her bottoms were just as revealing, plunging down in the front so far that if she stretched, I am positive that the top of her vagina would have waved hello to us. Mom’s belly was flat as a washing board, and she gave me the impression of one of those competitive fitness models, not incredibly muscular, but well defined and in great shape. The back of her bikini was also no more than a piece of string. The girls circled around each other in the hot tub, commenting on their bodies and their suits. Grace reached over and pinched Jeff hard on the nipple and he seemed to break from a trance as his gaze was transfixed on my lovely mother. Once again, he turned wonderful shades of red as he shook his head, as if to clear it of the cobwebs.

“GANGWAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!” My dad yelled at the top of his lungs as he feigned a dive into the middle of us.

“Morgan!” My mother scolded, and then giggled.

I was very envious of them. They Şişli Escort Bayan had been married for over twenty five years and it seemed that their relationship was as strong now as it was when they were first married. My mother stood to greet him as he made his way into the hot tub. He reached down and picked her up, twirling her about as they shared a kiss. They had always never been shy about showing affection around us as we grew up.

“Lovebird…lovebirds…” Holly motioned for them to sit down, which they did.

My dad was a big, big man. He was well over six feet, probably six two, probably two-twenty five, and years and years of weightlifting had built his muscles up. He had a tiny bit of a pooch belly, but that was clearly overshadowed by his carved out musculature. Over two decades ago, he could have entered a body-building competition, but these days, he is happy with what he calls his “power lifter” build, mammoth calves, thighs, arms, shoulders and back, but without the cut up sharpness of a competitive body builder.

Dad is a self made man, for which I and my sister are most proud of him for. My granddad and grandma couldn’t afford to send him to college right out of high school, so he joined the United States Marine Corps and left for boot camp the day after his high school commencement, and four months before his 18th birthday. Morgan, our father, spent six years in the Marines, attached to Third Recon Battalion, where he traveled the world, learned about women, earned his college degree and met and married my mom.

While serving in the Marines, Morgan started his extensive tattoo collection, of which he once told me, “I don’t smoke, run around on your momma, carouse, cheat or raise my hand to her. I get tattoos!” Starting from his left leg, on his calf, he has an ornate dragon, stretching from the top of his foot and ending by his knee, doing battle with a samurai warrior with mine and Gracie’s names in Kanji, a type of Japanese writing. Dad says that the dragon is him, protecting us from the dangers of the world, the evil samurai. On the right ankle, is all of our names in Alibatan, an ancient Filipino writing style that was abandoned when the Spanish settled in the country, his thick right arm has a fierce lion that covers his entire upper arm and has my mom’s name, Rose, in script. The inside of that same arm has the letters USMC in that stretch from his armpit nearly to his elbow in red, white and blue with the Corps signature yellow as an outline. The most intricate tattoo that he has is on his left arm that he told me was a tribute to mom’s heritage. Starting at the mid-point of his left forearm, he has an all black tribal design that envelopes the entire arm and culminates in a tribal sun on his colossal deltoid and spills out onto his trapezius muscle. He jokes that the other tattoo that he has is for mom’s eyes only, and that that design will forever be clouded in mystery.

Upon leaving the military, which mom did not want him to do, especially with a young child, dad’s entrepreneur side of him blossomed. Relocating back to the Dallas area, he took advantage of the booming housing market and began working in the mortgage lending field, quickly working his way up to the lead manager position. Year after year, he made more and more money, but he wasn’t happy working for someone else and wanted to branch out on his own. Once again, mom objected, now with two children under six years old, a very comfortable income and a stable life, but she knew that he would never let her down. Morgan opened up his own business, selling mortgage insurance to homeowners across the nation. Sometimes he would be gone for weeks at a time, flying around the country and going into peoples’ homes from Daytona to Seattle and back again. Morgan definitely had the luck of the Irish with him, as this business began booming, and in less than two years, he had more than doubled his yearly income from when he last worked for another person, which at that time was nearly two million dollars annually.

Fifteen years later, Morgan owns a realty company, two mortgage companies, acreage in twelve states and employs over three hundred nationwide. To him and his wife Rose, with two wonderful children, and potentially two just as equally wonderful children in-laws, life could not be better, and he is enjoying his semi-retirement at the age of forty seven.

Soon, the six of them had polished off the two bottles of wine that they had started, and were working on a third that Grayson had liberated from the wine cellar. They spoke of Grace’s upcoming graduation and of Jeff’s new job in Boston, the wedding that was coming up. Grayson informed them proudly of two huge events in him and Holly’s lives. She had just been named the new head coach of women’s cross country and track and field, along with landing a teaching job at the high school in Las Vegas. Grayson had worked in the accounting department of the Bellagio in Vegas since he graduated college, and was Escort Şişli now named the department head. A round of toasts and hurrahs were followed by grumblings as the third wine bottle now lay empty on the patio deck.

“To our wonderful children!” Morgan announced, holding the last few drops of wine that were remaining in his glass aloft. “It is so fantastic that we can all sit here and share this time together, like adults, not just family, before we all spread out across the country!”

“Daddy,” Grace griped, “It’s not like we’ll never see each other again!”

“We know, baby,” Rose chimed in, “It’s just that you are all so grown up. We should all make it a point to get together every year like this.”

We all approved, and then agreed that it was time to hit the sack. Dad had plans for us all week that included skiing and at least a weekend of camping. Besides that, as bad as it may sound, I was fucking horny as hell. I know that my mother and sister were objects of my lust, I just couldn’t help it, and I believe that my dad and Jeff had Holly worked up, she had been rubbing my engorged cock through my swim trunks for an hour, bringing me close to orgasm, then backing off, then repeating herself, I couldn’t wait to get her in one of the rooms upstairs and pound that quim of hers.

Just then, my mother broke the news to us.

“Your father and I made up the rooms,” Mom announced, “Jeff and Grayson can stay in the room by the game room, and Grace and Holly in the second Master. We’ve already moved your luggage.”

“MOM!!” Grace bemoaned, “Jeff and I are ENGAGED! Grayson and Holly have dated for years! We…”

“It is useless to argue,” I interrupted, “You know Ma’s superstitions, Gracie. Besides, they can’t watch us non-stop for three weeks!” My mother felt that it was bad luck for anyone other than the married couple of the house to procreate within the walls of the home. If that were, true, they would have the luck of Job as both Grace and I had entertained our respective dates for many years in their house, basement, pool, garage, etc…

Mom and Dad laughed and splashed water on me as I stood and helped Holly out of the hot-tub. While she was gathering her things to go, I noticed that Jeff was drunk, really drunk. I grabbed him and steadied him while Mom, Dad and Grace got out of the water.

“Sorry,” Grace apologized profusely while she wrapped Jeff in his robe, “He never drinks, and I guess the wine just got to him!”

Dad laughed and walked into the house hand-in-hand with Mom as I noticed Grace whispering in Jeff’s ear as they wandered indoors.

Upstairs, I briefly stopped at the girls’ room and kissed Holly goodnight before taking over Jeff from Grace. I noticed her whispering in his ear and him giving her a wink before I led him off. It seemed like a mile to the room instead of thirty feet as Jeff offered no help whatsoever to me as I dragged him down the hall.

“I…I get the bed!” Jeff slurred as we entered the room. “I gotsh the beddy, buddy!”

“That’s fine, dude, but I am not stripping you. Get changed and I’m gonna go squirt.” I left him wobbling by the dresser as I hurried down to the restroom to relieve my swollen bladder.

I came back not ten minutes later. The bedroom that Ma had made up for us was a large, semicircular shaped room that had a huge oriel window that stretched from floor to ceiling and a small terrace that was open to a small sitting area/reading nook off to the left side of the room. The bed itself was a queen size poster bed that dominated the center of the room as it stood on its own pedestal that was fed by a short set of what looked like hand carved steps. Off to the right, underneath a large painting of a seascape, was a large, plush couch that now contained Jeff’s snoring, passed out drunken form. Shaking my head, I went to the reading area and grabbed a small trash can (just in case), and placed next to Jeff’s head. I stripped to my boxers and crawled in bed. The mountains blocked off the moon, and it was black as pitch in the room. Soon, I was fast asleep.

Dreams clouded my sleep. I swam through the groggy, muddy waters of slumber, falling, rising, and falling again. I awoke with a start, a mouth wrapped around my erect penis, a hand tickling my heavy ball sac.

“Shhhh!” The voice whispered out to me, a finger placed on my lips in the shush sign.

My boxers were around my knees, how long she had been there was of no consequence to me, I was hot and rearing to go. The taboo of forbidden sex in the house was overwhelmingly erotic. I reached down and tweaked her nipple, pinching it gently between my thumb and forefinger, pulling it tenderly and repeating the process. Holly’s nipples were especially long tonight; maybe the taboo which was driving me crazy had her especially excited also.

A moan escaped her lips and her mouth found my aching member once again. She was making love to me with her lips and tongue like she never had before. Her hands stroked my cock like a piston, rubbing over my mushroom shaped head and down my long shaft to caress my balls and then back up again, using her own saliva as a lubricant. It was so dark in here, I regret not being able to watch this blow-job like I so love to do.

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