College Visit (Reworked)

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I am a Christian woman, wife and a mother of three. I am not perfect, as this story will attest, but I am a good woman and I believe I was a good mom. I have two 26 year old daughters and an 18 year old son. I had my my oldest two, twins, when I was just out of college and they were a hand-full but we made it through getting them trough college. They both wanted to go into nursing and we were fortunate they both received scholarships to a college with a nursing program near our home in FL. When my youngest child started his senior year in high school we started visiting colleges. While my oldest two hadn’t been too athletically inclined, my son was at the top of his class and he was a star sports player. He was recruited by many schools to play sports and because of his grades he could get into any college. Since he was being offered complete scholarships, we began looking at stronger academic based schools further away from home where he could play sports and get a higher level of education.

My son was a great kid and always stayed out of trouble. He was a shy kid and very handsome. I noticed that he resembled my father in a lot of ways as he got older. He dated girls but he never had a serious girlfriends and he seemed to have a lot of friends he went out with that were girls versus girlfriends. I was always surprised that the girls he dated were the heavier-set and fuller-figured girls with fun more perky personalities rather than the cheerleader type like most of his sports friends. I guess that I assumed he had a normal dating life and hoped he wouldn’t screw-up his chance at school by getting a girl pregnant.

As he got older I found porn in his room a few times but I didn’t say anything to him. I guess thought that him looking at porn was better than exploring sex with a girl and getting her pregnant. I would occasionally find a pair of my panties or my daughters panties stuffed in his underwear drawers. Initially I thought it was just a mistake in sorting laundry so I just threw them in the laundry but then one day I noticed that they had been soiled. I was surprised at first and then a little upset he had potentially ruined an expensive pair panties. I started to say something to him but I knew we would both be too embarrassed so I just left them and acted like I had never seen them. I thought that masturbation was normal for a healthy boy. I also noticed that he was rotating panties and I would find the more soiled pairs in the laundry and clean panties in his room. I also noticed that there were a few pair of my pantie he must have liked the most. I thought it was gross but they seemed to be fine after washing them.

As time went on I noticed that rather than get upset it actually turned me that he was masturbating in my panties. Although the dried cum stains on my panties didn’t turn me, the thought of him masturbating in my panties or his thinking of me sexually did turned me on. I recall looking down one day and realizing that while my son was using my panties to masturbate and my crotch was getting damp as I thought about him. I felt strange and I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t furious or sickened by this naughty act but the tingle in my crotch was unmistakable and I began to think about him masturbating. I even wondered how big his penis was and if he was actually thinking about sex or just relieving stress. Was he thinking about me?

It was difficult for me to comprehended why looking at my sons cum stains on my panties got me sexually excited. I went on line to research incest and look for answers but the sites I found seemed to be more about sex. After reading some stories and looking at the photos I realized that the stories seemed fake and photos were definitely not actual family members. I also started thinking more of my son in a very sexual way and began to wonder if intimacy and still having a mother-son relationship was a realistic probability. My thoughts scared me. The blogs I found were interesting and the chat rooms were startling and all seemed seemed to be pro-incest except the religious ones. I corresponded with a few so-called moms having “family” affairs and a few seemed genuine but most were full of crap.

One woman I connected with was divorced and her college-aged son lived at home while attending school. After we spent some time chatting she revealed that she she was seriously dating a man but she had gone on a vacation with just her son to celebrate his 21st birthday. While they were traveling things between them changed dramatically and they started having sex. She admitted that the sex was incredible and often but returning home and back to reality was difficult for both of them and her son moved out after she couldn’t commit to him and she couldn’t just have sex with him on the side. She said that it tore them apart and if she had it to do over she would have dumped her man-friend and remained with her son.

Another woman I connected with was married when she started having sex with her “just-legal” son. She said they had gone on a trip to her elderly in-laws to help them down-size but her husband couldn’t Nevşehir Escort go so it was just her and her son. Rather than him sleep on a sofa, and since there were only the two of them, she and her son shared a bed. After a few days of moving furniture they were sore and started caressing and giving each other back rubs and massages at night. Their play quickly evolved and they got naked and played sexually one night. She said her intent was to stop and that she felt strange and guilty all day as she thought about her husband and then about her jerking her son off and letting him touch and play with her breast and pussy until she had an orgasm. She had sat him on the bed the next night to talk to him about how wrong it was to have done what they did but rather than talk that night they had sex. She said she felt torn, guilty and confused waking up naked in her husbands parents house in bed with her naked son after a night of sex. She said she had intended to stop once they got home but nature pulled her towards her son and, since her husband wasn’t satisfying her, she continued sleeping with her son. Although her tubes had been tied, she got pregnant with her son’s child. She said she regretted sleeping with her husband after she found she was pregnant but it was the only way to protect her sexual relationship with her son and now she has a young daughter that her husband thinks is his.

I thought about her story as I reflected on my sex life and why I might be feeling sexual thoughts towards my son. My husband and I hadn’t been sexually active in over 6 years with the exception of one night after too much wine and we tried but he couldn’t keep it up. He seemed more interested in watching sports and I was sure he was fucking a young girl that worked for him. I think our love had faded and we were going through the motions of marriage. I had lost 12 pounds and three sizes over two years and he never even commented. I was sad and frustrated.

I pushed naughty thoughts out of my head and I don’t think the way I felt about my sons actions bothered me until I found a few nude magazines under his bed. One magazine was full of tastefully photographed older middle-aged women that were posing nude. The second magazine was full of incest stories about mothers and sons having sex and the photographs were vivid close-up photos of older women and younger men having intercourse and preforming oral and anal sex. I felt a warm flash and I sat on the edge of his bed and read through the stories and looked at the vivid photos.

A few days later I was doing laundry and I found a pair of my panties that were recently soiled and still damp. I assumed he had cum in them before leaving to go out on a date just an hour before I found them. I knew boys masturbated but I was still surprised he would want to use his mothers panties right before a date with a cute girl from church. I reflected back on the magazines I had seen in his room and I still wondered why he would want a magazine with nude women my age or older versus a magazine with young nude women more his age. I also noticed that they were I had already worn versus clean panties as he had in the past. I was also intrigued that he apparently liked to cum on the crotch of my panties. Looking at my soiled panties suddenly seemed more erotic to me. I am not sure if it was the stories I had read or the photos in the magazines but thinking about his penis being wrapped in the material that was recently against my crotch turned me on. Knowing he was aiming his cum where my pussy had been turned me on too. I recall thinking, I’m going to hell now!

After a few more weeks of finding my soiled panties in his room, I began leaving the panties I had worn out conspicuously on the laundry basket we kept in the spare bath that connected to the laundry room. I began to notice he routinely used the hall bathroom after that. Over time I noticed more and more cum stains on my used panties. It appeared to me that he attempted to replace them in the laundry so I wouldn’t find them but it became a game for me to find them.

I still recall the first time I wore a pair he had soiled with his cum. I heard him leave the bathroom early one morning before school. I went in immediately after he left. Tucked on the side of the basket was a pair of my expensive satin panties I had worn the previous night to bed. The crotch was covered in a large quantity of thick white mucous and it was still warm. I had a warm flash as I lifted the panties and looked closely at the thick cum that was totally covering the crotch of the silky panties. I was shaking. I pulled up my skirt, pushed off the panties I was wearing and replaced them with the ones I was holding. My body shook as I felt the wetness of his cum against my crotch. I felt so wicked and yet so alive as felt his wetness against me. I thought about the sinful lust in my body as my sons cum touched against my soft moist forbidden lips. I was shocked on how I felt as I massaged my son’s cum into my pussy lips. I trembled thinking forbidden thoughts and my body shook. I was wet all day Nevşehir Escort Bayan while at work and when I saw my son later that night my legs trembled.

A few weeks later my son was scheduled to see a school in TN but my husband was called out of town. My husband and I usually took him to visit colleges together and we typically drove to spend more time with him and to discuss his thoughts on schools. My husband suggested I take my son and I agreed although I was a little hesitant based on the thoughts I had been having. My son and I left early in the morning and drove until we ran into a thick fog and rain storm. The fog was thick and we had to pull over. After a while of waiting I decided not to continue and we found a hotel room where we could stay. It was the last room in a cheap hotel but it was clean and I was thankful there were two beds. We had dinner at a fast-food place next to the hotel and returned to the room to watch a movie.

My son went to the bathroom to prepare for bed and I noticed he was in the bathroom a long time. I was curious but I thought I knew what took his so long and it made me feel strange. After he had returned to the holy room I went into the bathroom and my curiosity was answered. I saw a large used wad of tissue in the garbage as I sat to pee. I carefully pulled it out of the trash and I was immediately greeted by the thick white mucous-like cream I had seen in my panties. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t flushed it down the toilet but there it was.

I felt my heart skip a beat as I thought of my son jerking off. My sexual desires had increased and seeing his cum excited me. My nipples hardened and my crotch tingled. I had seen him looking over at me earlier that night as I sat on my bed watching the movie and I noticed he was avoiding any eye contact with me. I thought I had seen him looking at my tits but I tried to push that thought out of my mind. I was also sure I saw him hiding an erection.

I took a deep breath and looked at the tissue full of my son’s warm cum. I swirled my index finger in the goo and tapped my finger to my tongue and then repeated it again. I had never tasted cum and I felt naughty. It was bland and not salty like I had thought it would taste. Just the thought of what I was doing and where I was gave me chills. I had just tasted my son’s cum. My heart was beating strong and my hands were shaking. I felt so sexually charged. I swirled a finger in his cum and then looked up at the closed door. I thought of my son masturbating as I took my finger covered in his cum down between my legs and touched my clit. My body jumped. My clit was hard and I was already soaking wet. I swirled two fingers in the tissue and scooped up more cum and massaged my clit with it. I immediately started shaking and I quickly orgasmed as I sat on the toilet with my hand between my legs. I bit my lip to hide my moan.

I took a shower on very shake legs thinking of what I had done but more importantly how I felt. I carefully washed my crotch to remove his cum. I was scared and I was glad the lights were out when I returned to the hotel room wearing just a night gown and panties. I hadn’t though to pack a robe but I hadn’t planned on sharing a room with my son. I laid there looking up into the dark and unable to sleep most of the night.

My son was out of bed and back from a morning run on the hotel treadmill before I got out of bed. He jumped in the bathroom before I had time to get up and pee. I was dying since I had needed to pee earlier but the hotel room was cold and I hadn’t wanted to get out of the warm bed. As I heard the water flowing in the shower I had to pee more and more. I finally couldn’t hold it any longer. I knocked on the door and I went in the small bathroom without waiting for him to respond. I dropped my panties to my knees and sat on the toilet. I immediately felt relief as my piss splattered in the water.

My son poked his head out of the shower curtain. After our eyes met, his eyes made a b-line to my panties and then up to my crotch. From his angle there was no doubt that he was able to see the thick brown forest between my thighs and I am sure he clearly saw that I was peeing. My sons eyes were as large as tea saucers and they were focused on my crotch. I screamed his name rather loud and he quickly ducked back into the shower. I apologized for screaming but he didn’t answer so, after I flushed the toilet, I slightly opened the shower curtain and we made eye contact. I was going to be funny and say something about him needing to hurry but I was speechless after I saw his nude body. He screamed “mom” as we made eye contact. Like his eyes had earlier, my eyes dropped to his crotch and what I saw shocked me.

My 18 year old son has a nice chest and cut abs with a thin waist. I think he had more of a 12 pack rather than a 6 pack! Lower down I saw what most moms never see on their grown-up boys. My son had a thick dark man-bush that was just as thick as my bush but his pubes were longer than mine and not trimmed. Sprouting from his man-bush was a thick 8″ curved manhood Escort Nevşehir that pointed straight up. He was definitely longer and he also looked a lot thicker than his father. The pink head of his penis had a large flared ridge at the base and a large puckered pee hole on the tip. Just under the thick base of his swollen member was a large hairy sack.

I gasped and my knees shook. My son screamed again and I quickly apologized and tried to clear my head of what I had just seen as I stumbled back and out of the room.

We drove the remainder of the way to the college that day in silence but the roads were full of snow and it was late when we arrived. As I said, it was a quiet ride and I tried to make conversation although my head was thinking naughty things and my body was reacting to my thoughts. My nipples were hard and clearly visible through my sweater. My crotch was damp and I wanted relief. We switched drivers and as he drove I noticed my him looking at me out of the corner of his eye. I felt strange and yet excited to be an object of his lust but I felt alive. At one stop I adjusted my bra and v-neck sweater to reveal more of my cleavage and expose the top of my breasts. I couldn’t believe I was flirting with him and squishing my tits to make them look even larger. I was encouraging him to look at me

As for me, I am a busty petite brunette. I am 5 foot 2 inches tall and measure 32D, 24, 32. I stay in shape but I could lose a few pounds. I have thick brunette hair that I wear back in a clasp or pony tail and there is an unkept forrest between my legs that is as thick and wild as any furry crotch I have seen although I trim and shave the edges.

We ate dinner with a school counselor and, after a quick driving tour of the campus, we checked into our on-campus hotel room. Since his father hadn’t come with us we had the school cancel one of the rooms but I was second guessing that decision now. It was a nice room with two queen beds and a large spa like bathroom. After a long day we decided to shower and watch a show we both liked. Again my son went first and again he spent a long time in the bathroom. I swear I heard a low moan from the bathroom over the sound of the television.

I entered the bathroom as soon as he exited anxious to look for what I hoped to be another tissue full of cum. I immediately stripped and looked in the waste basket. I was disappointed that there wasn’t a tissue. I was shaking as I closed the toilet lid and sat a towel down on the closed lid. I sat on the towel and spread my legs wide. I massaged my clit with a finger. After making sure the door was locked I spread my legs further apart. I started sliding my middle finger in and out of my wet pussy. I nudged my clit with my thumb and I orgasmed. My body shook and my legs spasmed. I was shaking and my face was flush and covered in sweat. I had just orgasmed while envisioning that my son was fucking me for the first time. I felt like I had cheated on my husband as I looked between my legs and down at my fingers covered in my juices.

I instantly regretted that I had purposefully left my night gown and clean panties in my suitcase at the foot of the bed. I stood in the bathroom wearing just a small towel that barely covered my ass cheeks and my breasts. I stepped out in the bathroom and avoided any eye contact although I looked into a mirror and saw that my son was looking at me. To his credit, my son tried to remain cool and appear to watch the television but I watched in the mirror as his eyes followed me around the room. I felt brave, naughty, horny and vulnerable. I was shaking and I purposefully took a lot longer than I needed to go through my suitcase looking for my pajamas and panties which were actually on top. I got more and more courage as I stood in his direct line of site and I knew he was admiring my back side covered in a short towel. I could feel the cool air on my ass cheeks and knew he was getting an eye-full of his mothers ass. I bent over the suitcase facing away from my son. My legs were shaking. I knew he now had an unobstructed view of my completely exposed bare ass and furry crotch. I felt so liberated and yet confused as I deliberately flashed my pussy waiting for a reaction and yet hoping he wouldn’t move. I had never been so brave. I quickly recalled that a lot of the photos in the porn magazines he had were of shaved crotches so I wondered if my thick forrest would turn him off. I remained bent over intentionally showing my son my pussy.

I “accidentally” dropped my panties on the floor and I made a scene as I bent over at the waist. I paused when I picked them up. I felt the cool air on my ass and damp crotch. Oh god, I was so wet. I glanced over at my son from under my arm as I picked my panties off the floor. There was no question as to where my son was focusing his full attention. His eyes were fixed on the dark forest between my thighs and my bare ass. I saw that he was already sporting a tent in his boxers by the time I stepped back into the bathroom. I was shaking. I dressed half hoping he would barge in and take me right then but I was glad he didn’t. I was confused and my urges for sex with him confused me. It was the first time I had intentionally tried to turn on my son sexually. I felt a strange mix of guilt and intrigue. It dawned on me that I would have let him take me if he tried. My head was spinning.

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