College Student’s Landlady Pt. 06

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Part 6 — Trip to Babykins

Gordon hid in his room when Naomi arrived as we wanted no part of the process of selecting things that would be needed for the transition from disposable to cloth diapers. He could hear Frau Schimmel and Naomi chatting in the kitchen and sat near his bedroom door so he could catch snippets of their conversation; it was all very pleasant and uninteresting mostly about how she was enjoying school and what her future plans were.

Frau Schimmel was impressed about her knowledge on the subject which made her curious about her level of interest and why. She clearly was not just working at the medical supply store for the money. She was tempted to enquire more but thought it best not to at this time. She still needed to be discrete as there was always the risk that a boarder exposes her methods. So far it has never happened because these young men are mortified at the thought of others knowing.

Even though Frau Schimmel had a supply of diapers and plastic pants from previous boarders the sizing was not correct for Gordon and more importantly she was enjoying having this young woman show her websites that she was not even aware of. Naomi took her to each website they dealt with and discussed the pros and cons of each as well as speed of delivery.

Frau Schimmel saw so many cute and babyish plastic pants in fun prints, but she decided to order mostly basic white and pastels at this time. Her favourite was a company called “Baby Pants” where she 6 pairs of the most realistic training pants she had ever seen. Naomi suggested these would be perfect for daytime use since Frau Schimmel mentioned that Gordon had some leaking issues during the day especially if he was too far from a bathroom. Naomi did warn her that he probably would need plastic pants, so they order some of the Gerber Frosted White plastic pants to go with the trainers. She also some of the Gary plastic pants in white, baby blue and pink which are higher waisted and offer more nighttime protection. She noticed that the website order sleepers and other accessories which she would order later in private.

Naomi highly recommended some items from Protex as well and Frau Schimmel was very excited when she noticed that they carried traditional rubber pants so she order 2 pairs along with their thickest cloth diapers for night use which would go well with the rubber pants. Their Protex “Brooks” plastic pants were what she recommended as well because they had a wide crotch so they would work perfectly for all diaper thicknesses.

Frau Schimmel eagerly picked out pairs of these in various colours, but she was curious about how many pairs she would need as well as how many diapers she should order.

“Naomi I am a bit overwhelmed by the selection and now am wondering how many sets of diapers and plastic pants I will need/”

“Well Mrs. Schimmel….”

“Oh please call me Ilse.”

“Well Ilse it really depends on two factors; how many diapers he will need each day and how often you plan to do laundry. Speaking of laundry since the choice of cloth and plastic pants over disposables is a considerable one-time investment it’s important to properly care for these items. I recommend you always soak his used diapers in an olde fashioned diaper pail with mild detergent but obviously larger and also another pail for his plastic and rubber pants with a special solution we carry. Wash the cloth diapers as you would a baby diaper and avoid bleach whenever possible. The diaper covers should always be handwashed and never placed in the dryer. I noticed you have a clothesline in your backyard when the weather is appropriate would you feel comfortable hanging the diapers and plastic pants out I the sun? Many people do not like to do this because the neighbors will see them but using a dryer will drastically reduce the lifespan of the diapers and since the ones, I am recommending are very thick will take 60-90 minutes to dry so your electrical bill will sky rocket.”

Frau Schimmel thought for a moment,

“I am very environmentally conscious which is one of the reasons I do not want to use disposables. I use the clothesline for most of my drying as is including my delicates and foundation garments so I have no concerns about hanging the diapers and plastic pants out as well.”

“What about Gordon though? It could cause him considerable embarrassment don’t you think?”

Without hesitation Frau Schimmel responded,

“I do not let my boarder dictate what I think is best. If he is embarrassed that is his problem not mine.”

Naomi smiled and let Frau Schimmel continue,

“At the moment Gordon on average is needing three to four disposables each day because he is a very heavy bedwetter, so I often need to change him twice a night and I have now begun to diaper him after dinner and there is one change before h goes to bed.”

Naomi interrupted,

“Really? He is a most definitely a heavy user.”

“Yes, he has the trifecta of issues; he consumes large quantities Pendik Escort of liquids each day which is excellent for his general health but when you combine it with a weak or small bladder and being a heavy sleeper it’s a recipe not just for night time accidents but also daytime ones when he is outside helping I the yard or at school and can’t make it to the bathroom in time. So far the daytime accidents have not been severe but they are still happening.”

She continued,

“I would prefer to only do laundry twice a week. So how many sets do you think I will need Naomi?”

Naomi did the math in her head and padded the numbers a little because she sensed that this would be a large order and she would earn a healthy commission.

“If we assume five changes a day and laundry is on the fourth day you will need a minimum of two dozen diapers and plastic pants.”

Frau Schimmel nodded her head in agreement.

“Very well let’s ensure we have enough in stock.”

They added a few more pairs of plastic pants to the list then turned their attention to the diapers themselves. They had enough training pants on the list, so they needed eighteen diapers. Naomi recommended Babykins for most of the cloth diapers because they were in Richmond, BC and she could visit the showroom by appointment. They went to the Babykins website and chose a dozen diapers. Naomi recommended they get the diapers with Velcro fasteners for ease of changing but Frau Schimmel wanted a couple that required traditional pins. Naomi recommended eight of the thicker diapers and four that were a little thinner and thus more discreet. For greater versatility she recommended a dozen diaper liners or doublers which could be added as needed.

Frau Schimmel mentioned,

“Excellent we have an appointment at Babykins at 10am and this will make the selection process easier.”

Naomi strongly recommended,

I think you should order half a dozen of the Angel Fluff Pre-Folded Extra Heavy Weight Night Diapers but she cautioned that these were the traditional rectangular diapers and very babyish so they would be very bulky between his legs and would need two sets of pins. Gordon may find these quite uncomfortable at first due to the bulk between his legs and embarrassing. However, the benefit is that even the heaviest wetter will not need a changing until morning. What do you think Ilse?”

“I think it’s a wonderful idea. First of all I would get a full night of uninterrupted sleep also when I go out for the evening or bring a gentleman home after a date I can be assured that Gordon will not need changing.”

Naomi smiled and blushed a little thinking about Ilse who was older than her mother bringing men home for a night of sex.

“Ilse, do you mind if I ask you have given the impression that you are the one diapering Gordon. Why doesn’t he just diaper himself at night or change himself? We have many clients who let their teenage sons and daughters change themselves.”

Frau Schimmel responded confidently and without hesitation even though she made up her reasoning,

“I tend to be very controlling and do not take kindly to laziness and sloppiness. Contrary to my initial concerns about Gordon in the beginning I allowed him to change himself, but he clearly was not doing it properly as each evening his diaper leaked then he would just leave the wet diaper in the trash can. As a result, he has lost the privilege and I now treat him like the child he acts like. I know it embarrasses him which is fine it will teach him a lesson and once he demonstrates the ability to be responsible, I will reconsider. You see Naomi I take a special interest in my boarder; I ensure that he is well cared for, learns proper values and manners. In addition, I take an active role in their education by ensuring they apply themselves and study.”

Naomi nodded her head, TWU being a very strict religious university that students had to sign a covenant declaring no sexual intercourse, alcohol or drugs while attending the school. She could see that Ilse took her role in the school community seriously. She was intrigued by Frau Schimmel and suspected there was more to this woman than met the eye.

“I will place your order tomorrow and because your order is so large, we will request complimentary express delivery so the items should arrive by the middle of next week. In the meantime when you visit Babykins tomorrow purchase three or four pairs of their Kins Vinyl Pull-on Pants to tide you over until the rest arrive. I will speak to my boss who happens to also be my mother to see if we can arrange for a discount because your order will be close to $1800.00. We value your business and want to show our gratitude.”

Frau Schimmel was a little shocked by the total and she knew that she could not expect to pass the entire cost onto Gordon.

As Naomi left, she told Frau Schimmel that she would come buy once the order was delivered to double check that everything was satisfactory.

As Kurtköy Escort expected, the next morning Gordon woke up in a wet diaper and sat down for breakfast without saying a word. Frau Schimmel had her back to him and in a happy voice asked,

“How did you sleep? We will need to leave before 9am for our trip to Babykins this morning so eat up quickly then have a shower. Are you wet Gordon?”

She was met with silence so she turned around and she could see him sitting at the small table with his head down.

“Don’t worry my little one it’s alright you can’t help yourself. I know you will feel much more comfortable when we switch to traditional cloth diapers and baby pants. Naomi from Medical Supply shop helped me pick out some things that will make you much more comfortable than these yucky disposables and they will be more discreet too. I don’t want you wearing those noisy diapers anymore. However, it’s a long drive to the shop so you will need to be diapered. Do you understand?”

Gordon looked up as if he were about to cry so she patted him on the shoulder.

“Let’s get you out of that wet diaper and into the shower, okay?”

Gordon was even more docile this morning it was as if he had accepted his fate as he returned from the bathroom and lay on the changing paid that Frau Schimel had placed on his unmade bed. He lifted is bottom without her even asking so she could slide the diaper under him. He still tensed as she applied the lotion and powder, and the last step was to apply the cream around is anus but this time she applied a generous glob on the end of her index finger and gently pressed it against the opening then with a slow and gentle push she slide her finger inside him.

Gordon screamed,

“What are you doing?”

She pressed her free hand against his chest so he could not sit up,

“Hush everything is okay, I need to put the cream inside too. Relax and take a few deep breaths I am almost done.”

She kept her finger still for a moment then slowly inserted it deeper then slowly withdraw it. Gordon let out a gasp when it was out but inhaled deeply when she reinserted it once again with more of the cream. This time she wanted to see his reaction as she slowly moved it in and out. She smiled and reassured him as he looked up with pleading eyes,

“You are doing so well I am so proud of you.”

She swore he ever so slightly tilted his hips as if he wanted more but she wanted to go slowly. With the cream now being applied to his sphincter muscle and lining of his anus it would eventually become less sensitive and relax. She attached the diaper tapes and recommended he wear some comfortable shorts then meet her in the car in 15 minutes.

They arrived at the offices of Babykins which were in an office park near the airport. The owner, Mrs. Brown, was waiting for them and greeted them warmly. Frau Schimmel could sense that Gordon was very nervous as they were led into the small store area which had diaper and plastic pant samples on manikins so she put her arm around him and whispered,

“Don’t worry we have a private appointment so no one else will be here and Mrs. Brown is used to dealing with incontinence issues.”

Frau Schimmel explained what they were looking for and the quantities of each. Mrs. Brown made a list and excused herself while she went to the back room to pick out the styles and sizes. She had quite an assortment and laid them out on the counter for Frau Schimmel and opened a few packages so she could see how thick and absorbent the diapers were.

Frau Schimmel nodded her approval,

“These will be perfect because my son is a heavy wetter. May I see your thinner ones for daytime use?”

Mrs. Brown opened a package and spread the diaper out,

“These have less absorbency in the centre panel which will make them less bulky but as long as your diaper cover fits securely around the leg openings there is little risk of leaking. I noticed that you have chosen some diapers that require baby pins. Baby pins tend to be less secure and will pop open if the wearer puts too much strain on the fasteners by bending. Are you sure you want these?

“Yes, Mrs. Brown I would prefer them.”

Frau Schimmel seemed a little angry and Gordon suspected she was not used to having someone contradict her wishes.

“Then may I recommend you purchase a couple of sets of our locking diaper pins? These are larger and made of a heavier gauge steel in addition this have a brass cap that fits over the clasp then you can either slide a small “S-hook” through the two holes in the cap which will ensure the pins do not pop open. May I show you a sample?”

Frau Schimmel nodded, and Mrs. Brown brought our a set of her locking pins. While not babyish in appearance they were indeed very secure.

“I think I would like three sets of your locking pins in addition to the ones on the list. The babyish design brings back fond memories of Gordon in diapers as a baby.”

Gordon looked at her Ümraniye Escort in horror and his mouth dropped open. She raised her finger as a warning, and he looked back down in embarrassment.

Mrs. Brown whispered,

“Quite a few mothers slide a small padlock through the holes so the diapers are secure until they decide to change the wearer. You see many sons are quite against being diapered.”

“What a fabulous idea. Do you sell padlocks as well?”

“Indeed, we do Ma’am.”

“I will take 2 padlocks as well.”

Mrs. Brown removed the plastic pants from the packaging and apologized to Frau Schimmel,

“I’m afraid we are out of the stock in the white vinyl plastic pants in your son’s size. We have one pair in pink and a selection of our animal print baby pants on either a white, blue or pink backgrounds.”

She held up a pair and Frau Schimmel enthusiastically responded,

“Oh, how adorable we’ll take one of each.”

Gordon was mortified and literally yelled,

“You have got to be kidding me! I am not going to wear those they look like they belong on babies not adults. Who the hell would wear those? There’s no fucking way that I am going to be caught alive in those.”

He turned around and stomped in a huff towards the door. Frau Schimmel excused herself and ran after Gordon grabbing his left arm just as he was about to open the door and spinning him around. Without warning she gave him a dozen or so swats on his bottom with her hand. The diaper softened the blow but the smacks themselves were more for humiliation than inflicting discomfort. He would receive his first proper spanking later.

She then snapped at him,

“It was only a few days ago that we discussed your foul mouth and disrespectful tone but clearly the message had no effect. Did it?”

Gordon looked down at his feet and shook his head.

“Answer me!”

Gordon mumbled something inaudibly so Frau Schimmel put her hand under his chin and pushed it up so she could see his eyes,

“Do I need to wash your foul mouth out with soap again?

Gordon let out a whimper but did not answer.

“Look at me young man and answer me! You seem to have no difficulty objecting and swearing but when it comes to explaining yourself you go silent. Does the cat have your tongue?”

Frau Schimmel raised her hand as if he were to smack him causing Gordon to cower and then she saw him gasp and put his hands in front to his crotch. She couldn’t believe it he had just wet himself.

“Angrily she snapped,

“Did you just wet yourself? Move your hands and let me check.”

He pulled away which was a big mistake because she tightened her grip on his arm and with the other, she grabbed the waistband of his shorts and gave them a god hard yank. Within an instant they were down around his ankles exposing his diaper. She put her and, on the front, and could feel the unmistakable warmth of a recently soaked diaper.

“Just as I had suspected! Go wait in the car while I finish up here! Off you go!”

Gordon pulled up his shorts and was on the verge of tears as he turned around and did as he was told. Frau Schimmel turned around and saw that Mrs. Brown had witnessed the entire scene and was smiling.

“I see that your son is strong willed and going to be quite a handful.”

Frau Schimmel shook her head and apologized,

“I’m very sorry that you had to witness that incident. I don’t know where this fixation with swearing has come from it is quite troubling. To make matters worse his bedwetting has become worse which is why I am switching to the cloth diapers then to add insult to injury he is now having daytime accidents. Did you see that he wet himself right here in your showroom. What am I going to do?”

Mrs. Brown nodded to indicate that she understood and was sympathetic.

“Mrs. Schimmel, I have many clients whose sons, daughters and partners are wetter’s. There are even quite a few well to do older men and women who love the Power Exchange and are practitioners of what is called Diaper Discipline. They usually have young men like your son or slightly older who they have relationships with. Young men are the most common but there are also plenty of young women as well.”

Frau Schimmel was surprised that Mrs. Brown was so open and forthright about this.

“That is very interesting, I had no idea I thought I was alone in this struggle.”

Mrs. Brown suspected that Gordon was not her son, but it was not her place to question this new client.

“Why don’t I give you the email address of one of the ladies who is a long-time client who as a “nephew” just about your son’s age. She leads a small support group and I’m sure she would be a source of valuable support and information.”

Frau Schimmel eagerly accepted her offer and recorded the email address on her iPhone. She thanked Mrs. Brown,

“I appreciate all your assistance you have been so helpful. I should get going because we have a long drive back to Fort Langley and I need to get him into a dry diaper.”

Mrs. Brown chimed in eagerly,

“Oh we have a Mother’s Room that you can use to change him. Many of the women use it to change their children and young men and women as well as to try on to try one clothing.”

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