College Student’s Landlady Pt. 03

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Part 3 — First Accident

For Gordon school began in a week and Frau Schimmel decided that she wanted Gordon to be insecure and unsure of himself as he headed off to experience his first semester at university. Based on her experience with boarders the more dependent on her they felt the better most importantly they must feel that she was understanding of their embarrassing accidents rather than angry.

Gordon worked hard in the yard and even laboriously painting the white picket fence that surrounded her large yard. All the while Frau Schimmel made sure she showed her appreciation with all his favourite foods and plenty of cold drinks brought out to him. Little did he know that after the first day she was now dissolving low doses of a diuretic into his first glass of juice each day. It clearly was working because by the second day Gordon was coming in the house almost hourly to use the bathroom. He laughed shyly when she commented,

“Oh, my you sure need to use the bathroom a lot. It must be because of all the juice and water you are drinking. It’s important to stay hydrated so keep drinking we don’t want you passing out in the sun.”

Each morning she hoped he would come into the kitchen and meekly tell her that he had wet his bed, but it was to no avail. She decided that Sunday would need to be the day because school began on Monday. On Friday during dinner she announced to Gordon,

“You have worked so hard around the house. You have been the hardest working boarder that I have ever had. Most of them work hard for a day or two then they become lazy and claim that they have too much homework to help and ultimately lower their monthly rent.”

Gordon responded,

“Oh, it’s my pleasure I like staying busy and since I don’t have a car or friends in the area I have loads of free time until school starts next week. I hopefully, will make some friends and then I may not be around as much on weekends to help out.”

Frau Schimmel smiled but inside she was disappointed at the prospect of having her new baby find other interests. She may have to alter her plan a little and use her womanly charms to her advantage.

“To show my appreciation I would like to treat you to my favourite fancy restaurant in Vancouver. It’s the type of restaurant that men must wear a jacket and tie and women wear dresses. You have a jacket and tie with you correct?”

Gordon nodded his head.

“Excellent then it’s a date!”

She purposely wanted to get Gordon wondering what might be in store for him. In reality nothing would happen but he did not know that. Young men were so easily ensnared by the mere prospect of something more.

At 7pm on Saturday Frau Schimmel was waiting for him impatiently in the living room. She had already noticed hat tardiness was a constant issue for Gordon in addition to less than stellar table manners. This anne seks hikayeleri evening would be an excellent chance to gently guide him towards proper deportment and etiquette that will serve him well when he begins dating or attending business functions. Frau Schimmel was dressed in a nice cocktail style dress that showed off her ample chest that was well shaped in her Rago #9357 full open bottom girdle and gave her chest a nice pointy look. The neckline was just low enough to show her cleavage and she’d be able to judge how easily she could distract her new boarder. The dress was snug around her bottom and perhaps a little too short for a woman her age but there was a reason for this too.

As she suspected when Gordon entered the living room his eyes immediately went to her chest, and he was visibly flustered. At the Le Crocodile restaurant Gordon was clearly out of his element in this elegant French eatery while Frau Schimmel was enjoying the looks, she was getting, she was certain more than a few men and women were wondering what this tall older woman was doing with this younger and physically much smaller young man. Once seated she explained to Gordon,

“Now this evening is to show my appreciation and gratitude for all your hard work I the past week it’s also to help you learn social grace and how to treat a lady. You mentioned that you want to major in business and if that’s the case throughout your career you will be dining with superiors and prospective clients. Poor table manners and not understanding etiquette can cause you to lose clients and be passed over for promotion so pay attention.”

For the next two hours Frau Schimmel gently guided him through how to order including how he should order for his female companion, how to order wine, the proper way to use his knife and fork, how to place them on his plate, how to hold his wine glass etc. Just before dessert arrived, she quietly told him that when she gets up to go to the ladies room he should stand and when she returns he should rise again and also slide in her chair if one of the restaurant staff was not nearby to do it.

“Really? Is that necessary?”

She shot him a stern look.

“Yes, it is young man showing respect and courtesy towards a woman should never go out of style.

Upon her return he did as he was told and she gave him a nice smile as she sat down,

“Well done.”

Without him knowing she had ordered him a small glass of sweet wine to enjoy with his chocolate cake. Gordon was not much of a drinker, and he was already feeling the effects of the wine they had with dinner and by the time dessert was over and Frau Schimmel finished off her coffee he was afraid that he might not be very steady on his feet.

Gordon was seated I the passenger seat when Mrs. Schimmel got into the car and she purposely let her dress slide up her thighs as she sat down revealing the tops of her stockings and the clips of her girdle. She wanted to see Gordon’s reaction and for the first part of the drive he didn’t even notice but as the took the freeway exit into Fort Langley, she saw out of the corner of her eye that he was staring down at her thighs. Being mildly intoxicated he did notice that he was staring nor that she was aware.

She just smiled to herself knowing that Gordon was going to be very easy to manipulate and control to do whatever she wanted but first things first.

“You are going to have a handover tomorrow young man so as soon as we get home, I’m going to give you some medicine to minimize that headache tomorrow morning as well as something to help you sleep. The key is that you must drink lots of water before you go to bed because alcohol has a dehydrating effect and will make the hangover worse.”

Gordon just nodded and kept looking down at her cream-coloured stockings. She wiggled her bottom a little in the seat and her dress slid up another inch or so. She patted him on the thigh, and they drove he rest of the way home in silence. At home she sat him down I the kitchen handed him the Tylenol and sedative to help him sleep better along with a large glass of juice and another glass of water.

“Drink up I am just going to get changed when I come back, I expect you to have finished all the liquids and we’ll get you off to sleep this off.”

She changed into her favourite pale pink nightgown and matching robe which she tied loosely around her waist. Gordon was already heading into his room, she did not want him to go to the washroom before he went to sleep because a nice full bladder combined with the sedative and diuretic would increase the probability of a bedwetting accident. She quickly opened her bedroom door and guided him into his room where he was already getting very groggy from the combination of the sedative and wine.

Gordon didn’t even object as she helped him get undressed and laid him on the bed and pulled off his pants. As she tucked him into bed her robe fell open and she could see Gordon’s eyes get wide as saucers. He could see her big breasts hanging there free inside the satin nightgown. He started to reach up with one hand, but she gently took it and pushed it down to his side and whispered,

“No you don’t, only babies get to touch and suckle on mommy’s breasts. You are not my baby…. yet.”

Frau Schimmel heard a light tapping on her bedroom door and Gordon’s faint soft voice,

“Frau Schimmel are you awake?”

“Yes, what is it?”

She looked over at her clock and it was not even 3am.

“Ummmm, I need your help I had an accident.”

As she got out of bed and put her robe on she smiled to herself and knew that her plan had worked better than expected. When she opened the door Gordon was standing there meekly in his wet underpants. He was staring at the floor and looked as if he might cry out of embarrassment. She gave him a reassuring hug and guided him back into his room. With the light on she could see the large wet stain spot on the bed. He indeed had had an accident ant a significant one.

“It’s okay accidents sometimes happen it’s not a problem at all. I have had many boarders you have had little accidents which is why I keep a plastic mattress over on the bed. You go into the washroom and clean yourself up while I change the skeets then we will get you back into bed. Okay?”

In the past she lectured and sometimes disciplined boarders right then and there for having an accident but considering how embarrassed and remorseful Gordon was she thought he might benefit from a softer touch. If he resisted her next phase, then she would take a more direct and firm approach.

She put the soaked bedding aside and remade the bed by the time he returned. He continued to apologize profusely but she quietly shushed him and tucked him back into bed.

She was up early the next morning and enjoying a cup of coffee having already put the wet bedding in the wash. She contemplated how wonderful it was going to be to have a diapered young man in the house. One she could nurture, punish, humiliate and if all goes well satisfy her yearning needs.

She went out to hang the washed bedding out on the clothes line and she heard a soft groan followed by,

“Oh no what the hell?”

She wondered if indeed it could have happened. Did Gordon wet the bed again? As she came through the kitchen door Gordon stood in the kitchen softly crying as once again, he was staring down at the floor. She didn’t even have to ask as she could see that his underpants were soaked again. Without a word she hugged him, and his cries became a little louder.

“Not to worry my little one. I know all about your little problem and I am not upset. I am fully equipped to handle these types of accidents so I will get things cleaned up while you have a shower. It’s Sunday today so I would like you to attend church with me today then we will pick up some things and have a nice brunch. Now off you go have a shower and put on nice pants and a proper shirt. Church service is at 10am and we must leave by 9:30.”

As Frau Schimmel got dressed for church, she could not help but wonder what Gordon’s reaction would be as they stopped at the drug store to pick up diaper rash cream, baby powder and adult size disposable diapers. She much preferred traditional thick cloth diapers and plastic pants because they were more environmentally friendly than disposable but more importantly they were thicker the plastic pants made that distinctive rustling sound that was hard to miss. Disposable were now designed to be thin and discreet but that defeated the purpose. Buying a few packages would let her gauge Gordon’s reaction and there were times when a disposable is more practical than a cloth diaper.

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