College life spring semester 16

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College life spring semester 16A message from AB8715 if you enjoy this please leave comments or p.m. otherwise I will stop posting these stories*******************The next morning, Sunday, after the four of us woke, we did enjoy a littlequiet time snuggling with our boyfriends. Scott and Hayden sat up togetherand moved to the side of Michael’s bed. Both were naked and making noattempts to cover up.”Last night was really epic,” Scott stated. “Now, I really wish Haydencould go with us on Spring Break.”Corey and I sat straight up but did cover our lower half. “That would bereally tight if he could,” Corey said.”Guys, I just wish I could go. I know everyone will have a blast,” Haydenstated. “Just like the ski trip, there’s no way my strict parents will evenconsider it.””Have you asked?” Corey asked.”I have and quickly got a big fat no. They went on and on about all thepartying and whatever else they could think of that goes on there.””Hayden, I wish you’d come out to them for us,” Scott said.”Scott, you know how much I wish I could but I know them too well. I admitI’m gay to them then I can kiss this college goodbye along with having afamily. I envy each one of you and all those at that party.””I feel for ya, Hayden. I’m very lucky and know it to have my Mom. My dadstill doesn’t quite understand yet,” I stated.”My mom bitches to this day about it but I’m welcome in my house. I haveto watch what I say as far as Matt here is concerned.”Scott stood and headed to the door, “I’ll be right back. Got to piss sobad.”We laughed as he headed out naked. “Not a modest bone in his body, isthere?” Corey laughed.”I know that’s right,” Hayden said. We continued to talk until Scott cameback in the room and sat back down next to Hayden.”Anyone say anything?” Corey asked.”Nah, I don’t think too many are even up yet. I did run into Garrettthough in there. That dude is fucking hung I tell ya. I bet hard his dickis probably 9 or 10 inches,” Scott stated.Corey laughed, “I noticed that too. I guess the saying is true, big feetbig dick.””Then I guess I’m the exception to the rule,” I joked. “I wear a size 10and half.””There are exceptions to every rule,” Scott joked. “My dick should be atleast nine inches then since I wear a size 13.””Scott, are you ready to head out?” Hayden asked.”Yeah I guess we could do that,” Scott stated. Both went over and grabbedtheir clothes. “Thanks for everything.””We’ll see ya later I’m sure,” I said with them heading out the door.”Corey, we better wash Michael’s sheets.””Yeah, I’ve got a ton of laundry. We’ll do that after we eat. I’m aboutto starve over here.”We showered and dressed. We didn’t look for anyone to go eat with andfound something on campus. Returning to the dorm, we both had a big pileof laundry that needed doing.While putting up my laundry, Kris came in the door in his shorts and teewith sweat running down his face.”How was the party last night?” he asked.”Actually it was a lot of fun but it was gay.”Kris laughed, “I can imagine. A bunch of us are beginning our push to befucking ripped as hell for Spring Break. We wanna be irresistible to theladies.”I smiled as Kris was stripping down. “I take you had a good time lastnight.””I sure did.””Did you pass out?””Nah but I quit early,” Kris stated with a smile but I knew otherwise. Hegrabbed his towel and shower supplies before heading to the door. “Matt,don’t go anywhere. I need to run something by ya.”I nodded and watched him leave. It did give me time to gather my thoughtsand compile a list of things I wanted to accomplish today. Most of thelist involved class work and studying.Kris came back to the room and dressed in his shorts. “Dude, we got akiller plan for Spring Break.””Okay, let me hear it.””If you, Scott and Corey are agreeable, you three plus one other persontake Brennan’s hotel room for the week. We’ve all agreed to split thatcost evenly since we’re not paying a dime to stay at Noah’s place. Withten of us splitting the cost, it comes to like one fifty a person. Howdoes that sound to you?””It sounds okay to me. I see y’all are running us gay boys off…””Well, we plan on getting lots of pussy, Matt,” Kris stated. “Imagine afew of us banging some hot girls with you three there. It really makes alot of sense if you ask me.””Plus we can have sex too,” I stated and smiled. “I got to experience lastnight like you did with Colt. Hayden and Scott stayed with us last nightin Corey’s room.””Not too bad, huh?””No, not at all.””So you four had a big fucking gay orgy last night?””NO! melikgazi escort I’ve done it with someone else…”I said raising my eyebrows.”Who was… oh fuck, you did!” Kris started laughing. “I was about toask…”I shook my head. “I’m surprised you haven’t had nightmares about that.””No not really,” Kris said. “So is our plan cool with you?””Sounds good to me unless we can’t be there to party a little bit.””Oh of course you can. Brennan says it’s just a short walk from Noah’s andwhy he booked it. The hotel looks pretty wicked. We saw on Google Earthlast night. Noah’s house is pretty sweet too but is a little walk to thebeach.”I called Corey to see what he thought of the idea. He was more thanagreeable to it but wondered who would volunteer. After hanging up, Iworried if no one agreed there would be immense pressure on Corey and I toinvolve Scott in our lovemaking. I do like Scott but I don’t want toinvolve anyone else. Even though it was hot as hell sharing Corey withKris, I don’t want to go too far in our relationship.That Sunday night most of the crew gathered in Bryson’s room for a changeof venues. Other than telling funny stories on each other from the nightbefore, the talk mostly centered on our trip, which was three weeks awayand fast approaching. The jokes flew as to who would be the odd man outand have to endure the hotel room. Then we decided to see how thingsplayed out completely before setting in stone that the `gay boys’ would getthe room. Looking around, I had a few in mind that would work. Jess isthe obvious choice but he’s been rather stern that he wasn’t going downthat road again. Brennan was still an option though he wasn’t excitedabout it but he too said he’d be on a weeklong prowl for women. Garrettstated he didn’t want any part of it and hoped he’d land a girl for achange with everyone’s help since he was admittedly shy around girls.That night, Kris and I were in our regular nightly chat. We talked aboutthe weekend along with telling for the first time about my dilemma with mydad.”Hey Kris, would you room with us if it came down to it?””Matt, I really don’t want to but if everyone else is so set on not doingit I’d sacrifice. If I did, I would like the courtesy of having a girl bymyself if it comes to that.””Hey if it did, Scott could just go over to Noah’s. Dude, it’d work.””It would work but I know Scott far too well. He’d have his dick so far upmy ass,” Kris laughed.”Not if you smacked him around a little…””Matt, that’s what I’m afraid of. Scott even touched me then I’d be allover him. I don’t wanna ruin what is going to be one hell of week. I’mthinking Jess will cave in and do it.””Yeah I was kind of thinking the same thing. Maybe there could be a littlerotation or better yet tell Scott he’s not fucking around with any ofy’all. You could be strong enough that he gets the message.””Matt, something will work out, it always does for us. We talk like Scottwill try to fuck any guy out there but it does take two you know. On theski trip, it wasn’t like Jess was tied down and forced to have sex withScott. I know he’d ask but I don’t think he’s so fucking stupid to forceanyone. I wish there was some way Hayden would go but that doesn’t soundpossible at all.””I know. I feel for him. He’s great now but struggles when he leaves us.””Yeah, it sucks. You could hear it in his voice tonight when Coltsuggested he go.””See ya in the morning.”Monday was my long day but with a great start in the fact I had Corey in myfirst class. In biology, we finally were returned our tests that we hadtaken two weeks ago. I wasn’t jumping for joy with my grade since it was ahigh `B’. Scott came out just ahead of me with Michael right behind me.The long day ended with Scott and I heading back to the dorm alone afterour lab.”Matt, who do you think will room with us?””I don’t know, Scott. It’s beginning to sound like no one at this point.We may be back to the original plan.””That would suck balls. God I wish Hayden could go. I know he wants to sobadly but there’s no way his fucking rents are going to cave in. He didtell me last night he was going home and see if he could talk his way intoit though.””I wish him luck then. That would solve everything.””It definitely would. Are you coming to the game tonight?””Scott, have I missed a game yet? Of course I’ll be there.””I was wondering since the team isn’t very good.””I’ll be there. I really enjoy watching y’all play.””It’ll be so fucking sweet if we could win the whole thing.”We entered our dorm. “It would. It would make Kris’s year if you did.””He’s been so great, Matt but everyone does follow him.””I know. He’s talked about going into coaching.””He’d be a great coach or teacher,” Scott said at my door. “Hey, I’ll seeya later. I got a few things I need to do before the game.”Scott was dead on about the game. It was rather boring to be honest. Theworst part was Bryson twisted his ankle during the second half. If he wasout for the next game, they had a chance of not making to the playoff roundnext week since the next opponent had beaten them before.Tuesday after classes and working out with the guys, I gave my Dad a finalcall. He did answer the phone this time. It started out rather pleasantuntil he gave me every excuse in the book as to why he left me high anddry. He hung the phone up in my ear after I told him to be a fucking manabout it and just give a good reason. I was infuriated with him and hislame excuses when I got off the phone. It would be very hard to acceptanother offer from him if he was to call. Corey helped ease things a bitand loved on me a lot though we stayed clothed despite being alone.By Thursday night, Bryson’s ankle was well enough to play. They reallyneeded him as he provided the spark they needed to win and make into theplayoffs the following week. After the game, our hall was loud and noisywith all the team celebrating.By Friday, things were settled down and back to normal. I headed off earlyand walked over to my classes with Scott.”Matt, did Kris ever go to sleep last night?””Yeah finally about one once the adrenaline finally wore off. He must havebeen tired and didn’t even… you know… have his nightly ritual.”Scott laughed. “I know what you mean. Even with Hayden, I still jack offevery night. Do you?””Not every night. I like to save it for Corey,” I said with a big smile.”Are you heading home this weekend?””Nah, I’m gonna stick around.””I’m going one last time to see Mom before our break and get all my shit Ithink I need for the trip.””I need to do that. I guess I’ll have to plan something to make it backhome before the trip.”We parted ways at my building. Hayden was waiting on me and greeted mewith a big smile. We talked for a moment about the game before classstarted.As usual, Friday was a short and easy day. I deliberated a few minutesabout making a quick trip home but thought next weekend would be just asgood. Kris came rolling in after his last class and was as fired up asever to head to the Rec Center. We discussed about going home together andgrabbing our things for the trip with next weekend sounding better. Weknew we could do it in a day but there was no way our parents would behappy with that.Our group was down in numbers with a lot of the guys headed home. We hadme, Kris, Colt, Bryson and Garrett to head over. With a smaller number,things do go faster for us. I did speak to Corey for a moment to see if hewas interested in grabbing a movie after he got off work. He liked theidea and said he’d look forward to it.That night with just the five of us, our room wasn’t so crowded like itnormally was.”Dudes, we have one goal on our trip,” Bryson stated, still sporting hischin strap beard.”What’s that?” Colt asked with a lip full of dip as did Kris.”We have to get his ass fucking laid,” Bryson said. “With all the girls inheat, he shouldn’t have a problem.””Just drop your shorts, Garrett,” Kris laughed.”Dude!” Colt said.”Come on, Colt. A fucking blind man could see Garrett’s hung. Right,Bryson?” Kris said.”Oh yeah. You should see him in the room…””Thanks a lot,” Garrett said.”Hey, I’d be a nudist if I was hung like you or even Matt,” Kris said.”Garrett, I’m not ashamed to say I’m hung…” I said and laughed.”Neither is Corey,” Colt laughed. “Dudes, we have to work sumthing out.””What Colt are you afraid of witnessing two guys showing their love to eachother?” I asked.”Hell yeah, I am, Matt,” Colt said.”You don’t accept them?” Kris asked.”Oh I accept them but I don’t wanna see it every night on my trip…””You know what would be so kicking would be find two lesbians that would doit in front of us. I think that shit is hot,” Bryson said.”Oh hell yeah!” Colt said.I laughed, “What a double standard!”Bryson laughed, “It’s least it’s two girls munching pussy not two guyssucking dick.””I don’t get that from straight boys,” I said.”Matt that’s exactly why you’re gay,” Kris said. “So who’s going tosacrifice their week to be with them? You know if no one steps forwardwe’re back to the original plan.””That would suck in a way. Then who would go over with Brennan?” Brysonasked.”The new guys would,” Colt laughed. “That’s the price you have to pay,Bryson.””I hope someone steps forward then,” Bryson said.”I’ll do it if it comes down to it. Not like I’ll be getting laid everynight,” Garrett said but not too excited about it.”Yes, you would,” Colt laughed and spit in a bottle. “Scott!””Garrett, I’d make sure he kept his hands and everything else to himself ifyou decide,” I stated.”Garrett, I knew you were a fag the whole time! Just admit it!” Brysonsaid.”Fuck you!” Garrett said. He stood and moved over to where Bryson wassitting. “Why do you say that shit?” He pushed on Bryson’s chest.Bryson stood. “You don’t ever have a fucking girlfriend or even attemptedto have one!” Bryson pushed back. The tension between the two roomies wasmounting with an intense stare down. “Dude, I’m not going to fight yourass.””I will if you keep saying shit about me!” Garrett said.Colt and Kris were on the spot and moved to separate them. “Just chill,Garrett,” Kris said, showing his strength.”He was serious, weren’t you Bryson? I volunteered so everyone else couldhave their fun. Now, fuck that! I retract what I just said,” Garrettscreamed with Kris holding him back.”I think we’re back to square one. Thanks, Bryson for opening your mouth!”Colt said.”I’m sorry. Garrett, I’m sorry what I said. I did say at the first my ourgoal was to get you laid, right?”Garrett sat down pouting.”He did, Garrett.””I know he did but he let out his true feelings. I’ll show you, Bryson!”Garrett said.Thankfully, Kris changed the subject to their basketball team and theupcoming playoffs. Garrett didn’t hang around too much longer and headedout.”Thanks, Bryson for opening your mouth! If you’d kept your mouth shut,everything would have been settled. I told Matt if worse comes to worse,I’d do it,” Kris said.”You would?” Colt asked.”Yelp, Matt’s my roommate so I know what to expect. I think I can handleScott. I said if I found a girl Scott could leave and go to Noah’s for thenight. I have fucked with Matt in the room before.”Corey opened the door after a quiet knock. I was happy to see him morethan he could imagine. We didn’t hang around long and headed out to catcha movie. After the movie, we did grab a late night snack before headingback.Kris was watching TV alone when we arrived back at my room.”How’d things go after I left?””The same. That fucking Bryson and his mouth. That’d been the perfectsolution.””I heard Bryson and Garrett almost came to blows,” Corey stated.”I thought they were,” I said.”It happens. It happens between Matt and I. I blow up or he blows up,then everything’s back to normal.””True,” I said.”It’s a great sign of true friendship,” Corey said.”Do you two ever quibble?”Corey looked at me, “Not really now that I think about it. I know if Ifuck up, my ass is gone.””Corey, you’re on very solid ground with me now. We’re way beyond ourincident,” I said and kissed him.”That’s the sign of true love. Keep it going and don’t ever let anyoneinterfere, especially me again,” Kris said, shaking his head. “Guys, if Ido room with you three, don’t let temptation get the best of me. I’ve beenthere and done that.””True but did you like it, Kris?” Corey asked.”I did enjoy the hell out of it but it’s not who I really am. I’mstraight…””That has tasted the other side and actually enjoyed the taste,” I saidwith Corey holding me against his body.Kris laughed, “Yeah I guess so.””Kris, what’s wrong with being secretively bi?” Corey asked.”Nothing at all since you put it that way,” Kris smiled.”Now, I’ll really have to watch you two,” Corey stated.”Don’t worry. There’s no way I’m doing it, Corey,” I said. “I love youway too much to hurt you.”Corey pulled me close for another long romantic wet kiss. I looked over tosee Kris staring straight at us. “Join us if you want,” I said.”Nah but it is hot seeing you two kiss,” Kris said.Corey moved over and laid a big kiss right on Kris’s lips. Kris didn’tfight it.”I’m jealous,” I said jokingly. Kris motioned me over to his bed. I movedand had a wet kiss with Kris with Corey watching.”Damn Kris you must like it. Your jeans are tented,” Corey laughed.”You’re both good kisser and got me excited,” Kris stated.”Well, I better get going…” Corey said.”Why?” I asked.”Matt, I just like sleeping in my own bed plus it is cramped with the twoof us,” Corey replied.”Okay then,” I said. I followed him out the door.”Matt, I don’t care if you and Kris…”My hand found his mouth, “Never Corey… never without you.”He smiled and returned to his bed to sleep.TO BE CONTINUED…

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