College Girls Ch. 01

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College Girls Ch. 01: Alone in the Gym

Monica decided to work out in the gym after school today, as she didn’t have any other plans. She was one of the top ranked gymnasts in the NCAA. She was best on the floor exercise and the balance beam. She always picked a day during the week to work on her gymnastics in private. She felt comfortable in solitude while trying to better her skills for herself and her team.

Monica was an attractive young lady, she wasn’t tall nor very thin, but she was muscular and awfully cute. She stood at five foot one and weighed 114lbs, which was a little heavy for a gymnast, but the extra weight, mainly in her butt and thighs, didn’t cause her any problems while competing. She had long brown hair and hazel-green eyes, her complexion was fairly tan and her chest was relatively small, but large for a gymnast at the size of 34B. Her best feature was her tight ass, even though it was a tad bit chubby, it was difficult to tell without touching it. She wore a spaghetti string tank top and a pair of nice tight jeans to school on this beautiful spring day.

She walked into the empty gym and headed straight for the locker room. With her gymnastics bag over her shoulder, she opened the door to the girl’s locker room and made her way in. She turned the combination locker on her locker and opened it. She dropped her bag onto the floor and opened it up. Monica pulled out a navy blue and silver leotard, a pair of high-cut white thong panties and set them in her locker. She took a step back and unzipped her jeans, slid them down off her legs and pulled her feet out of them, picked them up and set them on the bench behind her. She grabbed the bottom of her tank top with each hand and pulled it over her head swiftly and set it on top of her jeans.

Monica stood in just her pink cotton boyshorts. She frequently chose not to wear a bra as she typically wore a garment with built-in support for her small chest. She pulled the leotard, panties and a can of glue skin spray out of her locker, set them down on the bench next to her clothes, then took her top and jeans and placed them inside the locker. She reached under the waistband of her boyshorts and pulled them down her legs, under her feet and set them on top of the other clothes in her locker. She turned around and grabbed the thong panties and pulled them on, making sure to pull them up tight so they didn’t show out of her leotard. She picked up her leotard and stepped into the leg holes one at a time, then pulling canlı bahis it up her legs. The leotard was tight, as is all gymnasts’ competition apparel. Monica pulled it up over her butt and forced it up high above her hips, all the way up level with the waistband of her panties. She enjoyed practicing in her leotard because she enjoyed the feeling of it on her body, the way it formed to her torso and felt like a second skin.

She pulled it up over her bare breasts and up over her shoulders. She tied it in the front, above her breasts. Her leotard was mostly navy blue with silver sleeves and a silver flame design across the abdomen and around the sides of the mid-section. She lifted up the portion that covered her ass and sprayed the glue substance on her butt cheeks and let the Lycra of her leo fall into place and stick to her buttocks, so it didn’t ride up in-between her butt while she was exercising and practicing her routine. Monica placed the can of spray glue back into her locker, closed the door and spun the lock. She grabbed her bag and exited the locker room and into the gym.

She sat down on a bench and pulled a roll of athletic tape out of the bag and taped her ankles to help prevent injury to them. She dropped the tape back into her bag, stood back up and ran her hands over her breasts, down her stomach and over her mound, she pressed hard into her crotch and moaned, thinking that she hadn’t had sex in so long, she couldn’t remember what it was like. She snapped herself out of her erotic trance and moved over to one of the mats and begun doing her stretches.

Monica went through her usual stretches but with an unusual feeling, one which she hadn’t experienced before while stretching, her nipples became erect and her pussy started tingling. She was erotically charged this afternoon and she had no idea why. Her skin tingled and every time she did a split stretch, her clit sent an electric sensation throughout her body and she would groan. She finished her stretching but had become incredibly aroused and wasn’t sure what to do about it. Monica decided to try and practice some before taking care of the situation in between her thighs. She climbed onto the balance beam and started doing tumbles, she did a backflip and landed straddling the beam. This move caused her body to shake and she felt as though she couldn’t continue her practice. She grabbed the beam in front of her and forced her crotch down onto the beam hard, causing her pussy to moisten and her thong and leotard became saturated bahis siteleri with her arousal. She couldn’t take it anymore, she had to cum, and had to do it now.

Monica jumped off the beam, undid the tie on the front of her leotard, pulled it down off of her and set it across the beam. She pulled her thong off and tossed it on the mat below, reached down with her right hand and firmly inserted two fingers into her soaking pussy. She shoved them deep into her and then slid them out, moving her hand up to her mouth, she pushed her wet fingers past her soft lips and rolled her tongue around the two fingers and licked all of her sweet nectar off of them. She removed her fingers from her mouth, groaned again and picked up her leotard. She once again stepped into it and pulled it up over her tight ass and high over her hips, forcing the crotch tight up against her cunt. She did not pull it over her pert breasts, she wanted to leave them exposed as her nipples had become painfully erect.

Her nipples were a very light pink and of normal size. Monica hopped back up onto the beam and straddled it again. She reached out and grabbed the beam in front of her, stretching herself out, almost laying on her stomach. She tightly gripped the beam and grinded herself down onto it, pressing her clit hard against it. She began to hump the beam, forcing friction onto her clit and pussy through her leotard. She was so horny and she felt as though she couldn’t control herself today, her body was on fire, her nipples were sore and her clit was throbbing. She was now trying to fuck the beam, forcing herself down onto it, wishing there was a cock sliding into her tight pussy. Monica started grinding the beam faster, and faster, forcing her clit against the beam. The crotch of her leotard was soaked, so much so that it was wet all the way back to her ass and up to her stomach.

The beam was getting wet as well, but she didn’t care, all she wanted to do was to cum. Her mind was in a haze, she felt like her head was going to explode, her breath was becoming rapid and there were low moans and groans coming from her throat. Then it happened, she pressed her pussy hard into the beam one last time and then the immense pleasure exploded from in between her thighs and outward through her entire body. She gushed cum from her cunt as she screamed in ecstacy, “Holy fuck, I’m CUMMING, I’m FUCKING CUMMING!” as her orgasm overtook her. Her thighs tensed up, her ass tightened and gripped the beam, she collapsed onto it and started bahis şirketleri panting. She was light-headed and dazed after having the best orgasm of her entire life. Her clit still swollen, her pussy engorged and dripping, her nipples still incredibly stiff, she rolled off the beam and collapsed onto the mat below, landing onto her back.

Monica slowly opened her eyes and looked up toward the ceiling realizing what she had done. She thought about it and couldn’t believe she had just used the beam in the gym at school to masturbate herself. She didn’t know what had come over her and was amazed and intrigued at the same time. She reached down and felt in-between her legs and realized that her leotard was completely soaked from the crotch outward. The moisture went all the way up to her belly where it was rolled down to. Her ass was quite wet as well and she was glistening with sweat and cum all over herself. She sat up and noticed her panties were laying on the mat about a foot away from her and remembered that she had thrown them aside in her unusual, horny rage. She slowly made her way to her feet and decided that she was uncomfortable being a sticky mess, so she removed her leotard and stood naked in the college gym.

At this point she didn’t care, she needed a shower to clean herself up, as she reeked of her own sex. She picked up her panties and leo and made her way to the locker room. She dropped the clothing she had onto the bench and went over to the showers, she turned on the hot water and stood under it, washing away the naughtiness that she had covered herself in. She slowly ran her hands over her now soft nipples, down over her taut stomach and down over her bare mound, which was still very sensitive and a little sore from her activities just minutes before. Monica finished cleaning herself off in the showers and made her way back to her locker, she opened her locker and pulled out her jeans and tank top, she decided to go without panties as her groin was very sensitive now. She left her thong and leotard in her locker to dry out. She didn’t want the smell on her belongings in her bag.

Monica tossed her bag into the backseat of her Mustang and climbed in. She sat for a minute and though about what she had done, it was not like her to do such a dangerous and sexual thing. She was a modest girl who rarely had sex, a girl who only masturbated in her bed and shower at home. She realized how much fun it was and it was the best feeling she had ever experienced in her life. The thrill of masturbating in school, cumming when anyone could have been watching her or walked it at any moment. She didn’t know exhibitionism could be so fun, she decided that she might have to try it more often.

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