College Games Pt. 05

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Over the next week or so I didn’t get to see too much of Mary or Meg. Our schedules just didn’t work out, I even think Mary had an away volleyball game and wasn’t in the room for a few days. Having said that I definitely noticed changes in Mary since our little adventure in the shower.

When I wake up in the morning now and look over at Mary sleeping in her bed she is almost always sprawled out wearing only a pair of panties, her tits out in the open. Her panties cupping her ass perfectly, her legs spread open. It takes everything I have not to jump on top of her and kiss her. It’s just too bad that we haven’t gotten to spend any time together since that day other than a quick hi and bye.

I’ve been busy myself with class and tests and projects. I’ve played with V a few times of course, but overall everyone has just been busy and it’s made me have a lot of pent up sexual energy and desires.

V did tell me that she was sending me a package finally, and it actually showed up. I went to the schools post office to pick it up as soon as I could. I had no idea what it could or would be. I was assuming it would be just some kind of simple gift, maybe something for school? Something to remind me of her? I really had no idea.

I grabbed the package and brought it back to my room. Mary wasn’t there so I sat on my bed cross legged, my black leggings stretching with me. My hand grabbed a pair of scissors from my desk and I cut open the package quickly removing the paper from the top and started to reveal what was inside.

“What the fuck!” I said out loud, my eyes bulging.

The first thing I pulled out was a chrome coloured metal butt plug with a little red rose at the end. My pussy immediately started to get wet. I couldn’t believe V sent me this. I put it beside me on the bed as I was excited to keep opening and see what else was inside. The next thing I pulled out was a pair of white thigh high sport socks with black stripes at the top. I’ll admit when I saw them I was a little confused, but the more I thought about them, the more my mind started thinking of me wearing them, having them pulled up close to my pussy, my legs spread, getting eaten.

I didn’t even realize it but my hand lightly rubbed my pussy while I thought about it. Underneath the socks was the final gift, and it was quite the gift. It was a long flexible bright pink double ended dildo. I grabbed it and looked at it in its package. Fuck I was so horny as I looked at it, I wanted nothing more then to rip it open and start playing with it. I had to message V.

Me: V!

Me: I can’t believe you sent me this stuff!

I waited a moment, hoping she was around and would reply.

V: Oh you got it

V: And?

V: Do you like the presents? 😉

Me: Well ya

Me: I just can’t believe you sent me them lol

V: Well I thought you would like them, and you know have some fun

V: Maybe even with Mary or Meg

V: Or maybe Mary AND Meg haha

Me: I like the sound of that 😉

Me: I wish you were here so we could try these out together

Me: I miss you!

V: I miss you too!

V: Actually I was thinking of coming up around Halloween

V: would that work for you?

Me: YES! Please come!

V: Ok, well, I can’t promise it, but I’m going to try

V: Am I allowed to stay in your room? Like are there rules against it?

Me: I have no idea but I also don’t care

Me: You’re 100% staying in here right beside me!

V: OK OK lol

V: I have to run

V: But I want you to play with your toys today OK?

V: I want you to be a little slut even when I’m not around telling you what to do

V: OK?

Me: Oh, no problem 😉

V: Good

V: Now I’m going to go, but I want you wearing that butt plug for the rest of the day

V: OK?

Me: Mmmmm no problem

V: And send me a picture

Me: Of course!

V: Love you!

Me: Love you too!

And with that V was gone. I was so excited that she was planning to come and see me. I hadn’t seen V up close in so long. My hand was rubbing my pussy through my leggings, I just couldn’t help myself. I had a class in a few minutes but I didn’t want to let V down. I ripped open the butt plug package and threw it somewhere on my bed. My body bent over on to all fours as I shoved the plug into my mouth to get it wet. I reached back and pulled my leggings down, and my panties with them and slowly pushed the plug into my ass.

I could feel my ass open as I pressed into it. I loved the feeling, I loved the stretch, feeling my body accommodate this foreign object. It felt amazing. And then it popped in, engulfed in my hole. “Mmmmm” I let out. I pulled on the toy a little, and then a little more and it popped out of my ass, and then I pressed it back in, and out again. It felt amazing, I couldn’t get enough. I started to fuck my ass with this metal toy, in and out, in and out, harder and faster. The feeling of my ass opening up was just amazing. I pulled it all the xslot way out and moved it around to my mouth. I don’t know why I did it, but I did, I started to lick it and suck on it, tasting my ass as I did.

My mind was racing and I loved every second of it. If I didn’t have to get to class I would have just stayed there fucking and tasting myself as long as I could. But I couldn’t, school called. I pushed the toy back into my hole, pulled up my panties and leggings and slapped my ass as hard as I could. I wanted to remind myself how slutty I was becoming. My pussy was dripping. I grabbed my bag and left the other gifts on the bed.

As I walked to class I could feel the plug inside me. Every movement I made made me quiver with pleasure. I knew this was something I was going to be doing regularly. As I sat down I felt it push deeper into me and I had to hold in a moan. The whole class was a bit of a blur, I don’t know if I’ll ever remember a thing the professor talked about, all I could think about was this object deep in my ass turning me on. I was squirming and gyrating in my chair, feeling the plug move around and dig deeper. I couldn’t wait for class to end so I could get back to my room and fuck myself silly.

When it finally ended, and I walked quickly back to my room, I felt like I was a speed walker at the olympics. If you saw me you probably would think I needed to pee, but really I needed to cum instead. I squeezed my way past people in the halls, trying to get to my room as quickly as humanly possible. I jammed my key into the door and turned the handle jumping into my room. “FUCK!” I said in my head as I saw Mary sitting at her desk, white hoodie on her body, headphones over her head. She didn’t notice me when I walked in, I don’t think. “What the fuck am I going to do now?” my mind processed.

Mary and I had some fun in the shower for sure, but I didn’t know if we were at the stage where I could run into our room and just start fucking myself with dildos. My eyes looked over at my bed and I noticed something interesting. My new presents were definitely not where I left them, they had moved, still on my bed, but not where they were before. At that point I knew Mary had seen them and taken a look. It still didn’t mean anything, but now I knew they weren’t a secret.

I sat down on my bed in a huff. Still so horny. I felt the plug push into me again, not making anything better. As I sat down Mary finally noticed me. She removed her head phones and turned in her chair towards me. Her hoodie was not done up, the zipper fully open. Underneath she had on a tiny white lace bralette and a pair of tight grey cotton shorts. She looked amazing, almost glowing.

“Hey there,” Mary said


“I noticed you had some new… items… on your bed,” she said with a smile.

Mary was just coming right out and saying she saw my new toys? Not even trying to hide it? Maybe Mary really was a new person?

“Uh, ya… sorry I didn’t mean to leave them out, I just didn’t know when you were going to be back.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it, I like them!” she smirked, and then, “Maybe we could try them out sometime.”

My mouth dropped. Who was this person? Was this the same Mary that just a week or two ago was shy and shocked by a little sexuality? And now she wanted to try out my new sex toys sent to me by my girlfriend? It didn’t matter. Who was I to argue?

“Oh… really? You want to try them out?” I said shocked.

Mary turned in her chair a little more, opening her legs and letting the hoodie fall further open showing off her amazing body.

“Yes,” she said, “I’m so fucking horny Steph. I haven’t thought about anything else since our time in the shower!”

I smirked, “Wow… You’ve really changed haven’t you?”

“YES!… it’s like a flood gate opened, I’m fucking horny all the time!”

“Sounds familiar,” I let out as we both laughed,” I guess that means we’re going to have a lot of fun this year,” we both smiled.

My hand reached out to Mary and she took it, standing up and walking the few steps closer to me. As she approached her hands came to my shoulders and she pushed me back on to my bed. Her legs moved up and straddled me. Her head moved closer to mine, our eyes locked, our lips touched and we kissed. I felt her tongue start to invade my lips and I let it. We made out like a couple of sluts, we kissed deeply and then separated and flicked our tongues against each others, and then went back to pushing our tongues deep into each others mouths. It was sloppy, and sexy and dirty and nasty and we both loved it.

“Hey Mary…” I paused thinking for a moment, “is it OK if I record this for V? I know she would love to see how we try out my new toys. I promise she won’t share the videos or anything…”

Without any hesitation Mary replied with “Ya that’s fine” and then went back to making out with me. I had to pull myself away from her for a second just to get my phone setup to start recording. As soon as I was done I went xslot Giriş back to Mary and we kept making ourselves dirty.

She shifted her arms out of her hoodie and threw it on the ground and then returned one arm to the bed to support herself, and her other hand moved down to my leggings. I felt her fingers struggle to push my leggings down, desperate to get her hand inside and on my waiting pussy. It felt like the perfect time to help her out and I lifted myself up off the bed and slid my leggings down revealing my cotton thong. I felt Mary’s hand start to rub my mound as soon as it was free. I was soaking wet.

As we continued to kiss I ran my hands up and down her back, her skin felt amazing. I was breathing more heavily now as Mary kept rubbing my pussy. I pushed a hand into her shorts revealing her bare ass, no panties. I forced her shorts down exposing her ass up in the air, and her bald cunt. My hand raised off her amazing ass and came down with a slap. SMACK

Mary broke her kiss and looked at me in the eyes. I think she was shocked, not sure what to say or feel. It was probably the first time she had had her ass slapped.

“Did you like that?”

No reply from Mary.

“I said… did you like when I slapped your ass?”

Mary gently nodded.

“Say it… tell me you liked it…” I was taking control again. It was a weird feeling for me, I liked V telling me what to do, pushing me to be a slut, but now I was doing it, pushing Mary to be like me. It was sexy as fuck.

“I liked it…” Mary said quietly.

“Do you want me to do it again?


SMACK. I slapped her other ass cheek and slowly rubbed my hand on it. Mary’s eyes closed and I could hear her moaning.

“Do you want more slut?” I said forcefully.

Mary’s eyes opened slowly and looked deep into my eyes. I could see the lust coursing through them. I couldn’t wait to hear what she said as I could feel her hot breath on my face.

“Yes… I want you to slap my ass more…” she took a breath, thinking about what to say next, “I love it… I love you slapping my ass… it feels fucking amazing.”

That was all I needed to hear. SMACK. I slapped her ass again as I reached up with my mouth and kissed her. SMACK I slapped the other cheek. SMACK SMACK SMACK. I kept beating on her ass, and each time I did I heard her moan more. It was obviously she loved every minute of it. I moved one hand under Mary and felt her pussy. It was completely soaked and dripping. I kissed her again. I dug a finger into her cunt as I slapped her ass again.

“FUCK YES,” Mary screamed on, “UGHHHH It’s so fucking good,” she was loving it.

I pushed her off of me and she fell back on my bed beside me. I got up on my knees and reached for her legs pulling her shorts off of her. I then shifted and pulled my leggings all the way off and threw them on the ground. The pile of clothes was growing. I shuffled in front of her and roughly pushed her legs wide open before bending down and tasting her waiting pussy. Mary tasted amazing, her juices were everywhere. I started to flick her clit with my tongue and then shifted down to her slit and pushed my tongue into her hole. All I heard from above was increasingly louder moaning.

I pushed two fingers deep into her cunt as I started sucking on her clit again. I could hear the sloshing every time my fingers moved in and out of her sopping hole. I knew she was getting close to cumming, but it was way too soon.

I removed my fingers and my mouth and got up and sat back on my knees. Mary raised herself on her elbows and looked at me.

“Having fun?” I said with a smile.

“Fuck yes,” she said back, “I’m fucking loving this.”

“We’re going to have a lot of fun this year aren’t we?” we both laughed, “Are you ready for more?” I asked in a more serious tone.

“Oh yes,” Mary said while laying her head back on the bed.

“Are you sure?” I asked while I started to slowly rub her pussy again.

“Fuck yes…”

“I still don’t believe you… tell me more about how ready you are… how much more you want.”

At this point Mary would do anything I asked. She was so turned on.

“Ugghhh… I’m so ready for you to do anything you want to me… I’m so fucking horny… I’ll do anything!”

“Hmmmm… sounds pretty slutty.”


“Are you a slut?”

There was no hesitation, “YES! I’m a fucking slut… just pleasssseeeee do something.”

I laughed hearing how desperate she was. It sounded a lot like myself with Victoria, and it was amazing. Mary said I could do anything I wanted to her, as long as it was something, she just couldn’t stand waiting and doing nothing. My eyes scanned the bed while I thought about my next move. I looked down at the two presents still sitting there, the double ended dildo and the socks. The socks had no use right now, but the dildo sure did. I ripped open the packaging and I saw Mary watching. I could tell from her look she was excited. Ready for me to shove xslot Güncel Giriş into her waiting cunt and making her cum. But as I watched her watch me, and looked at her body I knew I was in a mood to be more nasty, more dirty. I pulled the toy out of the package and licked the one head while looking into Mary’s eyes. My tongue slowly moved up and down the shaft. I slipped a finger into Mary’s pussy and brought the toy down just on top of it. I looked up at Mary.

“Ready?” I asked with a smile.

“YES!” she almost screamed back.

I smiled again and moved the toy away from her cunt. I ran it slowly up her body, over her stomach, across her chest and up to her lips.

“Open your mouth slut,” I said as I started to push the toy into her mouth. I could see the shock in her eyes, but she did as I told her and her lips parted. My hand pushed the dildo deeper into her mouth. A few inches were in when I pulled it back out and sucked the same end myself and then shoved it back in her mouth. It was obvious she had a gag reflex, so there was no deep throating, but just the scene of seeing Mary take this long dildo in her mouth, letting me do what I wanted to her was just too much.

I lifted my leg over her body and straddled her and put the other end of the dildo into my mouth. My head started to bob up and down on it as my hand held it in the middle guiding it into both of our mouths. I’m not sure what the video looked like but it had to be nasty. My saliva was dripping down the toy’s length and landing on Mary’s face. It was like a porn. I kept moving the toy up and down, in and out of our mouths. My mind kept wanting me to shove it down Mary’s throat, and my own throat, I wanted out lips to meet and make the dildo disappear, but we both weren’t able too. As I kept fucking out slutty mouths with the toy I felt Mary’s hand return to my cunt and start to rub me through my thong. I knew at that point that I was just like Mary, I needed to get fucked by something.

My head popped up from the toy and I pulled it out of Mary’s mouth and then I leaned down and kissed her deeply.

“Fuck that was hot,” I said looking down at her.

“Ughhh I feel like such a fucking slut!”

“Me too… like a nasty whore!” I laughed and turned towards my phone and waived for the video that V would be seeing later today.

“Here, shove this thing in my pussy, I need it so fucking badly,” I handed the dildo to Mary and fell down on my bed beside her.

Mary moved down the bed towards my pussy and grabbed my thong and pulled it off of me fully exposing me to her. Her hands pressed against my knees and pushed my legs wide open. I felt so exposed, but so turned on too.

“Well what do we have here?” Mary said while looking up at me with a smile. I knew what she was talking about, the butt plug. It was still wedged in my ass and continued to feel amazing, “It seems like you really are a slut. Did you wear this to class today?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” I nodded and smiled back.

“Wow… so fucking sexy,” I heard while I felt her fingers wrap around the edge of the plug and start to pull it out. I could feel my asshole stretch around it as it was getting ripped from me. I moaned, it felt amazing, I loved feeling stretched out. It eventually exited my hole and I immediately wanted it back in me. Mary was inspecting the toy and then she moved it up to my mouth.

“Open up slut,” Mary said as she pushed the plug into my mouth. My lips opened without hesitation and I started to taste me ass. I was so turned on I didn’t even think about how gross it might be, I just did it because it was nasty and that’s all I wanted.

After a minute of me sucking on the plug and lubing it up again with my saliva Mary returned it to my ass in one swift motion. I was in heaven.

“Fuck me! PLEASE!” I said loudly looking up at her.

“No problem slut,” I felt her press the dildo against my cunt, I was so wet that it slipped in easily. It felt amazing to finally have something inside of me. She slowly moved the dildo in and out, it felt good, but I needed it harder, I needed more.

“Goddamn it, fuck me harder!” I yelled up at her. Her speed started to increase.

“You like that bitch? You like how I fuck your cunt you nasty whore?” Mary said as she fucked me. I don’t know what happened but now Mary was acting like she was in control, not me. I felt like I was being submissive again. As much as being in charge felt good, being forced felt even better. A wave of shame flooded over me as I tackled with this thought, but all it did was turn me on even more.

“NO! It’s not fucking hard enough! Fuck me harder!”

And with that I felt the dildo go in further and faster than before. I don’t know how much I had in me but it was deep. I could feel Mary’s hand ram against my pussy every time she drove the toy into me. It felt so good being fucked hard like this. In and out, in and out, I could feel her hand moving faster and faster. As good as it felt I still needed more, I needed to feel like more of a slut. My hand reached out and grabbed her wrist stopping her motion.

“Yes?” she said confused.

“I want both ends in my slut hole…”

I saw her look at me in disbelief, “you want me to put both ends in your pussy? Are you sure?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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