College Break Road Trip

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Disclaimer: All individuals in the following work of fiction are over the age of 18.


Riley and Sara were in a real bind now. The semester was over, the campus was practically empty and their plans to head home seemed to all come apart in mere seconds. The two seniors stood in the parking lot looking at Sara’s corolla, totally useless now. The mechanic they hired to check out the car had just left them with the disappointing news; it would take a week to repair the car. After deciding it would be too expensive to fly, they agreed to walk down to the bus station to check the fares from Denver to Yuma. The girls gathered their bags and started walking.

Ryan Stevenson was walking through the cool morning air that whisked through the parking lot, dragging his pull along to his car. Approaching his car he noticed two girls walking in the other direction, he smiled and nodded as they walked past each other. For a second he thought he had recognized one of the girls but could not put a name to the face.

“Ryan right?”

Hearing his name, he spun round and faced the two girls. Seeing the somewhat confused look the boy had on his face, Riley knew he didn’t remember her.

“It’s Riley, I tutored you that one week for you Calc exam.”

Thinking back, Ryan finally acknowledged, “Oh yeahh.”

“Glad to see I was so memorable,” Riley sarcastically quipped.

“I’m sorry, I just got up, not really a morning person,” the young man replied, slightly blushing, “So, what’s going on, I was just about to leave, heading home for a week.”

“Well, this is my roommate Sara, we were supposed to be heading home but ran into some problems, her car is busted. We’re going to check the bus schedules.”

“Oh, that sucks, where are you headed?” Ryan questioned, genuinely concerned.

“Yuma,” Sara chirped.

Ryan’s eyes brightened, “Wow, I live like an hour outside of Yuma, you’re welcome to hitch a ride if you want.”

“Seriously?!? That’s so nice, we’d really appreciate it, you have no idea,” Riley replied.

“Don’t mention it, a long ass bus ride would suck, besides, with you two, we could split the driving, we’ll be there in no time.”

“Great! Well, we’re ready when you are,” Sara replied.

“Yeah yeah, we should get a move on, I’m right over there,” Ryan said pointing over to a silver Honda civic.

Ryan opened the car and helped the girls store their bags. They all packed into the car, Riley riding shotgun, Sara in the back. Ten minutes later they were cruising down the freeway.

The threesome engaged in some light conversation about classes and their future plans. Being seniors, the girls had a lot of advice which they were all too happy to pass on to Ryan, like which professors were the easiest, best parties on campus etc.

Eventually the conversation dwindled. Riley had nodded off and Sara took the opportunity to turn the chat a little bit more candid.

“So Ryan, any young lady back home waiting for you? Or did you leave her at the University?”

“Umm, no, no one back home, haven’t really met that much people at school,” the boy replied.

“Aww, that’s hard to believe, you seem nice enough, and you’re very attractive,” Sara teased, but also truly believed, “What about you and Riley, you two ever hook up?”

“What?!? No,” a shocked Ryan replied.

Chuckling Sara continued, “Why the big protest? You don’t think she’s cute?”

Looking over to a sleeping Riley, Ryan couldn’t help but admire her beauty. His eyes roamed from her slightly freckled covered face, framed by her auburn flowing hair. Looking lower, he gazed upon her chest; her flannel shirt covering what Ryan could only imagine were the most firm and tender, still blossoming, B-cup mounds.

“Ahem,” Sara interrupted, clearing her throat, “I’ll take that as a definite yes,” she giggled.

Quickly averting his eyes, Ryan looked up to the rear view mirror catching the eyes of a smiling Sara, before fixing his eyes once again on the road ahead. The two continued chatting, Sara trying to elicit as much personal information as she could.

At around mid day, the group pulled over for lunch. They stopped in a restaurant just off the exit. As each one exited the car, they stretched their limbs a bit, the last couple hours cooped up in the car taking its toll.

The three opted for the fresh air, and sat outside where the waitress took their order. As the waitress went inside, Sara turned to Ryan,

“How about her, she’s cute; I bet she’d make a good lay.”

Ryan started to blush.

“Oh Sara, you’re so bad, leave him alone,” Riley said in an effort to comfort a now red faced Ryan.

Ignoring her friend’s plea Sara continued,

“Ok come on Ryan, let’s have it, how many nymphets have you bedded?” she joked.

Feeling uncomfortable, Ryan could only stammer, “Uhh, umm, actually,” he paused, ” I’m a, I’m a,” Ryan managed before going silent.

“Virgin!” Sara blurted out, causing Ryan to lower his head slightly.

Seeing his discomfort, Riley reached over and pinched Sara, “Ok that’s enough; Şirinevler escort besides, there’s nothing wrong with being a virgin. Ryan you have no reason to be ashamed, isn’t that right Sara?”

As Riley’s grasp on her arm got tighter, Sara was quick to apologize, “Yeah dude, I’m sorry, I was just messing around, it’s perfectly normal.” She rubbed her arm when Riley released her, perusing the now reddened flesh.

Riley looked over to Sara and smiled, then over to Ryan, “Besides, if you play your cards right, maybe by time you reach Yuma, you’ll be a virgin no more.”

Ryan blushed profusely, just as the waitress returned with their meals.

The meal they shared was very quiet with the girls exchanging smiles with Ryan.

They paid for their lunch and headed back to the car.

“Ok, I’ll take this shift,” said Riley, heading over to the driver’s side door. She waited while Ryan fumbled through his jeans pocket for the keys. He tossed them to her and went over to the passenger seat, Sara returning to the back seat. They were off again, with the majority of driving still ahead. The group engaged in lighter conversation, discussing the latest movies and their individual musical tastes. When they hadn’t heard a word from Sara for a while, Ryan peeked back, seeing her curled up and asleep, her blonde hair covering most of her face, whisking in the wind.

“The grand inquisitor fell asleep,” Ryan sarcastically joked.

“Hahaha, she’s really not that mean, she’s just very forward, and likes to tease, especially nice guys,” Riley defended.

“Yeah well, I’m not that nice,” Ryan protested.

“Oh really?” Riley mocked, “You fancy yourself a bit of a bad boy do you?”

“Well, no, not really, I guess. But I’m not all nice.”

“Ok, I’ll believe you, but, you have to prove it.”

“Prove it how?” Ryan questioned.

Riley took a minute to think.

“Ok, I’ve got it; you have to moon the next car we pass.”

“What?!? No way!”

Riley burst out into laughter at Ryan’s protest, “I knew it.”

“What? You don’t think I can do it?”

“Never in a million years dear boy,” Riley replied, still laughing.

“Ok, fine, I’ll do it,” Ryan said, his voice proud, almost bold, wanting to prove his bravery to Riley.

“Now we’re talking,” Riley encouraged, “Ok, this red Volkswagen coming up.”

Ryan looked ahead and saw the car, then looked over to Riley. She glanced over to him and smiled. Hesitantly, Ryan began to undo his belt, and then unbuckled his shorts. As they approached the car, they could make out that there were two people in the car; they seem to be middle aged women, which Riley thought was hilarious.

“Ok, eyes front,” Ryan instructed.

“Aww, a little shy are we?” Riley teased.

“Look, you want me to do this or not,” Ryan insisted.

“Ok ok, fine.”

Riley complied and focused her eyes on the road ahead. She had now pulled up alongside the car,

“Ok superstar, now or never,” she baited.

Taking a deep breath, Ryan slipped his shorts and boxers down to his knees. In one swift motion he got up, sticking his ass out the open window.

Riley couldn’t resist, she spun her head and took a sneaky glance at the action. She could not see the women’s reaction; all she saw was Ryan dangling cock between his thighs. She then looked up to Ryan’s beet red face who was staring back at her. Again, she exploded with laughter before speeding away, but not before they heard the honks coming from the car beside them. The whole thing lasted just a couple seconds. Ryan quickly sat back down. Fueled by a rush of adrenaline, he hadn’t noticed that he was still exposed. Only when he saw Riley look over and lower her eyes to his limp penis did he notice and quickly pulled up his shorts.

“Aww…killjoy!” Riley teased.

“You weren’t supposed to be looking,” Ryan complained.

Fighting back her laughter Riley looked over to Ryan, “Who could blame me?”

Seeing him staring back at her, Riley felt a tad bit of guilt.

“Okay okay, fine, fair is fair,” she said with a teasing glare in her eyes.

Ryan looked over to Riley with an inquisitive look. His eyes widened when he saw the petite brunette steer the car with one hand, and with the other, begin to unbutton her red flannel shirt. Ryan looked on in anticipation till the girl reached the last button, no easy feat using just one hand. His eyes were glued to Riley’s body, more specifically the space where her shirt parted. Her sun warmed skin was toned and creamy, with a slight tan. Ryan slowly moved his eyes from her taut stomach to her chest. He could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra, but her shirt still covered the sanctity of her tender breasts. Seeing the longing in his eyes, Riley slipped one side of her shirt off her shoulder, then the other. Ryan stared in awe as her wonderful breasts were set free for his admiration. Her beautifully formed globes were pale and pert, with the slight hint of a tan line. With her right hand free, Riley, lowered it to her chest, gently cupping her left breast, then Ataköy escort lightly pinching her rosy red nipple as it hardened right before Ryan’s gaze.

Riley noticed the slight bulge forming in Ryan’s shorts, and ever the tease, started to pull her shirt back on.

“Okay, I think we’re even now,” she said, “Give me a hand here, I can’t do the buttons and drive at the same time.”

Ryan briefly adjusted himself in his seat, trying to reduce the visibility of his hardening cock, before reaching over to help Riley. Leaning into her, Ryan was now in close proximity with Riley as he breathed in the sensuality of her scent. He began to button up her shirt while Riley kept both hands on the wheel of the car. Riley felt a shiver run down her spine when she sensed the warm touch of Ryan’s hand brush against her breast. She looked down at him with a smile.

It was approaching 8pm and the weather had taken a turn for the worse. The rain was beating down pretty hard and the visibility on the road was quite low.

“Jesus Christ! It’s really coming down now,” came Sara’s voice from the back, “Can you even see anything Riles?”

“Not really,” Riley admitted, sitting right up on the wheel.

“Maybe we should pull over for the night,” Ryan suggested.

“Yeah, I can’t drive in this much longer.”

“Okay, lemme see if there’s anything in the area,” Sara said, whipping out her cell phone and using the gps to find a place to stay.

Riley had slowed her driving and put on the car’s hazard lights, she could barely see ten feet in front of her.

“Okay okay, there’s supposed to be a place coming up, on the right.”

Ryan looked out ahead,

“I think I see it….yeah there’s a “Motel” sign up there, pull over here.”

Riley pulled the car over to the right lane and took the next exit. She pulled into the parking lot of a two story motel lodging just off of the free way.

Riley tried to find a parking space that was closest to the main office, but they were still some distance away. She shut off the car’s engine and looked over to Ryan and Sara.

“Okay, we need to get our stuff out of the trunk,” Sara said.

“Oh, I think you could get to it from the back seat, pull on that and see if it comes down,” Ryan explained, pointing to a lever on the corner of the back seat head rest.

Sara did as he suggested and sure enough, they gained access to the trunk.

“Just grab something for me to sleep in Sara,” Riley instructed from the driver’s seat.

“Umm, yeah, could you grab something from my bag too?” Ryan asked, trying to avoid the effort involved in climbing into the backseat. “You could stuff everything in that bag,” Ryan suggested, pointing to a school bag on the floor of the car, “Should keep everything dry.”

Riley and Ryan looked over to the main office while Sara packed the clothes.

“Okay, got everything,” Sara announced.

Riley looked at the two of them,

“Alright, let’s go, everybody make a run for it.”

The threesome exited the car and sprinted over to the main office. The downpour was so intense; they were all drenched in a matter of seconds. Dripping wet and shivering, they entered the main office where they were greeted by a stern looking middle aged woman behind the desk.

Riley took charge,

“Hi there, good evening, we’re looking for a room with two beds.”

The woman smiled and nodded before tapping away on her keyboard.

“Hmmm, seems all our double bed rooms are booked up, you could try further up the road, there’s another motel.”

Riley turned and looked at Ryan and Sara before turning back to the woman.

“No way we’re going back out there, we’ll take anything you have,” she pleaded.

The woman perused the computer screen before her. A couple seconds later she looked up with a smile,

“Okay, we have one room left, but it’s a single bed.”

Thankful that they wouldn’t have to brave the storm like weather again, Riley eagerly responded,

“We’ll take it, here,” she said, handing the woman a credit card. After all the paperwork, the woman returned Riley’s card together with a keycard for the room.

They all made their way to the room, Riley leading the way. She opened the door holding it open as Ryan and Sara entered.

“Do you guys mind if I use the shower first? I promise I’ll be quick,” Riley pleaded. Sara and Ryan looked at each other before Sara handed the bag to Riley,

“Okay, but be quick, and give us some towels so we can dry off.”

A smiling Riley took the bag from Sara and headed for the bathroom. She returned with two towels and placed them on the bed before returning to the bathroom and shutting the door. Sara walked over and grabbed a towel, tossing it over to Ryan before taking the other one for her.

Feeling quite awkward, Ryan turned and faced the wall, allowing Sara some privacy. He dabbed himself over with the towel, wiping his face dry. A couple minutes later, Sara’s voice startled him,

“What are you doing?!?”

He spun round to see Sara standing in Bakırköy escort her underwear, a pile of wet clothes at her feet. He stared in amazement, her soaked body glistening. His eyes travelled up her long legs, to her waist, where the lips of her pussy pressed against her wet cotton panties. Ryan felt a stir in his loins as he allowed his eyes to roam up to Sara’s chest, her hardened nipples visibly erect, poking against the inside of her matching white bra. He didn’t know she was going to strip, or that he was supposed do.

“You’re going to catch pneumonia if you stay in those clothes much longer,” she scolded, “Jeez, you’re like a child,” she joked walking over to him and grabbing his towel. She hooked his towel over her shoulder and reached for his t-shirt,

“Up up up,” she ordered, Ryan instinctively raising his arms. Sara tossed his shirt on her pile of clothes and took a moment to admire the young man’s physique. She grabbed the towel and dried his wonderfully broad chest. She circled him and toweled his back. When she was in front him again, Sara dropped to her knees and continued drying off Ryan, running the towel down his lean muscular legs. When she was done, she reached up and starting undoing Ryan’s belt.

A shocked and shy Ryan abruptly backed away,

“Um, I can take it from here, really, it’s okay,” he implored.

“Oh don’t be a baby, it’s not like you have anything I haven’t seen already,” Sara firmly stated, pulling him by the belt buckle back over to her. She unbuckled his shorts and pulled them to the floor, coming face to face with Ryan’s penis. Although still covered by his boxers, the fact that they were soaked made the light white cotton, practically see through. She could see the form of Ryan’s shriveled sex, outlined in his boxers, shriveled by the cold rain no doubt.

Ryan was looking down at Sara who was running the towel over his abdomen and down to his legs. He noticed how sensual she looked with her wet blonde hair plastered to her face and neck. He had a perfect view of her prominent cleavage, a C-cup he thought to himself. He could barely make out the swollen stiffness of one of her nipples, its roseate complexion contrasting beautifully with her pink skin. Regardless of the chill he was feeling, Ryan’s view was starting to have an effect.

Sara smiled mischievously; she was not shocked to see, right before her eyes, Ryan’s burgeoning cock swelling within his damp boxers. Soon he was almost fully erect and Sara admired his arching shaft, pressing against his wet boxers. Sara continued to dry Ryan till she was sufficiently satisfied. When she was done, she got up and gave Ryan the towel to wrap himself in.

“Glad to see you think so highly of me,” she quipped as Ryan just stood there blushing.

Meanwhile, Riley had just finished getting dressed after her shower. She hung her wet clothes on the empty towel rack and was zipping up the bag pack. A wry smile came across her face when she spotted the track pants Sara had packed for Ryan. She mischievously took them and hid them in the cupboard beneath the sink. Not feeling the slightest bit of guilt, the sly minx zipped up the bag and exited the bathroom.

“All free,” she announced, spotting Sara and Ryan sitting on the floor at the end of the bed. Sara looked up to an overly smiling Riley, dressed in gym shorts and tank top, then turned to Ryan,

“Go ahead hun, I can wait.”

Trying to be chivalrous Ryan protested,

“No it’s okay, you can go first.”

“That’s sweet Ryan, but it’s okay, you’re shivering for pete’s sake, go on now,” she urged.

Ryan gave in and headed for the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. As soon as the door was shut, Riley pulled Sara to her feet and whispered in her ear what she had done. Both girls had to stifle their laughs.

“Oh my god Riles, you’re so bad, but you’re not going to believe what just happened. I got him down to his boxers, and was drying him off, and his cock….it, it hardened right in front of me. It took all of my will to stop me from whipping it out.”

“You slut!” Riley joked.

“Me?!? I’m not the one that was giving out free peep shows in the car,” Sara teased. Riley’s face turned beet red, not aware Sara had seen them earlier. Both girls were beside themselves giggling at their antics.

Ryan had just opened the bag pack after drying himself off from his shower. He fumbled through the bag coming across his clothes mixed with Sara’s. He devilishly fished out what he recognized as Sara’s underwear. He ran his fingers over smooth material; pink bikini cut panties, and imagined Sara wearing them. Then, something else caught his gaze, Riley’s underwear, hung on the towel rack. He lifted the damp black thong from its place, something clearly different from sleepwear. Ryan slipped his finger down to the crotch, feeling the dampness, unable to distinguish from the rain and from Riley herself. He looked down to his semi hard cock and wished he had more time. Knowing Sara was waiting to use the bathroom; he carefully placed the items back and proceeded to get dressed. Ryan was in his boxer briefs and a t-shirt looking for his pants. He emptied the bag and repacked it, pants were nowhere to be found. He wandered if Sara had packed them. He looked out the window, the rain was still pouring down. He nervously walked over to the door and poked his head out,

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