Collateral Ch. 10

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“What the fuck do I do now?” Jake whispered, mostly to himself.

Klaus knew what. No matter how absurd Jake’s reaction seemed, he could understand it. He walked to the closet and handed Jack a change of clothes. Since he was planning to keep the boy in his room overnight, he had had Agnes to move some of Jake’s clothes to his closet.

“Here. Dress up,” he ordered shortly, and Jake obeyed with brisk moves. “Go throw some cold water on your face, brush your teeth, and calm down,” he continued in the same even tone.

Jake muttered something, but marched towards the bathroom on auto-pilot. It took him less than two minutes to be back. Klaus cupped the boy’s cheeks and began talking again.

“Stop worrying so much. Your brother will not suspect a thing. Trust me.”

“You have no idea how Diaz is. If he ever finds out …”

“That will not happen,” Klaus cut his words short.

“What if … someone tells him?”

“If you doubt my staff, that is unnecessary. Jake, no one has the word ‘gay’ written all over them.”

Jake pushed him away.

“I should have known better than to get mixed up in this shit,” he mumbled.

Now was not the time to deal with Jake’s insecurities. Klaus examined himself briefly in the long mirror and gestured for Jake to move. Later, he needed to get to the bottom of things. There was more than what was apparent at the moment, and he needed to find out what.


“You look good, little brother,” Diaz smiled and opened his arms wide, hurrying to meet him, the moment Jake was through the door to the dining room. “Is Mr. Metzger here treating you right?”

Diaz ruffled his hair and pushed him so he could shake hands with the master of the house, without waiting for an answer.

“And how are you today, Mr. Lopez?” Klaus put on his affable smile that Jake had seen so many times.

Yeah, maybe the guy was right. At least, on his face there was no weird word written when he behaved like the hot shot he was. But Jake was not like that, and he could not fake it that well. So far, he had managed to keep things hidden from Diaz, because nothing had happen. But right now, he was in deep shit. Diaz was going to tell something was funny, and that was when Jake was going to …

Whatever, he needed to focus right now.

“Please, have a seat,” Klaus gestured for them to sit at the giant table.

By force of habit, Jake tried to move and sit by his brother’s side, but a firm hand squeezed his shoulder briefly and guided him to sit across from Diaz, next to Klaus.

A young servant girl began moving about, placing what looked like plates loaded with delicious food on the table. Jake could feel his stomach all in knots and he wasn’t sure he was going to eat anything if he didn’t want to puke all over the table and make a fool of himself.

“Mr. Metzger, we’re both businessmen, right?” Diaz gestured towards Klaus like they were alone at the table.

Jake appreciated being left out. He fiddled with his fork, and wondered whether Klaus was going to ignore his usual habit of not talking during dinner.

“Klaus, please,” the host said and put on a charming smile.

“Okay, Klaus. You can call me Diaz, too, by the way.”

“Alright, what business proposition do you have?”

“I have someone bringing over a shipment next week,” Diaz licked his lips and his eyes glinted with something nasty.

“No,” Klaus replied and took his napkin to unfold it and place it on his knees.

“You didn’t let me finish,” Diaz’s ugly smile faltered.

“I know all about shipments,” Klaus spoke. “I will not have this kind of business run on these streets while I am here.”

“Man, you’re busting my balls here,” Diaz said.

You have no idea what he can do, Jake thought, but kept his mouth shut.

“Let’s negotiate a little, will you?” Diaz continued. “From businessman to businessman.”

“There is nothing to negotiate,” Klaus kept his neutral tone, like he was reading the weather from a local newspaper. “I will not have drugs and dealers in this town.”

“Hey, man, who said anything about drugs?” Diaz tried to hide his unease under a wolfish smile.

“Oh, so it is guns. The answer is still no.”

Jake stole a furtive glance in his brother’s direction. Diaz was working his jaw and this time, his smile turned manic. What did you do, Diaz? Jake wanted to ask, but his jaw was rigid, too, even if for different reasons.

“C’mon, we all know that people kill people, not guns,” Diaz made a lame attempt at a joke.

“Without guns, there will be less crime. It is much less what one can do when armed with a kitchen knife than when carrying a machine gun.”

“So, there’s no way to convince you?” Diaz spoke.

“No. Let us just enjoy our meal.”

Klaus was the only one not tense as the dinner carried on. Jake could barely eat, and Diaz was all a frown, chewing each bite like he wanted it dead.

As dessert was brought over, which Klaus denied, and had the girl bring only for his guests, the atmosphere seemed to grow colder. Klaus lit up a cigarillo gaziantep escort and looked at Diaz.

“You can always ask the money back,” he suggested.

Diaz’s head snapped up.

“Yeah, like I could do that.”

“All right,” Klaus said. “Only this time.”

“What? You’ll let the shipment through?”

“No. Only this time I am going to save your ass,” Klaus spoke, the usual diplomatic affability gone from his voice. “Bear in mind. This is not a white check. Say the exact figure involved. It will be covered. But, in return, you forget all about this kind of shady business while I run these streets.”

“Really?” Diaz eyed his host with suspicion written all over his face and a bit taken aback by the change in conversation and the way the man across from him talked.

“Yes. This one time. Do not make me repeat myself. Next time, you are going to deal with this kind of shit on your own.”

Jake wanted to laugh like a hysteric person all of a sudden. He could tell Diaz was short of shitting his pants hearing this preppy-looking businessman talk like a thug. But it wasn’t making him happy; no, he could not tell the source of the strange bout of laughter threatening to get out. He could just as well burst into tears and he could not even explain why.

“You’re going to lose money. A boatload of it,” Diaz said.

“I know. Consider yourself lucky.”

“Lucky how?”

Klaus’s hand landed on Jake’s shoulder.

“Your brother here is already turning me a profit.”

“Jake?” Diaz looked at his brother like he was seeing him for the first time in his life.

“Seeing that he works for me without getting paid, his work’s worth goes straight into my pockets.”

Diaz snorted.

“So you’re saying. There’s no way this little runt could pay off that kind of money.”

“You are underestimating your brother. Rest assured that everything you owe me I will collect from him. With interest.”

Jake was thankful Klaus’s heavy hand was keeping him in place or else he would have bolted through the door.

“If you say so,” Diaz eyed Jake again.

“I do. I trust you will do the right thing.”

“Yeah,” Diaz agreed.

And suddenly, the atmosphere was starting to relax, and Jake wondered what on earth had just happened under his very eyes.


“Diaz did something stupid,” Jake said once they were alone again. “He took that money you gave him and bought some shit.”

“Yes, I know,” Klaus guided him up the stairs.

“And why are you paying for it?”

“As I said. I will collect the money he owes me from you.”

Jake blushed.

“Come on, man, it’s not like blowjobs can be that expensive,” he mumbled.

Klaus whispered into his ear.

“I was not talking about blowjobs.”

Jake could feel his knees growing weaker.

“So it’s about butt sex, then?” he asked bluntly.

Klaus roared as he pushed him through the door to his own bedroom.

“Really, Jake, you are only thinking about that,” the man spoke. “Not that I am not willing to cater to your little obsession.”

“Then what?” Jake asked again.

Klaus was starting to take off his clothes. Now that was making it impossible to focus.

“I was talking about the fact that the investors are willing to throw in extra cash because of the little stunt you pulled that day.”

“What? Really? And all I got was a red behind,” he protested.

Klaus pushed him flat against the bed and climbed on top of him.

“You deserved it.”

Jake was ready to revolt some more, but the warm mouth over his was cutting both his air supply and his stream of consciousness. Luckily, the man let him breathe at one point.

“And if that didn’t happen, what would you have done?”

“I would have had no qualms with letting him solve his shit on his own.”

Jake gulped.

“Diaz is stupid sometimes. He saw himself with money and he threw it on shit. He could have been …”

“Killed? Yes, probably,” Klaus shrugged.

Jake froze. Anyone in their right mind should have been scared of this man. His mouth was hot, and his hands were making him all feverish, but this guy was the Ice Lord in all his glory.

“And you would have just let that happen?” Jake asked, feeling his chest growing tight.

“Well, if you had come to me and begged, of course, offering yourself in return … I might have reconsidered his fate,” Klaus replied with a small smile.

Jake remained silent for a moment, and then he noticed the amused glint in Klaus’s eyes.

“What the fuck, man? That sounds like some bad porno,” he struggled against the man’s restraint, but his wrists were pinned down in a secure hold.

“So we should take role-playing off the table?” Klaus feigned a pout.

“You’re also into larping?” Jake asked, but he could feel his lips twitching. “Man, there’s no end to your perversions.”

“We could play and it could be fun, you know? You, the punk from a bad neighborhood in search of an owner, me, a cold-hearted businessman looking for a diversion …”

“Hey, that’s not role-playing. That’s straight up how things are.”

“Oh,” Klaus cooed, pressing their crotches together. “So are you looking to be owned, Jake?”

“Like hell,” Jake mumbled and averted his eyes.

“Do not worry,” Klaus nuzzled his neck with his nose and lips. “I am known to be a gentle owner.”


There was so much pleasure to enjoy, while treating the beautiful body underneath him with small pecks, licks, and bites, yet Klaus could tell something was still bothering Jake.

“Would you like to sleep in your own room tonight?” he moved away and allowed Jake to get up.

“I don’t know. I owe you my brother’s life. It won’t be fair to leave you high and dry,” Jake cast his eyes down.

“Hey,” Klaus called softly and cupped one smooth cheek in his palm. “Everything between me and your brother is already settled. And it has nothing to do with you. I will not accept your willingness to give in as payment. Do not sell yourself and do not make me feel cheap. Do you understand?”

“I … uhm, okay,” Jake said with some difficulty.

Klaus picked a pair of silk pajama pants and slipped into them. Maybe it was the right time for a little talk.

“Why are you so afraid of Diaz?”

Jake snorted.

“Besides the fact that he would kick my ass into the next century for this?”

“Yes, of course,” Klaus articulated each word to show the other he was serious about this conversation.

“Well, he could beat me really bad,” Jake spoke.

“You are his little brother. How far do you think he would go with this?” Klaus sensed he was on to something. “He says family is important. I am not saying that he will not lay a finger on you, but …”

“He would kill me,” Jake cut his words short and looked him in the eyes.

Klaus’s could feel the pain in his jaw growing sharply as his teeth clenched.

“Is this your way to exaggerate the situation or …”

“No. That’s exactly what he will do if he ever finds out. I cannot believe I’m so stupid,” Jake buried his face in his hands.

Klaus knew better than to try to touch the boy right now.

“Jake, what did your brother do to make you think that?” he asked.

The tension in Jake’s shoulders spoke volumes. He pressed the matter further.

“Has he ever killed anyone?”

Jake shook his head energetically.

“Not him, no. I mean, I don’t know.”

“Tell me. If you do not tell me, I cannot help you.”

Jake clenched his hands together in something akin to despair. Klaus waited.

“There was this guy.”

Silence followed.

“Was he gay?”

“No. Actually I don’t know.”


Unconsciously, Klaus searched for his cigarillo case, and grimaced when he realized it had to be somewhere in the pile of clothes spread all over the floor. He had to deal with what followed without his fix.

“He was in jail. And I guess, there … something happened.”

“He had sex with a man,” Klaus offered to fill in the blanks.

“Yeah, something like that. The idiot told his girlfriend. And she … just ratted him out. I don’t know. Out of stupidity or jealousy, I don’t know.”

“I see,” Klaus pushed his hands into the shallow pockets of his pajama pants. “Then what happened?”

“The guys … they talked. Said he was a punk.”

“A punk?”

“Some kind of name for guys taking it up the ass in prison,” Jake offered the explanation.

“What did they talk about him?”

“They said there was no place for fags in the gang. Sorry about saying ‘fags’,” Jake mumbled.

“So? What did they do?”

It was most probably painful, but Klaus needed to know. Diaz’s stunt with trying to pull strings to fill the streets with guns had been quite tale telling. There was little needed to complete the man’s picture.

“I don’t know. But the next day, that guy didn’t appear to our usual meeting place. It was like he disappeared. Like he had never been with us,” Jake continued, staring in front of him, his eyes wide.

“What did your brother say? What did the gang say?” Klaus questioned further.

“They never spoke about him again. Only one time …” Jake hesitated.

“Yes?” Klaus encouraged him.

“His girlfriend came about. Yelled at the guys. Said she knew they wacked him.”

Jake stopped again.

“I won’t say anything anymore. I’m not a snitch,” Jake made himself little on the edge of the bed.

“I can figure out what happened on my own. Do not worry; your secret is safe with me. Did they kill her? Is this what you cannot say?”

“They didn’t kill her. But she called them punks, so they … they just took turns at her and beat her while at it. I … I had to stay and watch,” Jake sniffled and covered his face with his hands. “She moved away after that. That’s all I know.”

Klaus fell silent and this time he searched through his clothes for his nicotine fix.

“I bet you feel like going away now. Leave this shitty place behind,” Jake spoke in a small voice.

Klaus laughed. Even to his ears, that sounded harsh and hollow.

“Do not worry, Jake. I have seen worse in my life.”

“But how could you? I mean, you’re like upper class and all that,” Jake expressed his wonder.

“I have visited many places. I have seen many people, and I am not scared of gangs and people like your brother.”

“Don’t you think that if he knew …”

“What could he do? What you saw that night, Jake, when I beat the crap out of those guys who cornered you, that was nothing. There are so many ways to skin a cat,” Klaus added coldly. “These people will learn soon enough not to mess with me. I feel like I should give you a piece of advice, though.”

“Shoot,” Jake said.

“Find yourself another home, far away from here. You only have two choices if you stay: live a lie your entire life, or live in fear your entire life. I recommend neither.”

“Ah, well, that’s easy for you to say. You’re the one moving all over the place. But I’m not like that. I have roots.”

“Roots,” Klaus echoed, and shrugged.

“Yeah. It’s not like I’ve never thought about taking a hike. I think about it every day. But where should I go? And what should I do? I finished high school only because I told Diaz that I was banging one of the teachers.”

Klaus chuckled.

“Were you? Was he hot?”

“Stop joking,” Jake pouted. “Of course not. I just didn’t want to be stupid, like the rest of them.”

“Who do you take after, Jake? Your mother or your father?”

Jake recoiled like he had just received a physical blow. Klaus chose to overlook it this time. All that confession time had been enough for Jake, at least for now. So he moved towards the boy and kissed him on the forehead.

“Have a good night’s sleep, Jake,” he said.

Jake looked around like he was considering his options.

“Can I sleep here?” he blurted out, taking Klaus by surprise.

“Sleep? I told you, Jake, that is not my way of doing things. You are in my bed, I expect sex.”

“I … I can take care of you,” Jake promised.

“I am not that big a fan of blowjobs, you know,” Klaus smirked and chose the path of tough bargaining.

Jake hesitated, and then opened his mouth to speak again.

“No handjobs, either. Do not get me wrong; I like everything you are willing to give. Just that, tonight, I am not in the mood for either.”

“What else can we do? Except ass fucking,” Jake asked, in the most natural manner possible.

Klaus chuckled.

“Well, if you are willing to experiment … Undress.”


Jake wasn’t sure he could tell what Klaus was aiming at. It had been stupid of him to ask to sleep in the guy’s bed, but he had just let it slip without thinking. It was like a giant hole was open inside his chest and he could not fill it. Why on earth had he told the man everything about that time? Now it was up to him to face those fears again. Alone.

Maybe it was better if he just played along, instead of going to sleep on his own. It was shameful and he was acting like a kid, but he could not help it.

He obeyed the order and took off his clothes. Completely naked, he waited for the other’s move. Klaus’s eyes were dark and hungry as they traveled all over his body.

“So, what do you want?” Jake asked.

“Your test results should be ready soon. Do not think I forgot,” Klaus said evenly, a contrast to his hooded eyes promising delights between the sheets.

“Wow, is that your idea to get me horny? Because I’m totally limp,” he brushed one hand over his cock.

Klaus barred his teeth briefly and pushed him against the bed. Jake didn’t mind being an active participant, so he grabbed the waistband of the man’s pants and dragged them down.

The skin on skin contact felt delicious. And it felt natural to just spread wide and let their cocks touch.

“You should not be so open,” Klaus groaned and bit hard on Jake’s bottom lip.

“Should I play hard to get? Is that what gets you going?” he answered, mumbling the words, as his lip was still between the man’s teeth.

“No,” Klaus finally took mercy and let go. “I should send you to your room for denying me the pleasure of having your ass.”

“No can do, man,” Jake murmured an apology. “That’ll really make me gay.”

Klaus began laughing.

“Really? Is this not making you gay already?”

Jake’s mouth opened as if on cue, as Klaus pushed his tongue inside and kissed him deeply. He responded in kind, kissing back.

“Or this?” Klaus allowed him to breathe and pinched one of his nipples hard, making him whimper helplessly. “Or this?” the man continued his assault, and pressed one hand over Jake’s now half-hard cock.

“Alright, I get it,” Jake pouted. “But I cannot. Not in the ass.”

“You chicken?” Klaus teased.

“Yeah, of course I’m chicken. Have you seen your cock?”

“Last time I think it was five minutes ago,” Klaus joked.

“So tell me,” Jake freed his hands to gesture freely, “how will a thing this thick,” he made a tunnel with both of them, “will go through something like this?” making a tiny circle with his bent index. “No way, man. I’ll be in the hospital, before I can say Liza Minnelli.”

“You just do not know how anal sex works, Jake.”

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