Coffee Saturday?

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Casey tried to hide the excitement that she felt when he walked through the door. She pulled nervously at her dress and ran her hand through her long dark hair. This was the first time that they had agreed to meet up outside of work and she wasn’t quite sure what to expect. He had always shown her a little bit of extra attention in the office, casually touching her arm in passing or making a vaguely inappropriate joke here and there, but she had no idea how he felt about her. Were they just friends? Could HE feel the tension that she felt whenever they stood close to each other?

“Hey.” He greeted her with a smile and she stood up to meet his outstretched arms.

Jarrod couldn’t get over how amazing she looked. He knew she had a great body but she wasn’t able to show it off in the office like she was today. He stared for a moment admiring her tight dress, how it showed off her amazing curves as it came in around her thin middle and cut just low enough to flaunt the tops of her perfect breasts. As they embraced, Casey was instantly aware of his scent and the strength of his arms as they gave her a gentle squeeze.

“Hey back.” She replied coyly, snapping him back to reality. He shook his head clearing his mind of the thoughts that had begun to seep in. Casey took a slow inhale breaking the contact with his penetrating gaze. “He definitely looks like he’s into me.” she thought to herself feeling more confident.

“So are you enjoying your day off?” He asked casually.

“I am, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it more now that you’re here.” She replied, instantly embarrassed at her brazen confession.

“Oh is that right?!” He laughed teasingly, “Well let’s start with coffee and we’ll see how it goes.” He winked at her and she felt a flutter of nervousness in the pit of her stomach.

They sat and chatted over their coffee for an hour or so and the conversation flowed effortlessly. They talked about everything from music and movies, to friends from work, and places they’d travelled to. She felt like she could talk to him for hours.

He was mesmerized by her mouth as she talked to him. Her lips were so pink, and the slight pout that would occasionally come out as she spoke was begging him to kiss her. The way that she described things and gestured as she spoke was somehow hypnotic to him. He felt like he could sit here talking to her, watching her talk, for hours.

He was surprised at some of the things that she said. She had seemed rather conservative in most of their interactions at work but everything from the dress she was wearing to her love for graphic novels was reshaping his perspective.

She crossed her legs under the table and he felt her leg briefly rub against the outside of his pants. It was like an electric current stinging up his leg straight to his crotch. He was seriously unsettled by how much he wanted her. He didn’t understand it. Of course she was beautiful and smart but there ataköy escort was something there, something almost palpable that drew him to her. He decided right then, he would have her.

She had graciously accepted his offer to go back to his place and continue their conversation as they were both enjoying each others company, so they tossed their cups into the trash and headed towards his car.

As he drove them to his house there was a current building between them in the car. Sitting so close to each other, their arms almost touching was driving both of them nuts. “I should just do it, I should just reach out and grab his hand,” Casey thought looking down at his firm grip on the gear shift. The muscles in his forearm were flexed and she admired them, she wanted him to grip her like that, but she decided to wait. She didn’t want to make things uncomfortable at work, even though he seemed interested, she would wait until he made the first move.

He noticed her dress had slid up a little higher as she settled into the seat of the car and he stole a few glances at her thighs without her noticing. Oh, if she only knew what he had planned for her.

He pulled the car into the driveway and put it in park. Suddenly he was a little nervous himself, what if she rejected him, but she wouldn’t, would she? The way she looked at him then gave him all the confidence he needed. She had desire in her eyes and he could tell, he could just tell that she felt the same way. He thought about kissing her right then. Just taking her face into his hands and ravaging her in the car. “No. Not yet.” He decided to himself.

Casey was amazed at his house, not the just the size of it, it was rather huge, but also at how nicely it was decorated. It was just to her taste. The leather sofa in the living room was just like the one she had in her house. She always preferred the way the leather felt against her skin.

“Wow, your house is stunning, I have the same-” she stopped mid sentence. He had wrapped his arms around her from behind and reached down to take her hands into his. The heat of his body against her back spread through her and she was instantly aroused. She squeezed his hands returning the gesture and interlaced her fingers through his. They stood there for a moment unmoving, testing.

Jarrod nuzzled his face into her hair, taking in her sent and moved his face down her neck gently grazing his mouth against her skin. She couldn’t take it anymore, she didn’t care, she needed him, needed to kiss him right now. She started to turn around to face him but he held her in place with his arms. “Relax.” he whispered in her ear keeping her facing the other way. He started kissing her neck up to her jawline and back down to her collarbone as her heart started racing in her chest. He breathed out softly in her ear and she felt goose bumps spread up her arms and down her back at the same time.

“I know you feel it bakırköy escort too, but if you don’t want-” Jarrod started.

“Please, don’t stop.” She whispered before he could even finish his sentence and he began sliding his hands over her body, caressing her arms, rubbing against her ass, just barely touching her skin under the seam of her dress.

It was like her entire body was on fire and she could hardly take it. Again, she wanted to turn around and face him but she didn’t move. She was frozen. He slid her dress off of one shoulder and then the other and kissed her newly exposed skin as he went. He peeled her dress down her body torturously slow, down to her waist, and kissed her back. Finally, he let the dress fall to the floor and turned her to face him. She was biting her bottom lip self consciously as she stood there in nothing but her bra, panties, and heels in his entryway. He finally brought his face to meet hers and kissed her hard. She was instantly brought to life by his kiss and began moving her fingers through his hair and pulling at his clothes. He felt her tugging on his belt, unzipping his pants, unbuttoning his shirt, and she pulled him firmly by his tie kissing him back even harder. He knew she wanted him just as much as he did and he was excited by how eager she seemed. She could feel the hardness growing in his boxers as she released her hold on his tie and pulled his shirt off of his body along with it. She ran her hands over his stomach turned on by how hard his muscles were against her fingers. Before she knew it, he was moving her across the floor as they kissed and undressed, down the hall towards his bedroom. A moment later, they were both completely naked and he picked her up and gave her a gentle toss onto the bed.

He stood there a moment taking in the sight of her, laid back on her elbows on the bed rubbing her legs together impatiently. She could feel his eyes scanning her body and she stared back at him, her eyes lit up with excitement. As he moved closer to her, she sat up on her knees to meet his lips sinking into his kiss again. He felt her hands on his body running down his chest and stomach teasing him until she finally wrapped her hand snuggly around his cock and began stroking him. He returned the favor exploring her body with his fingers until he found her pussy dripping wet, and ready for him. As he started rubbing her between her legs she let out a soft moan and began grinding her hips into his hand begging for more. He found it harder and harder to concentrate on what he was doing with his fingers as she stroked him faster and faster. He could feel himself building up to cum already, but he didn’t want to just yet, so grabbed her hands and pinned them down above her head firmly, while climbing on top of her. He began kissing her neck down to her breasts and across her stomach alternating between kissing and biting. He released her arms and moved lower and lower until he was kissing her pussy, softly at first and then rough as she arched her back and pushed into him. He brought his hand down between her legs and slid his fingers inside her, fingering her and licking her clit in unison as she arched her back farther and farther into the air. He could feel her tightening around his fingers and she dug her hands into the bed pulling at the sheets until finally she let out a scream of pleasure and collapsed back onto the bed. She lay there for a minute catching her breath and relishing in the waves of pleasure still washing over her. A second later she sat up, rolled over on top of him, and pushed him down onto the bed. “Your turn.” she said moving down his body.

She took his cock into her mouth and sucked on him, moving her head up and down. She looked up at him and locked her eyes on his as she used her hand in sync with her mouth. She had such a mischievous look in her eyes as she sucked him and the eye contact almost sent him over the edge right then. He couldn’t take it anymore, he needed to be inside of her. He took her by the shoulders suddenly startling her and pressed her body down with her stomach facing the bed and her legs standing on the ground beside it. He stood up behind her, bent her over, and in a matter of seconds he was inside her. She let out a moan as he pounded her from behind. The view from this angle was amazing as he watched himself moving in and out of her faster and faster. Her legs started to shake and she bent her knees as she started losing it again. He grabbed her legs and supported her as he continued ramming into her and she screamed out again as she felt warmth squirting from her pussy, cumming harder than before. He couldn’t believe he had just made her squirt all over his cock. She was dripping wet as he slid back inside her pumping harder and faster. He was suddenly so excited at the way she pressed herself into him that it pushed him too far and he had to let go. “Fuck!” He yelled, letting out a deep guttural moan and ramming himself deep inside as he exploded into her, intense pleasure coursing through his body. He didn’t think he’d ever cum so hard and he pumped a moment longer soaking up the orgasm.

They stayed that way for a moment unmoving, breathing heavy and recovering. After a few minutes they laid back on the bed and laughed at the events that had just occurred so unexpectedly. “Well I guess I was right..” She said smiling.

“About what?” Jarrod asked perplexed.

“My day off waaas much better now that you’re here.” she replied with a twinkle in her eye.

They dressed and walked out to the car hand and hand, both smiling. They made casual chit chat as he drove her back to the coffee shop where her car was and they kissed once more before she climbed out of the car and went on her way.

When Jarrod arrived to work the next day he set down his things and came to sit at his desk. That’s when he noticed a yellow post-it note attached to his computer monitor with the words “COFFEE AGAIN SATURDAY? -Casey” scribbled on it…He smiled as he took the note into his hand and began mentally planning next weekend…

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