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I normally stop every morning at a coffee shop along my way to work. I will sit and drink a cup and maybe eat a pastry. A guy name Brian normally waits on me each day. This day we talked a little and then Brian went to take care of the other customers. He finally returned with the check and then walked away from me.

I picked up the check to go and pay and a slip of paper was underneath. It had Brian’s name and a phone number on it. Brian was nowhere to be seen, so I went to the register and paid my bill. I walked out and was almost going to throw the phone number away, but I didn’t. Later that day after I got home from work I gave Brian a call.

He apologized for the way he contacted me. He said he wanted to ask me out for a drink, but there were always people around listening in on conversations. I figured I might as well take him up on the drink. Brian was maybe twenty five, dark brown hair and a good looking guy, so everyone had told me.

Brian and I made plans to meet at a bar just a few blocks from the coffee shop. That evening he and I found a booth and sat down for a few drinks. Well, a few drinks became a lot of drinks. My head was spinning when Brian suggested I stop over at his apartment.

I had wondered what kind of place a guy like Brian lived in. It turned out it was very small, but well kept up.

“Have a seat,” Brian told me to sit down on his sofa.

I sat down and Brian for some reason knelt before me on the floor. He looked up at my face with longing eyes. I guess I was so drunk I didn’t quite know what was happening.

“I hope you don’t mind, Ken” Brian said to me.

I had no idea what he was talking about. Brian then reached istanbul escort out and placed his hand onto my crotch. He started rubbing up and down the front of my pants. I was so startled I didn’t react to him. After a few seconds of this I did notice my cock was getting hard in my underwear.

I should have told him to stop, but I just sat there and let Brian rub me. Brian then found my zipper and pulled it down. He reached inside and found my cock and pulled it free. I was hard and the tip of my dick was dribble pre-cum.

Brian then stroked up and down my shaft. I hate to admit it, but it felt so damn good. Brian then leaned in and placed his lips around the tip of my prick. He didn’t waste and time. He began to work his mouth up and down my erection. I must have lost any control I had. I reached out and held the back of his head down on my rod.

Brian sped up and I thought I was going to pop my load. Brian suddenly pulled off me and stood up. He started to shed his clothing until he was completely naked. He stood there and let me see him that way. I could tell Brian had been working out. His abs were hard and his dick was getting hard as well.

Brian then climbed over top of my lap and he took my cock in his hand. Slowly he slid down directly over the head of my cock. I then felt my mushroom entering Brian’s tight hole.

“Oh fuck!” Brian had cried out.

I was entering deeper into Brian ass and I have to admit, I wanted to fill him completely. I reached out with my hands. I found his hips and I pushed down. I brought my ass up and I filled Brian with my thick prick. I am about seven and one half inches in length. I had my dick in all the way. My balls yenibosna escort were pressed against Brian’s ass cheeks.

I knew I had totally lost myself. I had never been with a man like this before. I had never even thought about such an act. Now here I was, my bare cock resting in some hot guy’s asshole. I lost whatever resistance I felt. I started to pound my dick in all the way.

Brian was moaning at first and then he began to cry out.

“Oh God Rob, fuck my hole!”

I was fucking him like a crazy man. If anyone had seen us I don’t know how I would have explained it away. Brian slid up and down my rod. I came out of my haze and realized I was fucking a man without any protection. I knew it was insane, but what could I do now? Brian had me so worked up I knew it wouldn’t be long now. I drove up into his ass and then I unloaded.

I began to shoot hot ropes of my seed into Brian’s bottom. Brian let out a scream and then he dropped down onto my cock and stayed there. I blew more and more cum into his hole. Brian used his ass muscles and milked me of my hot loving. I shot every drop of my hot sauce into Brian’s gut.

Eventually I became soft and pulled out of Brian. Brian then went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up. He came out a few minutes later with some towels. He cleaned up all our love juices from my spent dick.

“Thank you Rob, I loved every minute of that,” Brian told me.

He leaned down and kissed me on the mouth. I slowly got up and got myself together. I turned and walked out the door and didn’t say a word. I let a few days pass. I had to get my head straight as to what happened between us. Three sefaköy escort days later I called Brian in the evening.

“Brian, I want to have you again,” I told him.

“I was hoping you would call me Rob, I need to feel your cock in me again please,” Brian was nearly pleading for me.

A couple days later I was in Brian’s bed this time. We were both totally naked this time around. I had my first experience sucking on a man’s cock. We were doing a sixty-nine position. Brian had me in his mouth and I had Brian’s rod in my mouth.

Brian also had a big cock, maybe longer than mine. He shoved his rod deep down my throat. I was gagging, but I never pulled off of his dick. We soon were both hard when Brian got on top of me. He kissed my mouth as his cock was rubbing up and down my crack. I never felt anything like that before. My body was trembling. Brian then stopped and looked down at me.

He reached for my legs and pushed them to my chest. I could see his dick pointing directly as my hole. I was unsure I was ready for this, but it didn’t matter. Brian pushed his knob into my ass. The pain was intense and I screamed out. That made Brian push even deeper into my hole.

I sort of lost it just then. When I came out of it I felt Brian’s balls hitting against my ass. I knew he had his giant prick in all the way now. He was fucking me like he had been having me for years. I will never forget that night. I was stretched and fucked beyond belief. I know I will never feel anything like that again.

Brian used me that evening. I know we did it at least three times. Brian shot three hot loads into my gut. I did as he had done to me. I milked his rod with my muscles and he impregnated my virgin hole that evening.

It is now some months later. Brian and I are regular lovers now. We take turns fucking each other. I know now it will be only be men for me from now on. I only want to feel Brian’s bare cock in my hole every night.

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