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Summary: A brother finally fucks his shy, beautiful sister.

Note: Obviously it’s better to read the earlier parts first (Cocksucking College Sister and Cocksucking College Sister: Again), but here is a very quick summary in case. In part one Anthony accidentally gets his cock sucked by his sister at a gloryhole and again a second time at a sorority party. In the sequel, they are at their parents’ 25th wedding anniversary and Anthony returns the favour by going down on his sister in their parents’ wine cellar.

Note 2: Thanks to Estragon for copy-editing and LaRascasse for plot suggestions.


The next few hours were excruciating. I desperately wanted to attempt to deflower my sister, yet I had to wait. Celebrating my parents` 25th anniversary was fun. I especially enjoyed giving a speech called “Ten things you don’t know about my parents!”, but pretending to be civil to a bunch of relatives we usually only see at funerals and weddings was grating my nerves. Every once in a while, my sister and I would make eye contact and her face would flush. There was no doubt she was mine; the question was how to finish the play.

It was after supper when I finally had a brief moment of alone time with Lilly.

Surprising me, it was she who went on the offensive. “As soon as the dance gets underway, I will be going to the wine cellar.”

Before I could respond, she was gone and I had to adjust my growing cock in my pants. From opposite ends, we watched our parents dance to their wedding song and then throughout the mother-son and father-daughter dances, we continued to give each other knowing, teasing glances. The sexual tension was bubbling to the surface, and I was worried if the guests watching us could see the raw desire we both had. My stiff cock, unable to be released, actually poked my Mom briefly and it was my turn to go bright red.

My Mom quipped, “Oh my Anthony, who are you checking out?”

I stammered, “I-I-I’m sorry Mom.”

She chuckled softly. “It’s OK, son, I`m glad you’re young and virile. Plus, grandchildren would be nice.”

Hearing my Mom talk so casually about sex, I briefly wondered about the odds of getting her in the horizontal mambo. My Mom was still a very beautiful woman, although she never completely lost the baby weight from her pregnancies, and the reason for my pantyhose fetish. I grew up seeing her wearing them every day and spent many hours staring at her stocking-clad feet. I spent just as many hours stroking my cock thinking of fucking my mother. Attempting to maybe, just maybe, plant a seed that probably wouldn’t grow, I smiled, “Mom, I wasn’t looking at anyone else, I was just enjoying the company of my beautiful mother.”

My Mom’s face flushed and she couldn’t resist breaking out a shy smile, the kind I often have seen when I laid on the charm to some unsuspecting, or in truth sometimes expecting, prey I was hoping to score with. I waited for her to say something, but she broke eye contact and the moment was gone. I did make sure on a couple of more occasions throughout the dance to make my manhood’s presence known. When the song was done, attempting to leave one more tiny sprinkle of subtlety, I hugged her tightly, letting my nine-inch cock rest against her. While in the brief embrace, I made sure to pulse my cock, so she felt the entire length of my cock…as I hoped curiosity would get the better of my mom. I kissed her on the cheek and whispered, “I love you, Mom.”

She whimpered, clearly distracted by my touch and hard member, her eyes unreadable, “I-I-I love you too, son.”

The brief embrace ended and only she and I knew of the sexual undertones that resonated between us while others looked on.

I returned her to Dad, gave him a sturdy hand shake and a quick man hug that included the traditional patting on the back. They were quickly pulled into a big circle dance and I scanned for my sister, who was nowhere to be found. My cock leading the way, I swerved my way through the swarm of guests and made it to our rendezvous, a hungry scavenger.

Disappointingly, Lilly was not there yet. My raging hard-on was highly frustrated. The whole day’s build up was about to burst, especially after the hot encounter with my Mom. If I didn’t shoot my load soon I would burst like the Hoover Dam.

I waited a few minutes before my pretty sister arrived, closing the door. The shy, nervous and insecure woman from earlier was gone and replaced with a lustful hunger, like a hunter searching for prey. She walked to me, fell to her knees, quickly unzipping my pants, unbuckling my belt and pulling out my fully erect cock. I couldn’t believe her next words, “I have been craving this all day.”

Before I could even attempt some sort of quick-witted comment she devoured my cock whole. I don’t know how she did it, but while deep-throating me and bobbing back and forth with slut-like speed, she also created a whirlwind of saliva that made my cock feel Beylikdüzü Escort like it was in a Jacuzzi. Clearly hungry for my cum she never once slowed down, never once stopped and in less than five minutes I was coating my sister’s throat with my cum. Like the expert cocksucker she was, she never slowed down as my excessive load exploded in her mouth. She didn’t stop until every last drop of my cum had been captured and savored, before she stood back up and admitted, “I can’t get enough of that.”

“I am always willing to share with you,” I quipped back.

“But you are my brother,” she sighed, frustrated it seemed by the fact that she craved her sibling’s cum.

I shrugged, and admitted trying to soften her up for my long term goal, her virginity, but also to comfort her and me. “Lilly, many siblings experiment with each other. And wouldn’t you rather experiment with someone you love than random strangers?”

“I suppose,” she wavered, desperately wanting permission to continue to do what we had just started to do.

I looked into her eyes, saw into her soul, her anxiety, her desire, and said sincerely, saying to a woman and meaning it for the first time ever, “I love you, Lilly.”

She smiled back, a heavy burden seemingly lifted from her shoulders, “I love you, too, Anthony.”

I kissed her gently, like lovers do. At first it was tentative and slightly awkward, but as the incest taboo faded from our minds…carnal lust emerged. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths and the longer the kiss lasted the more passionate the kiss became. Finally, I broke it and said, “I want to make love to you, baby sis.”

She was startled by my declaration and looked down, again shy and nervous. “I don’t know, Anthony. What we are doing is pretty crazy, but actually having sex seems to cross a line.”

I kissed her neck, and whispered, “If you think what I did to you earlier felt amazing, wait until I make love to you.”

Her moans increased and I could tell I had her considering my taboo offer when someone tried to open the door.

Lilly went pale as a ghost and I, very good at improvising, suggested, “Don’t panic. We will open the door and if whoever it is we just say we were having a private conversation and needed somewhere quiet. No one is going to remotely think that you and I, polar opposites and siblings, were doing anything remotely inappropriate.”

“Good call,” Lilly said, realizing my logic was right.

I opened the door and it was Mom, with a strange look on her face like she knew exactly what we were doing. She said, “I was wondering where you two were.”

I covered, “Oh, just getting away from the chaos for a bit and helping Lilly with a problem she is having.”

Mom looked to Lilly, again with a smile that wasn’t Mom, “Maybe I can help. What is it, dear?”

I smiled at the hilarious offer Mom just unknowingly offered, while Lilly, who apparently had no poker face, went pale again. She stammered, “Oh, oh, oh, um, just boy trouble.”

Mom laughed, “And you asked Anthony? That is like asking Stalin how to show compassion.”

“Hey,” I shot back, “did you just compare your only son to a ruthless dictator who killed millions of people?”

“Well, when you put it that way it sounds pretty cold. But you are hardly the sensitive type that someone like Lilly would date.”

That assessment would have been true until the last twenty-four hours, yet something in me had changed and I could not explain it. But hiding the new me, I shrugged, “Yeah, you are probably right.”

I left my two sexy family members alone, my head actually imagining a threesome where my sexy sister and my beautiful mother were entwined in a sweet, slow, simmering sixty-nine while I watched. I shook my head and tried to plan how I was going to get with my sister again.

I returned to the party, grabbed a drink and just sat back and relaxed. A few minutes later Lilly returned to the party, but went in the opposite direction. The next couple of hours were sheer torture as the only thought in my head was deflowering my sister. I didn’t want to fuck her though, I wanted to make love to her; to show her how great sex could be.

It was almost midnight when my adorable sister grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor for a slow song. As we danced, my sister said, “I can’t believe Mom almost caught us.”

I replied, determined to keep her calm, “But she didn’t, Lilly. And she has no clue of what we have done or what we are about to do.”

“Oh, Anthony,” she replied, her tone implying her conflicting emotions. “I always wanted my first to be special.”

I smiled at her old-fashioned values and her sincerity, all the while noticing the irony considering she had blown so many random strangers. “Lilly, there is nothing more special than making love to someone you love and who loves you back. I wish I had a sweet DeLorean to go back in time and lose my virginity to someone I loved Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan instead of Mrs. Parker.”

“Mrs. Parker,” Lilly gasped. “She is in her sixties.”

I lost my virginity to our neighbor after mowing her lawn one afternoon. She was a still pretty, albeit chubby woman, in her late fifties, and I ended up mowing her personal lawn too. “She was 58 thank you very much and smelled like Bengay. I still have nightmares and I have been in Afghanistan.”

She laughed, before anxiety returned. “I just don’t know.”

The song was ending and I decided to take a chance and be slightly aggressive, playing I hoped on my sister’s submissive eagerness to please. I leaned into her ear, making sure my hot breath was bathing her ear. “Our parents’ room has a lock on it. I expect you there in five minutes, Lilly.” I bit her ear playfully and subtly, and smiled in my head when I heard a soft moan escape her lips.

Before she could respond, I left her on the dance floor and never turned back.

I went to the washroom, cleaned up a bit and headed to my parents’ room. Once inside, I waited to see if my aggressive plan would pay off. As expected, Lilly obeyed my instructions and met me in our parents’ room. She was nowhere near as confident as she was a couple of hours ago when she devoured me whole with such reckless abandon.

Taking charge, I went behind her and locked the door. Once locked, I put my arms around her from behind and gently kissed the back of her neck. She was stiff as a board at first, but she slowly weakened as my hot breath teased the back of her neck. She weakly protested, “Anthony, this is wrong.”

I unzipped her dress slowly as I whispered, “Lilly, I know a part of you is scared, yet the fact that you are here meeting me tells me deep down in your subconscious you want me as much as I want you.” She didn’t respond when I slipped the dress off her shoulders and allowed it to fall haphazardly onto the floor. I could see her shiver, so I spun her around and pulled her into me and began kissing her gently. Her already weak resolve melted away as she returned my kiss. Our tongues danced inside each other’s mouth as we forgot about our shared genes and became the sexual beings we were. Controlling the situation, I broke the kiss and went to her ear and splattered gentle kisses all over. Her breathing began to increase and I took her hand and led her to the king-sized bed.

She followed and when we reached the bed, she surprised me by pushing me onto it. The look of hunger in her eyes returned like it had in the wine cellar and I realized that once her switch was flipped on she was good to go. She climbed onto me and kissed me while unbuttoning my shirt. It was my turn to let out soft moans of sensation as he splattered my body with kisses. Once she had my shirt open she sucked on my nipple, bringing me a pleasure I had never felt before. Man, she had a way with her mouth and tongue. A couple of minutes of this concentrated teasing and I was ready to burst at the seams.

I flipped her over and returned the favor, spending an eternity teasing her hard nipples. Her moans increased exponentially and I heard the words I had been wanting to hear all day. “Anthony,” she moaned, the tremble in her voice implying both excitement and nervousness, “please make love to me.”

If any other girl had ever said such words I would have bolted instantly, as I was not one for such sentimentality, yet coming from my beautiful, shy, sweet sister, it was music to my ears. I looked into her eyes and asked, wanting to make sure it wasn’t a moment of weakness, “Are you sure, Lilly?”

Her carnal desires taking over, she pleaded, “Now Anthony, fuck me now.”

I moved between her legs and rubbed my cock up and down her slippery slit. Although she liked to tease while she had a cock in her mouth, she didn’t like being teased herself. She begged, clearly frustrated by my teasing, “Put it in, please Anthony, I need you in me now.”

No longer able to resist my sister’s burning inferno, I leaned forward and my cock easily slipped between her wet pussy lips. Once deep inside, I savored the reality of what was happening. Lilly’s pussy was so hot and tight, just like her mouth. But unlike when her mouth was wrapped around my cock, this time I was in control.

I stared at her face, her eyes closed but her trembling lips speaking volumes. I leaned forward and kissed her like we were two lovers, not two siblings. She opened her mouth and our tongues spun around each other as I slowly began to make love to her. I wanted this moment of intimacy to last forever. I wanted her to never regret her first time. A couple of minutes into the flow pace, she broke the kiss and moaned gently, “Faster Anthony, please, faster.”

I obliged her request, pumping in and out of her faster, although not at full speed. Her moans increased exponentially and her faced bloomed a radiant red. Her eyes never opened as Escort Beylikdüzü she seemed to allow her body to just relax and enjoy the crests of pleasure I was bringing her. Time stood still for both of us and I couldn’t tell you how long I made love to her in the missionary position before I felt my leg cramping up. I pulled out of her and she opened her eyes for the first time since we began making love and whined, her desperation to come obvious, “Noooooooooo, Anthony, I am so close.”

Without a word, I rolled her onto her side, spooned her to me and slid easily back inside her perfect pussy. From this tight enclosed position, my arm wrapped around and cupping her perky breasts, I shifted from making love to her, to full throttle fucking. I pistoned in and out of her, slamming into her ass cheeks with each full deep thrust. Her moans of ecstasy began to become screams of sexual release and in only a couple of minutes of this intense fucking she began bucking her ass to meet my thrusts and was making the sexiest whimpers, moans and screams I have ever heard until she finally bellowed, loud enough I was worried others would hear if they were in the house, “Fuuuuuuuuuuck, I’m coming, don’t stop, baby, yeeeeeeeees!”

Being called baby, an intimate term of loving endearment, warmed me inside as I continued to fuck my sexy sister. Feeling her pussy twitch and tighten around my cock, followed by the explosion of her cum, was too much for me and I returned the favor shooting my cum inside her.

“Oh God, oh God, oh, oh, oh,” she screamed, unable to complete a full sentence as her first orgasm from being fucked continued to pulse through her body. Her ass kept bouncing back onto my cock and it was then I learned my sister could have multiple orgasms. As the first orgasm had run its course through my sister, a second one was already building. Her body was a machine built for pleasure for her and me, as our lengthy love making session continued. Like Lilly’s hungry appetite for a cock in her mouth, once she felt the pleasure of a cock in her pussy she was addicted. Our bodies were dripping with perspiration as she continued to fuck herself on my cock, desperately trying to recreate the orgasm she just had.

Noticing that she was close again and getting frustrated at not being able to bring the tidal wave of pleasure come crashing down again, I moved my hand down and began gently tapping on her clit.

Her moans increased instantly and after only a few taps, she demanded, her tone one bordering on psychotic, “Harder, Anthony, spank it harder.”

I again obliged her request and it was the final push needed for my beautiful sister to scream, “Yeeeeeeeees, baby, more, more, fuuuuuuuuck!”

Her second orgasm in a matter of minutes quaked her very being and I allowed my cock to just lie deep in her as the second smaller, but clearly satisfying orgasm made its way through her. I gently kissed her back and allowed my free hand to gently caress her body.

Eventually, Lilly rolled over, my cock sadly leaving the oasis of pleasure, and looked into my eyes. Her hair was tangled, her cheeks red, her makeup messy and I thought it was the most beautiful look I had ever seen. I can’t explain it, but she looked so beautiful and innocent, even after what we had just done, her perfectly satisfied after sex glow radiating like none I had ever seen before.

Usually, once I had done the deed, I wanted to get up and bolt. I wasn’t a cuddler or a talker. Yet, it was I who spoke first. “Lilly, you are so beautiful, so perfect in every way.”

Her glow remained, and she joked, something she didn’t do very often, “You aren’t too bad yourself, big brother.”

Always one for quick-witted banter, I quipped, fluttering my eyes like I was the girl and she the man, “Oh, you know just the right words to say.”

She playfully slapped me, before her playful expression shifted to concern. “I can’t believe we just did that.”

“Me either,” I responded, actually still coming to grips with making my fantasy a reality.

“Now what?” she asked, her eyes desperately looking for comfort.

I leaned in and kissed her softly. “Lilly, this is our little secret. I hope it is not a one time thing, but that is up to you.”

“But what we did is so wrong,” she fretted, the reality of what we did settling in.

“Is it?” I asked, not sure I bought into the ‘incest is wrong’ philosophy anymore.

“Isn’t it?” she countered.

“Based on society, yes, based on how much I care for you and how great what we just did felt, I have to respectfully disagree,” I countered.

“It was amazing,” she smiled.

“That it was, and I am not lying or trying to woo you when I say that being with you has been the greatest sexual experience of my life and I have a fair amount of experience.”

“So I sleep around I am a slut, you do and you are a stud,” she sighed.

“Unfair stereotypes but how society, sees it,” I agreed, before adding, “just like incest I suppose.”

Lilly looked at the clock and panicked, “Oh my God, how long have we been gone?”

“An hour or so,” I estimated.

Lilly frantically got up and started getting dressed.

I suggested, “Make sure you fix your hair or people will think you disappeared for a quickie.”

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