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CockboyEver since I was little I’ve loved looking at men’s penises. From myearliest recollection of bathing with my father I remember being captivatedby his willy. I would find excuses to go into the bathroom with him whenhe needed to pee so that I could watch. When I got tall enough to stand atthe toilet and pee I did so alongside him whenever I could, just so that Icould see his willy. I was equally fascinated by him peeing, so much peecame out of him and in such a torrent, I was awestruck. I loved itafterwards too as I watched him squeeze the drops out of, what seemed to mean enormous thing, rolling his foreskin on and off the head so many times.He never said anything about me staring too much and didn’t try to dissuademe from going to the toilet with him.I remember my first occasion of seeing another adult man’s penis veryclearly. I guess I was about six or seven and my Dad had taken me intotown for some reason. While we were there, I realised that I needed to peebadly and Dad took me into some public toilets. We stood side-by-side inthe centre of a block of four urinals. I watched Dad haul out his bigpenis and I freed mine by pushing down my shorts and pants under mybuttocks and we both began to pee. Then a man came in a stood alongside meto relieve himself and I stared at his willy as he pulled it out. Itseemed bigger than Dad’s. I watched him pee, which didn’t seem to lastlong and then him squeezing and milking his penis repeatedly. His penisgrew and got stiff.Momentarily I had forgotten Dad and looked around to see him stuffing awaywhat looked to be an enlarged and stiffening penis. He turned to the sinksand started to wash his hands and as he did he said, without looking back,”Hurry up Andrew”. I looked again at the man next to me and him penis wasreally big and hard, The skin had come all the way back to show a shinyhead and he was rubbing it up and down. I wanted to touch it. Dad clearedhis throat and I realised that I could not linger any more. I pulled up mypants and shorts deliberately slowly and carefully and tucked away my nowstiff little member all the while looking at the stiff willy inches from myface. I looked up at the stranger and he smiled but had a strange look onhis face and as I turned to leave his penis squirted out four or five shotsof some white stuff which went all over the back of the porcelain unrinal.Dad never said anything about what had happened and consequently I saw nowrong in it, just more fascination for the male member. Thereafterwhenever I could I would try to find an excuse to go into a public lavatoryand saw loads more men’s willies. I just loved looking at them.Occasionally one would get stiff and I would see a man rub his penis, whichwas a bonus. Dad never let me hang around too long though.Our shared bathroom activities continued but I never had the courage to askDad if I could touch his penis, I wish I had though.When I was about eleven or twelve so I was packed off to my aunt anduncle’s place in the country for the summer holidays. I think my mum andDad weren’t getting on too well and needed some space. I loved my AuntieAnn and Uncle Colin very much indeed and we had spent many family holidayswith them on their farm in Suffolk through my c***dhood, but this was thefirst time I had gone on my own. Uncle Colin was dad’s older brother (byabout 6 years). My Aunt and Uncle did not have any c***dren of their ownso they did tend to spoil me, which I lapped up. As I look back I guessthey were what you might call ‘liberal’ and ‘unconventional’, maybe even abit hippy-ish, but I just loved them as my Aunt and Uncle.My first night there we had a lovely evening meal and I sat betwen them onthe sofa and we all snuggled together to watch a film, it was great. Whenit came to bed time uncle Colin took me to the bathroom and ran a bath forme. He asked me if I wanted him to wash me and I immediately agreed. Hewashed me all over gently but thoroughly and I really liked him doing itbecause he used his bare hands, not a flannel, and it felt really nice. Hishands touched me all over and he even washed my willy which was reallystiff. He rolled my foreskin back and washed the head of my it, it feltfantastic. He seemed to be doing it for ages, but I didn’t mind because itfelt so good. He then had me get on all fours and washed my bottom. Hesaid that it was really important to get properly clean as his fingersmassaged my hole and he wiggled one inside me. Wow, I really loved that.As he washed me he asked me whether I had seen my father or mother nakedand I told him that I had seen Dad naked loads of time as we often sharedthe bathroom, but I had never seen my mother naked. He said “Well, yourAunt and I tend to be pretty relaxed about our bodies and might not thinkof covering up in front of you, we sleep naked and will go to and from thebathroom naked. I just didn’t want it to shock or upset you.” I replied “Ilove being naked with Daddy, its really special, will I be able to leaveoff my pajamas too while I’m here?” He said “Sure you can, when you are inour house we want you to feel free, you need not be modest in front of usand can even run around the house naked if it makes you feel good.” I said”Do you and aunty Ann go around the house naked?” He answered “Yes we dosometimes, although not all the time, I guess we just don’t tend to thinkof it as important. We do love to sunbathe naked in the garden, that feelsreally good and sometimes when I’m out in the fields I will strip off, it’svery liberating.”He dried me and took me through to my room. He turned back the bedclothesand I got into the bed. It felt amazing to be naked in there. As hesettled me in he lent over and kissed my lips softly. I threw my armsaround his neck and hugged him and a little tear escaped my eye. He kissedme again and said “We love you very much and are just delighted that youcan spend the summer with us.” He settled me down to sleep and left theroom.In the middle of the night I awoke with a start and felt strangelyhomesick, even though I was with my Aunt and Uncle who I loved very much.I felt so disturbed that I went to their room and got into the bed withthem. It çanakkale rus escort was my uncle’s side which was the nearest, so I got in there. Hemust have sensed me because shortly I got in after he rolled over andpulled me to him. The feeling of his skin against mine was the best thing Ihad ever felt. I slept soundly. When I awoke I was still wrapped by hisarms and it was wonderful. I could feel his skin in contact with mine theentire length of my body. In the middle I could feel his penis restingalong the crack of my bum, it felt like it was big and hard. I snuggled intighter to him and he held me to him. He must have sensed that I was awakebecause he spoke softly in my ear and said, “I need to pee badly, let’s seeif we can go to the bathroom without waking your Aunt.I slipped from his embrace and out of the bed and waited for him, as he gotout of the bed I realised the magnificence of his body. He was muscular butin an athletic way, his body had a light dusting of soft hair which traileddown to his groin, where his pubic hair was trimmed very short. His peniswas large and was semi-engorged, the head half-covered by his foreskin. Istared. He took my hand and we went to the bathroom. He stood by thetoilet front-on and I stood to one side. His penis quickly started itsdeluge and I stared. I held my stiff young member and pointed toward tofrothing water below and started to pee too. I could not help but stare.He said quietly “Do you do this with your Dad?” I nodded. He went on tosay, “When we were younger we loved peeing together.” As I stood there Icould feel the occasional splash from below and it excited me and Iwondered what it would feel like to have his pee flowing all over me.He had finished and slowly and deliberately milked his penis, rolling theforeskin back and forth. I copied him. I wanted to reach out and touch hispenis. Actually, I wanted to lean forward and lick it. He broke thesilence by saying “Do you like looking at penises?”, I just nodded. He said”Just like your Dad then, he was always wanting to see them, even though hehad mine to look at and play with whenever he wanted. Have you ever playedwith your Dad’s penis?” I shook my head. He replied “I’m surprised,seeing your obvious interest I thought you might have had at least held itby now, he’d let you do it you know, he’d love it, just like I would.” Ilooked up at him and he smiled and he said “You can do whatever you like.”I reached out hesitantly and put my hand around his penis, it was so hot,firm yet spongy, the skin was smooth. I stroked it and it got harder. Irolled the foreskin backwards and forwards. He half tourned toward me andhis thing was facing me. I lent forward and kissed it. He said “That’sit, worship my cock just like your father did, he could not get enough ofit and would suck it morning noon and night if he could. Suck it for menow Andrew, just like your Dad did from when he was six years old.”I took the head into my mouth and realised that this is what I had alwayswanted. I sucked on it and he groaned. The more he groaned the more Isucked. He was leaking some fluid and it tasted good, it was not pee, Iknew because I had tasted my own many times. I licked all around the headand he said “You are a natural and I’m gonna come any second so you betterback off.” I didn’t know what he meant but took my mouth off his penis.Just then it started to squirt white stuff and it went all over me it washot and it felt fantastic. When he had stopped I lent forward and took hissoftening penis into my mouth again, he said “careful its very sensitivenow” and so I sucked it softly. I could taste the stuff and it was oddlysour and salty, I didn’t mind it though.I could have done it all day, I just loved having his penis in my mouth. Asit softened I could get even more in my mouth. Sadly though, after a fewminutes he said “You’d better stop now, I need to get you cleaned up beforeyour Aunt gets up. She is very liberally minded, but I’m not sure she’sready for this.” He then got a flannel and washed the white stuff off meand we went downstairs. It was exciting to be naked. He sat on a chair inthe kitchen and pulled me onto his lap. He stroked me and spoke quietlyand said “When your Dad asked if you could come and stay I wondered if itmeant that he had introduced you to cock sucking, but clearly not, you seemto have done that on your own. He’s a fool for missing out, you have afabulous mouth and suck really well. Just like he did when he was aboy. It must be genetic, all the guys in our family seem to love cock. Sohow did all this start for you?” He then started to fondle my willy, whichwas hard again.I told him how I have always loved watching Dad pee and what had happenedin the public toilets and he said “Tell me what you like most and what youthink about.” I said, “I don’t know really, I just love looking at williesand standing next to Daddy while he is having a wee is the best thing ever,well until today. Sometimes he splashes me with his pee and it sends atingle right through me, I think to myself that I would like to feel itgoing all over me. When he is finished and squeezing out the last drops Iwant to lean forward and lick them off, I guess I want to taste his wee aswell.”I could feel my Uncle’s penis was hard under my bottom, it felt nice. Hesaid, “Well we’ll have to see about making all your wishes come true, yourDad and I never got into pee play, but I can see the appeal. As I said, hestarted sucking my cock when he was about six, I was starting puberty andwas really horny all the time and he just loved it. I sucked him too, butit was mostly the other way around. This carried on for a couple of yearsand I guess when I was about f******n and him about eight, I taught him howto take my cock in his arse and how to get fucked. He loved it straightaway, he wanted fucking all the time and when I wasn’t fucking him he wassucking my cock. This continued for six or seven years and until I met Annand got married and even then things continued because Ann was very liberaland your Dad joined us in our bed on many occasions. Ann knew of my pastexploits çanakkale rus escort bayan with your Dad and it really turned her on, she loved watching meand your Dad having sex. Sadly though when he met your mother he stoppedcoming round to us. We had hoped that he would bring your mum to our bedtoo, but he didn’t.”I was enthralled by the story and I looked at him and said “Do you want toput your willy in my bottom too?”, he smiled and said “Maybe, but that’snot a discussion for now, let’s sort out some coffee and breakfast.” Westood and his willy was hard and horizontal. I held it and he smiled andsaid “Just one quick suck.” I put my mouth over the end and tasted theclear stuff which had oozed out of him. I licked him clean and then tookmy mouth away”. We started to sort things out for breakfast and my Auntcame through, she was naked. She moved to Uncle Colin and kissed him, asshe did she grasped his semi-hard penis and said “Someone’s horny thismorning”. To which he replied, “I’ve been filling in Andrew about myhistory with his father.” “Ah” she said, no wonder you’re horny.” Shelooked at me and must have then noticed my stiffy because she said “Look’slike Andrew liked the story very much, do you think he’s going to be a chipoff the old block?” Uncle Colin looked her in the eye and said”definately”. She said “fabulous, looks like the summer is going to beeven more fun than we expected.” They kissed deeply and Uncle’s penis gotfully stiff again. He said to her quietly, “I’d love to fuck you right nowbut it might be a bit too soon for that.” She smiled at him and said “Iagree, but I’ll look forward to putting on a show when the time is right”,then kissed him. We then went about finishing the preparation of breakfastand as we did I was brushed a couple of times by Uncle’s hard penis, it waswonderful.After breakfast my Aunt said “Well I’m off for a shower if you guys don’tmind, I need to get my skates on, I’ve lots to do today.” My Uncle said”Ok my love, we’ll clear up thing here and after we’ve showered I’ll takeAndrew around the farm to show him what we’ve been doing since his lastvisit.” My Aunt lent over and kissed him and as she did she groped hispenis and he put his hand between her legs. She said “I guess you’ll beshowering together.” He nodded and she said “I can guess how things mightdevelop but take it slowly Colin”. he replied “Don’t worry I will.” Whenshe had gone upstairs I asked my Uncle what she had meant and he said “YourAunt realises that I want to have sex with you and is worried that I mightrush things, but I won’t Andrew. I want you to learn to enjoy sex, justlike your father did. By the time we’re done you’ll be taking my cock upyour beautiful arse without hesitation.” I said “I think I’ll like it too”.Once we had cleared up we went upstairs to shower and we climbed intogether, it was lovely, he washed me all over and fingered my bum. As heslid his fingers in and out he said “You love this, I can tell, justimagine my big stiff cock sliding up here.” I said “I want to try it UncleColin”. He aligned himself with my bum, it must have been quite awkwardbecause he was so much taller than me, but I felt the head of his penisrubbing against my hole, prodding and pushing. I loved it and wanted tofeel it inside me. He pushed a bit harder and a stab of pain went rightthrough me and I yelped. He stopped and held me still until it hadsubsided. He said “That was only the head going in, so I’m not going to doany more now. We’ll take it slowly and get you trained.” I started to cryand he held me to him. He kissed my lips and said “I am so sorry I didn’tmean to hurt you, I’ve taken things a bit too fast.” I sobbed back “Itsnot ….that it hurt…., its just…., I wanted it so much…., I wantedto feel it…. inside me….” He kissed me softly on the lips and said”Don’t worry my love, all in good time. You will get what you want andmore.” He kissed my lips again and this time I felt his tongue pushing atmy lips, I let him in and I sucked on his tongue, just like I had seen himand my Aunt do earlier. It was proper kissing and it was really good, itmade me feel much better.”We rinsed off and got out, Uncle wrapped a towel around me and hugged me tohim. As he dried me he said “You are very precious to us, but maybe a bitmore to me, you are a sexy boy and are going to turn into a handsome andsexy man, just like your Dad. I will not only teach you about sex, I willalso teach you about making love, because sex is so much better when thereis love. When you are big enough I’ll want you to make love to me, I’llwant to feel your penis inside me too. One of the regrets I have with yourDad is that we never got round to him making love to me, it was always theother way around.” I replied “I love you Uncle Colin and I want to learnevery thing from you.” He said “And I love you too, very very much” andkissed me once more.After we had dried we went to my room and my Uncle said “Ok, let’s dressfor the farm, its a nice day so we don’t need more than shorts, shirts andgood shoes. If you want to feel nice and free wear to loosest shorts youhave and go commando, like I do and leave off the underwear. He left toget dressed and I sorted through my things to find my loosest shorts and aloose shirt. It feld weird not having any pants on but also really good.I put on my outdoor shoes and was ready. My Uncle then appeared in thedoorway, he was dressed in a pair of light cotton shorts which appearedquite flimsy and had a button-up short sleeve shirt on. He was just sohandsome.We set off on foot to tour the farm, they kept sheep, specialising in rarebreeds. As we went from field to field I learned about each type of sheep,their peculiarities and characteristics. I just loved every moment andsoaked it all up. It was getting quite warm and Uncle had removed hisshirt, I took mine off too. We moved on and got to the highest field,which was empty. We sat on the grass and Uncle explained about rotationand the need to let the pastures recover from the grazing, all the while hehad his arm around me and I was being mesmerised by the manly rus escort çanakkale smell thatcame from him. He stood up and said, “We are a long way from anyone hereand its getting a bit too warm for shorts, fancy strolling naked for awhile?” I nodded enthusiastically and watched him slip off his shorts. Istared for a moment then slipped mine off.We walked on an it felt wonderful, I had never felt so free. I must havebeen grinning from ear to ear because Uncle said “You really like this,don’t you.” I was stuck for words to explain my feelings but tried, he cutin and said “Its ok Andrew, what you are trying to say it exactly how Ifeel when I am out here naked, its a sense of liberation, or freedom.” Helent over and kissed my lips and said, “When you are ready I will bring youup here to make love to you, naked, free and at one with nature. We will doit slowly and you will experience all of the sensations not just from ourlove making but also from the surroundings. It will be sensory overload andI cannot wait to see your face at that final orgasmic moment when my cocksquirts my semen deep inside you”.His cock was hard and sticking out in front of him and I reached for it. Istroked it massaging the skin on an off the head. It was making juice and Ilent forward to lick it off, I loved the taste of it. He said “Oh Andrew,you are just so delicious, how can my brother not have seen what is underhis nose.” He picked me up and brought us face to face and kissed medeeply and passionately. He set me down and we walked on, our stiff cocksbobbing as we walked. It was fabulous. A couple of fields later Unclesaid, “Well that’s as far as my land goes, we’ll now circuit round theother side of the farm and I’ll be able to check the rest of the sheep.This part of the land adjoins another farm, which is arable and sometimes Isee the farmer or one or other of his sons out in the fields, the boys haveboth seen me walking naked, but just wave from a distance. They are nicelads. I’d love for them to approach me sometime, I bet they have sexy hardbodies.” We walked on but saw nobody, I was a little disappointed.We got back to the farmhouse and it was only then that I realised we hadn’tput our shorts back on, but my Uncle didn’t seem bothered. My Aunt wasnowhere to be seen. Being that it was now lunchtime, my Uncle suggestedthat we make some lunch and take it outside. We did so and sat at thetable and chairs in the garden. We had been naked the whole time and I wasreally getting to like being this way. Also it meant that I had permanenta view of my Uncle’s big penis. After we had finished my Uncle said thathe was going to stretch out on the grass for a while and asked me to joinhim. We laid down side by side and rested for a while. It wasn’t longbefore my uncle drifted into sleep. I turned on my side and just watchedhim, in total awe and admiration. I studied every inch of his body but keptcoming back to his marvellous penis. I reached to touch it and gentlycaressed it with my finger tips. It responded and grew. As delicately as Icould I stroked it and it got totally hard, The foreskin was nearly all theway off the head and the sensitive skin was exposed. I couldn’t helpmyself. I lent forward and licked it gently. Then again. Then again. I wasso in awe of this amazing thing. I put my mouth over the head and verycarefully worked my tongue and lips, massaging it softly. I tasted theclear stuff coming out, it was sweet and tasted lovely. I don’t know howlong I was doing this for as I was totally captivated, but I didn’t sensemy Uncle wake. I felt his hand on my head before he spoke, he said “Oh youbeautiful boy, I was dreaming of this only to find it was real. You’ve gotme really close, do you want my spunk?” I nodded my head and affirmed bygoing ‘mmmmmm’. I sucked on but a bit more vigourously now with one hand Iworked his shaft and with the other I played with his large testicles. Itwas only then that I realised that they must have been shaved. I stoppedsucking his penis to suck on his balls and he groaned aloud. I returned tothis penis and it was not long before he exclaimed “I’m coming”. I felthis penis swell in my mouth before it throbbed and jetisoned squirt aftersquit of semen into my mouth. I could not swallow fast enough though and alot escaped and ran down his shaft and onto his balls.He was groaning a lot and his cock had stopped throbbing. I kept sucking,he kept saying “Gently son, gently” I moderated my enthusiasm and cleanedthen length of his wonderful penis and licked his balls clean too. Hebrought me up to him face-to-face and kissed me passionately. We kissedfor ages and my stiff knob was pressed against him. He then laid me backand worked his mouth down my body. He licked and kissed me all over, myneck, my armpits my nipples (ooh that was nice), my stomach, my thighs andfinally my penis was taken into his mouth. His lips pushed my foreskin allthe way back and he sucked my entire cock at once, he even managed to drawin my balls as well. He was working me into a frenzy when he did something I had never expected. He lifted my legs and pushed them all the wayover my head and holding my hips he put his face between my buttocks andlicked my hole furiously. I felt his tongue push into me. It was the bestthing I had ever felt. He was doing it for ages and all the while I wasgroaning loudly and playing with my penis. I felt fingers invade mealongside his tongue, I don’t know how many but it felt good. He let medown and left his middle finger inside me, it was rubbing me inside andfelt amazing. His mouth returned to my penis and he sucked hard. It wasall too much and my body convulsed, I had never that sort of feeling and itleft me exhausted. Uncle continued to suck me gently, his finger still inmy bottom. I was truly in heaven, I decided. He returned to my mouth andkissed me softly and I sucked on his tongue. He broke off and said “Wellson I think you might just have had your first orgasm. I just said “It waswonderful”.We laid back on the grass and I was enveloped by him, wrapped in his armsand his love. I was in heaven. As we laid there I asked him what he hadmeant by the word orgasm and he explained all that to me. He said thateven though I wasn’t producing semen yet I could still experience thefeeling. He said he had brough my Dad to his first orgasm when he wasabout nine.That afternoon, amongst other things, I helped my uncle move some sheepfrom one pasture to another, we stayed naked the whole time, it wasawesome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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