Coach’s Conquests Ch. 20

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Wednesday was Halloween, and Bret thought about staying at the school and watching film so he wouldn’t be interrupted by the doorbell every 30 seconds. Then he remembered some of the outfits the sexy girls wore to school that day (the very informal dress code was even more informal on Halloween) and thought if he stayed home he might get a visit from a couple of them.

He was right. Various witches, goblins, bunny rabbits and pussy cats visited the coach that night, but by far the sexiest was the Pirate Carrie Kemp. She came to the door with four other students, three guys and one girl, most of them smokers and drinkers — none of them athletes. It seemed since Carrie was booted off the volleyball team, her priorities had changed.

The coach smelled cigarette smoke on her clothes and alcohol on her breath, but he couldn’t get over her stunning Pirate costume — the see-through, ruffled white shirt that tried without success to hide a red bikini top, tight black shorts, knee-high boots and a cape that hung to the ground. She had a red bandana in her hair that she was messing with as she approached the door. The black eye patch topped the costume off; that and deep, dark red lipstick that was applied too heavily.

The others were dressed not much differently than how they came to school — trench coats, mafia-type hats, black boots, etc. In fact, the coach decided the others didn’t even know it was his house they were coming to. Upon seeing the coach, one quickly put out a cigarette he was smoking and another hung far back from the door, apparently so Bret wouldn’t notice he was drunk, stoned or both.

The other girl, whose name Bret couldn’t remember, had tried to dress sluttily, sexily like Carrie, but had failed miserably. Without saying anything besides “Trick or Treat,” they took their candy and headed down the sidewalk. Bret looked down and saw Carrie’s red bandana at his feet.

“Miss antep escort Pirate,” he called out. “You forgot your headband.”

“Ooooooooh!” Carrie yelled, loud enough so that the others knew why she was going back to the door. A couple of them continued on but two others waited at the end of the walk. “Thank you so much.”

“You wouldn’t want to go anywhere without this,” the coach said.

“Certainly not, mate,” Carrie said, and flashed the others a smile. They had gotten bored and started to catch up with their friends.

“Can I come back later?” she whispered. “Will you be here? Cuz I wanna come back and fuck you, Coach.”

“Only if you wear that costume,” Bret said, smiling. “If the porch light is out, I’m done handing out candy and you’re safe. Come on in and go to the back deck. I’ll be keeping the hot tub hot for you.” She smiled and headed off to catch up with her friends.

Two hours later, as the coach soaked in the hot tub wearing blue trunks and drinking a beer, he heard the front door open.

Carrie called out, “Hellooooooooooooooo,” and then proceeded through the house and onto the back deck where she found Bret in the tub.

He rose up and showed her his blue trunks, and she licked those lipstick-clad lips over and over again. Carrie stopped at the edge of the tub, removed her eye patch and bandana and then proceeded to take the rest of her pirate costume off. The white, ruffled shirt came first. She undid each of the large red buttons in the front and slipped it off, leaving the red bikini top for Bret to gaze at. Her boots came next and then the black shorts, which revealed the matching red bikini bottom.

She maneuvered into the tub and straight for Bret, where the couple engaged in a long, deep, tongue kiss.

“Fuck me tonight, Coach,” the senior insisted. “I need that cock in me.”

Bret was happy to oblige, and he untied the bikini at Carrie’s neck and then undid the back clasp and it floated away. He stood her up and her bikini bottom came next. It, too, floated to the other side of the tub. He cupped her cherry tipped breasts, massaging them, caressing them, and eventually his head dropped to suck on them, one at a time, careful to give each one the attention it needed.

“Yes, that’s good,” Carrie said. “I love it when you suck on my nipples.”

One of Carrie’s hands was pressed against the side of the tub, bracing herself. The other was seeking and finding Bret’s hard cock under the water. “Mmmmmmmmmm, hard, just the way I like it,” she purred. Carrie moaned, taking Bret’s cock, stroking it smoothly as her own long fingers wrapped themselves around it. He moaned, getting louder as she continued to massage his cock.

“I hope it tastes as good as it feels,” she said.

“Ohhh, you know it does,” Bret said, inching out of the tub onto the concrete pad next to it. The cold air was a nice sensation on his body, but he was still very hot where it mattered.

Carrie, still in the tub, purred, looking up at him, bobbing her head forward to take his purple cock in her mouth, sucking his helmet between her pursed lips, swirling her tongue around the glands, teasing the eye hole, then licking his veiny shaft up and down like a lollipop.

Bret braced himself with one hand and begin finger fucking Carrie with the other, his free hand between her legs, running his fingers up and down her trembling slit, oozing with sticky love juice, his cock still in her mouth. She made love to his cock with her mouth and he did the same to her sexy pussy with his fingers until the coach whispered, “I wanna taste that sexy wet pussy.”

Carrie emerged from the tub and they both lie on the concrete, the steam from the tub and their bodies rising into the cool night air. Bret moved on top of the sexy high schooler and into a 69 position. Carrie bent his hard cock toward her mouth, salivating as she fed as much of his organ into her throat as she could.

Supporting himself with his hands, bending forward, Bret hungrily lowered his head to the gaping, pink hole that arched upwards to meet him. He covered her whole mound with his mouth, slurping loudly on her dripping pussy.

“Oh, don’t stop,” she moaned when taking a break from sucking his cock. “That is fantastic.”

Bret concentrated on Carrie’s hard clit that throbbed in his mouth, using the smooth bottom of his tongue, gently rubbing her bum hole that was slick with her own lubricant, parting her pussy lips. She paid no attention to the twitching cock that swayed before her, intent now on the orgasm building unstoppably within her. She screamed, bucking her hips, thrusting her sopping wet cunt into his face as she came violently.

She was still shivering with delight when he climbed off her, but he had not finished yet, reaching underneath her he rolled her over onto her stomach and then kneeling, he positioned himself behind her. Lifting her perfect heart shaped ass into the air, shuffling forward, he placed his cock against her pussy.

Bret eased down between her swollen pussy lips gradually. She was so wet by now he slipped inside her easily, enjoying the sound of his balls slapping against her cunt, sinking into her. At first his strokes were long and slow, withdrawing almost entirely, leaving only the spongy tip of his prick still embedded inside her, plunging fully into her up to the hilt, but soon his speed increased and the length shortened.

She was moaning loudly by now as Bret was hammering his big cock into her faster and faster. Then, he too was groaning loudly.

“Keep going, that’s it, I’m going to cum all over you,” she moaned, and she did as he did.

Bret calmed down after her orgasm with Carrie rhythmically fucking the stud that was behind her. She leaned back and whispered, “Happy Halloween, babe.”

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