Coach’s Bitch Pt. 01

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This is my first attempt at a story so I’ll appreciate any pointers to make the sequels better. Hope you like it. Disclaimer: there’s a lot of Non-consent situations. Every character is over 18y/o.


My name is Ty Thomas. I’m tall, blonde and toned; I have a visible six-pack and great biceps for my slim frame. I had a pretty great life until something changed everything on my senior year of high school.

It all started with a simple prank, and that got me tangled in a whole new life I didn’t ask for and had me continuously asking myself ‘How did I get here?’.

First of all, I am straight and have always been and had a pretty normal life, my family struggled a little with money at the time but other than that, I had good friends, I was popular, I played football and had good luck with girls. One day I was hanging at my friend Cory’s place. He lived really close to school so sometimes we ditch classes to go play videogames at his house or chill and smoke weed before football practice. That’s what we were doing this day, in fact.

His house was empty so in our high we decided it would be funny to go through his sister’s stuff. We were goofing around with her clothes and acting like her. Anyways, we started going through her panties drawer and we found a buttplug.

“Hey Cory, look at this, your sister is kinky!” I said while holding the black buttplug in my hand.

He started giggling like crazy, mainly because of the weed. We were goofing around with it when he decided to dare me:

“I dare you to wear it throughout the practice.” He said very defiantly.

“No way dude, are you nuts?” I responded pretty quickly.

“I’ll give you 50 bucks.” He said. Corey was pretty loaded so he always threw around money like it was no big deal.

Now, remember I said my family was struggling with money? I was lacking a little bit of it to go out with the guys or take girls out on dates; so when he offered I couldn’t refuse.

So I agreed when he showed me the $50 bill right in front of me. I was so high it didn’t sounded like such a bad idea.

“Alright, drop your shorts!” He said with a big grin. He thought it was the funniest thing ever.

We were both straight so it was no big deal, he had seen my ass countless times in the showers after practice. I drop my shorts exposing my white jockstrap I had on for practice and turned around a little. Now, I’d never had anything up my ass before so the experience of putting it in was very uncomfortable to say the least.

After a little bit of struggle and discomfort when he tried to put it in me, I asked him to stop. gaziantep escort I looked through the drawer again and found a little bottle of lube and applied a few drops on the black toy. With that, Cory managed to place the buttplug inside me and just a black circle was out.

It felt really weird to have it in me, and I had to learn how to keep it in since my first impulse was to push it out.

So I put my shorts back on and we went to get our things to go to practice. I was already regreting my desicion but decided to go through with it since I didn’t wanted the whole experience of putting it in to be for free.

“The whole practice, remember.” Cory said before opening the door to get out of his house.

We went to practice and I could barely do the exercises since everything made the buttplug move and caused me discomfort. Plus I was really worried someone might notice the circle popping out through my shorts.

The coach definetly noticed I wasn’t doing much and scolded me through the field, finally approaching me to ask me if anything was wrong. The coach was a 50 year-old, fat pervert to be honest. He had a lot of gray hairs, which he tried to cover with a cap; a mustache only pedophiles pull off, a big gut popping out the front of his body and was always spanking us in the ass during practice, which made all of us really uncomfortable.

When the practice was over I was relieved my torture was over but, since I didn’t want any of the guys to see me take a buttplug out of my ass, I decided to do some really slow laps while the lockerroom emptied.

It was getting dark and I decided to go in for a shower at last. As I was entering the lockerroom I saw just two guys packing their shit to leave. I stalled a bit and when they left I was ready to take out the awful toy that had been inside me for the last couple of hours. I was so distracted by my discomfort and the attention I gave to the two guys that were left that I totally forgot about the coach.

I dropped my shorts and started taking off my shirt when I heard a camera. As I took off my shirt I heard the same sound twice more. I turned around to find the coach holding his phone and pointing it at me.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” He said with his husky voice.

I was in a state of shock and anger, “This fucking pervert took photos of me in my jockstrap”, I thought.

He got close and tapped at my buttplug. “I didn’t know you were into that, Thomas”.

“Coach, I’m not. It’s a long story, Cory and I-” I started saying nervously when he interrutped me.

“Sure it is.” he said before he started laughing very codenscendingly. “It’s okay, I don’t think anything of it, whatever everyone does is their business.”

I was relieved until he started talking again. “But I don’t know what your teammates would say about that”.

“Please coach, don’t say anything to anyone.” I started begging. “It was just a prank”.

“Don’t worry, I won’t say anything to anyone. I’ll just send the pictures to the team” He said as he showed me the pictures he took of me with the buttplug visible in my ass.

“No coach, please don’t show them to anyone”. I plead.

” Okay, I won’t show the pictures to anyone… if you suck my dick.” He said with a pervy grin on his face.

“What!?” I asked shocked.

“You heard me, Thomas. I’ll keep your little secret if you drop to your knees and suck my cock until I cum. Right here, right now.” He stated with dominance. He knew he had me.

“Please coach, I’m not gay. I’ve never done anything like this. Is there anything else I can do? I have some money on me right now” I said while taking out the $50 bill I got from Cory.

He violently took the bill out of my hand and proceeded: “I’ll take the 50 bucks for your desobedience and I still expect that blowjob if you want my silence. And if you talk back again, it will be more that just a blowjob. Do you understand?”

I was tearing up, I felt cornered and humiliated. I was in this awful situation and the worst was I lost the money that got me there in the first place.

“Okay.” I said defeated.

“Good. Now take off that dirty jockstrap and keep that thing inside your ass” he demanded.

I did as I was told. Even more humiliated of exposing my flaccid dick to the pervy coach and got on my knees on the nasty floor of the lockerroom to see a massive bulge on the coach’s shorts.

“Take it out and worship my cock, bitch” he said.

I pulled down his shorts as his cock sprung out and hit my face, smearing some smelly precum on my cheek and nose. His cock was big, thick and smelly. He was about 9 inches with veins and an almost purple head. I was disgusted.

“That’s a massive cock, isn’t it? Look at me and say it.” He said.

“It’s a massive cock” I said humiliated while looking him in the eyes.

“Bigger than yours?”


“Say it.”

“Is bigger than my cock”. I said with my still flaccid dick hanging close to the lockerroom floor. I was 6 inches erect but it looked smaller when flaccid.

“Now lick my whole cock with your tounge. Taste it”

I started licking his cock from the base to the head. One time after another until he ordered me to ‘really suck it’. I realized I had no choice so I put the head in my mouth while tears started flowing from me eyes. I heard him laugh mockingly at that point.

It tasted so strongly like sweat and filth, I wanted it to be over. I started to bob up and down his cock, only fitting the first 4 inches inside my mouth. He obviously didn’t approve my technique so he placed both of his hands on the sides of my head and started pushing his cock further inside each time making me gag and choke. I couldn’t breathe and my whole mouth was getting impregnated with the stench of his dirty cock. I was still resisting and gagging constantly at this point but accepting my fate I caved in and let him fuck my face any way he wanted. I just wanted it to be over as fast as possible.

Sometimes when I gagged he would take it out of my mouth to slap me in the face with it, call me a slutty whore or to make me suck his hairy and sweaty balls. My face smeared with saliva and pre-cum, his big balls on my chin or mouth, his grey long pubes up my nose; I really made an effort not to throw up since he told me he would beat the shit out me if I did.

Time seemed to move so slowly, I was feeling every second of the humiliation, every moment of discomfort and every instant of fear any of my friends would come in and find me with an old man’s cock in my mouth.

He, on the other hand, was having the time of his life. He moaned really loudly, he laughed at the image of me choking with his cock, he got turned on every time he slapped me with it. He was using me any way he pleased.

After what seemed to me like half an hour of agony his dick started to pulse.

“Take this, bitch!” He said before taking his dick out of my mouth and started spraying cum on my eye, my cheek, my nose and my, luckily closed, lips and chin.

I felt gross and beyond humiliated while he grunted like a beast, but at least it was over.

As the cum started dripping on my face, I felt him get closer to my face and said:

“Since you seem to like wearing that thing during practice I’ll move your locker inside my office so you’ll have the privacy to put it on and take it out without anyone finding out. This will stay our secret”

I couldn’t debate without letting cum drip inside my mouth so I said nothing. He threw me something to clean my face and left right away. I cleaned the cum off my face with what I found out was my t-shirt, finally took the damn buttplug out of me, threw it in my locker feeling frustrated and head to the showers.

I stayed under the shower for a while trying to wash off the humiliation I had just been through and the smell of cum off my face. I held and spat out water again and again but the taste of his cock lingered.

But that was just the beginning, I had no idea how fucked up it was going to get.

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